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  1. Okay, point of clarification? In “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” the planet they leave Marvin stranded on, eventually in the carpark, where Milliways is. Is that Ursa Minor Beta or one of the Frogstar planets?

  2. Okay, wiki seems to say it is Frogstar B. I knew it was not Magrathea like on TV. I just get confused as to whether the Frogstar attack was real or simulated.

  3. Brand new Pan is brand new! The best part of waking up, is Mangan in my cup;.


    Cause otherwise that’s gross.

      • It was better than the previous episode, but I really don’t feel anything for the characters. On the other hand, I have to give them some credit for killing people off.

  4. I upgraded my cables on my Wii to double the resolution when I replaced the old television with a 37″ HD one. But I still stream via the XBOX 360 in all it’s HD glory. πŸ™‚

  5. Umm, so not exactly cheating (as it was unintentional), but if Jack posts the first comment for a new show and you reply to that comment, it makes it look like you were first ‘official’ comment of the week..last week it was actual Lejon.

  6. Ok, Fallen Skies got a bit more interesting with the bad guy from the first Mission Impossible movie coming one the scene.

      • A million crimes a day happen whether I watch them or not. My hope that Eureka would be above doing a clip show, and my subsequent let down, are exactly the same whether I watch the show or not. So, my not needing to watch it doesn’t make it fair any more than my not needing to watch a mugging on the street makes the act any less of a crime.

    • Also yet another reason that Community is one of, if not the, best written shows on tv. Its “clip show” was utter glory.

      • Agreed. Tho I do tend to take the stance against them. Not that I’d put them on the same level as being brutally assaulted on the street…

        • I’m not trying to put them on that level. Just saying that the ability to not watch the show doesn’t give the makers of the show a pass for shitty writing. If you don’t like the metaphor version of my argument, we can try the straight forward version. By saying “to be fair” I have to assume that you mean being fair to the writers of the show. Thus, You seem to be saying that because I can choose to not watch that episode, the writers for Eureka are just fine. And I disagree.

  7. Seriously, LostRalph tried to type that while on my laptop and it refused to let him. My laptop would never allow such a thing to be typed into the window of its soul or the window of its Deadpan URL.

    • Looks like is has potential. Not being the worlds biggest Thundercats fan I look forward to being able to watch without nostalgia… for once.

      • Well… since you asked…;)

        The list seems so incomplete. Possibly because there’s so much out here to choose from. But here’s a few opinions:

        Summer – I would replace the Sweaty Betty with Upslope’s Craft Lager. Its by far my favorite summer beer this year.

        Autumn – Again, Upslope is denied. I wonder if the columnist mistakenly skipped them due to their newness in the craft market. Upslope’s Brown Ale makes Ellie’s taste like Coors. I’d also replace the Cutthroat Porter with either New World Porter from Avery. Tho thats splitting hairs, its just a matter of taste there

        Winter – My fav time of beer year. Take out Lefthand’s Milk Stout and replace with Breckenridge Oatmeal. Add Yeti Oaked Chocolate to the list as well as Oscar Blues’ Gubna IPA. I would also be tempted to put Oscar’s Gordon Red in place of Odell’s red. Dont forget the Mephistoples Stout. Clearly the writer did.

        Spring – The Ranger IPA is a terrible beer. Dont do it. So is the Mothership Wit, tho to be fair I dont drink Wits. Looking over the Spring choices, the only beer I like is the ESB Special Ale. Honestly, I’d take Pale Moon over most of them and that’s a Coors product. Try the Stranger IPA from Lefthand, Avery’s Collaboration Not Litigation Ale, or Great Divide’s Scotch Ale.

    • Another Friday night and I ain’t got nobody.
      I got some money and ’cause I just got paid.
      How I wish I had …

      wait, that supposed to be “Another Saturday night” isn’t it?
      Okay, never mind.

      I’m going to go open an End of the Road Brewery’s “Uber Heffe” and continue cleaning my garage.

  8. I’m extremely depressed on the reviews/word of mouth so far for Cowboys and Aliens.

    Tomorrow is Cap America. Lookin’ very forward.

  9. Ralph fed me wine and other alcohol and now I want a bubble wrap app and the one i found sucks. Anyone know a better one? I wanna pop bubble wrap.

  10. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0078685/

    Wish this were available online. Our PBS station carried this show for a while, my dad & I watched it together. Our family has always been sort of… Canadiphiles? Don’t know if there is a word for it.

    Watched the pilot episode of Warehouse 13 tonight, think I recognized a Toronto neighborhood I stayed in for a couple weeks in there…

  11. A little behind, just listened to the episode. Loved it! Loved the rant about this generation. And loved that my comment got read. First time!

  12. Saw Captain America last night at the drive-in. Note to self: VW bugs are not that comfortable for sitting in at the drive-in.

  13. Would love to help out with a ladies-only episode. And yes, I do try to be a lady. Most of the time. Not sure what to do, though.

    • He has two: Little Girl’s Voice (e.g., Chelsea Jewell) and Woman’s Voice (e.g., Margaret Montoya). It would be awesome to hear either or both of them in the ladies’ episode of the Deadpan. :happy:

      • Oh, yeah, and the post-production-processed voice he uses for the Sklorno football players. Three different voices. *fantasizes* That would be so cool, to have a Deadpan segment in which all Scott’s female characters met each other…

  14. Hey guys – sorry to ask how you was and split. I am good. Sly B, my dad, and I went to this this morning:


    They launched about 10 minutes from where I grew up/where my folks live. Twas fun.

    I think Lo Pan gave you all much more feedback on the beer list than I ever could have! Gubna x 1,000 for me. We picked up a Sam Adams summer mixer pack on the way here, btw, and I love their East West Kolsch. I’m excited for 5 o’clock to hit (it’s a rule I have to fool myself . . . ) so I can try the Saison.

    • Just listening to NPR’s “The Splendid Table” and they interviewed 2 guys that just wrote a book about homebrewing … they specifically talked about their Saison.
      I drooled.

    • I NEED the Gandhi-bot can for my collection. Guess I’ll have to suck it up and deal with a pale ale. They are way to bitter for me, but there are times it’s worth the effort. And don’t give me any “to be fair, you don’t have to drink it” crap Lo :biggrin: Pouring beer down the drain is a crime, and I’m simply not a criminal :drevil:


    I will now go root through my beer shelter for something that won’t knock me on my butt. Though, I’m not sure I actually brew anything like that.
    A flaw I am thinking of addressing.

    Also – going to see Cowboys & Aliens tonight.
    Wish me luck.

  16. Fox: (whisper) Iris, drop your spoon on the floor.
    Me: Fox, I think I just heard you tell your sister to drop her spoon on the floor…
    Fox: It was an accident, I meant to say I love you Iris.

  17. Captain America –

    Liked it very. In the pantheon of the Avenger films I’d put well above Hulk/ Iron Man 2 and slightly below Thor. Definitely THE action super-hero film of the 3 Marvel films this year. Cheesy in parts, really powerful in parts (tho that pretty much defines Marvel). Chris Evans is actually fantastic and considering he was the only good part of the FF4 films that doesnt surprise. Hugo Weaving is good enough… but he could have been so much more. A bit of a disappointment considering its Hugo Fucking Weaving. Man, I cannot WAIT for Avengers.

    I give kudos to Marvel for churning out so many of these “setting up for Avengers” movies and (for the most part) having them be extremely quality and entertaining.

  18. Cowboys & Aliens.

    Well. Everyone else seemed to like it.
    Me? I felt like they blew there entire budget hiring some big name actors and an actress that looks like Summer Glau. That apparently left them no money for stuff like “a script” and “editing”.

    I realize that some pictures are just supposed to be “fun, summer romps” but if you want to be in that category you aren’t allowed to drag.

    “Iron Man” was a fun summer romp. This picture … well, I’d wait and “Netflicks” it and from what I hear … go see “Captain America” instead.

  19. Well I’m with Lo on thus one, I enjoyed Captain America a lot.

    Cool to think some of the gadgets used by Hydra were actually on the drawing or partly built by the Germans.

    Hugo Weavering accent at times sounded like a bad Arnie impression.

    Oh and if you wait till the credits have rolled, you get a cool trailer for the Avengers movie.

  20. Morning Pan

    In-laws still visiting but it’s month end so I’m stuck at my computer for a few hours today. Hubby will have to do hosting duties this morning

  21. And in case I don’t make it on the Pan on Wednesday…

    Those that know me know I all but worship my hubby. This Wednesday marks the best 15 years in my life. *raises glass* Here’s to my heart and soul.

  22. I love that car commercial I believe it was, where the girl was talking about how she asked her parents to join to twitter so they can have a social life and she was making fun of them for only having 19 friends and she had 700 and something. Her parents were out enjoying life in whatever car was being advertised and she was sitting on her computer watching dumb videos someone posted.

    I hate facebook.

  23. I’m a geezer

    Hugh sez: I a bigger geezer

    mohawks are for cute hot boys I want to date!

    Hugh sez: I better get a mohawk before she finds a cute hot mohawked boy to date. I AM a geezer!!!


    40-something geezer Hugh sans mohawk > anyone else, even cute hot mohawked boys

    hugh sez: swoon!

  24. final points

    1. Star wars trilogy rules
    2. Reality TV “stars: ARE NOT STARS THEY ARE IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. internet porn is not how sex really works (its so so so SOOOOOO much better than that)
    4. you are getting way more sex then we used to
    5. get off my lawn!
    6. podcasting IS a relative medium
    7. Laugh at me if you must

  25. you can’t take my planets away more me

    My Very Educated MOther Just Served Us Nine Pizzas

    how can they break that up?

    My Very Educated MOther Just Served Us Nectarines?

    Thats not right

  26. I love when I type totally wrong words. What are my hands thinking is happening?

    Or is my brain just fucking with my hands and sending them a different word then my mouth wants to say?

  27. what was that Deadpan reference in the latest Dresden book Hughie?

    Hugh sez: ah, fuck! I can’t remember either..

    Jim Butcher is a closet Deadpanite. I swear it!

    OH YEAH!!

    They are in downtown Chicago, kick some ass, then go to a Denny’s to refuel

    there is no Denny’s in downtown Chicago

    He just wanted to put in a Deadpan shoutout, I knows he did.

  28. http://www.dennys.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=denny%27s%20store%20locator&utm_campaign=Store+Locator&utm_content=spIFi5oxy|2871545706/&gclid=CMGa1uOLrKoCFcjAKgodhh2GYA#/location

    nope, they had no reason to go all the way out to the west suburbs to get to the closet Denny’s when there are restaurants they could of gotten a really fucking good breakfast no matter what time of day or night it was right next to them

    Jim Butcher was trying to let us Deadpanites know he is one of us

    Jim Butcher IS a deadpanite I say it is so

    Hugh sez: I agree

    Jack you should get him to do an interview with you. how frickin cool would that be!!!!!!!!

  29. by the way Essbee if you read this (or any other Dresden book readers here), the new Dresden is fucking fantastic. I’m almost done, Hugh finished it.

    It is so good I am trying to prolong the end. Hugh is irritated because he wants me to be done so he can talk about the end.

  30. Lost Ralph – is drunk on someones beauty

    Hugh sez: it must be yours
    dre sez: swoon, you stop hughie *blush*

    CJ – get glue inventor is a deadpan lurker

    Van – original game with new paint

    Van – don’t burst before “the package”

    DJ bunny – only half hour to movie

    JB: 2001

    Desdomenia – Diet dr pepper and ccapt morgan

    hugh-n-dre: Deadpan movies

    lopan: correct

    first: vanamonde – email to Ed

  31. What was up with vancouver freaking out cuz they lost?

    Hugh sez: yeah in chicago we riot when we win, it makes so much more sense


    you fuckers pay up!!!

    I am afraid of the canadians

  32. My mommy is traveling to Jack’s hometown to see where Deadpan all started


    actually she is traveling to Jersey to see her newest grandson

    he is so flipping cute!!!

    I am now an auntie x2 from my family

    Hugh sez: it’s about time your family step up, my family has made us aunt/uncle to about 300 kids. I can’t even remember all their names in my old age


    Hugh had a senior moment yesterday. He kept calling 1 kid different names til he got it right πŸ™‚ it was hilarious. all the kids were laughing.

  33. LostRalph and I saw Smurfs today. 8:45am showing. My favorite. I think he still likes me even though I dragged him to a kids’ movie this early.

  34. We then went shopping and LR made me sandwich. NOM NOM NOM.

    I’m spoiled and may become rotten at this point.

    Sandwiches made by someone else always taste better than mine!

  35. Last night was awesome, finally got a chance to talk to Jack, Evo, Sheila, and Debbie. Also enjoyed some really good beer. Sierra Nevada’s saison is very delicious and I recommend it to anyone else who likes saisons.

    • You be a better man than I, LR.

      I do wonder (and since you saw it you can answer)- did NPH and Hank Azaria save the film for you? Or were they just along for the paycheck?

      • Hank Azaria definitely seemed to be along for the check. Although he was definitely a good choice for Gargamel. NPH had some good moments.

        Oh and you have to remember I’ve had to sit through the later Land Before Time movies and similar kids movies, I have a fairly high tolerance for not bad. This is not a movie to see unless you have kids to take, obviously.

      • I’d like to note that I offered LR the option to NOT go with us. He’s just that awesome that he did.

        Hank Azaria was pretty clownish, and having not seen any original Smurf shows or anything, I just assumed he was taking it deliberately from the original character. NPH is good at not being portrayed as an idiot. And the girlie from Glee who played his wife is adorable. I actually really enjoy seeing her on anything.

  36. FirstDrinkoftheDay: Avery Brewing Co. “Eighteen” Dry Hopped Rye Saison – Anniversary Edition

    Speaking of Saisons, LR…

  37. Of all the films to battle C&A for #1 this week, I never thought it would be the Smurfs. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Cap America will be back in #2 or even #1 next weekend.

  38. Good Sunday on the Hugh’n Dre Pan, and the Lo Pan, too.

    Just got back in town from my 20th high school reunion. I wasn’t feeling terribly old before I went to it πŸ™‚

    We did see Cowboys vs. Aliens yesterday and quite enjoyed it. I’m sure I don’t want to think too much about the plot, but it was a fun summer ride and tried to do something original.

  39. CW: the new thundercats première.

    I can only stand watching the old series for about a minutes, 20 minutes in and this one is ahead of the game.

  40. And, now it’s time to run over to the old house and do some yard work….100Β°F in the afternoon yard work.


  41. We want to see Captain America for sure.

    Smurfs we will not be seeing

    Won’t go see Planet of The Apes either

    little known hugh-n-dre factoid: dre is scared of and disgusting by monkeys. I cannot see this movie. I have never been able to go the see the monkeys at the zoo. I admit to disliking monkeys. I know this makes no sense, but it is true.

  42. Hugh sez: I wonder if planet of the apes is why you hate monkeys

    hmmm.. maybe. My brothers did watch that all the time and i would always leave the room

    That and AIDS and Ebola were both originated in monkeys

    they will be the death of the human race I guarantee it

  43. chicks?

    I prefer babes.. the babes of deadpan

    Yes! I would do something for a ladies only deadpan. I just might need to be emailed if this gets organized since I am not on here enough. Or Jack you can let me know when it gets set up. πŸ™‚

  44. awwww, its pretty! I likey!!!

    Hugh sez: she always gets swoony over the musicians. Why didn’t I go into music?

    Musicians and stock brokers are equally swoony

    Hugh sez: in all seriousness, Jack this song is really good

    We need to add it to our Jack Mangan playlist. Jack will you send it to me?

  45. beautiful. We loved it. πŸ™‚

    Jack DIDNOT come back after the music (I almost got fooled by my itunes shuffling to the next track again- this time it went to track 1 of the Spin Nevermind tribute album)

    Dre wins!!!!!!!!

  46. Alrighty paniacs, have a good night

    I’m going to go make us some dinner and prepare for True Blood viewing. And as we always like to go against the grain of things, we are not beer drinkers but will be having a lovely new wine we recently discovered.

    nighty night!

  47. I like Torchwood, but I’m partial to Gwen.

    Dre, looking forward to the new Dresden, but still have about 800 pgs of GRR Martin still. Torchwood for us tonight too!

  48. Its possible I’m addicted to Soap. Not the cleansing kind, since we all know I dont take showers, but the fucking wonderful sitcom that aired from 1977 to 1981. Man is that some well written chortles and guffaws.

  49. My geeky thing for the day:

    Installed iTransmission (bitorrent client) on my jailbroken ipad.

    Downloaded an episode of the new Futurama and watched it on the iPad in Videolan.

    Move along now..

  50. Last night’s beer = “Destroyer of worlds”.

    Digging through the back of my beer shelter, I found a case of “La Fin Du Monde”, this is a homebrew clone of Unibroue’s triple Belgium style ale.
    I had shoved it in a corner because it was kind of a disappointment.
    That was a year ago.
    That was when it had an ABV of 8.7
    It has continue to ferment since then. A lot.

    The beer is now QUITE tasty but just one 20oz bottle and I was rendered non-functional. This morning has arrived with a massive hangover.

    What am I going to do with a case of this stuff?

  51. I’m not really here but I have a quick question. I’ve been ignoring a linked-in from a Fred Duarte for a while now. However the name seems familiar. Before I actually hit “ignore” on Linked in – is it any of you?

    Now… Back to month end and in-laws.

    • I don’t know the name either. I need to go through my Google + and block everyone I don’t know. Though I’m not using the service yet, I don’t like being followed by people I don’t know. It seems like G+ doesn’t really give you the option to deny someone access other than through the “block” feature or individual post settings. Meh. Not sure I’ll use it at all, though my job kinda requires that I know this stuff. (more than kinda)

  52. I’m still avoiding Facebook for at least the rest of the year.
    It will take that long for my divorce to be final.
    I do like G+ so far other than the one person following me with nearly 4000 people in there circles.
    but I also do just about everything through Gmail.

    Oh look, more Kool-aid!

  53. Hmm, all kinds of interesting photography today on Deadpan.

    Still, “whooooa”, hey? hey? “whoooooa”?

    Sometimes I’m too obscure for my own good.

    • It’s getting better. The first episode bored me to death. But I didn’t want to pull a Fox and give up on it after one episode, so I’m giving it a season. Not sure I’m going to give Falling Skies that long, I’m not seeing improvement…

    • Yeah it’s not to bad, killing off the CIA guy was strange though, there was some hints in the pilot episode there was more to him than meets the eye..

    • Sorry to say I pulled a Fox. I watched one episode of Alphas and was way less than impressed. About a minute into the second episode, I threw my hands up in frustration and deleted the series from my DVR. I might try again if people keep saying it’s getting better and if it doesn’t get cancelled.

  54. I’ve received a few wonderful bits of content in the past week. I still think it would be wise to release the first HH Palooza this week, but I think the next episode after that will need to feature this stuff.


  55. I feel the need to share this:

    LostRalph mowed my lawn and bought me Frangelico.

    I’m so fricken spoiled at this point that the phrase “spare the rod” comes to mind…

  56. I suspect I may be mildly evil.

    Yesterday as I got off the train, the heavens opened up, people in their summer clothes ran for cover, me with waterproof coat on, walked slowly home, giggling at the sheep.

  57. aaaand speakning of “Well done” (but not fun), I got this note from a friend today –

    “FYI, got a new iPhone today. Apparently leaving mine in the car while I go inside the secured facilities was killing it. it had recorded an internal temperature of 155-dge F. ouch…”

    • I just started in a new department and will be inside a secured facility as early as Friday. Being Florida in the summer, I’ve had similar worries about leaving my phone in the car all day. Might buy a small cooler or something just to keep the phone from getting too hot during the day.

  58. Well, there’s another couple of years to tack on until retirement. I thought getting this debt ceiling thing taken care of was supposed to get us a rebound after last week’s big slide.

    • Turns out we woke up this morning and the market suddeny realized that all of this spending cutting actual HURTS economic recovery.
      Will none of these clowns EVER consult a history book?

      Never fear though, this is a good buying opportunity for the market and it shall be on it’s merry way again soon. The disconnect between the market and the economy is quite strong. Just reading where corporations are now sitting on 2 Trillion dollars cash! All recovered in just the last 2 years.
      So patents grasshopper … while you may yet find yourself in an unemployment line, your 401k should be chugging ahead again soon.

      … and no, I DON’T know if that is a glass half full or half empty outlook. :

  59. Awesome links this morning, reaper, as usual – – although Heineken isn’t all that preferable to Mr. Pibb.

    Dammit! I didn’t watch any of the videos posted here last night.

  60. Hey JOe,

    I checked out your “Plot Device” link yesterday and I thought it was pretty funny. Amazing what a small group of people can create these days.

    Speaking of, everyone should listen/download the cover of Pink Floyd’s “Hey You” by the Six String Bliss forum. I already made a post about it on Facebook, but I know a few of you are FB adverse, you know who you are. πŸ˜‰


    I think J.R. would enjoy that. And in the spirit of the Hitchhikers Guild’s use of improbable events, did you know that Andrea used to work with one of the founders of Six String Bliss? Strange eh?

    • I keep my GPS on the Brit lady because the American always sounds so judgmental when I don’t follow her instructions. She’s like harsh “RECalculating! Ugh” Whereas the nice Brit lady is all “Aw sweetie, you made a turn I didn’t tell you about, tsk tsk, let me tell you how to get back on track there.”

      or … well, she says “Recalculating” in a nicer tone anyway.


      • I tend to tell my tomtom to be more patient, it always seems to be impatient when it gives me directions.

        Tomtom: “Turn left now”

        Me: “I’ll turn left when I’m ready to”

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