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Hey gang. Yes, I’ve had a busy weekend. Some fairly interesting stories from LepreCon and the Nebulas — I’ll relate at least one of them in the next Deadpan episode.

I’ve gotten some very kind donations recently (thank you so much!) and some good submissions for Deadpan Episode #7, the no-interview zone. Keep ’em coming! But please note — if they’re really long, then I may have to edit them. Sorry. But the good news is: the voicemail line is up and ready and available now! 206-350-TOMI — it’s over there in the sidebar as well. Feel free to call and leave your VM submission. Or just to say hello. Or just to breathe heavily. Unrelated Thoughts, Highbrow/Lowbrows, Stolen Rap/Hip-Hop Lyrics, Stolen Comedy Lines, etc. (I may play non-sub Voicemails during future episodes…. still undecided. Feel free to call)

And finally — yes, it was painful to go into the hotel bar on Saturday and see the Devils losing 4-0 to the Canes, then 5-0, then 6-0.

Oh, apologies for the screwed-up header. We’re working on it.

36 thoughts on “Keeping in touch

  1. Hey Jack, the Avs have yet to score a goal this series, in TWO games. Youd figure the Devils would have to score in game 2, right? **sigh**

    Cant wait for the Leprestories.

  2. Welcome back Jack.

    We didnt have time to burn down the website while you were gone, sorrry.

    I guess I should get to work on the ideas I have for Ep 7, one is a short Doodle.

  3. Alvie and Jason, what have you guys done to Jack’s head? You solved his receding hairline but-don’t you think it’s a little overkill? Hey, wait-this is part of Jack’s new plotline about the author/podcaster that everytime he did another post, a little bit more of himself would appear.

    Jack is this highbrow/lowbrow or an unrelated thought?

  4. Mark. The hairline is still ok – no hairclub yet – but yes, my face is gone from the header now. Phil Rossi is a bit south of the Pine Barrens, but that NJ Devil has been known to wander.
    Q-Tip! You need to reunite with Fife Dog and Shyheid.
    Jason C. Thanks for not burning down the place while I was gone! But what’s that smell? I look forward to your mini-doodle.
    Tim, thanks for the kind offer. I know that Evo and Summer were going to look into the problem (and just for the record – – I didn’t cause a big mess, and then get them to come in and clean it up. That mess is not my doing.), but if you have any ideas, advice, WordPress expertise, etc., then feel free to contact one or all of us.
    Alvie. *sigh* You said it, brotha.

  5. OUCH!! Damn it. Who set my hair on fire!

    Hey Jack,
    When is the deadline for submissions? and do they have to fit your categories?

    It’s only funny until someone loses an eye, the it hilarious!!!

  6. Although I count myself luck to still have it all at 32, I make no hairline jokes either. The day will eventually come, and I fear karma will be especially cruel. OK, why are we talking about our hair on these message boards?!?

    Jack H – I’d prefer to have your Episode 7 subs in by Monday of next week (May 15). And hey, if you have a funny idea – go for it. Don’t let me restrict your creativite urges.

    Stupid Hurricanes.

  7. Hey Jack, I have a Japanese er, let’s say film maker friend who’d love to have Jimmy from Denver sell some magerzines and do some other funny shit in his adult themed video. Any body know if Jimmy has that kind of experience like maybe down in Cancoon?

  8. Jack,

    Um, what defines a “kicking motion”? Cause I guess it wasnt last nite? Please dont kick yourself over the loss. Our teams are in trouble, but not out of it. Of course it would help if mine could score. Yes that would be good.

    Did Jimmy ever make it to Cancun?

  9. The 15th – the 15th, so that gives me… crap. I guess I better get started. Hey does anyone know how to turn this thing on…

  10. Alvie,
    I think we need your help in setting up Jimmy sightings since both of you live in the same town. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get Jimmy to remote cast from that place where they filmed the Shining? See what Jimmy makes of “red rum. red rum.”

  11. Mark thats a great idea but Jimmy would have to do some mountain driving to get to that place (the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park). Would YOU trust him to do that? Bastard cant even poop straight…

  12. Alvie,
    Wasn’t aware of the pooping issue-do you know if that’s the result of the “surprise” he had in dez Moinez? Did the unexpected “package” ruin his plumbing?

  13. Yo Jason & Alvie. I have special glasses for sale made here in Taiwan that’ll let you see the devil pissing out from behind Jack’s eyes in the header. Special prices for faithful Deadpan listener’s.

  14. What? Is hockey still going on?

    The answer is, yes, they can do it. WIll they is another question. Im pulling for you, Jack.

    Around these parts Hockey God just made the Avs lose a general manager. Well maybe its not Drury’s fault but Im pretty sure you could play 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon and come to that conclusion.

    All right Colorado Mammoth! Your 2006 NLL Champs!!! Holla!

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