650 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #211: To Reach Out and Stop You Cold

  1. OK, Tegan and Sara – Back in Your Head is now one of my favorites, possibly because their accents (which I really like) are quite prominent. Pretty sure it was Lo Pan hyping them that turned me on to them. Thanks.

    • Interesting. It is a bit too Prince of Persia-ish, imo. Plush, I would hope they’d make the landscape less Earth-ish. Still, I’m willing to wait and give it a chance.

  2. I have finish writting this political speech for Michele Bachmann. It’s about how we can counteract the ravages of global warming with a nuclear winter.

    • I can say that I did my best. This household voted for her opponent in the last election. She is still unfortunately “representing” our district.

  3. Ralph, beer question:

    why sometimes does extra hoppy beer, especially dry-hopped beer, have a strong marijuana nose?

    CD: Port Brewery Hop-15 Double IPA = my penis is UP there

  4. Thank you everyone 🙂

    Just came home from seeing Harry Potter.. fucking amazing it was. Highly recommended if you are a fan of the books/movies. They changed many things from the book but it all made sense, and made it into an incredible movie that stands well on its own.

    Going to go get ready to celebrate my birthday with my inlaws and Hugh


  5. I just got back from seeing “Super 8”.
    It was fun enough but I definitely saw the whole “ET – Reboot” thing.
    It did leave me feeling kind of uncomfortable that we can’t just tell that story any more. Now, we have to take that story and make it very, intensely violent … or apparently no one would even notice.
    I don’t think that says anything good about who we’ve become as a society since the original ET.

    In other news, My rain gauge says we had 1.8 inches of rain while I was at the theater. 1 inch of that fell in a 15 minute period! I’ll bet that was something to see.

    • “Its culture can be oppressive”

      Yeah thats why craft breweries around here will more often than not bend over backwards to help each other as opposed to the opposite.

    • I can understand some of his complaints about beer geeks, but in my (limited) experience bars won’t go into detail unless you ask them. His example night sounds like they went out to have a bad time, or were trying to seem more interested and knowledgeable than they actually were about the less mainstream beers.

    • Yep.
      Here’s a guy who is just fine with what ever mass produced, fermented grain based beverage is put in front of him and dammit!!!! Why can’t everyone else just like it too?

      The funny thing is … until about three years ago I had come to the conclusion that I really didn’t like beer. Oh, I’d drink it if I was at a party and that is all they had … or I was in a bar with friends and all they had was Miller/bud/coors … but it was just a means to get a buzz on. I didn’t actually “like” the taste.
      Then I found out beer could taste GOOD.

      So this guy is whining that if I want to drink beer I should just suck it up, be a man and stop trying to actually ENJOY the flavor.

      I’m sure he hates Baskin Robbins as well.

  6. HP film wasn’t that bad, nephew was less than impressed.

    He steepled his hands below his chin as he watched the movie, I threatened to disown him..

  7. From DFH on facebook:

    Bottles of 2011 Chateau Jiahu will be hitting the shelves of our Tasting Room later this afternoon. Will begin shipping to wholesalers now…


  8. If we cooperate and avert this impending crisis, then it only makes our sworn enemy look good. On the other hand, if we obstruct the whole thing and there’s a huge disaster, then we can blame him and everyone will believe this is his screwup. I’m super-rich enough to survive whatever bad stuff will happen anyway.
    — Inside the heads of the deuches during their budget negotiations.

  9. CD: Great Divide’s Rumble

    This is a great beer objectively speaking, and I find myself liking it despite my personal tastes. My problem is the use of so much piney hops it almost blows out my taste buds, but that is a common issue with IPAs for me. The other thing is that I cannot detect oak anywhere in this beer, which makes me think it’s overpowered by the hops.

    In all other respects this is a great beer with a strong hop aroma and flavor, nicely balanced to make it perfectly drinkable.

    Thank Lo Pan for recommending it.

    • Funny cause I CAN taste the Oak. Then again if I tend to drink more IPA’s than you do regularly it may explain why its not masked to me. I do see your point about the pine

  10. And now dear deadpanites we come to the main beer event for me this evening. Oh if you see the joy and love shining from my eyes as I gaze upon this beautifully simple bottle. I speak of the mistress of ale who started my interest in saisons, and who has forsaken me for about a year and a half. All the way from the tank of delicious libation at the Boulevard Brewery I type of no other than the limited release Saison with Brettanomyces.

    Let the deliciousness begin. :biggrin:

    • This saison pours a cloudy gold with a big white head. It has an aroma of citrus with an underlying scent of hay-like funk. This continues into a flavor of strong bitter citrus, supported by a hint of that funkiness I mentioned earlier. It is a very dry ale, which combined with the high carbonation makes it seem to evaporate off your tongue, and thirsty for another drink.

      I recommend it to others who enjoy saisons, or are interested in the wilder side of beers. Let it warm slightly out of the fridge, this will let the malt come forward slightly and moderate the bitter hops, which seemed kind of harsh when colder.

  11. So with those two beers added to Pintly I now I have only 2 IPAs in my top 5 recommended beers. This brings me a fair amount of amusement, I think I’m actually smiling.

    Or it might just be the beers.

  12. Good morning, Pan.

    Today we have swim lessons for the kiddos, then we’re gonna bake big, soft, yummy pretzels… I think.

    And there’s a big sale at Big Lots tonight so I am gonna stock up on necessities.

    Otherwise, hellooooo relaxing weekend!

  13. Hey Deadpan

    Baked cookies this morning, went for a walk, then did dishes. Now I’m stuck on the computer for the rest of the day.

  14. Dinner with friends has been cancelled. They are all a bunch of sickos.

    Looking at our calendars, it looks like we won’t be rescheduling until September. Who knew I was such a busy bunny :cheerful:

  15. I need to get off my duff and mix up the pretzel dough with the kids. It has to rise for 30 minutes in a warm place.

    Where EVER will I find a warm place?

  16. It’s actually really nice out today. We went shopping and realized it’s not so bad. Good thing too because I gotta go hook up the new sprinklers in the backyard.

  17. It’s been an ugly month so far, but fortunately–knock on wood–nothing truly bad has happened. A good friend had an extremely close call in Iraq, but that, really, has been the worst of it. Instead, it has been stress, stress, stress.

    I’m looking forward to some more relaxing times.

  18. World Cup observation of the day: How many times does the US team need to shoot at goal before they actually get one in?

    Damn they are playing well but they need to start getting some points to show for it. Not that Japan is playing poorly. The US are not missing goals because the Japan team is defending well. They keep aiming at the goal posts or over it.

    Seriously frustrating

  19. The wife and I watched “Brazil” today. I tried being drunk through the last half and it still didn’t make any sense.

    Of course, my wife and I mostly wondered how Nissan thought that Johnathan Pryce would be a good spokesman for their Infiniti brand after this.

  20. Good Morning!

    I have coffee and an overcooked Bagelful. It’s all rubbery. Dammit. If were at home with the directions on the box, this would NOT have happened!

    A new week ahead…

    Here we goooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  21. I’d like to add that it’s freakin’ beautiful outside.

    I know I know… everyone says it’s hot, but honestly, if I were just sitting the shade in a swimming pool with a nice book, I’d be a very happy girlie right now.

  22. I think we’re being invaded. We seem to be getting two or three bees a day in the house. I’ve been all over the lusher and in and I can’t for the life of me find where they are coming from. I’ve even sprayed every vent leading into the house and still…

  23. Hey DP! Miss yous guys. I’m in Dallas, and holy fucking hell. How do people live in this heat?

    I’m finally going to start A Dance with Dragons tonight.

    • Oh ditto…. jumping in right now to that show may not be the best of ideas.. its not like its an overly complex story arc but you may not get full enjoyment. Watch it tonite then I really do recommend starting from the beginning. Its good to have a lighthearted sci-fi show that you can just enjoy without having to put heart an soul into it. Great characters as well! (mostly)

      • I gave up during the 2nd season. I don’t plan on following it again, I just wanted to see what kind of character Felicia was going to play.

          • And by this I just mean that theres so much bloated “we take ourselves so serious” bullshit on TV, combined with all the reality bullshit, its refreshing to have something like Eureka (and to a point Warehouse 13) to just be able to kick back and just enjoy a beer with.

          • Yeh.
            Mid season 2 is when I gave up on it as well.
            It just didn’t know what it wanted to be.
            If it wanted to be all “X-Files” and creepy, I was down with that.
            If it wanted to be all “tongue in check, wink wink nudge nudge” … I was okay with that too.

            Problem was (for me at least) that one minute they’d be trying to build suspense and like “wow this is really bad … oh hell no, THAT GUY JUST GOT HORRIBLY KILLED!” and then in the next scene they’d be all “Oh, Wise guy! Nuck nuck nuck.” 3 stooges.

            Their inability to pick one tone and stick with it, led to me not being able to “connect” with the show.

          • Eh. Never once felt that tho. To me, after the first season, it knew exactly what it wanted to be which was single episode adventures (if you will) with an overall arc that would come into play once in a while, much like X-Files. Plus I’d rather have a show that has serious one minute and “nuck nuck” the next. Life isnt always one tone. No reason shows have to be. Its what inevitably killed BSG for me. Way too dark all the time with a sudden “bright” ending. No thanks.

            But thats neither here nor there. Personal preference is, by definition, just that.

            *smokes pipe*

  24. On the annoying side, I’m having internet problems at home, so the cable repair guy is coming over tomorrow. That will be just oooodles of fun. And I’ve learned that the last plumber installed our frost free outdoor tap wrong. Looks like it’s a trip to the hardware store for me.

  25. I’m about about eight hours into the 49 hours. So far, I’m just not overwhelmed. I think the choice to break the “story” into two parallel books is going to prove a poor one. We shall see.

    No, dammit, this isn’t a duplicate comment!

  26. Danger is everywhere my friend.

    What’s with the guy with the dog and a purse?

    And this teenager who really wants to diddle her teacher… he’s not even a good looking teacher.

  27. Some of the kids in this movie have goofy, weird eyes. And it’s interesting that all the characters have English accents, but the TV show they are watching doesn’t.

  28. So pseudo-fedex delivers the teacher a package and it’s ringing and there’s a box in the bag and a phone in the box, but it’s a mobile phone and the teacher has no idea how to answer it, so a kid runs up and answers it for him. What’s up with that?

  29. There are ethnically variations of people about and they are on a van-bus.. van-pool? mysterious man with dog and purse..

    Battleship must be just around the corner… behind the girl wearing a tube top as a skirt.. with a slit up the side.

  30. I’d like to note that Ralph just asked me if the main character’s name is Greg…

    I pointed him to the movies title Gregory’s Two Girls

  31. and yet he’s wearing a black and white houndstooth turtleneck with a blue.. jacketvest?

    I take issue with that. Kinda too distracting and ugly to focus on what he’s saying.

  32. “I’m not flipping you the middle finger, it just looks that way.”

    yeah sure, as if that wasn’t the reason you left it unbandaged.

  33. Really not getting why all the girls are so hot for this guy. He’s a doofus who doesn’t know how to enjoy human contact, he kisses like a frog…

  34. “I know where we’re going. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat Miss Jordan’s tapes.”

    Apparently that’s the only thing of Miss Jordan he’ll be eating.

    • The sequel to ‘Gregory’s Girl’? if so you should check out the original if you can understand the accents…it’s a quaint coming of age take involving football.

      Personally my fav Bill Forsyth film was his first ‘That Sinking Feeling’..

  35. Morning, DP!

    I only stayed up through about 10 pages of the novel, Ed. Too sleepy. I’ll be interested in your review once we both finish – maybe we can discuss?

  36. Sly B and I gave up on Eureka for a while, but came back last season and dig it. We both thought last week’s episode (the premier) of Warehouse 13 was very good too.

  37. Went to the Twins day game yesterday. After all the Metrodome years, quite the experience attending a game with a heat index of 112ºF. Plus instead of my usual shady seats, these were Dad’s premo 2-set a year seats about 16 rows back from the plate and in full sun.

    We spent the 3-5 innings walking the shaded concourse around the park, watching from various spots (a big improvement over the dome, where you could see nothing but concrete hallway in there). After another inning in the sun, we moved up about 7 rows to seats, which were just getting into shade that someone had abandoned. Then we left an inning early to get on a slightly less packed train than the end of the game would have allowed.

    And the Twins lost. Still quite the experience for previously dome-bound fans.

  38. So I just realized IMDB is really screwing up there ad’s

    There was a picture of 2 people on the left and right of the content. One of those 2 actors I liked so I was wondering what movie she was going to be in. I tried to click on the picture or find anything that would say what movie she was in.
    I have no attention span and want everything handed to me on a sliver platter so I gave up and forgot about looking all together.

    ok, the last sentence isn’t true I did some digging and figured it out. anyone need a soap box?

  39. I just want you to know, I’m tired of staring at the stupid WWC program book. I wish someone else on the committee would edit it. A second set of eyes is easier than trying to find your own mistakes. bleh :blink:

  40. I got some news that’s going to cost me a few pennies. Last week my daughters’ car was rear-ended (that’s not the news). Her car is a 2001 nissan. The insurance company (of the other driver since it was his fault) decided it would be more to their advantage to write the car off then to repair it. Probably true, but since they never give the actual replacement cost of a vehicle that means mom (me) will be footing the difference between what the insurance company will give her and something to replace it. We find out tomorrow how much they are willing to offer.

    Guess I’m going car shopping.

    • Good times. I believe I’ll be looking forward to a future of similar occurrences. As always, hopefully she’s ok. Bummer about the cost of the new car.

      Money is so meh to me right now. I mean I did just get a raise, so that’s nice, but still… the amount of life that depends on the little green pieces of paper… frustrating.

      You’re a good mommy, Bunny :wub: !

      • Nope. She transports live reptiles for her job. I found two vehicles for around the $4,000 range and both the Lemon Aid buyers guide gave a “don’t buy” rating. I may have to increase her allowance. Sucks.

  41. Well the Mad Men inspired ‘The Hour’ starts in about 10 minutes…alas the review says that the writers chickened out and added a murder mystery.

  42. Every time I send an email to DanS the Gmail interface it “suggests” that I include :jack: Mangan.

    Does Gmail think that DanS and I need a chaperone?

    Geez. A little privacy would be nice.

  43. Well I found a 2008 Hyundai Accent for $6,500. It’s more than I wanted to spend but it has a “higher than average” rating in the buyers guide and that’s important to me. I guess we’ll go look at it either tomorrow or Thursday.

  44. I think fruity fruitiness is what I meant by “sweet putrification”. It’s the flavor of rotten fruit that almost tastes winey. Bleh!

  45. Good morning.

    Note to self: I’m not 17 years old and behaving like I am makes for a very challenging morning.

    Gah… I just need to rebuild my stamina. And drink moar coffee.

  46. Patman and Gil are at Comic Con this week. Hopefully I’ll get a full report from them about what is cool this year. I miss going, I don’t miss the crowds.