Jack Mangan Deadpan: Episode 5. Scott Sigler’s Tentacles are here!


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Weaver’s Web by P.J. Ballantine — Podiobook promo

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Scott Sigler Interview

-quick break-

Stolen Rap Hip/Hop Lines

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Second half of Scott Sigler interview


Thanks to those who’ve generously donated (I did the final edit over the weekend, so I’ll acknowledge the newer donations in the next episode)

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23 thoughts on “Jack Mangan Deadpan: Episode 5. Scott Sigler’s Tentacles are here!

  1. The mind of Scott Sigler – Its like a rollercoaster that would make an astronaut nervous.

    I will say, Jack, that your interviews seem to be getting smoother as you go. Not that they were ever bad, Im just sayin.

    Highbrow/Lowbrow – fantastic!. Id say more but I dont want to spoil it for those who havent heard it yet.

    Hey man! Let your dog speak! It seems he (she?) has a lot to say!

  2. This is to Scott- HOLY SHIT! Please Podcast that space opera novel you have. Everyone will love it. Even from the small “preview” you gave, I know us fans will love it. If the story has cussing like “Fuck a Duck!” and humans getting sliced and diced, then your fans will love it. A Space themed novel would rock.

    Of course Nocturnal sounds like it will rock as well.

  3. Ha! “One fist in the gold”. Oh I think we ALL know what that means Jack. Youre a sicko. And Im proud of you.

    Thanks Andrea. Although Jim just saw that a hottie spoke about him and now he’s running into the walls in fear/amazement.

    Dammt Jim settle the fuck down!!!

  4. Two hundred points to Jason C. for use of the phrase, “Fuck a duck”, in a post.
    Andrea, Jason, Scott, Alvie, Chris, Jimmy, Brooklyn Bluesman, KfK, TD-0013, Connor Kirkland, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Riki Rachtman, — you all rock my world.

    And Brody (my dog – yes, he’s named for Martin Brodeur) will have his own podcast soon.

  5. Microphone microphone microphone checker
    girl said sprherical tomi so I had to deck her
    hurt my mouse hand because of the violence
    would of said dirk moonfire if I had sense

    deadpan beyond my means of reason
    just a pool of dogwater rhymin lackin reason
    japanese manga jersey mango jersey mangan
    crazy music gets the geeks heads a bangin

    highbrow low brow what kind of sick mind thinks that
    hockey sticks smackin balls should a been a baseball bat
    stolen rap lines and dumbass memories make my head spin
    oh shit almost forgot to say, “Spherical Tomi” once again

  6. yo alvie gettin high on the rockies like i wannabe?
    pissing on john denver’s grave is the thing for me
    that’s what coors is good for to let your kidney flow
    speeding down the mountains while on the snow

    old hippies prety cool with they banjos and patchouli
    telling tales of the dead sound just like a bumblebee
    acid took their minds on journeys far from here
    better off stick to coors until you have real beer

    you dig jackie so bust a rhyme on yo micraphone
    time to let this homie get some love from home
    he needs time to get his word count up again
    only way he’ll finish new novel and re-pimpin

  7. Duel of the fates with L. Ron vs. Einstein
    MI3 is wack don’t bother getting in that line
    King Kong against Code Monkey is the one for me
    be ready with mop and broom for all the monkey pee

    ze frank against amanda up close and personal
    forget about Mini Me he drink out of the urinal
    You want the Enemy takin on Ice Cube and Dre
    Fight the power muthafucker and get out the way

    we duelin we talkin how bout charlie the beer guy
    fix him up with elisa make some poopy beer pie
    the bluesman vs shogun a racket they makin
    only trouble there is one is real the other fakin

  8. Hey Jack,
    Uh, check it out now
    Uh, no doubt now
    Uh, yo, check it out now
    Uh, no doubt, yo Just want to say peace and word up to such a wonderful hip brother like yourself. I’d like to invite you to perform Doom of the fates on my next tour(sponsors include: Old English Malt Liquor, Sean John, and Cadillac-the contestants would be myself, and Phife. Naturally, I’d be the winner. You can also feaure ben & Jerry-I don’t care who wins that.

    Uh, check it out now
    Uh, no doubt now
    Uh, yo, check it out now
    Uh, no doubt, yo

    Special girl, real good girl
    Biggest thing in my itty bitty world
    Called her up and she made me feel right
    Wish the bliss could never take flight
    Sittin back with this mic in my hand
    Spittin hot shit tryin to see grand
    Imprinted on my mind every minute
    Make my plans and you always in it, yo

    You’re such a vivrant thing,
    Vivrant thing, a vivrant thing

    And even though we both fly
    Give each other space and not the evil eye
    Actin like grownups
    Don’t even try to hide cause the spot blown up
    Girlfriend tellin you she wanna see
    I say ‘I dunno’ but you say ‘Gladly’
    And when we both do hemp
    We go on and on and on and on and on and
    Sweeter than Ben & Jerry
    Can I rhyme? Well you know I gets mine
    Sittin round in my abstract part

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