Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 50: The Night Before Deadpan

What comes up first when searching for “Lazy Show Notes” in Google?

You ignorant Simp *ksshht*
Alvie crooning
Amy Bowen bumper
Greasy Jelly Bean setup
WNDR’s voicemail about “Stranger Things”
Scott from Kalamazoo and the contents of his freezer
Mark Forman’s Deadpan bumper
???? VM
The Number of the Smurfs
Amy Bowen’s “Happy Pi Day” voicemail
–Stolen from the 80s–
Justa J0e
Scott from Kalamazoo
Cheyenne Wright
Jessica’s Voicemail
Pulp Deadpan (from the mind of Big Chowder)
2nd Life Note podcast promo
Chris the Fixed Kitty’s Hypnotic Deadpan bumper
“She” lyricsmash
Jon Klecko voicemail
Paul from Des Moines and the contents of his car
Greasy Jelly Bean payoff
Unrelated Thought
Crescent Podcast novel promo
Lions and tigers and Deadpan, oh my!
“The Night Before Deadpan” by the Deadpanites
Original music by me and Matt: Darkness

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