Deadpan SAC #1: Nine Inch Smurfs

Um… the SAC stands for “Stand Alone Content”.

The Deadpan SAC (stop snickering!) is a new Deadpan channel, devoted to bringing some of the best skits and segments of the best, and making them available as Stand-Alone Content. Our First SAC release: the Deadpan Community’s collaborative parody song: “Nine Inch Smurfs”. The PG mix will be released shortly, in Deadpan SAC #2.

Deadpan #203 will have a Thursday release for this week.

55 thoughts on “Deadpan SAC #1: Nine Inch Smurfs

    • The worst SAC reference I know of is at Stony Brook University where they remodeled a bulding named Central Hall to house all the student organizations. They called it the Student Activities Center. To make sure there was plenty of event space they put in two ball rooms. Didn’t take long for us to dub it the SAC with two balls.

  1. Now that the first round is over here is where the Deadpan singers stand:

    JR Murdock sings Shania Twain – Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under
    Jack Sings Kiss – Detroit Rock City
    Ed from Texas sings Grateful Dead – Estimated Prophet
    Cj sings Mel C and Bryan Adams – When You’re Gone
    Ditto sings Rocky Theme – Gonna Fly Now (optional)
    Energizer Bunny Sings Boston’s – Don’t Look Back
    Lost Ralph sings Aerosmith – Lightning Strikes
    Nobody had New York so nobody sings for Lo Pan.

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