Silence of the Unshows

Well… Um… Right… Sorry. No surprise, but we’re going silent this week.

Hang in there til next week, please. Please? Thank you.

Greasy comments idea for the Silent Unshow: Let’s all play. . . Go back and pick a few (at random or otherwise) from last week and cut-paste them in this week’s comments.

629 thoughts on “Silence of the Unshows

    • WNDRWolf
      July 20, 2011 at 7:45 am · Reply
      Dear Mr. From Texas,
      Please email me… I believe I will be in your area next week.

  1. Totally random:

    Lo Pan
    July 14, 2011 at 7:25 pm · Reply

    Which makes sense because dry humping will emphasize assy aromatics from the bops.

  2. Under the small world category: One of the guys hubby plays guitar with also plays with a jazz group. It turns out the woman in the jazz group has started dating the associate principal of hubby’s high school. It’s strange when life circles around like that.

    • Go to your Happy Place ditto.

      NO. Not that place. That’s your time travel place.
      Noooo. That’s your private touching place!

      Yes, there. That’s it! Your happy place where the cc just blends in with the ambient background sounds.

  3. CP: Latest Wander Radio

    Well 4 songs in and still not my cup of tea.

    A melodramatic wailing and gnashing of teeth will commence…now.

  4. Wow, here I’ve been commenting on the old board all morning. My favorite thing that I said:

    “Is that magic you’re smelling or just the pole?”

    Probably didn’t deserve repeating…

  5. If my Facebook was a tropical forest, my twitter feed would be the Artic tundra and my google + feed as barren as a lava flow on the moon.

  6. So the dough-head who delivered the sod parked half way up the block then used his little tractor to take each pallet the several houses to my place. Even the yard contractors Wes scratching their heads as to why he didn’t just park in front of the house. It was clear of vehicles.

  7. I do miss on of the eye candies. Last year, one of the workers was a young Vin Diesel wannabe. While I’m getting this work done by the same company, it’s a different crew. I miss my bald shirtless (almost) jailbait

  8. That’s Scott Ian, the goofy-looking guy in Anthrax, who’s playing guitar for Stormtroopers Of Death, btw. He was not a part of their later incarnation, M.O.D., Method of Destruction.

    • Yeh.
      that was the interweb equivalent of a drunk dial.
      I had scotch for dinner.
      Don’t know where that shows up on the food pyramid but it sure makes a dandy appetite suppressant!

  9. Splitsville Obliteration Date <— I just went on this exact date tonight! Woot. Go me.

    I am now free to give myself to a man who deserves me much more than that one did.

    Securely Optimistic Darling

  10. From the Thog’s class in the Interzone Ansible:

    ‘You mean the babe? Wow! Isn’t she built like a force-field latrine, though?’ (Isaac Asimov, The End of Eternity, 1955)

    One of my fav Asimov novels, yet that line slipped through my memory like a brick doesn’t.

  11. So my week in Kalifornia is drawing to a close. It was mostly a workweek, but at least I found time last night to sit in San Francisco traffic, instead of Silicone Valley traffic.
    I relived some memories, crossed the bridge in the mist, shivered on the beach, and finally saw Chinatown. S.F. is just one of the coolest places. Literally – – while the rest of the country is sweltering, everyone in S.F. was bundled up in sweaters.

  12. A co-worker made a Tim Tam cake for another co-worker’s birthday and she brought it to work.

    There is a piece of this sugar-coma-inducing monstrosity on my desk.

    I appreciate it for what it is… something I can never possibly eat.

    I may lick it a little.

  13. RObert Rodriguez is doing TWO Machete sequels. He goes to outer space in one.

    I repeat… Machete goes to outer space.

    That is all

  14. I wish I had need for a home in the Houston area, Ed. Instead of just one tiny apartment in Phoenix.

    Good luck on the market! I look forward to your good SOLD! news soon.

  15. Just a quick hello. My post to the previous thread may be lost since things have moved on here. I used to hang out here a lot, then life required my time and attention. But I missed you all, so I decided to come back. Prodigal Daughter returns…

    -Des (Beth to those who know me from my other life)

    • I’ve been trying to remember when I used to hang out and it may have actually been a few years. I’m actually surprised to see so many names that I remember! Great to meet you, CJ!

  16. Watched the original “E.T.” tonight for the first time in over a decade.
    Still a good film. Have to say that it was probably John Williams score that made this film though. There were a LOT of dialogue-less or dialogue-lite scenes that would have seemed to drag on forever with out the under score.
    Still, quite a good film for it’s lack of explosions (yeh, I’m looking at you Crichton!).

    One odd note – this was the “20th anniversary addition” DVD and apparently they changed the film a little for this re-release. What they changed though, was one scene in which the guys in suits were pursuing ET and the kids with guns.
    THAT they took out but they left in the small number (like maybe 3) of curse words that gave this thing a PG rating. I always that that was a pretty cheep ploy. I guess they thought no adults would go see a “G” film so they had to throw those in.
    What ever.

  17. Desdemina: Welcome back!

    TEB: Looking at the program booklet, Randy McC’s name rings a bell. Didn’t he come to the Discworld Convention in Tempe in 2009, and all of us who were in town for the first Deadpan Mmmmeetup met him? Or was that a different Randy?

  18. [emergency warning]

    I am 38 years old and there is a thunderstorm going on right now that is so fierce I want to go hide in my parents bed like when I was a wee girl

    [/emergency warning]

  19. Deadpan & Deadpanability
    Lock, Stock and 2 smoking Deadpans
    Reservois Deadpan’s

    I am really upset Jack got the Madonnna movie reference before I did. I am going to cancel my Madonna fan club membership because I am totally unworthy

    The Vampire Deadpan or The Deadpan Lestat
    Sex, Lies and Deadpan
    2001 A Deadpan Odyssey

  20. All Quiet on the Deadpan Front
    The Battle of the Deadpan
    Deadpan!, Deadpan!, Deadpan! (think Pearl Harbour)
    The Great Deadpan
    The Bridge over the River Deadpan

  21. Morning, all! Hi Desdemina!

    Lo, don’t know this singer, these bands. Must correct this. And I have some extra goodies over the goodies you know about for you. Must get together.

    We’re going to the Farmer’s Market today, which I totally hate. People with HUGE strollers and HUGE dogs walk around the NO DOGS signs and act asses. But I want produce, so . . .

    Then we’re off to see an early Harry Potter showing. Then maybe napping.

    Have a great day!

    • Well it may not have ever become lucrative, but I really enjoy where podcasts are now. The state of, that is. Not overly saturated but with 1000’s to choose from.

      Funny enough I tend to stay away from “big name” casts with teh exception of Kevin Smith’s and The Nerdist.

  22. Funny Farmer’s Market vid, Van – that’s it! Yesterday, an old woman stared so hard at Sly B and I that she almost fell on her face when she stepped in a hole. And I was growled at by a puppy. We got in and out fast – now we have squash and a cabbage! We also got golden beets which we roasted last night.

    Hope you all have a nice Sunday planned – we’re gonna make it a lazy one, but maybe will rearrange furniture a bit in the front room and hopefully will cut the grass, but that remains to be seen.

    • Essbee, I think the problem is you are shopping at THE FARMERS MARKET OF THE DAMNED!!!!
      (insert music sting)

      The fact that it is held in the courtyard of an old castle under dark and brooding clouds and that you can always hear the distant rumble of thunder when you are there should have been a warning.

    • Unless it’s coffee (Venti, Hot, Fat Free, Coconut Mocha) or Tea (Venti, Zen Green Tea, lightly sweetened) really, I don’t see why you’d bother going to Starbucks.

      Yes, I am that specific every time.

      • Actually, I was getting a double, iced espresso … and as I was standing there I got this inspiration that I would make someone else happy by getting them a cold a delicious smoothie.

        So, so wrong.


      • Hell, even if it is coffee, I don’t see why any bothers going to Starbucks. Their coffee is so bitter that it tastes like ass.

  23. Lo’s Comic Movie 2011 wrap up:

    So with the critical success no of Cap America, Marvel has again made its mark. Poor poor DC. In a summer thats been bloated with Marvel heroes,its surprising that all 3 have been overall box office and critical successes (Cap A looks like itll destroy Potter this weekend which is a nice surprise to this demi-god) – while poor DC’s Green Lantern fizzles and froths domestically while being non-existent overseas. And with the unwanted yet probably successful Spiderman reboot next year,Marvel will again strike a pose.

    Cept theres that whole Dark Knight Rises thing coming out as well, isnt there? DC should count its blessings it has that Juggernaut of a franchise.

    • So heres the thing – once Dark Knight is done should DC even bother making more superhero films? Or would they be better off making little Vertogo graphic novel films ala RED and V for Vendetta and Watchmen…etc. Or is DC just doomed to be in the shadow of Marvel’s films? When Batman is all done, theyre gonna nee a hit. Forgive me if I dont trust the upcoming Superman film to be it.

    • You know the more I hear about things like this the more I think it might be time to intentionally break the piggy bank. I’ve heard rumblings about China’s economy and I’m wondering if we’ll hear of it failing next year. Instead of letting everything shatter, how about we intentionally break some things down so we done spend a decade plus fixing it?

      Admittedly I have no idea how to do that, or get a majority to go along with it…

  24. Here’s a short piece from “Forbes” that echoes what most economists are finally coming out publicly stating.

    In my careful studying of the financial markets I have found The bulk of those who argue the other side of this coin are NOT economists or even those who have any educational background in that field … they are politicians who are running for office or trying to appease lobbyists.

    Our Economic ship has hit the iceberg and our leaders are busily making the general public think that the arrangement (and numbers) of deck chairs is more critical then keeping the boat from sinking.

    I still haven’t seen the movie “Idiocracy” … but I think we are living it.

  25. CD: Pondering the absurdity of the weather app on the iPhone, which quite happily tells me the weather prediction for my local area, but if you hit the web link in app you are sent to a page which only gives options for US cities.

  26. FYI – Dr. Pepper in Great Britain tastes absolutely nothing NOTHING at all like Dr. Pepper in America.

    Back when my wife and I took a vacation in Europe, we found ourselves waiting at the ferry to take us across the channel from Great Britain to France. I found a Dr. Pepper as one of the choices of drinks for sale in the snack area. I enjoy Dr. Pepper quite a bit, so I thought it was cool that it had found its way across the pond.

    OMG! I just about threw up after the first swig. I don’t know who came up with and approved that forumlation, but it is GAWD AWFUL!!!!

    So, Van, for the love of all things good and rightgeous, rest assured that you have never had a true Dr. Pepper. Now, I can’t promise that you’ll like a real one, but I can assure you that, no matter what that label says, what you have had ain’t the real thing.

    Personally, I enjoy Coke Zero and Bacardi, but the Diet Dr. Pepper is also quite tasty.

  27. Hey Deadpan

    I’m a morning person, as such, the first thing I like to do (after I’m showered and dressed) is throw open the curtains throughout the house and let the sun shine in. Hubby is not and doesn’t want to see the sun until after he’s had his coffee. With him home for the summer, our mornings are dark and dingy and I wither like a precious flower 😉

  28. In-laws are suppose to be in on Wednesday. Strange, they never called last night to confirm. Oh well, *shrug* I’ll still wash the sheets and set up the guest bedroom just in case. Convinced hubby he has to clean out the guest bathroom since that’s were he would hide the spiders he wouldn’t kill during the winter. He agreed. That area will once more be a spider-free zone.

    • I have yet to find the right balance of podcasts. There is a certain cycling I do, there are perennials, then there are some that I subscribe & listen regularly for a while then suddenly realize I have a big backlog so I delete them…

      • I have very little backlog these days as a number of podcasts I used to listen to have podfaded.

        Still there are a few podcasts I don’t give the attention they deserve, listening to them in the background as I concentrate on other things.

  29. I ordered my 92 year old grandmother a Kindle. I use a Sony Reader and my Ipad but I figured she needed something that wasn’t tied to a computer. She does need something that allows her to adjust the size of the print. Once it comes in, I’ll fill it with books I think she’ll enjoy and let her have some fun.

    • My Mom has a computer and a Kindle. Her computer is always causing her grief. She loves her Kindle.

      I vote that Kindles are a really good option for those who might be a bit technologically challenged.

      As a bonus … while my Mom does buy some new stuff, she LOVES being able to browse through the <$1 offerings of books she read decades ago and read them again. She has hundreds of books on her Kindle now.

  30. Up until two months ago, my grandmother was an actual computer user. For a Christmas present for herself, she got a laptop. Unfortunately, her sight is now such that she had trouble with the computer so she gave it to my uncle) She also is fully mobile (no cane, walker, etc.) and is a feisty old lady. I hope I’m that hale and hearty when I reach her age.

  31. I realise in the great schemes of suffering I see among people I know, my arthritis flaring up in my left leg is but small potatoes.

    But I’m feeling particular mortal today.

  32. There, one clean bathroom. Hubby is currently vacuuming the living room. This is not necessarily because the in-laws are coming. He does the vacuuming on weekends anyway, he just pushed it back to today. I love my hubby :wub:

  33. I’m working laundry this morning. My actual job schedule is variable this week as well, so odd sleep is the norm this week. Hoping to generate Deadpan content Tuesday night.

  34. I always want Bunny hugs!!

    I have d/l a ton of books on my Kindle but am still reading my paperbacks.

    I am a morning person and I like Mondays…

    I might like Tuesday better this week… hmmm

    My email is also on the low end this morning.

      • that was a good idea!
        It really is a show you have to 1/2 turn off your brain for.
        It is still entertaining though and I won’t stop watching even with all the Scooby Doo type of moments

  35. Today’s movie: Deadline

    The DVR writeup: unstable screenwriter Alice discovers a collection of disturbing videotapes stashed away in the attic of an old Victorian house in this supernatural thriller that will make your hair stand on end

    That’s a lot of hype to live up to

  36. My thoughts on the movie: I was ok with it. Yes it hit all the cleches, and no, my hair didn’t stand on it’s end. But still…

    There was no blood and gore and that usually makes a movie go up a few points for me. Nothing really jumped out but it still had its chill down the spine moments.

    Even the ending, while not expected, was not really surprising. But still, good enough to keep me satisfied if not satiated.

    Over all, for a PG movie, not bad

    • I had not seen or heard Amy Winehouse before. I’m not saying this in an attempt to be funny or cute (because it would be neither), but it looks like she is experiencing some SERIOUS withdrawal symptoms in that video. I’m impressed that she was able to sing that well considering what she must have been going through at the time. That said, her voice is not really my cup of tea. Still sad to see her go though.

  37. You know you’re a grown-up when you spend part of a weeknight bailing greasy dishwater out of a stopped-up kitchen sink. We have a plumber coming in the morning. Oh, well, this too is part of life.

    Good night, Pan.

  38. w00t on the Dresden!

    UH, I don’t see withdrawal in that video – I think it’s sweet and very anti her reputation. I’m a fan, and love that song/that vid.

    • This was the first time I’ve seen her, so it could very well be that she simply always shows those mannerisms when she’s singing (sort of like Joe Cocker). But she jerks around A LOT, constantly fidgeting and scratching.

  39. Something I just said out loud at work:

    “You may have realized the song I’m listening to is by Aly & AJ, but I remembered that the star of the show 227 was Jackee’ so I win for useless knowledge category.”

  40. I have discovered Monster Rehab energy drink.

    Tea + Lemonade + Energy

    Holy crap this stuff is delicious. I was NOT expecting that! Someone better pad the walls… I’m gonna be bouncing of them soon.

  41. LostRalph is currently in Texas and not lost.

    He appears to still be heading west. Good thing… I hear there are fancy people to have fun with out west.

    • I was the one claiming that people shouldn’t be freaking out about the price increase at Netflix, but after doing some investigation, I found out that for the disc-in-the-mail option, Blockbuster is actually pretty competitive (assuming you have a physical Blockbuster store in your area). For $2 more a month ($9.99 instead of $7.99) I still get one disc at a time, but I can bring an unlimited number of discs in to the store for an immediate exchange (rather than waiting 3-4 days for the disc to get back to the shipping center and back to my house through snail mail). Combine this with the option to get games as well as movies and I actually win out pretty well by switching over. I think Netflix is still pretty pleased with themselves because September 1st hasn’t rolled around yet. Once people actually have to pay the two separate bills and their free trial runs out at Blockbuster, I think rats will be fleeing the sinking ship in quite a hurry. Fortunately for Netflix, I don’t think they will mind. They are intentionally putting most of their eggs in the streaming basket because they know that’s where their true dominance of the market is. I think we will soon start to see a bimodal distribution of customers, with Netflix dominating streaming and Blockbuster and Redbox dominating disc rentals.

    • Sleigh Bells could have done REALLY well to have gotten shit out of the red on Treats. As much as I love the songs, the album is a goddamn disaster to listen to. The ‘loudness’ combined with Übertreble really take a lot of the enjoyment out of it, which is sad. Compositionally(new word) theres a lot to love on there.

  42. ZOMG! I just realized something!!!
    The inventor of the site must have been a Deadpan lurker!!

    Check this out! How long have you guys/we been posting:

    CL: Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts
    CE: Yoplait Black Forest Cake Light Fat Free Yogurt
    CR: 98 Things a Woman Should Do in Her Lifetime by Rebeckah Shardy
    CD: Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper

    Etc… you get the idea!! Damn those GetGlue people for their Deadpan thievery!

  43. Warehouse 13 is beginning to piss me off, the woman involved in the discovery of the shape of DNA was using X-ray diffraction and not a gene sequencer.

    • …and the inconsistency with the bronzing process (the new guy didn’t remember anything but it’s been mentioned that people are still aware when bronzed).

  44. Morning Pan

    My morning have been full of song stuck in head. Through a long, convoluted process, my bath sponge is green and has a frog’s head in it. Now, every morning, I see it and get that stupid Froggie Went A ‘Corting song stuck in my head.

  45. I was waiting at the bus stop earlier, and there was a swarm of ants on the pavement..haven’t seen that before (locally I mean).

    I kept very quiet so the new insect overlords didn’t notice me..

  46. I really enjoy Elysian’s Loser Pale Ale. Not only an homage to a great record label, but a really easy beer to like.

    In other beer news, there are *5* new craft breweries opening in Denver this summer, one is a 3 minute walk from my house. I… I live in a world of craft beer wonder…

    Who said this is the land of Coors? Cause it taint.

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