Spam Treets

A fun, pointless game for the comments pages. . . . Some spammers and/or subject lines are just too bizarre to cast off into anonymous disintegration with the rest of the Cialis and OEM ads. Sometimes they just gotta be shared. Example:
Sender: Kirkland F. Rebecca . Subj: FeeJee is the sucker spelling of Fiji I believe.

I couldn’t just delete that without posting it publicly and saying “WTF?!”

A couple of ground rules:

  • Just cut-and paste the Sender and subject line. Don’t open spam (Unless you’re a Viking). And – DON’T FWD or send me any spam, thanks. Just post funny subjects on the comments page.
  • Don’t just send the ones that we all see every day. A penis enlargement ad might have been hilarious in 2003, but 10,000 spams later, the comedy value is all gone. Broken English in the subject line also isn’t funny anymore, unless they’ve managed a really good, unintentional double-entendre. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have more than one good one per week, if that often.
  • Comments spam for your site is not off-limits.
  • Try to ensure that no actual spamlinks get into your post. If someone does post one with a link, don’t click it. (duh).
  • It may fizzle, it may produce comedy gold. We’ll see. Have fun.

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