Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #52: Richard Hatch – part 2

Ed from Texas sings along with Alvie crooning
Greasy Jelly Bean setup
Cup Car Update promo
Marlo Dianne Deadpan bumper
Amy Bowen Travel update 0
Stolen movie lines
Paul Maki and friends’ drunken journey to see “300”
Amy Bowen Travel update 1
Richard Hatch interview – second half, part I
Jessica Deadpan bumper
Stolen from the 80s
-Justa J0e
-Cheyenne Wright
Richard Hatch interview – second half, part II
Alvie’s monks Deadpan bumper
The . . . contents. . . of ditto’s fridge
Greasy Jelly Bean delivery. Wow!
Chowder-Radio vs. Polar Radio Walk-off promo
Amy Bowen Travel update 2
Repeated Stolen movie lines
Unrelated thought
One more soundbyte from Richard Hatch
I lied
Amy Bowen Travel update 3
Tinkly guitar music by me: “Wine”


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