Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #49: You Answered the Call

What is it you want?
Heavy Breathing Voicemail
An easy joke
The Adult Spaces Child-Free podcast promo
The Greasy Jelly Bean game – setup
Greg from Illinois Deadpan bumper
Justa J0e’s tingly “Unrelated Kitchen” bumper
Kris from Tempe tells us the contents of her fridge
Anonymous Voicemail
Big Chowder (of the Chowder Radio podcast) up in here, up in here
Ear Buds — Phil Rossi
Original music — Phil Rossi “861”
Amy Bowen’s lyricsmash
Alvie in Boulder’s Deadpan bumper
Randall’s Deadpan one-liner
“Really Big Things” by Paul Maki. Episode 8. “Holstein Cow”
Computer King Deadpan bumper
Stolen from the 80s
-Scott from Kalamazoo
-Justa J0e
-Ed from Texas
Highbrow/Lowbrow(!) – Ed from Texas
Greasy Jelly Bean – payoff
Original music — “Soldier Boy Jam” (cut from the Matt Mango tune, “Soldier Boy”)


“Really Big Things” (by Paul Maki) visual.

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