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  1. John Stewart on Brian Williams –
    “Finally SOMEONE is being held to account for misleading America about the Iraq war.”

    “Never again,” he added dramatically, “will Brian Williams mislead this great nation about being shot at in a war we probably wouldn’t have ended up in, if the media had applied this level of scrutiny to the actual (bleep) war.”

  2. Crap joke for the day:

    A drunk gets up from the bar and heads for the bathroom. A few minutes later, a loud, blood curdling scream is heard coming from the bathroom. A few minutes after that, another loud scream reverberates through the bar. The bartender goes into the bathroom to investigate why the drunk is screaming.”What’s all the screaming about in there?” he yells. “You’re scaring my customers!”..”I’m just sitting here on the toilet,” slurs the drunk, “and every time I try to flush, something comes up and squeezes the hell out of my nuts.The bartender opens the door, looks in, and says,”You idiot! You’re sitting on the mop bucket!”

  3. Crap joke for the day:

    Joe took his blind date to the carnival. “What would you like to do first, Kim?” asked Joe.I want to get weighed,” she said. They ambled over to the weight guesser. He guessed 120 pounds. She got on the scale; it read 117 and she won a prize.Next, the couple went on the Ferris Wheel. When the ride was over, Joe again asked Kim what she would like to do. “I want to get weighed,” she said. Back to the weight guesser they went. Since they had been there before, he guessed her correct weight, and Joe lost his dollar.The couple walked around the carnival and again he asked where to next. “I want to get weighed,” she responded. By this time, Joe figured she was really weird and took her home early, dropping her off with a handshake.Her roommate, Laura, asked her about the blind date, “How’d it go?”Kim responded, “Oh, Waura, it was wousy.”

  4. I have officially scheduled the vacation days that I know for sure I’m taking this year, one of which is Saturday, May 16. I will probably arrive sometime Saturday morning during the MMMMMeetup. I will book my flight and hotel soon.

  5. Who knew that the movie, Clue, had three different endings during its theatrical release back in 1985? And which ending did you see in the theatre! A, B, or C?

    • I actually think I saw all three.
      When the show seemed to end there was a voice over that said something like, “That’s how it could have happened, but here is REALLY what happened.”
      Then there was an alternate ending and they did a similar thing again for a third ending.

      I could be wrong.

    • In Clue’s theatrical release, each theater only had one ending (A, B or C). It was the beauty of pre-internet promotional capabilities. Unfortunately, I never saw it in the theaters. Once it hit home video (and later DVD) it had all three endings with text in between each one that said “That’s how it could have happened, but here is REALLY what happened.” or some such thing.

      • “terribly silly in a non fun way” kind of says it all, doesn’t it? Especially the non-fun part.

        I could get past some of the pseudo-science, but it rams it down your throat for the whole movie. If there was something more than pretty visuals, I might have enjoyed it more, but this is really an “all style no substance” movie, and I wasn’t impressed with the style.

  6. Speaking of medical news.

    My Dad had a pacemaker installed last Thursday.
    After his near death, brain bleed at Christmas (turns out not related to his fall but to the blood thinner his cardiologist had him on … google “Xarelto”) my mum and dad switched to a new cardiologist who had then both wearing these sensors and monitoring their hearts around the clock. They each had this iPod like device they carried around and it recorded their heart activity.
    ANYWAY … after a week my dad went in and they looked over his data and saw that his heart had long periods of afib often followed by his heart just STOPPING. They showed him one instance where it stopped for 4 seconds.

    So they put a pace maker in the next day and he feels (and LOOKS) much better. Having a constantly functioning heart is NOT over-rated.

    Oh … and neither is cool modern tech and doctors who take a keen interest in your welfare.

    Now we have to get my mum over the flu.

  7. Morning Pan

    Several ski resorts in the area are closing early due to lack of snow. I know a number of people who are rather upset about this. However, as someone who refuses to fall down a hill with sticks tied to my feet, I am happy with with warmer than average weather we have been having.

  8. After all these years I just learned that Nirvana’s original name was…Skid Row.

    Ironically in 1993 Skid Row asked Nirvana to go on tour with them….

    Mind pretty well blown.

  9. Well good goose on a stick, this podcast is still around!


    Mr. Mangan, if I didnt know any better I’d say you were the poor man’s Marc Maron. LOL2

    Nearly 9 years on this site? Sugar crispy heaven, that’s quite the feat! In fact when you started this whole wangle dangle, there were no such things as the Marvel movies, nor Mylie Cyrus, and Lost was in its second season! Crazy cramming loner noggins! What a world its become! LOL3

    Jippy Jye yi yo! Here’s to 9 more years!


  10. Indeed, Klecko and Lo.
    New Seuss is great, wouldn’t you know?
    My kids are older, but perhaps they’ll still read it,
    With glorfthats, and Bzeezils, and Skompbunger’s Zeedits.

  11. So the Stone Temple Bennington’s are playing here in April at a mid-size venue for 11$.


    Either it’s “look how the mighty have fallen” or “hey look at them get a fresh start”. I… I dont know which

  12. I had to share because this made me laugh. This is from The Martian by Andy Weir.
    “Also please, watch your language. Everything you type is being broadcast live all over the world. WATNEY: Look! A pair of boobs! -> (.Y.)”

  13. Also too, if I was the king, I would ban the following on penalty of death:

    “Preso” as in ”please proof my preso for the meeting”

    “Convo” as in ” I wanted to loop you into this convo I’ve been having with the customer”

    These are NOT words.

  14. “Was it a Lie” by SLeater-Kinney is, bar none, the greatest song ever written comparing a girl getting hit by a train to women’s rights.

  15. Hmm, if this keep up, I’m going to have to start running this page through Google Translate. But, who knows what horrors might actually emerge out the other end of that one.

  16. Well my iPhone case may be good at picking up dust better than a hoover, but at least it was good enough to protect the edges of the phone when I dropped it.

  17. Thoughts on co-workers congregating outside your office …

    Call your office phone from your cell phone. When your office phone rings, pick it up and in LOUD PHONE TALKER VOICE say, “OH HI. YES. UH HUH. UH HUH. YES. NO. NO. JUST A SECOND, I’LL CHECK …”
    Put the phone down, walk to the door and look at the murder of coworkers (or what ever you call a congregating mass of office workers). Make eye contact with one or two then quickly back to the phone where you say their names very loudly.

    Then hang up the phone.
    At that point hopefully, they decide it would be best to find a desk somewhere. If they ask who that was you respond “I really couldn’t say.” then grimace and shake your head “no”. Like you’re trying to say something without saying anything.

    Ah, sometimes I miss those corporate days. Not much though. Mostly just the hijinks.

  18. Crap joke from Twitter:

    @CoreyJBrewer: a joke I made in a dream last night:
    What do you call it when someone throws a copy of Canterbury Tales at you?

    A flying Chaucer attack.

  19. So, we went tonight to the Potted Potter show. My daughter wore her Hermione getup and got picked to go onstage for Quidditch. My fiance nearly bowled over a young child to score a goal for Gryffindor.
    Even without all that, the show was full of laughs. Highly recommended. Thanks, Desert Pixie. 🙂

  20. Today picked up a collection of all ACC’s previously published short stories for kindle.

    Reading the early stories with slide rules and rocket societies reaching Mars..how quaint.

  21. So – – I appreciate all of the support, and I know folks are probably wondering. . .
    Last week, my dad was telling stories and able to laugh, today he’s mostly unresponsive and clearly not doing well. I’m glad I made the trip, but I wish I’d come sooner.

  22. Your crap joke for the day:

    Hey,” said a new arrival in the pub, “I’ve got some great Irish jokes.”..”Before you start,” said the big bloke in the corner, “, I’m Irish.”..”Don’t worry,” said the newcomer,”I’ll tell them slowly.”

  23. *sigh* Excuse me in advance for a minor rant. I’m sick of people overusing “hero” when referring to individuals that are doing the job they are supposed to do and are expected to do. That’s not a hero.

  24. I fear for humanity…the grocery store in our neighborhood is practically sold out! I think people panicked because of the forecast.

    What will we do in the zombie apocalypse?

  25. Winter weather has me into day 2 of a three day weekend.
    I decided the best use of this time was a James Bond Marathon.
    I have made it through “You Only Live Twice.”
    We shall see if I can force myself to get through “On Her Majesties Secret Service” tonight.
    I am out of Vodka and running low on beer though.

    BTW – I have also decided the Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout kicks the butt of Great Divide’s “Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti Stout”

  26. So, as hard to believe as it may be.
    I had NEVER seen that Bond film!
    I know, right?
    I had seen the “car chase through the ice race” scene and I had seen one seen in the mountain top resort with the girls but somehow I had never seen that whole film. Highlites – Emma Peel, bobsled fist fight, Emma Peel.
    Certainly not the worst Bond film ever (Moonraker) but I won’t be in any hurry to see it again.

    Next up … Diamonds are Forever!

    BTW – this is the first time I have watched the series like this and the cultural changes were very evident in the hairstyles and fashions of this film (for guys and girls).

  27. So turns out I shouldn’t be using the heating system until it’s fully installed.

    Council tried to drop off some portable heaters but since I was at work missed them.

    Neighbours could have let them in, but since I had unpacked stuff on the assumption they wouldn’t be turning over the weekend I refused.

    Fleece tonight.

  28. Completely up to you, Jack, but it might be cool (and helpful for you) to have some mini-episodes of ‘awesome ass memories’ of your pop.

    I’m gonna take the initiative to speak for the group when I say we’d totally be on board.

  29. Condolences and hugs to Jack. Very sorry to hear the news.

    Welcome back to Jon Klecko.

    Cynful – I miss Jack’s music, too. 🙂 During the first few years of the podcasts, I actually cut a couple of songs out of podcast episodes and saved them as separate .mp3s. They’re still in my iTunes library, and I still like to listen to them sometimes.

    • And btw- aw, shucks – if there ever was/is a song that you or anyone particularly enjoyed, then you should feel free to ask me for the mph. That’d be easier than clipping it out of an episode. 🙂 (even if I sometimes move in slow motion on these things)


  30. Diamonds are Forever.
    Probably the best film of the series to that point. Theme song is right up there with “Goldfinger” (closely followed by “From Russia with Love”) and CLEARLY the best henchmen so far.
    “So delightfully psychotic Mr. Kid?”
    “Merrily murderous Mr. Wint.”

      • ha!
        I notice that the screen shot of the wiki page that they include, does not match what is on his wiki now. I wonder if different people are fighting for control of what his wiki entry reads? I don’t really know who gets to edit those things.

  31. To those who control the financial markets: please stop doing whatever it is you are doing to bring the Canadian dollar down. We are now below the 79 cent mark and that is quite low enough thank you very much. Some of us have plans to travel to the States in the near future

  32. Another day of not being able to draw a letter of the English alphabet on a Samsung Android OS phone. It has caused me much embarassment…again.