Unshow L

(Bunny has outdone herself on this week’s Show Notes. I greatly appreciate the time she takes each week to do this. – Jack)

Unshow L

Greasy Nipples:
(dictionary.com) – “The term ‘Greasy Nipples’ refers to the hundreds/thousands of comments left on each episode. The humorous moniker came about in the early days of the show, when Jack would randomly choose comments from the most recent episode and read them onpod. After a pre-determined amount of time, the winner would win a free “Greasy Spoon” meal with Jack at a restaurant of Jack’s choosing (often Denny’s. . . yeah. . . ). At one point in time, Jack recognized that he repeated the word ‘comments’ excessively while describing the game, and thus decided to mix it up, using silly words in place of ‘comments’, such as ‘nipples’, ‘ernest borgnines’, ‘cyborgs’, etc. The term ‘nipples’ seemed to be the funniest, and thus, the segment was renamed ‘Greasy Nipples’.”

Nomad Scry
Moble JFS
Ed From Texas
Dan Shaurette
Nomad Scry (first of the week)
Lo Pan (bonus comment of the week)

Deadpan love to all.

Jack had some good times with his wonderful kids agian. Let’s hope this is a start of a trend.

oeuvre –
(dictionary.com) “a work,” esp. a work of literature, also “the body of work produced by an artist,”

(Merriam-Webster dictionary on line) Etymology: French ?uvre, literally, work, from Old French ovre, Latin opera — more at opera
Date: 1875 : a substantial body of work constituting the lifework of a writer, an artist, or a composer

(Wiktionary.org) A work of art. The complete body of an artist’s work.

(Urban Dictionary) buy oeuvre mugs, tshirts and magnets.
Work as in a work of art. (In french. Is not the plural of egg (oeuf).
J’aime mon neuveau oeuvre d’arte. C’est fantastique et magnifique.
(Translation: I love my new work of art. It’s fantastic and magnificent.)

(way to make me do homework, Jack)

Can we hit 600 comments this week?

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disclaimer: This Unshow was done just for the ‘L of it.

834 thoughts on “Unshow L

  1. Tea is steeping and I’m ready to work.
    I feel like Mr. Rogers because I change my shoes when I first get to work. I need to wear steel toed shoes here and they are only comfortable for about 6-7 hours.

  2. I hate these DiSC tests and ones like them. i get a list of 4 words and have to pick 1 for most and 1 for least. what if all 4 describe me. grrrrr

  3. I dont get the disappointment and hate for Across the Sea. What were people expecting? It was by far the second best episode of the year, and quite frankly after learning Jacob and Man in Black’s back stories I really dont give a fuck what happens to the Losties. Give me a show about those two over Jack and Kate and company any day. The guy who wrote that article missed every point completely. Everything he bitched about can be said about every episode of Lost from the beginning. “Its all just silly” is probably the single worst argument you could try to make against this show. That guy should probably try watching the episode next time instead of clearly fast forwarding. Im all for personal preference and in no way is Lost perfect, but if youre gonna call an episode “the single worst one” make some good fucking points. What a joker. “Oh no, I didnt get all the answers I wanted”. Fucking get over it. Youre not going to. If you want to be spoon fed go watch re-runs of Friends.

  4. Lo, I did like the flushing comment. That is one thing I thought was silly. I was hoping something more (read less toilet like) would happen.

  5. Bunny, it really isn’t that great. It is most of the reason had that tree fall over this year.
    About every 50 years or so my house becomes part of this lake:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Winnebago because of flooding since I live about 100 feet from it. I have heard some make the argument it should be one of the great lakes but I don’t think it was very convincing.

  6. I didnt see it as “flushed” at all. That just a bad pun the guy used to descried how he hated the episode. It was all good to me.

  7. Reaper, when I was young and lived on a farm, every spring the local lake would flood. It didn’t affect our property, but the waters would flood into the ditches on either side of the road. You could literally fish from the driveway during that time of the year. The jack fish were always good that time of the year. 🙂

  8. “Apparently I’m famous in numerous circles. At parties people stay late to meet me and at bars bouncers yell at anyone that tries to id me.
    @TRAVhodges — Share this morsel of twisdom — Feed — 1 Comments”


  9. John Mayer is repulsive:

    I love how some dudes hate me for dating their fantasy girl, as if they were going to if I hadn’t.

  10. 228 this morning. Rock-hard abs. Looking good. I’d fuck myself if I were flexible enough.
    @mike29401 — Share this morsel of twisdom — Feed — 20 Comments

    I’m sure that can be arranged…

  11. Bunny, There is a ditch that runs around my house right now but the lake level doesn’t get high enough to fish from but that would be pretty sweet. though if it did getting to my house would be kinda hard so it might not be so cool.

  12. “iPad just fell out of my bag, out of the Hummer, four feet onto concrete. Bottom corner dented, glass chipped. Ouch! ”

    And the awesome comment:
    This douchelord just made me so happy and sad at the same time.

  13. There was a sound? I missed that.

    [wry humor] Fuck, reading these I realize why I hate people and Im better than most everyone….[/wry humor]

  14. Just finished Unshow L….. bless your goddamn heart Jacko. Tis you who makes this whell go round. We’re just the ball bearings. Thanks for bringing some goodness these past few years. Youre the man, good sir.

    No more nights of blood and fire….

  15. EssBee: Yep. I also liked:

    “Just an interesting note
    The article is 59 bytes.
    This talk page is 100kb.
    Nice going. -mattbuck (Talk) 14:55, 13 May 2010 (UTC)”

    The whole thing is a wonderful illustration of how self-important and grumpy many of the Wiki editors are.

  16. disclaimer before I head off to lunch: Jack did the greasy nipples definition. Giving credit where credit is due.

  17. I hate to say it, but I’m the “that Lost episode kinda sucked” camp. I’ll ride out on Vanamonde’s coat.

    Not done getting caught up – but – Lo Pan (and everyone) – thanks for the kind werdz.

  18. Oh yeah? Well, I’ve got this big wagon-wheel. . . . thing. . . .that does. . . something. . . . in the magic cave. . . guarded for some reason by the crazy lady. . .

  19. Oh… oh youre one of THOSE, Jack….. *scoffs*

    Go cry to your mother. Who isnt really your mother but sends you on a path that you have no way of winning cause shes tired of being the keeper of the light and just wants to die and knows youll do it if she pisses you off enough.

  20. Well wasn’t that impressed with HTTM, will have to watch Grosse Pointe Blank soon in an effort to remember John Cusack has done good movies..

  21. Another 2 points (then I’m done being that annoying Lost guy):

    Awhile back, I remember thinking that the “fix-up-the-van” episode was a pointless throwaway – but in retrospect, that one was pretty damn important.

    And also – someone please tell me where I’ve seen that actress (the mom) before? It’s on the tip of my brain.

  22. Yeah, the ghost mom was distractingly attractive. Did we ever get the fake mom’s motives for all of the bad stuff she did? Or was it just “crazy is as crazy does”?

  23. Hmmm…. Lost. I’m kinda lukewarm about the episode. As a series, Lost has been pretty entertaining, but my gut tells me that the writers spent a little too much time creating mysteries, and not enough time on closure. As a result this week’s episode seems a bit contrived.

    I’ve always liked the idea that the characters of Lost are flawed and by taking a “true” path they are becoming complete people and their changes of survival heightened. However, with all the indiscriminate killing going on by both sides of the camp if there ends up being a “right” side, I don’t think they’ll be able to reconcile that side to be “ethical.” Which kind of shoots down the whole “ethical” journey side of things. On the other hand, if we find out that the island and it’s long term residents/stewards were just fucking with the cast, and the whole point was to escape the island the whole time, that wouldn’t be as disappointing.

  24. Now I’m going to work 1:30 to Midnight today.

    I’m going to need a nap tomorrow.

    Anyone wanna rub my temples for me?

    I’ll catch up on messages later or tomorrow.

  25. I think the mom motives were age and weariness. She presumably had been guarding the light for a really long time, couldn’t really die (like Jacob couldn’t really die-until he did) and needed a way to secure the light and give up. Hence the “Thank you” before she died.

  26. Other topics than Losts? Okay, I’ve been thinking of unfollowing Sigler on Twitter because there is only so much of his Chocodiles addiction I find news worthy. =P

  27. “I’ve made it so that you’ll never be able to harm each other”

    “Being thrown in the light cave is a fate worse than death”

    End of episode, Jacob throws brother into cave.

    Maybe “harm” was too strong a word.

  28. I follow my mostly local hockey team on Twitter and I wonder what they will send me during the summer since the season is over. BTW they won the clark cup. Go Gamblers!! yes that is there real name.

  29. Great. Another awesome game to play, right when the fifth annual Altador Cup is about to start up on Neopets. Just what I need.

    Seriously, though, I will totally get Portal and get around to playing it eventually.

  30. “Yeah, sure – – you met Bill Murray while you were all dressed up as Ghostbusters. Right.”

    Thanks, ditto. I dig Jane Siberry’s music – – especially that tune from The Crow.

  31. Welll Amy you can add Portal to your game list on Steam without actually downloading it, so you sign up for the freebie and not be tempted till later.

  32. Desmond types the number in the big dark cave…
    Locke says it is all our fate…
    Kate says to Jack you really need to get laid…
    And Sawyer says I just hate this fucking island!
    Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, Lost goes on, brah!…
    Lala how Lost goes on…
    Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, Lost goes on, brah!…
    Lala how Lost goes on.

  33. Nut is a hard shelled fruit of some plants that has an indehiscent seed. While a wide variety of dried seeds and fruits are called nuts in English, only a certain number of them are considered by biologists to be true nuts. Nuts are an important source of nutrients for both humans and wildlife.
    Nuts are a composite of the seed and the fruit, where the fruit does not open to release the seed. Most seeds come from fruits, and the seeds are free of the fruit, unlike nuts like hazelnuts, hickories, chestnuts and acorns, which have a stony fruit wall and originate from a compound ovary. Culinary usage of the term is less restrictive, and some nuts as defined in food preparation, like pistachios and Brazil nuts,[1] are not nuts in a biological sense. Everyday common usage of the term often refers to any hard walled, edible kernel, as a nut.[2]

  34. Also its a very busy show with virgins being sacrificed. Its very collegy and cool. I dont mean “nuts” in a bad way.

  35. I’m used to skimming past T.V.-related nipples/posts/Tweets/pings/bleeps/bloops/blurbs/blobs/wuggles. Makes no nevermind to me.

    I’m unafraid to unfollow anyone on identi.ca or Twitter. Some people really abuse it, some people only whine, and some people use said services as a neo-IRC. Inexcusable.

    I also follow few authors, because many do nothing but market their wares. I do not need another source of ads, thanks. If you do market your stuff, you should at the very least interact with people. It’s supposed to be “social”. Even crabby old man Null knows this.

  36. Seriously. I remember when it first came out. It wasn’t too long before people were getting $150 for some rare cards. It’s very easy to sink a ton of money into that.

  37. I just got a huge craving for Count Chocula cereal. I’ve had it I think once in my life, and I eat almost no junk food anymore. I should drown this craving in port.

  38. I think I fully quit paying attention when the third expansion pack came out. There’s a place not too far from me, and the only business I see them conducting is holding Magic games. Offering a space, not even setting anything up. It’s quite a bit of square footage, and they’ve been there for a decent amount of time. Boggles my mind, but somehow they seem to keep the lights on.

  39. Haven’t played Magic, but my son collects Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I’m more of a fan of games with playing pieces, so I generally avoid fantasy card games.

  40. You know, the old radio show-thing Donovan’s Brain was brought up somewhere recently. That’s easily my favorite of all-time. It’d be nice to do a Deadpan remake of it.

    Just sayin’.

  41. The contents of my junk drawer was sent to the big binaries in the sky on the old HD. The HD that was struck down in its prime. So sad. It’s always the good ones.

  42. Yeah, I guess you’re right. I know a Ninjitsu instructor that insists that “Ninjutsu” is the only correct spelling. I guess he never noticed that Roman characters are just a little different from kanji.

  43. Re: what Jeremy said in his last post: Yes, that’s a good mental note to make. Scripts have now been sent out to everyone else who is involved.

    Good night, questing party. :biggrin:

  44. I didn’t start MtG until the 5th gen. I only have a few cards that didn’t get damaged when the roof leaked.

    I was buying individual cards to make exactly the deck I wanted. Which is probably listed as a warning sign in the DSM.

  45. My son had a huge pile of YuGiOh cards. When my brother came up for the wedding, he went through the pile and sorted them into authentic and fake cards.

    “They” make fake YuGiOh cards!

  46. RE: Ashes to Ashes

    although I’ve enjoyed the series (the last season (3) is airing now in the UK), still don’t think it’s as good as Life On Mars.

    JFS you should check out Luthor when it crosses the pond, a new police detective series that has totally over the top female villian.

  47. Caught up on comments. Comprehension level running at about 5% – and that was the stuff related to Magic: The Gathering.

  48. Currently:

    Updating the boy’s mp3 player with WeatherBrains, a podcast by a pile of weather nuts, and Princess Scientist, a book club podcast by er… The Pink Tornado, I think?


  49. Morning, DP!

    I read a blog called Feministe which does a weekly LOST roundtable. They also hated the last episode.

    I loved it. For me, it echoed back to Smoke-Locke saying that he identified with Claire’s son because he had a crazy mother too. Now we know what he was talking about!

  50. Indeed!

    [obscure Ween reference] “The sun comes up and Im all washed out… is this what Smokey was talkin about? “[obscure Ween reference]

  51. That is foul, Lo. Truly foul. I was away from DP when you guys were talking about that, but Sly B filled me in and made me watch the video. What. The. Hell.

  52. Disclaimer – that was a Spike Millighan joke and does not imply belief or disbelief in any deities that maybe watching.

  53. [not obscure Ween reference] “Ocean man, take me by the hand, lead me to the land that you understand, Ocean man, t“[not obscure Ween reference]

  54. EssBee, I never saw the video either and I agree reaction videos are more than enough.
    …and I still laugh every time I see the 2 girls 1-up pic I linked to yesterday.

  55. Anyone Else listen to CNET’s Buzz out loud?

    I have been listening for about 4 years and at the time the show was mostly Tom, Molly, and Veronica. Veronica is gone and I think the show is less fun but with Tom is being replaced by Rafe. I don’t know if I can take him everyday. The show is even less fun when Rafe is on IMO. Maybe I’ll stick around for the Molly rants but I just can’t see the show being as much fun.

    It would be like Deadpan with out the nipples

  56. Aw – I would have voted the other way: Keep Flashforward, cut V. But I like them both, so glad one is hanging around.

  57. I prefer V myself. I tend to gravitate toward Scifi dealing with space in some way more often than not. I also have fond memories of V in the 80’s.

  58. Much like 1-UPs original lineup on 1UP Yours, the original lineup on Buzz Out Loud was the best. They had exactly the right chemistry.

    And sadly, that’s over. 1UP is a memory. BOL wasn’t as good with Jason, but it wasn’t bad. Then it really dropped off when Molly went missing and they imported all the younglings. Tong was enough to get me to quit, all by himself. Putting him and Del Conte together was a disaster. I like Rafe, especially when Tom’s got him flustered by saying something patently ridiculous, but… It’s Tom that has been the backbone of BOL, the only constant. And while it has been nice enough having Molly back, BOL -is- Tom now. When he goes… so does the heart of the show.


    I just wish Leo had been able to snag Molly when he tempted Tom away.

    I could go on… =)

  59. demoncat said:
    cute dog Ryan looks like he is upset over trying to figure out how not to harm the thing. plus the picture looks like he is just putting on the motion capture suit that will produce a computer image of him in the green lantern suit.
    Posted 05/13/2010 at 05:49:12 PM

  60. WNDRWolf: Check the wanderradio at gmail account. I sent your script there.

    NS: Yes, that’s correct. Princess Scientist’s Book Club is indeed hosted by the kid heretofore known as The Pink Tornado. 🙂

  61. Taking down the Email server this afternoon. So, I sent out and email about that. What question do I get…
    “So does that mean Internet will go down.” “Will we be able to use the ERP System.”
    those are not email.

    The one question I would love to get is:
    “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” that would make me LOL, but I don’t think anyone here has seen the IT crowd.

  62. demoncat makes my head spin. zoom zoom zoom goes my head.

    he also steals all the capital letters.

    he’d say that’s a capital idea but that sort of humor would go over his head like a boeing seven fourty seven.

  63. Ive enjoyed HLaK for years. he’s real good like hims got good catchy tunes thats make me feel fine like wine i listen to them especially. noisy at the circus. i did not know they had a new. album out thank you ditto

  64. NS, “I like Rafe, especially when Tom’s got him flustered by saying something patently ridiculous”. That is the only time I like Rafe but it looks like those days are over. Tom’s dry humor got me through the Molly-less days but that is gone also. Tong isn’t easy to listen to either but when Nichole Lee was on I deleted the episode with out listening.

    At one point I listed to BOL and 404. One had to go because it was to much over lap BOL won but i might give 404 another try. I just can’t bring myself to not listed to some tech podcast and i would prefer a daily one.

  65. we laughed alot because this firl thawas nicknaed ‘turbo slut. she was a slut but refused to hump my friend it was funny.

  66. Reaper – I like Lee. She gives good advice with the right amount of decorum and tech excitement. And I cannot stand the 404. I listened a few times and … yeah. Not for me.

    Although I’d rather listen to them than read demoncat.


  67. Ack. Sorry, that flower link contains profane language and therefore may not be work safe and I always try to be aware that other’s may be monitoring your activities!

  68. NS: He’s an idiot. They may prefer to structure their relationship that way, and they have a right to do so, but if you can’t base a relationship on trust then you have nothing.

  69. I refuse to watch the new Gladiator remake…er… Robin Hood. However Cate is not only swoonable but also “last 10 minutes on-able”.

  70. [geek]I may get to rebuild a bad RAID array on my mail server today. Fun fun fun. I hope the Firmware/Driver update fixes the errors but I expect it wont. [/geek]

  71. dance

    Shine I’ll stand by you
    Don’t try and push me away
    ’cause I’m just gonna stay
    You can shine I won’t deny you
    And don’t be afraid it’ll all be ok

    Do you know my name
    Well I ain’t gonna take that big time line
    won’t be beat by a lie
    Gonna call out to these embers waiting to ignite
    Gonna pull you up
    By your love, by your love and tell you

    Shine I’ll stand by you…

    I can see the frown you wear
    All around like some faded crown
    Like a watch over wound
    Gonna call down to this diamond buried underground
    Gonna pull you up by your love, by your love and tell you

    When it’s said and done
    What you need will come and time won’t let me
    Let you let me waste it this time shine…


  72. I listen to the podcast of a local political radio host and one of the things I enjoy most about the show is how he goes off on tangents. Todays odd topic: whos the best musician named Steve (or a variation of it) this grew from an earlier tangent about names.

  73. And, now I’ve caught up.

    RE: MtG – I have several cards that I value, even if I never play the game again. Although, at this point it might be wise to simply build some play-decks for the inevitable “itch to play”, and bulk sell the rest.

    It was a good game for a very long time…

  74. [geek]
    RAID array reset and consistency to be checked soon.
    waiting for background initialization to finish so I can start the check than off to copy data

  75. AHHHHHH it is only .55TB how long can it take to prepair! AHHHHHHH
    I’d be pulling my hair out with anticipation if I had any.

  76. ditto, that song in regular bumper music on that political talk show I listen to so I here part of it at least 3 times a week

  77. reaper: I had to read that a couple of times to figure out what you were really saying.

    That being said, you have my sympathies.

  78. “No One’s Gonna Love You — Band Of Horses” = ex-girlfriend song = cant listen to anymore. Too bad cause it is a really good song.

  79. My days exploits. I’m sure most won’t be interested or have any idea what i am talking about here but for those who do:
    [geek] well that when better than expected. I took a backup of the exchange 2007 drive minus the stores and logs (that was the only thing on it) after I emptied all the stores by moving mail boxes to a new server. than i deleted that exchange drive and removed 2 bad drives. i had one spare so i put that one in and recreated the array after formating the drive I restored the exchange drive.
    The only store I could’t move was the public folders. so I dismounted the store copied the .EDB file to a different drive and copied it back when the array was ready.
    The only other percoution I took was before deleting the bad drive I set all the exchange services to manual and restarted the server. when when the array was back i set the services back to automatic and restarted again. Exchange works exactly as it did before. Now i just need to get another drive so i can grow the array back to the original size so I can start moving users back to the old server. for backup and restore I just used MS Backup for the whole thing. [/geek]

  80. DNF is still not going to happen Amy. The developer 3D Rhelms went under last year. This is recycled footage from 2007 I believe. That doesn’t mean some other company couldn’t purchase the intellectual property and make DNF, but as far as I know, that hasn’t happened yet.

  81. As a side gamer’s note, I finished Mass Effect 2 this week and didn’t loose any of my squad mates. I think ME 1 & 2 standout has having one of the most satifying end game sequences in gaming history. Can’t wait for ME 3. At some point I’ll go back and create a real asshole of a character and play through ME1 & 2 again. LOL Now I need to finish Batman, Fallout 3 and Dragon Age.


    I did however loss my redheaded personal assistant *sniff*

  82. Trying to catch up before we go out to an excellent Indian restaurant.

    reaper: I stopped listening/watching BOL right around the time whasshername left. It was getting less and less funny, and I found it to be on the light side, depth-wise. I need more meaty geekiness.

  83. And still more gaming info.


    I played quite a bit of this while at the hotel in Atlanta last week. I have to say this is one of the best portable games I ever played. But there are a couple of big caveats. The first is you really need to be a fan of turned based strategy games to enjoy this, the second is, the game functions on a much broader spectrum of DnD 3.5 rules that one might expect. So it takes a while to get a feel for the interface and truly understand how to play the game. But once you do, you have a sort of portable Neverwinter Nights / animated DnD Minatures game to play. All the negative comments at Amazon are accurate, the interface needs to be streamlined, there should be a group follow option, primary attacks should be mappable to a hot key etc. But what the negative reviewers won’t say is that there is almost 100 hours of gaming to be had to finish. The game has a lot of replayability value, and there is way more depth than a quick glance would tell.

  84. Catching up…

    DL’ing Portal at present. Moist delicious cake…

    Funny y’all should mention it, I had my hands on Black Lotus this very evening. Er, Bl4k Lotus, actually, my high school buddy Brandon Patton’s alter-ego with MC Frontalot. It was a good show, Brandon opened with a six-song solo set, then after a little Vilification Tennis, MC Frontalot took the stage.

    Ran into a couple other folks from good ol’ St. Paul Central, it was a fun time

  85. Vanamonde: I guess my post has disappeared into the ether(net). Thanks for the link. The thing is, it’s been done before, just not by Google. Companies for years have been cataloging MAC addresses and such to use for hyper-accurate positioning. If your cell has wifi, for example, you can be traced to roughly within six inches. Maybe a foot, tops.

    Since this is Google, now it’s hit the front page for average Jane and Joe.

  86. Rhettro: That game sounds like something right up my alley. I really like turn-based tactics games. Final Fantasy Tactics was really good, for instance. Hopefully I can find something in Linux land like it, as I don’t have any consoles apart from an NES.

    I personally have a very hard time with large-scale tactics games. If there’s a couple parties fighting, I’m good. Have to manage armies across a country, and it’s too much for my small brain to handle. I lose. Badly. Epically.

    While it’s not a tactics game, I actually have Lunar: Eternal Blue, but no system. I tried to get an emulator to run it on my desktop, but to no avail. I may try again someday, or just break down and buy a used system.

  87. CP: Dragon’s Lair on the iPhone

    The video looks rather spiffy on the iPhone screen, still hard as nails though even with the on screen directions.

  88. CP: The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe

    I’m impressed with Wesnoth. It looks as though it has a Warlords aspect to it, so I may suck at it. But I’ll mess with it a bit.

    Fall of Imiryn looks like a pretty straight-forward FF-ish RPG.

    Stone Soup looks quite old-school, but should be a good amount of fun, as dungeon-crawlers go.

    Now all I need is time to play.

  89. From DigitalJournal.com :

    At approximately 5:40am on the 16th of May, a Wikipedia user known as A Sniper changed Dio’s Wiki entry with the message “I have just been informed that RJD died today”. This was continually changed back and forth from Dio being alive and Dio being dead over several hours, until the article was officially locked by Wikipedia moderators.

    I guess BlabberMouth is an arm of RoadRunner, so maybe they are a trustworthy source? They say that they reached out to Dio’s manager and she said:

    “I am at the hospital and Ronnie has NOT passed away!!!! He is not doing
    good, but he is not dead.

    “I will let you know if anything changes.

    “Thank you for your concern.”

    So, as of this morning, he’s still with us. He has a twitter account http://twitter.com/OfficialRJDio so that may be the place to stay up to date.

    This has been the Nomad Scry News Network, your source for stuff since a while ago!

  90. I like the infrared “photos of an underground city.” Looks an awful lot like image compression artifacts to these eyes.

  91. The Nebula Awards have been posted, though it’s easier to find the results on Tor.com than on the actual Nebula Awards website. None of the big publishers had a win.

  92. NULL!

    Something something something about Google collecting WiFi info in the EU, something something about happening before so what’s the big deal.

    IMO, because it is the EU, it just means that this is the first time they’ve become aware of it. I gotta respect the way that they are willing to ignore what has gone before. Just because it went unsung then doesn’t mean that now that they are aware of it they won’t scream bloody blue frogs. Sure, they probably only found out because Google is big enough for people to spend all of their time watching, but that doesn’t mean the EU was “allowing” it before.

    It’ll be interesting to see if the EU continues to find that publicly available information is collectible or if they’ll decided that it isn’t.

  93. Greetings, Pan.

    I doubt I’ll get caught up on comments as I’ve been out of pocket for the last couple of days. A long time friend and Godfather (and, naturally, he’s Italian) of my daughter got married this weekend. He was long overdue for finding someone. Had a great time and got to see some friends from college that I hadn’t seen in real life in many years.

    Hope Deadpan had been going well.

  94. Nomad Scry: So, two points. One, I am an American. That means, the globe has two countries. One is America. The other is the country of the Others. I have completely fallen all over myself to show that the U.S. is the only country I care about or have any knowledge of. I apologize to the rest of the globe, I have become the arrogant American I should strive to not be.

    Second: Good point. I have long applauded the E.U. for having the balls that the U.S. has long either tucked or completely torn off. Again, I was being completely U.S.-centric.

    My only excuse is the majority of data I get is U.S.-centric or -specific, but that’s not enough.

    That out of the way, isn’t Google claiming it accidentally gathered the info kind of like claiming that the Hubble telescope is accidentally gathering deep-space info?

  95. Null – I love you.

    (Also, the way I read it, Google isn’t claiming to have accidentally gathered the info. They are saying, “Uh… yeah, it’s available in the air and we just wrote down what is there. No biggie.”)

  96. Ed: That’s great. The daughter of one of my dad’s coworkers got married today. My parents went and took pictures, but I didn’t go because I had to go to my Saturday class.

    I did have an eventful weekend, though. This weekend was our town’s Relay for Life at the local high school, and I had the privilege of being on the school staff team. I think I got about 45 minutes of sleep the whole night. (Some people can fall asleep when there’s noise around them, but I need absolute quiet.) Today I went to church, came home, and slept all afternoon. Then we went out to dinner with a friend.

  97. I want Dragon’s Lair for my touch.

    oooh that reminds me of a story.

    Maybe I’ll call the voicemail on my way home and tell my story.

    it’s not technically a dumbass memory but it’s a cute memory or … a teenage 80’s memory?

    Maybe if I call it in, :jack: can put 80’s music behind it…

  98. So, who wants to know what’s been going on with me?

    Well – I wish I’d gone to LepreCon! Sounds like I missed something amazing there!

    I am waiting for some more bloodwork results from my doctor, but he made some changes for me that I requested and I think I’m feeling better so that’s an upside.

    My company had its yearly picnic this weekend and I was able to take my kids and it was super fun! They climbed rockwalls and jumped in bouncy houses and ate snowcones and cotton candy… all around good time.

    I’ve been reading a book called Fidelity Files (http://www.jessicabrody.com/fidelityfiles.html) and I’m enjoying it. Mostly I’m just enjoying reading. My love of WoW is on the backburner. I’d really just rather be reading these days. I go through phases of wanting to read and when I do, I tend to disappear into my books. Reading helps me relax and re-center and I’ve been very scattered and unsettled of late.

    OK this is turning into a blog post! Ugh.. Sorry…

    Speaking of blogs – I’m rebuilding mine. I’m sure you are all thrilled! :tongue:


  99. RIP Ronnie James Dio. My cassette of “The Last in Line” is still in my old room at my mom’s house in NJ. If only I could get ahold of that and my old one-speaker Emerson radio. . . .

  100. In my medical news, I think I’m having a reaction to some of my meds. It took me almost an hour last night to convince hubby I didn’t need to be taken to the emergency room.

    When he left today he told me to basically stay off my feet. Like that’s really going to happen. Doesn’t he realize it’s Monday, my busiest day of the week?

  101. On the up side, I got a new monitor on the weekend. My computer is now fully 3D. I don’t think I’ll ever play a game any other way. It’s awesome.

    I was playing Assassin’s Creed 2, hubby put Unreal Tournament 3 on, and we spent most of the weekend shuffling for play time (on MY computer).

  102. Sorry, living on the left “coast” means I get up a little latter than the majority of panners. Still on a reduced time schedule at work, 4 day work weeks, so today is my day “off.” The misses left early for a meeting in Tempe, I need to get the kids rounded up and headed for school. Then I need to send a GPS watch in for warranty service and re-caulk the shower. Exciting I know.

  103. Good morning!

    Bunny, I hope the meds get straightened out. The job is the job. So far it’s AOK, but I’ve officially applied for a new position. Wish me luck! :bitingnails:

    Fletcher is no longer in school – officially summer break, so no more mornings to myself, but looking forward to Sarah being out of school too so that I can sleep in a little later! Right now I’m off to take her to school!

  104. Nomad Scry: Thanks! Glad I don’t piss off everyone.

    I read a blurb somewhere that claimed Google said that the gathering was inadvertent. But I obviously am not paying much attention to it all, and therefore should probably shut the hell up.

  105. So I’m in an arms race with this woman on FB with Cafe World. To keep ahead of her I’m having to add as many CW players as friends as possible.


    I need to stop being stubborn..sigh

  106. Just finished my owed NHL song and it turned out awesomely…

    awesomely bad that is.. but I guess that’s sort of the point. But fair warning if you want to skip this week’s episode. LOL

  107. JN: You are in for an awesome ride with Murder at Avedon Hill. Enjoy!

    WNDRWolf: I’m 5 episodes behind you, on episode 56. I just got caught up with Black Jack Justice yesterday. I started listening to that series from the beginning back in late March.

  108. Truly this year in its still infancy has taken 2 gods of metal, and two good people, from us. I’m still in my Type O-Negative at all hours phase. Now I must include Ronnie.

  109. Where the deeeeeeeeer and the antelope play.


    Sorry I’ve been sparse for the past few days. My thoughts have been just as scattered. Getting back on track, though.

    Goodnight :moon:

  110. The sleep is a lie!

    Started playing Portal last night with my kids. My daughter is often able to see the ways through before I do.

  111. The first 10 episodes or so of Murder at Avadon Hill are pretty dry writing, but the story picks up after that. Overall, I’m glad I didn’t give up on it, but the beginning could really stand a rewrite.

  112. A cloak room moment.

    Watching the latest Big Bang Theory, and notice B-Stoff and C-Stoff written Sheldon’s whiteboard.

    Those were the codenames for the fuels used in the Me-163 rocket plane.

    I’ll get my coat.

  113. Grab your coat and get your hat
    Leave your worries on the doorstep
    Life can be so sweet
    On the sunny side of the street

    Can’t you hear the pitter-pat?
    And that happy tune is your step
    Life can be complete
    On the sunny side of the street

    I used to walk in the shade with those blues on parade
    But I’m not afraid because this rover crossed over!

    And if I never had a cent
    I’d be rich as Rockefeller
    With gold dust at my feet
    On the sunny side of the street

  114. Our yard is supposed to be completely redone starting some time this week. I have (had?) an apple tree in my front yard. We’ve had a number of people actually quite upset with the idea this tree would be gone. To the point, a friend of ours came on the weekend and took it for their yard. As it was coming out, the neighbours came by. When I took them all the trees and bushes were coming out, they were rather upset. I don’t understand, I always thought it was a bit of an eyesore.

    Did take a whole bunch of “before” pics on the weekend, though. The work should be done by the first week of June.

  115. Watched Daybreakers last night. As far as vampire movies go, it was above average. There were a few things that made you go hmmm (like a hummer that had a bridge strut go through the windshield, then the vehicle exploded), and some parts that made you think there was a story thread that might have been cut, but over all, not too bad.

  116. Today is the day our recycling is picked up. It’s always interesting watching the people come by and rummage through all the bins looking for bottles. I’m afraid this guy is going to be out of luck. Someone beat him to it, coming by a couple of hours earlier.

  117. Wow, you guys, I just got unfriended on FB by someone I was very close to at one point.

    Just a few weeks ago, I contemplated unfriending someone, and I am now really glad I didn’t do it. It’s cruel, petty, and feels pretty awful.

  118. Cj, NS: Even I am a little grossed out by that shirt, and bugs don’t normally bother me.

    TEB: During the summers when I was 9 and 10 years old, I was one of those people looking through the recycling bins when they were out. I wasn’t looking for bottles, though, just the points that Pepsi was putting on their packaging that you could redeem for prizes. I got a beach towel and a cool folding chair out of the deal. 🙂

  119. Happy because, well, I made cookies. Upset, because I’m not suppose to be on my feet (see medication reaction above). While I don’t really follow that rule, there’s not usually any direct evidence of such willful disregard for the rules 😉

  120. The Hartford Whalers didn’t really get reincarnated, did they? I’m a terrible New Englander to not know the answer to that, I guess.

    Thanks, Amy. Thus far, I’m enjoying it.

    As Ed from Texas touched on, it seems a bit dry and formulaic a bit now, but it’s overall well-written. It seems to be a story that picks up steam as it goes.

  121. CP: We Stood Transfixed in Blank Devotion as Our Leader Spoke to Us, Looking Down on Our Mute Faces with a Great, Raging, and Unseeing Eye — Red Sparrowes

  122. Just a reminder, this commentary will be spoiler heavy, so if you have any intention of seeing the movie on your own, you may (or may not) want to hide your eyes

  123. The movie is Dead Snow. The DVR write up:

    Vegar Hoel stars in this inventive screamfest about eight medical students who come face to face with a battalion of undead Nazi soldiers during a holiday ski trip in Norway.

  124. Cj, I’m in a similar boat. My “doctor” treated a couple of symtoms and ignored some test results. I’m at a point though where I can live with it so I figure I’ll also just plod along until I collapse again.

  125. Hey Bunny, just logged on, I’ll have to leave to do a bank run in 10, but should be back 15 after that. Please continue.

  126. CP: Blood Gulch Blues — Trocadero

    “You know what, you could bitch about anything, couldn’t you? We’re gonna get a tank, and you’re worried about chicks. What chicks are we gonna pick up, man?! Frig! And secondly, how’re we gonna pick up chicks in a car that looks like that?”

  127. All and all, not a bad movie. Still B movie, but maybe a B plus as far as zombie movies go. Still kind of silly though but I guess that’s what you’ve got to expect from these kind of movies.

    Now must do some work…

  128. Bunny, that show premiered at the worst time possible. I really wanted to see it but I just have to many shows on right now and some are going away.(lost, flashfoward)

  129. CW: Latest Nurse Jackie

    If I had three wishes, one would be for House to get cancelled and Hugh Laurie sent packing back to the UK to do a new comedy series with Stephen Fry.

    This weeks lovey dovey episode made me want to puke.

  130. I love Nurse Jackie, Van. She’s such a trainwreck. I have a soft spot for those.