Rest in peace, Dad

John T. Mangan
Father, grandfather, friend, son, big brother, storyteller, joker, patient listener, employer, and dispenser of wisdom and knowledge. Tonight, his pain ended. Tonight I focus on the great things he was, the great contributions he’s made to my life, and the great memories we made together.

8 thoughts on “Rest in peace, Dad

  1. I’m so relieved you were there by his side for several days, Jack.
    I’m so proud of you for being there for your Father, when he needed you the most in his life.
    I’m so touched by your selfishness to hold your Dad’s hand, when he could not grab yours.

    I love you and I wish I could absorb your pain.

    John is at peace and at rest. His new journey is full of light and warmth. Take peace in knowing that, my Love.

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