Jack Mangan's Deadpan #166: Sacre Bleu

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Relating Jack Manganโ€™s Deadpan #166: Sacre Bleu Show Notes V

Already we’re wondering if this is Heaven & Hell I

Intermission time B

Not a deviant G

Bringing a promo by – Milk Carton TV (http://milkcartontv.com/) Y

Ovation for Cj and her arcade memory O

Wondering at the fact Paul Maki has never seen Jaws R

Recording the Questors of Effpiem by Amy Bowen (http://amybowen.wordpress.com/) live at the Deadpan mmmmmmmmeetup. W

Oh Boy, we were soooooo not sober for that recording. O

Yes! Paul Maki saw Jaws. And it was good B

Giving the meaning of life with Paul Maki N

Broadcasting favourite Deadpan memories at the Deadpan mmmmmmeetup I

Interesteing Greasy Nipples by: A
Vanamonde R
Really good comment by EssBee V
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Yes, Jack was inactive B

Gee, Lo Pan hates hates Dave Matthews N

Brining Hockey Themes I
Interesting version of The kid is Hot Tonight by Ditto A
Very nice version of Do You Know the Way to San Jose by Rhettro R

Relating the podcast diary V

Animated review of Leprecon (http://www.leprecon.org/) I

Interesting fact: Jack met George R.R. Martin B

Nifty! Jack took his two little leprechaun’s to the con G

Blah, blah, blah – IM’ing Coethelia (just kidding Jack) Y

Original songs sung at Leprecon…2 O

Whoop out to Kurt in St. George who is the quiet man in the background R

Remembering Ronnie James Dio (http://www.ronniejamesdio.com/) W

Oh yes, 60 Lines part 2 is a coming. O

You know Deadpan is: B

Give forth content to: 206-350-Tomi (8664) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom N

Beautiful Closing music … (Thank you, Bunny. The song is called “Spiral Staircase”) I

Introducing confirmation number A

Very challenging, but I think I was up for it. How many rainbows can you find in the show notes? R

964 thoughts on “Jack Mangan's Deadpan #166: Sacre Bleu

  1. Well, there you go – no Megan Fox for Transformers 3.

    I know you’ve been holding your breath in anticipation for this news….

  2. I don’t usually let my opinion of the actor/author’s opinions affect my views on the creative works that they are involved with.

    I make an exception to that for Orson Card and Megan Fox.

  3. I would let Megan Fox not being involved with a new Transformers movie bother me if I liked the Transformer movies. Unfortunately I can’t take the shitty writing in exchange for the robot porn any more than I could take Catwoman in exchange for seeing Halle Berry :sick:

  4. CP: DeadPan 166.
    I’m to tired to think of something witty.
    I think I’m allergic to something because my throat is killing me.

  5. Hey peeps, I need some help.

    I need a couple of words that end in the letter V. Length doesn’t matter


  6. Funny thing is, the only word i could think of was Kiev.

    Feel free to add more. I need three so lots to choose from is good.

  7. Ok, now I need six words that end in the letter I and six that end in the letter O and three that end in the letter A

    Any ideas?

  8. Bunny Re “eyed monstersโ€ look a little phallic” didn’t think about that but now that you say it ya big time

  9. That sucks about the interview, Jack. But the rest sounds awesome.

    I like Martin’s work, but I’m a bit behind on the Game of Thrones series.

  10. I stopped reading Game of Thrones series after the second book. I was enjoying them but, since it’s taking so long between books, I thought I’d wait until the series is finished before actually reading them. I’ll start again then.

  11. TEB: I pretty much agree. I also don’t like reading a tome that only covers a 2 week period. Still, he is a good writer. It’s just I have tons of other stuff to read too.

  12. I listen to two gaming podcasts, ditto. I was aware what Heavy Rain is, child abuse and all ๐Ÿ™‚ I was just being facetious

  13. I used to work on the same team with EJ. The man is an inspiration. A true hero in every sense. http://indstate.edu/photog/EJBozarth

    This guy was a Marine pilot, retired, and became a commercial airline pilot. He was involved in a car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down and only limited movement of his arms (not his hands). He was by far one of the best computer programmers I know, and I just found out he’s gone back to teaching (of all things) people how to FLY!


  14. Re: Stone soup. I’ve heard the story before. Kind of like Seven Samurai in reverse. It’s also an old-school dungeon crawler, come to find out.

  15. JR: May 2009 had 1,685 comments. Not counting this week, which we’ve only just started, we are already at 1,342. So, unless the next two weeks are stupid slow on the boards, it’s safe to say we’ll pass 2009

  16. Empire Strikes Back came out 30 years ago today?!? Am I the only one that feels old?

    This movie is my nemesis. When I was…uh… younger, I saw it in the theater. I had to pee in the middle of the movie. Since that day, I have NEVER! I mean NEVER seen this movie without an interruption. Phone calls, visitors, tape being eaten by the VCR. Some day I will see this movie beginning to end without something bothering my, but 30 years… wow.

  17. Empire 30 years. Wow. I guess that means I was 12 when Empire came out, and my son is 12 now. Cool incedence?

    I was a big Star Wars nerd back in the day. They used to (and probably still do) sell these collector magazines about big epic films. The 12 year old me bought the collector edition for Empire because it would be a while before I could see it in the theater and I wanted to see pictures of space ships and aliens. I bring this up because I still have the magazine. It was sitting on my night stand waiting to be properly stored this morning.

  18. Van – Thanks for the link, I’ve been meaning to grab Calibre.

    But what I meant was the physical e-ink e-reader e-device.

    Preferably one that wasn’t made by e-Fairies.

  19. I am sure, as a pessimist, that the Prince of Persia movie will suck. That said, they’ve done a remarkable job of making Bubble Boy look like the character from Sands of Time.

  20. I for one really like Mr. Darko as an actor and we have the director of the Pirate movies. ๐Ÿ™‚ That doesn’t mean it won’t suck, but there are reasons in place that may mean it won’t. I’m hoping.

  21. Supported models from the website:

    At the moment calibre has full support for the SONY PRS 300/500/505/600/700/900, Barnes & Noble Nook, Cybook Gen 3/Opus, Amazon Kindle 1/2/DX, Entourage Edge, Longshine ShineBook, Ectaco Jetbook, BeBook/BeBook Mini, Irex Illiad/DR1000, Foxit eSlick, PocketBook 360, Italica, eClicto, Iriver Story, Airis dBook, Hanvon N515, Binatone Readme, Teclast K3, SpringDesign Alex, Kobo Reader, various Android phones and the iPhone/iPad. In addition, using the Save to disk function you can use it with any ebook reader that exports itself as a USB disk.

  22. Goodnight :Scry: (go dream of Megan Fox and Orson Scott Card)

    JR, congrats about the Podiobook release!

    I would like to do a moderately decent recording of the NIN/Smurfs parody that debuted at LepreCon; you may hear it yet.

  23. All I know is you can always tell how good a movie is going to be when literally five minutes into it the is already nudity.

  24. Movie
    Movie 2: Electric Boogaloo
    Movie 3: IN 3-D!
    Movie 4: the Uninspired, yet Inevitable Money Grab
    Movie 5: We’ve Figured Out a Way to Make it Work Again. OK, Just Kidding.
    Movie 6: the Reboot
    Movie 7: the Almighty and Us, We’ve Got an Understanding

  25. I admit, it’s been long enough since I’ve seen the first two movies, I have no idea what/or if the motivation is of this creature.

    Not that I think it really matters

  26. Paramount pictures sent a tweet “Even without Megan Fox, we promise the same level of quality on Transformers 3 that we provided with 2”

    I guess that’s a movie I don’t need to see.

  27. Earlier I was Happy, but Sneezy. My allergies got worse, I got Grumpy. I took my sinus medication and now I’m Sleepy and Dopey. Why can’t I just be Doc or Bashful?

  28. CW: The Good Guys Episode 1

    Hard to believe this painfully unffuny cop show is from the guy who created Burn Notice.

  29. The season finale of Fringe was awesome, but don’t bother with the “bonus scene” on the Fox website that “keeps the action going”. It is nothing but a commercial for Ford :angry:

  30. In terms of the meaning of life call it was in fact Lo Pan who was mistaken to be me.

    Telltale signs:

    1) Caller says he is in Denver, I only wish I could be in Denver this year.

    2) Caller is enjoying a cigarette, while I shy away from the cancer sticks.


    3) Caller has dopey, reedy voice, while I have a manly, authoritative tone.

  31. “Empire Strikes Back came out 30 years ago today?!? Am I the only one that feels old?”
    Yes. Yes JR you are.

    Holy mama… good news is I dont remember calling in. The bad news is I really dont remember calling in.

    K gotta scoot for a bit. I have some Hispanics to racially profile.

  32. Wakka wakka!!! J/k JB.

    Wait I has Mezzkins to stalk dinna I? Boys you betta have yer Greeeen Cards! Er yer gunna git back to MEEEEZEEEECOOO!!!!

  33. No its cause he sucks. Now get out of the car, please. You have a brown tint to you and I must make sure youre here legally.

  34. Doesnt matter m’am. Dark skin = dark skin. Now show me your fucking government issued ID or I’m throwing you in the back of the van. Trust me, you dont wanna go in the back of the van.

  35. Wait youre already in the Van? Oh this is gunna be easier than me thoughts. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe…… *snort*

  36. EssBee and Cj in the back of the van … with carpeting…

    Quick, EssBee close the door and lock it before the boys get in!


  37. Nothing like sleeping in late and finding a humorous thread running on the Deadpan to start my day.

    Now, was that “Get in the Van!” or, “I’m with the Band!”

    It’s sometimes hard to hear with the music in the bar.

  38. Alright, Facebookers – what is this about:

    I’ve seen the second thing come along trying to get me to “like” some group so that I can see some sort of amazing/horrifying image. So far, I’ve resisted falling for them. Perhaps, I still have some healthy paranoia left after all, in spite of being on Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here’s the latest one that someone I know “liked”


    Anyone follow through on these? Will it eat my soul? Fill my hard drive with Smurf porn? What?

  39. Mr. um, Lo Pan… I’m curious, what is that curious yellow tinge to your skin? And, are your eyes pointing up or down at the corners?

    I’m going to need to see your papers and work permits. I’m getting a distinct impression that you may be here illegally.

  40. Rhettro – the term “midoclorians” shall be stricken from Deadpan talk hence and forthwith. Papers please….

    Me Jabba no bodda.

  41. Lo Pan is already non-corporeal so isn’t lopping off limbs rather pointless?

    Ed: I never follow those links on FB. Nor anything that has been put through tiny url or the like.

  42. You really need to hear my seven year old daughter sing the first part of Flyleaf’s “I’m So Sick” on Rockband. Hilarious! Love her death metal vocal. I may just have to record it.

  43. Love this gem from the site:
    “The overall goal is humor, because sex is funny.”
    I bookmarked it immediately reading that.

  44. And, I’m going to (dinner in) Disneyworld (in November)!

    Probably will catch a ride or two while we’re there. You know, first time and all.

  45. Morning :pan: Getting ready to take my car in for repairs (antifreeze leak somewhere). I hate doing this. Let’s see how many hundreds of dollars I can throw away today ๐Ÿ™

  46. Good morning, :pan: . Taking the kids to a birthday party then the splashpad to cool off today.


    Have a great day, everyone.

    Hope you spend less than you expect, UH.

  47. kinda wish i could have watched the hockey game. the updates from my phone about the game where more interesting than that movie

  48. Opened a piece of paper in that I found in my bag of cereal. Apparently I can friend my cereal on Facebook and/or follow my cereal on twitter. Something is wrong. Something is very, very wrong.

  49. CP: Overkill – Men at Work

    I listened to this song while sitting on my apartment building’s staircase in Japan. (There’s a musical memory I should record and send in. Actually, I have several such memories from that period.)

    Usedhair: Heh! That is both funny and true.

  50. Hi pan! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

    Finished reading “Thud!” the other day. It has been a long time since I read any Pratchett. I forgot how much I enjoy his work. I may have to phone in with a stolen paragraph (or two). ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Mort to Men at Arms are my fav DW novels (Small Gods being No.1), haven’t enjoyed the later ones so much, even though TP is an author whose books I buy in hardback.

  52. And then there were 3. The Chicago Blackhawks just eliminated the San Jose Sharks in a sweep. Are we really going to have a Blackhawks-Flyers Finals, or can the Canadiens pull off the miracle comeback?

  53. Returned to work to find that one of the birds shat on the computer mouse.

    And all over the rest of the desk.

    Thankfully he seems to have missed my safety glasses, ear muffs, and radio.

  54. Night Watch was pretty cool; I didn’t make the attempt yet with Day Watch.

    I did catch the Lost finale tonight, though. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . anyone?

  55. I liked the end also. Anyone who listens to or reads anything about Lost knew they wouldn’t answer all the questions. You can only go back so far. I would have liked a little more about the origin of the island. Maybe even show some virgin sacrifice in the temple, statue, pool or plug. Just 10 minutes to say “it’s really really old so you wouldn’t understand”. But it made me smile so I’m happy.

  56. reaper, I was smiling at the end also. I think that it requires some thought . . . unlike the rabidly angry, I liked it.

  57. It’ll figure the Lost finale will be of the love it or leave it instance. ALL I care about is that it didnt ruin the show for me as the BSG finale almost did. It was what it was. I expected no more and no less and therefore cant be disappointed or blown away. As reaps said, I was smiling the whole way thru so thats the ultimate sign of success for me.

    NOW wtf do I have that will make me think and debate as much as this show did? Maybe V! No…. not really.

    Related note… FINALLY saw the series finale of SG: Atlantis last nite as well. That was poo on top of what was otherwise a good series. The more I watch series finales, the more I’m inclined to believe its the hardest thing in the world to wrap up a show well. Usually its more Seinfeld than M.A.S.H.

  58. SG1 I think was one of the better endings. the wrapped up the major problems and than said with out coming right out and saying it “It’s a big universe and we have more to explore.”

    for Lost I first watched the “Enhanced” Pilot yesterday and it made me think “Did they thing they would only get a 10 show run”. Smokey first look, polar bear, Bamboo Stand, and the old distress signal in the first episode. wow I thought that was spread through the 1st season. but i did watch the first 2.5 seasons rapid fire.

  59. If “Lost” ended with Starbuck landing her Viper and the beach and exposing the survivors as Cylons, I promise to go back and watch the entire “Lost” series from the beginning.

  60. Starbuck and her angelish self can suck it.

    Reasp do you recall the ending of SG-1? I grant you it was good in lieu of the movies that came out after it, but had the show ended without the two wrap-up films I would have been pissed.

  61. Theres a theme I’m seeing here as Scry already pointed out on hims blog… uber fanboy gheytards ala Sci Fi Wire and I09 overall aint so pleased with it. “Normal person” gheytards ala USA Today and Entertainment Weekly seemed to really enjoy it. Granted these are the preliminary reviews but methinks we fanboys and girls expect the impossible of the shows we love.

    ‘Cept for BSG. Cause that sucked… but I digress

  62. Lo Pan. I remember the last seen mostly. Where they open a new worm hole and explore a new world. I don’t think that epp was necessary for the most part because (if i remember right) the show started with cleaning up what was finished in the last few shows.

  63. Mostly reaps, but they never resolved the Ba’al storyline not the Ori storyline completely, so thats when the movies came out.

  64. I preferred the more fantastical Atlantis to SG1, because, well, I prefer fantasy. That said, the “We canceled the show, so that cliffhanger is HUGE, hahaha” thing is really annoying, but understandable in a ridiculously optimistic way.

    What makes me want to kick things is when the writers make the characters do things that are out of character. It’s one of the reasons I never liked Martha as a companion.

    But that’s a rant for another day. The only series finales that I’ve seen are for TNG and BSG. I loved how TNG wrapped it all the way back to the first episode. I hated how BSG made mockery of it’s own imaginings. Eventually I’ll make my way through all of B5 (season 2 begun)… what else is there that has actually had a full run without getting canceled midway?

  65. Oh and I greatly enjoyed both Nightwatch and Daywatch. I’d love to see more in that series. Since the two movies are actually based off of the first of four books, there should be plenty of material left to mine.

  66. I liked the Lost ending. It wrapped up almost exactly as I expected it to. In the end the Island’s history is less important than the characters journeys.

  67. “what else is there that has actually had a full run without getting canceled midway?”

    Sex in the City. I dare you….

  68. Or is it Sex AND the City? God I dont even care. No offence to the Smarty Hottie… if shes watching. Which she always is….always….watching…

  69. Rhettro, I have to agree. I was watching “The Final Journey” before “The End” and the kept saying it was about people. I just would have liked something small about the island. 5-10 minutes of something that said we are the people who made the statue ect. That is the only thing I felt was missing.

  70. Yeah, me too reaper. A little more history would have been nice, but overall, I feel satisfied. Better than the BSG ending. Although I didn’t think the BSG ending was all that bad.

  71. EssBee I love you and I know you love me… lets not spoil that love with me letting you know my true feelings on Buffy.

    *gleaming smile*

  72. Hmmmm… looking at my Pratchett collection it seems I’m a bigger fan of the Night Watch and Death storylines than the others. ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. I have to say best ending of a series goes to Blakes 7, put that in your netflick queues, put on the rose tinted spectacles (for the oh so dodgy SFX), and enjoy one of the best Scifi shows the BBC ever did (with story arcs oh my).

  74. NS, it got canceled and SMG was leaving anyway, but they knew at the outset of Season 7 (or end of Season 6), so were able to close the series out.

    Got, I’m tired.

  75. Good idea! I might be cranky today.

    Tweezer, by Phish, just came on my iPod and it made me actually angry.

    Coffee is a good suggestion!

  76. Stupid nutso day!! Sorry EssBee.

    Oh, and ditto… “Why do doctors offices always fuck up the bill?”
    Cause theyre like gay ducks. WAKKA WAKKA!

  77. Bugger, for some reason the finale was capped in two parts, only grab part 2, so no Lost finale till tomorrow.

    CW: Breaking Bad – a ‘bottle’ episode.

  78. Jack that was nice.
    EssBee strokes is never a mistake!!!
    I think now that lost is over I could get my Wife to watch it. and i know my daughter will watch.I just need to get them on bluray.
    seeing the pilot in HD was so much better than SD

  79. *blush* Still not as swoony as that Lo Pan. He’s dreamy.

    I *think* every Lost episode is currently available at the abc.go.com website. And Van, IMDB claims to have the Finale – maybe they have the complete episode?

  80. Van, I wasn’t, but that is also hot. I was talking about you transcoding it for your phone and watching it on break.

    Now to just imagine you saying that outloud . . .

    Give me a minute . . .

  81. Did anyone ever think that maybe Aussie women are just whores and dont care who they do?

    Now, where can I find Emilie de Ravin?

  82. Weekend = Long
    Carpets = Shampooed.

    Usedhair: I enjoyed Santiago, Santiago 2, Soothsayer, Oracle, and Prophet, all by Resnick

    NS: Watched both Nightwatch and Daywatch. Enjoyed both. Awaiting the final sequel…

    ___ LOOMING CHRIST ____
    Yes, you read that correctly.

    Don’t turn around, Christ is reading over your shoulder… Looming, as it were…

    That 6 pack business, that’s not really a surprise.
    -there was a survey done some time ago which pointed to Bruce Willis’ body type as practically ideal (back in the Armageddon days, I think…) I’ve also seen various surveys stating that women prefer a man’s back to be well developed and not necessarily anything about the abs… but what do I know, I have a penis.

  83. Six pack abs are nothing special on a guy, though I do know women who prefer it.

    Personally, I think we all have different tastes and there can’t ever be a standard really. Some women like abs, some like shoulders, some like baby-faces…

    It all changes the moment a conversation takes place anyway.

  84. Strangely, The IT Crowd had an episode which I believe “commented” on social networks… The ep was called Friendface – which was also the name of the fictional social networking site — If you have Netflix, you can watch it streaming – although if you haven’t seen seasons 1 and 2, you may want to catch up first.

  85. I’ve yet to hear this episode, but I’m up for another 60-line deal.

    I recall a study that showed that women wanted to bang guys with 6-pack-abs, but marry the less-fit guy. He’s a safer long-term investment.

  86. Things are getting de-desperate, when all the boys can’t be men, everybody knows I’m her friend, everybody knows I’m her man.

  87. “Whatever became of the moment when one first knew about death? There must have been one, a moment, in childhood when it first occurred to you that you don’t go on for ever. It must have been shattering โ€“ stamped into one’s memory. And yet I can’t remember it”

  88. I have never seen a show walk right up to the edge of the shark tank, dangle it’s limbs into the tank, taunt the shark and then be able to walk away unscathed as many times as “Chuck” has.

    Really clever twists and turns for a pseudo-sitcom.

    Guess Ed and I will have to buy a LOT of Subway breakfast sandwiches if we hope to see another season.

  89. re: the abs. All I know is that I am so much more body confident since I put on 65lbs and went from Skeletor to “obese”. I finally weigh enough to push something and have it move, instead of just moving myself.

    And everything I’ve seen watching people tells me that confidence is more attractive than body type.

  90. EssBee doesn’t have one and I am desperately trying not to make a Freud joke about envy that incorporates Clueless-style valley-slang.

    Like, totally *in* this season. [bubblegum snaps]

  91. Everytime I see a couple where the women is taller than the man, I have to resist the urge to go and congratulate them for not being sheep.

    Take a deep breath and think calming thoughts…

  92. btw – Chuck is confirmed for a fourth season. They’ve got another 13 episode order for the fall.

    So, all you slackers, go Netflix the first three seasons and get caught up for the fall. Especially now that you don’t have to worry about Lost anymore.


  93. I learned something this weekend. If you have six weeks for forced inactivity and don’t change your diet, you gain a whole butt load of weight.

    I knew there was a reason I was avoiding the scale *sigh*

  94. Sort of catching up: I think I already told Jack I’m in for sixty times two. If not, telling ya now, Jack.

    Now for some breakkie…

  95. By the way. here is the current list of peeps and the teams they must sing a song about. Some of you have submitted so, if you have, good on you.

    Jack – Detroit & Philadelphia
    Lo Pan – San Jose & Chicago
    Amy – Vancouver & Chicago
    Rhettro – San Jose
    Ditto – Chicago & Pitsburg
    Jeremy – Chicago & Philadelphia
    Paul Maki – Boston
    Bunny – Montreal & Philadelphia
    Cj – Montreal

    I think that’s everybody.

    Three peeps made it to the cup finals, Vanamonde, The Smarty Hotties, and PC Harring. Good luck guys!

  96. I’ve actually been a little disappointed with Dr. Who this season. They’ve only shown to part 2 of the weeping angles but even to then, you can tell Russel Davis is not as involved.

    I have nothing against the new doctor. True, he’s no David Tennant, however he’s no better or worse than some of the other doctors in the past. I do think the writing has suffered a little bit this year. Maybe I’ve just become spoiled.

  97. One of the things I liked about the End of Time was seeing two of the four main Being Humans. The vamp could’ve been in there and I might’ve missed him. No way I’d miss the ghost though. Her smile’s too infectious.

  98. Things I dislike about Longmont:

    1) my neighbors – they are horrible

    2) the cottonwood – my allergies are killing me

    3) the wasps

    Otherwise, I like it.

  99. So Jaws held up to the ravages of time? Sweet. I’ve still never seen it. Read the book, though it was the neutered version (Reader’s Digest Condensed) and wasn’t very interesting.