Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 31: The Secret of the Deadpan

Deadpan Checklist
Wander Radio promo
Living Deadpan bumper (thanks Milo!)
Dr. Zoidberg Deadpan bumper (thanks, Alvie!)
Dumbass Memories – Chris in Milan
Double Dumbass Memories
Dumbass Memories – Amy Bowen
Scott Sigler never orders a Macho Combo
Ear Buds – “Bon” Scott from Kalamazoo
Paul from Des Moines bumper
Phil Rossi original music: Bright Midnight (And oh shit — you’re right, Phil. Your file was set at a 48000 rate, but I didn’t notice and plugged it in at 44100. Sorry!!!!!)
Pan Cemetary promo (thanks, )
Really Big Things, by Paul Maki. Episode 4: Return to Chicken Heaven.
Cool J.C. Hutchins/Nathan Fillion news
Nice E-mail RE: last week’s Rapture
Bitter Unrelated Thought (or maybe Unrelated Ear Bud)
Computer King channels through H.R. Tucker for the Into the Dark podcast promo
Longest, heaviest Outrobabble EVAR. Here goes.
Original Music: Love Is Never Distant
Little ones

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