Jack Mangans Deadpan #167: Former Familiar

Familiar Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #167: Former Familiar

Deadpan, the final frontier…

Jack apologizes. I’m confused.

Promo – Teach Yourself Word Press in 10 Minutes (http://www.chuckchat.com/wpin10/)

Amy Bowen’s Dumb Ass Memory

Questors of Effpiem (continuted) by Amy Bowen (http://amybowen.wordpress.com/) – Recorded live at the Deadpan mmmmmeetup.

Greasy Comment Snapshot
Group One
The Energizer Bunny
Ed From Texas
Jack Mangan

Group Two
Jack Mangan
DJ Bunny
Lo Pan

Lovin’ Star Wars

Deadpan memories. Recorded live at the Deadpan mmmmmeetup.

Hockey Anthems
The Energizer Bunny
Jack Mangan

60 lines part 2 coming soon

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Closing music … “Candlelight”

So close.

433 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #167: Former Familiar

  1. Morning Pan!

    It’s supposed to rain.
    Didn’t want to get wet, so didn’t go downtown
    Funny how that works.

  2. The landscapers were still here when hubby got home last night. I asked him if the one looked like he could be Vin Diesel’s little brother. There must have been something in my voice because he told me I’m not suppose to drool over them.

    He’s no fun :pouty:

  3. He also gave me heck last night. I was feeling ok first thing in the morning so I did a work out (for the first time in forever), then I did a whole bunch of errands during the day. He figures I pushed myself too hard. Today he only let me do a 20 minute workout (about half) and I’ve been told I’m not allowed to go anywhere today but stay home and take it easy.

    He’s no fun :pouty:

  4. I streamed them through Netflix so I have no idea how long it has been off the air. I wonder if it being off for a while is a bad sign also.

  5. Whatever nifty little anti-copy stuff this disc has on it works wonders. Everytime I tried to look at the disc with Handbrake my computer locked up. Wouldn’t even shut down. Bah.

    I actually had to watch it off the disc! That’s like grampa-style retro old-school.

  6. 47. So. New Moon.

    It isn’t a movie. It’s a long set of music videos emo’ing all over themselves. Intermissions include the very best werewolves I’ve ever seen, most specifically because they don’t even waste time trying to do the transition (which will look stupid and hookey from now until the heat death of the universe.)

    For the amount of story, this should have been a 45 minutes TV episode.

  7. Morning, Pan! Waking up in the morning to see new Deadpan downloading makes me happy. :happy:

    Ed said:
    “Former Familiar? Did somebody get rid of a cat?”

    It’s a phrase from Scene 2 of the live episode of “The Questors from Effpiem.” Ryah’s character uses it when introducing herself.

  8. I’m personally a little disappointed we didn’t hit a thousand nipples last week.

    I was thinking about cheating a little but then work got … well, work-like and I didn’t have time.

    However, the week ended as perfectly as I can think of, with a goodnight wish.

  9. Ryah gets the official “Rhettro High Five” for this episode for going above and beyond the call of duty. I burst out laughing several times driving in this morning.

  10. 69. Feel better, Jack. You can’t start spreading the con-funk yet.

    Oh, and dude, I sounded great in this clip from The Questors from Effpiem. You know, your voice always sounds different when you hear yourself recorded, but dang. You guys have some awesome microphones or sumthin!

  11. re: The Road: It was asking for it!

    Jack: Get well soon!

    On the topic of mics, is it a good idea to purchase a USB headset over a regular plug one? 3.5mm or whatever.

  12. Johnny N: It depends on the quality of your line-in on your sound card, but generally, the USB headsets are better. One caveat though, even though the mic on my USB headset records acceptable quality the mic picks up the clicking of the headband of the headset. Very annoying. A lot of use have purchased the USB Blue Ball mics and they are quite nice. Danthol uses a mixing board of some type with a standard speaking mic plugged in. I’m guessing he has an M-Audio type USB mixer with Shure mics, but I can’t say for certain.

  13. Rhettro: Thanks. Looks like I’ll go the USB route. I don’t think my notebook even has a soundcard. I never had to consider that before. I have to pull out a ton of background noise when I use the built-in mic.

  14. Oh, I thought it may just have “on board” sound “stuff”, not a “card”, which is much “better”. I’m showing my huge ignorance here.

  15. Well the sound hardware is probably of better quality than the inbuilt mic which tend towards the cheap and nasty. If you get a USB mic that should get rid of a lot of crap.

  16. the best I can do for old still working hardware is an IBM Laptop with dock I gave a friend. its from 93 he still runs Linux on it.

  17. reaper: Yeah, I was given a laptop of about that era that I was running Linux on. And quite well, actually. Of course, it needed a new battery, and the power cable was a touch broken. And now the mobo is shot. Makes a dandy paperweight, though.

  18. Good Morning :pan: !

    So, I’m behind once more! It’s good to have consistency.

    I will catch up one day. You’ll See!

    Jack: get better, man

    TEB: Long Live the ‘scape! All power to the ‘scapers!

    RE: USB Mics – I don’t have too much to add, other than you may experience bleed from your headset if you’re recording Skype if you’ve got a bad board. Bleed is nasty and not usually fixable.

  19. Good morning.

    Jack: Feel better! Are we going to randomly bump into you tonight or are you going to miss it due to illness?

    DanS: You always sound good to me!

    Bunny: I sowwy – I miss you too. I miss the lackadaisical life of working at home too, but I gotsta do what I gotsta do!

    I have not yet interviewed for the position, but I’ll continue to try to get there.

  20. Been out sick today, too. Get well, Jack.

    BTW, I normally don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy but the wife made me watch the 2 hour season finale. Wow. That was some of the best TV I’ve watched in a long time.

  21. ditto, I have to agree with Gray’s though I do watch regularly.
    that show has enough humor to keep me watching as long as my wife keeps watching.

  22. The only time I watch Grey is when my wife makes me. LOL But the season ender was pretty good, if a little heavy handed.

  23. :jack: is still sick πŸ™ Poor guy.

    Feel better soon!

    On another note I got to talk with Chase Masterson a bit and she remembered Jack from last year! :happy:

  24. Ed, I have to agree. In my job the day before a long weekend is normally a do nothing day because 1/2 my job is fixing PC issues. With so many people taking today off I get to spend the day getting cough up.

  25. CP Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack.
    Good listen so far only 6 minutes in. They are talking to Jorge Garcia. He is my favorite actor. a close second is Terry O’Quinn.

  26. This weeks cackle cast was fucking terrible. Seriously, theyre “Lost can do no wrong” attitude is grating. Plus, yes, I would liek to cut a few of Jack’s vocal chords.

  27. Lo, he’s another guy who uses the work “I” waaaaaaaaaaaay too much.

    Van, enjoy that!! I work until 2:00 today and am out until Tuesday – cannot wait!

  28. Buenas Cameron Diaz Lejon.

    If the scramjets led to space vehicles that can take off like a plane, I can’t wait. Still waiting for jet boots though. πŸ™

  29. Rhettro: It would be great if scramjets would be used for that purpose. It’s been talked about for a long time, especially after the SR-71 came to light. However, take a good look at the picture and reread how they launched the prototype. It seems to me as this is testing for a next generation cruise missile.

  30. Does Faith show up again after season 3? Cuz Eliza wasn’t at all convincing as the troubled bad girl in s3.

    *snaps bubblegum* Yo, B, wassup?


    Sorry EssBee, don’t hurt me EssBee =P

  31. Gary….gary…..gary…. oh gary..

    ditto i bought mmy first 54-40 album 10 years ago. they were hard to find back then

  32. Lo Pan: That’s one advantage to being Canadian. I’ve been listening to them since the mid ’80s. I have about 7 of their albums. Being in the US, it’s really hard to keep track of them, but I try to keep up.

  33. Yep, now isn’t the time for 80’s stars. I need to dig up the Ooklah the Mok track “A.M. Suicide” about Gary Coleman.

  34. Sorry for the lack of email reply in the past 2 days. This shit has fucked me up.

    I do feel better today – somewhat. Not quite superstar, but I’m off now to go pretend. Have a good day, :mush:

  35. Hey, all you iPod Touch/Iphone people.

    I have a question (Not being initiated myself).

    Are there apps out there that allow you to connect to another iPod Touch/iPhone through the internal wifi?

    Also, are you able to share your screen views with another iPod Touch/iPhone this way?

  36. Given the way Lost ended, I’m glad I stopped watching. Yes, I know it is more about the journey, but one of my major objections was about how I felt the writers and especially the producers were jerking my chain. Had they not felt the need to spread disinformation regarding the show, I might have ended up feeling different about the show.

  37. I tend to be a person who likes stuff. I don’t really like dumping on thing. Call it a good trait or a personality flaw doesn’t matter to me. But I invested my time and I was entertained. I don’t feel jipped because that was the point.

    But take that with a grain of salt, I like CSI because I can also turn my brain off for short periods of time. I might have liked Hero’s and I have heard that got silly.

  38. reaper: I don’t like dumping on things either. But I spend a good portion of my time on line and, early on, there was no way to avoid the Lost propaganda machine. The producers deliberately lied about stuff. And it really pissed me off.

    Now that things have died down, I think EssBee is right: I probably would like it.

  39. Re Gary Coleman
    Utah Valley Regional Medical Center spokeswoman Janet Frank says life support was terminated and Coleman died at 12:05 p.m. MDT.
    He was 42.

  40. ditto, I also have a remarkable ability to ignore hype and advertisements. I didn’t have cable till I had a TiVo so that kind of thing never really got me. I actually started watching Lost when ABC made all the back shows free+ adds. if you make it easy to watch I am more likely to watch.
    To me the more important statement was “I tend to be a person who likes stuff.”

  41. Lo Pan: I watched up to the break in season 3. I can’t really dig up all the examples, but it was my impression that the producers were actively involved in keeping fans guessing by spreading disinformation. I found it insulting. So, I decided I wasn’t going to wait around for answers that might never come. I’ve enjoyed many other series in the meantime, “Life” in particular.

    I’ve never claimed Lost was a bad show–I hope you understand that–only that certain aspects of it drove me away. I have far too much stress in my life, I don’t need more from my entertainment.

  42. Well, guys and girls, I’m headed to my folks’ with Sly B in a bit. If I don’t check in, please have a great holiday weekend in the U.S., and a great regular weekend everywhere else. If you’re partying, don’t drive for me.

  43. Oh no Im not trying to hop on their side…. I;m just saying that that one specific example – a big one – was not one that was a lie. I dunno bout others cause like I said I stay away from the that stuff.

  44. Lo Pan: No Problem

    EssBee: have a great weekend.
    And Sarah Shahi is fucking hot. Wonderful fan service in that show. πŸ™‚

  45. Yes. I even have a season of The L Word on DVD thanks to her. She gets nakeder in that show for those who might be interested.

  46. One final thing about Lost and then I’ll shut up: during the first few seasons, I was not trolling the net looking for spoilers or secret information. I really do like to have a show tell itself. But at that time, it was practically impossible to not stumble across stuff, especially if you get most of your news online like I do. Lost was everywhere.

    For example, this 2006 article from USA Today:

  47. Hey, hockey fans, I have a question:

    I’ve decided that I do want to sing this “Vancouver Anthem” (one of the two songs we associated with the Vancouver Canucks), but I can’t find it on YouTube, or any specific references to it anywhere else. Does anyone know where I can find a recording of it?

  48. Looking forward to phxcomicon today! I’ve got some things to do this morning, then my son and I will be heading out this afternoon. Then I’m coming back to the house to eat, then back out to the con late for some Star Trek infused Rock Band. m/ !!! Hopefully I’ll see Jack this weekend.

  49. Reaper – I feel your pain about no LAN for SC2.

    I have a group at work that I play games with on the company network at lunch (unofficially sanctioned – you don’t talk about fight club).

    We’ve found ourselves unable to move on to current games thanks to the growing requirements to hit the internet no matter what and the inability to host a local sever and play just on the LAN.

    Consoles have ruined gaming. No offense to the console gamers.

  50. I went out last night with my wife and daughter. Our son went to a parents night out….my daughter’s age group didn’t have any open slots.

    Anyway, we went to see “Prince of Persia”. Reviews have been pretty weak. It wasn’t a terrible movie and had a good bit of fun. But, I do think it dragged out too much and the ending was rather unfortunate.

    But, did get to see some previews for the summer that look pretty promising.

    A-Team: This one looks like it has a pretty good chance.
    Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Nicholas Cage as a wizard in the modern world. This ain’t no Harry Dresden. Still, looks like it will be fun.
    The Last Airbender: Despite having Shamalamadingdong, it looks like it will stick closely enough to the excellent animated series to be a good one.

    And, still coming in December – TRON Legacy……I still a cool shiver whenever that trailer shows up. The movie had damn well better deliver on the potential that the trailer promises.

  51. So far the Memorial Day weekend has had a trip to the park. The “Orange Park” according to Fox as the roof on top of the slides is orange. Fox enjoyed slides and swings. Iris did some slides but she liked the swing best. Tomorrow a trip down to Grandma & Grandpa’s will feature prominently, as Auntie Diana and Auntie Jamie are to be visiting.

  52. I was surprised to see you there today, Rhett! I didn’t know you had a date with Felicia Day. (or maybe just her avatar?)

    Fun day morning at the Con. . . And my little ones finally got to meet the Mighty Mommy.

  53. Even if she decided to follow the directions. That doesn’t mean she couldn’t look around her and still watch for traffic. Seriously, did the directions say, “look at this screen. No need to see what’s around you. All that matters, is this screen.”

  54. I actually had to shave just about everyday anyway to keep my cheeks and neck clean. What I saved in real estate was largely offset by precision edging, so it was never really about saving time.

    I hadn’t appreciated how much of an insulator it was until it was gone.

  55. Home sweet home.

    I had fun at the con. It was tiring and a lot of work, but totally worth it. Probably lost 5lbs.

    Highlight of the weekend – definitely meeting Jack’s kids. :happy:

  56. O HAI!

    I have a question…

    I lost something? I have to sing something?

    Someone tell me what I’m supposed to sing – Montreal something?

    Looking it up would be … well… hmmm maybe I should just re-listen to the last four shows. That’d be more fun right?

  57. There are things I want to order online…

    It’s almost 2am – where is my credit card!!

    Somebody stop me! I’m going on a shopping spreeeeeeee….

  58. Bunny, Not sure, The Oatmeal doesn’t address that situation. Everything I know I learned from graphs and charts I find on the internet.

  59. Bunny, According to a chart someone printed out for my about 15 years ago there is. It was something like this:
    % of people who know about the internet 15%
    % of people who don’t know about the internet 45%
    % of people who think Comuserver/AOL is the internet 40%

  60. I spent Sunday hiking with my old man, and he was telling me about the hypersonic deal, and I thought about you, ditto. I had no idea this stuff was going on.

    Wedding was in some obscure state, New Jersey, I think it was. Never heard of it. It was all really over-the-top. But at least the booze was flowing, so it had fun parts. The only parts that weren’t over-the-top was the fact there was only one bride & one groom, and we weren’t air-lifted to some five-star hotel in Dubai. Really a bit much for my tastes.

    En route to said state, we stopped at the Bronx Zoo. Really enjoyed that. I think that’s all the “really”s I can offer right now, really.

    Yesterday was “holy-crap-no-magic-ghost-has-maintained-the-house-while-we-were-gone-and-it’s-a-friggin’-disaster”-day.

  61. Exhausted buy happy after the wedding this weekend. My knee is killing me. I haven’t had to stand for that long in a long time. Then again, doing the Twist is probably what did it in. πŸ™‚

    Need to work on my Chi song since I had no time over the weekend.

  62. Though I’m an atheist, I love Xmas. That being said, I’m dreading the work of opening the pool. <=== Seasonal juxtaposition.

  63. Well judging from the weather so far, winter can’t come soon enough.

    /wishing my life away to the tune of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

  64. CPIMM: Mars – Gustav Holst

    Love it. :happy:

    Morning Pan. Last night, I finished the last final exam that was officially part of the class I was taking, so today feels like the first day of summer vacation.

  65. I think my “classic” collection wholly consists of 1812 and Holst’s Planets. Cannons, church bells, and a tour of the solar system… what more could one want?

  66. Here some are my Classical Favs:

    “Carmina Burana” by Orff.

    Bach’s organ pieces, because they are amazing (ie “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor”)

    Verdi’s “Requiem”

    Handel’s “Water Music”

    Pretty standard stuff.

  67. Took the kids to their 1st swim lesson today. Looks like it’s going to be a fun 6 weeks!

    And really…

    Who had Montreal and what am I supposed to sing?


  68. JfS: Cold Blooded was awesome, and the writers are BASTARDS! Shrapnel…I don’t know what I thought it would be… Shrapnel…BAH!

    OH, and I’m a fan of Mozart’s Requiem, Beethoven’s 5th and 9th. Schubert’s unfinished (Dear God… it’s Smurf music!), The Planets are good, but I think Jonathan Williams interpretation of them for the Star Wars themes also works (yes, it’s public domain so we can’t shoot him). Moving into more modern, I love Bear McReary’s work on BSG, but it’s hard to drive to…

  69. Lejon: I agree with much of that. Love Mozart’s Requiem, also love Dvorak’s 9th. If you want some good driving music, I’d suggest Djawadi’s score for the first Iron Man movie.

  70. *tosses in two pennys*
    My favorites are Beethoven’s 6th and 9th. I do like all 9 thought. Haven’t gotten a chance to listen to much else.

  71. Ditto, I agree, I have all 9 from when the BBC Put them up for free. It is really the only thing that got my interest in classical music to take off.

  72. Now come on, there’s only one true driving song:

    Wagner – “Ride of the Valkyries”

    Honesty, you people just scare me some times πŸ™‚

  73. Was nice to see a new take on an old ‘enemy’ in the Dr Who two parter. Thought the first part was better though, if only because it was more creepy.

    Oh and the guy playing the head reptile sounds like the guy who played Marvin the Paranoid android in the hitchhikers TV series.

  74. Hi guys – what a day at work . . . UGH.

    But Sly B and I just made up for it. We went for sushi, and then went to scope out our new tattoo art. Yay!

  75. U.B.’s does seem to be the venue of choice for oldschool thrash bands. I’ve never been there, but from what I hear, I’d think Nevermore was popular enough for more lucrative venues. Maybe not.
    Rhett – that might make up for missing this year’s Dream Theater/Maiden show.

  76. JfS: Ah, “Toccata and Fugue” was the piece that got me started in classical music. Excellent piece.

    Mozart is excellent, of course. My faves are his Requiem and “Rondo Alla Turka” (sp?).

  77. Yeah, I figured that they be at a bigger venue as well. I think I’m going to get two VIP tickets (meet and greet πŸ™‚ ) for the UB show for me and Teresa, so if you want to be in on that show let me know. They also play in Tucson at “The Rock” another small venue the next day. I wouldn’t be against getting a general admition ticket for that show as well. πŸ™‚

  78. I discovered my downtown secretary doesn’t understand what a LAN is (which, given some of the other computer issues I’ve had with her doesn’t surprise me – the stories I could tell). When I was downtown, my LAN plug didn’t seem to work so I had to run the wire across the hall and plug my computer directly into the hub.

    I e-mailed the secretary to look into it (I’m long gone before she gets into the office). I just got an e-mail back saying they can’t test it as long as I’m signed in on my computer. Huh? How does me working from home, signed into my home network and connecting to Ontario affect a Calgary downtown office LAN connection?

    I’ve got a voice mail into her telling her to plug in one of their laptops to test it. We’ll see how it goes.

  79. Got a call from the secretary. I convinced her to get a hold of IT and have them look into it. I really don’t see why that was such a big leap.

    (I couldn’t do it myself because technically my dept is renting an office from their dept, even though we’re the same overall company. Gotta love the convoluted big company thinking.)

  80. I stood next to/spoke to Bol once when I was in high school. It’s an odd feeling to stand next to someone so very tall. Bol played on the same team (maybe? Maybe it was an exhibition? Not sure. It was 1987 or 1988) at the time with Spud Webb (5’7″). They looked almost unreal standing next to each other.

    My team won the state championship and was invited to play at McNichols Arena before a Nuggets game. That was a great experience.


  81. Bunny, I know you’ve told me some of the stories about the office gal.

    I, too, am not surprised at the events you’ve described considering what you’ve previously mentioned.

  82. Good Morning, Pan!

    EssBee: what problem did you have with Sabotage? (I’m sure I had a problem too, I’m just not remembering the ep)

    TEB: We in the technical support field feel your pain.

    Cj: I don’t know about the green. Perhaps it’ll dry different, but I’d go with something a little softer. Not a pastel, but maybe not as dark…

  83. CJ: I like the the colors, nice complimentary pallette. I’d be careful about putting saturated colors in every room of your house. My preference is have a couple rooms with deep intense colors and the larger connecting rooms lighter more neutral (i.e. more gray). The thing about intense colors is you get the Las Vegas effect, that is you are dazzled by the colors intially but after a while they can start to annoy you. On the other hand, people that are afraid of colors have very drab homes. LOL So a balence is preferable. πŸ™‚

  84. EssBee: Oh, yeah. That was the fabled “RESET” button we’ve all heard tell about. Completely sloppy resolution, but at the same time necessary. It’d be interesting to see if they use the fact that it was too easy in future episodes, say where those 3 were actually copies of the originals, and have been sent to infiltrate Destiny… but they probably won’t do that…

  85. WHERE’S SCRY????????????

    demoncat said:
    only a contest like this would have some creative person dare to make aunt may a force to be reckon with . and a dino civil war with johah rex is just crying to become a comic book reality plus the dino civil war is just screaming film. jurrasic park where the dino’s pack heat.

  86. OH ESSBEE! I concur 100% on the complete bullshit that was “Sabotage”. That ONE silly fucking episode nearly made me stop watching the series. This fucking thing better improve. I was SO an anti-hater for the first 5-6 episodes. Suddenly..um… I’m starting to lean the other way.

  87. OH LEJON! That would be its one saving grace. To explain the ease instead of just “oh we thought you did it”. Maybe a bit of foreshadowing.

  88. NOMAD!!!??? Where….are….you…

    demoncat said:
    cool list. agree with all the choices though would have waited till number one for sonny and would have had snake blocker which can not believe that he goes around with that name as a tie for number one.

  89. Van: I concur, I am glad your neice is safe.

    CJ: I think your plan for colors will work very well for you.

    Jack: Panda Express?

  90. That’s cool, Lejon. I actually LOVE Greer. I also love the endowed female soldier – don’t even know her name!!

    I still dig the show. But dang that episode was whack. I mean, COME ON.

    Here’s what I wish: that Lo Pan would tell us how he really feels about it.

  91. I was thinking more like this:

    “Insidious” = “brainwashed by advanced race of blue thingies. Returned for violent purpose. Look out, bitches”

  92. A little inside baseball – I don’t know what Leo Laporte’s motivation is with the new tech news show. He steals Tom Merritt away from CNET and puts him in a show that directly competes with Buzz Out Loud.

    I’ll pick up the new show, but I don’t expect that I’m going to be keeping two tech podcasts that overlap this much.

  93. So, it’s really cool that my company has a catering service that serves dinner for 2 bucks every day. I love that. It’s good stuff. Tonight was beef brisket w/corn on the cob and I was really looking forward to it… but….


    I take lunch/dinner from 7:30 to 8pm… the caterer stops serving at 8pm.

    So when I get stuck on a phone call that goes over that time frame – boo – hiss – I don’t get dinner! grrrrr

    I went to Burger King and scarfed my burger on the way back to work and now I have unhappy tummy. Boo hiss.

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