LepreCon this weekend

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For everyone in the Phoenix area, I will attending and paneling at LepreCon 32 this weekend. The Nebula Awards are also going on down in Tempe this weekend; I may stop in to say hello – but – I’ll definitely be at LepreCon Saturday and Sunday. I have morning panels both days, plus Live Duel of the Fates Saturday night. And I’m doing an autographing session Sunday afternoon! How exciting!

7 thoughts on “LepreCon this weekend

  1. Did you just say youre doing an autograph session?

    I..I.. I dont know what to say. All this time I thought we were conversing with a “regular Joe”, only to find out… my God youve hit the big time!!!!

    That sounds like alot of fun. Enjoy, man!

  2. Still waiting on the printed Spherical Tomi chapbooks. I expect to know some dates soon. It sucks to be abandoned! Never fear; I’m still here with ya.

    Alvie, thanks (unless you were being a wisealvie). It’s actually a mass autographing session, with all of the many Con participants gathered in one room. So – don’t be impressed, man. I’ll be shocked if I sign even one soiled napkin…

  3. No, no Jack. I meant the “Have a lot of fun” part.

    I think youll be suprised, Jack. And even if you dont happen to sign anything, just know that my soiled napkin will be there in spirit.

  4. Jack- you should just sign stuff even if they dont ask you to. If someone walks by carrying some other book grab it and sign it. and give it back to them saying “Jack Mangan” in a Denny Crane, Boston Legal style way. Will Shatner rocks.

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