Jack Mangans Deadpan #203: Sentimental Deadpan

Two hundred and three Show Notes. (Thank you, bunny!)

(Thank you Paul Maki for going out and grabbing the 2 awesome new celebrity Deadpan Bumpers)

Jack Mangans Deadpan #203: Sentimental Deadpan

Deadpan is a series of tubes.

Promo – Horror Addicts (http://horroraddicts.net/)

Paul Maki give his top five from his bedroom shelves.

Isn’t Bunny finished her game yet?

The Deadpan Singers Hockey playoff results so far

Jack pays his hockey debt

Krazy Joe sounds off about the Deadpan community

More from Paul Maki’s bedroom

Ditto’s dumb ass memory

Greasy Nipples
Lo Pan
Hugh & Dre
Vanamonde (first of the week)

Dan S

Paul Maki Continued

Energizer Bunny

Stolen Paragraph by Paul Maki

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Closing music “Broken Streetlight” (live)

477 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #203: Sentimental Deadpan

  1. What, those crazy kids across the pond got married in the middle of the night? Let me guess, they decided to go off and elope somewhere….


  2. So the person on the news has been asking everybody he talks to if they shed a tear during the wedding. I don’t cry at weddings of people I know, why would I cry at a wedding I slept through?

  3. Well, the snow has started.

    Actually this isn’t that unusual for spring weather in Calgary, it just that it’s been an unusually cold and snowy winter that I think everybody is tired of it.

        • I aim to please! yes very typo. My fingers don’t move very well when it is cold in my cube and it seams when we get that rare day above 50 outside the AC kicks on and I forgot to being a warmer cloak.

  4. Out of curiosity, if no one picked Philly, how did a song get picked? I think if I sing, Lo needs to sing something for losing too. 😉

    • ditto, Lo’s team actually won that’s why he doesn’t have to sing.

      As for non-assigned songs, Jack picked them.

  5. The weather was bad, bleak but beautiful.

    When you live on a crowded isle, bad weather is one way of getting some peace and quiet..

  6. I do not understand why USers give two hoots about this royal wedding. There must be other European monarchies with princes and princesses marrying, and I don’t remember anyone at work freaking out over those weddings.

    • Well, even it he could, it would probably be forged. It’s going to take a lot more than some faked piece of paper to convince me.


  7. Judging from twitter posts, Joanna Russ has died, must admit I’ve only heard about her in relation to other authors (PKD being frightened of her after a death threat) and haven’t got round to reading any of her fiction.

  8. There, set up the FaceTime. On the iPad apple makes you use your email for FaceTime and, because apple is stupid, I had to use the old one. *grumble, grumble. Stupid apple*

  9. I’m sitting here at my daughter’s school carnival. There is a dude dressed as jack sparrow. At least 10 girls are circling him. LOL

  10. “The King’s Speech” – most excellent piece of film making. Finally got to see it tonight.

    Of course, Geoffrey Rush could probably stand in front of a camera reading Obama’s birth certificate and make it something brilliant, but still.

  11. Been watching the “Standing in the Shadow of Motown” docu. Pretty fascinating story of the less glamorous musicians who made the Motown sound. I’d kinda thought this was more about James Jamerson, the greatest bassist of all time, but it’s still pretty good stuff.

  12. Finally finished this week’s Deadpan. Between work being really busy and me catching my daughter’s cold, I haven’t had much too say this last week, but on having listened to 203 I need to thank Jack for doing Detroit proud. 🙂 Also, excellent job by Paul getting Paul & Storm and JC to do the bumper. And great song at the end Jack.

  13. And it cuts from scenes of a city, presumably San Fran, to eggs on an assembly line.

    Movie must be sponsored by Egg Farmers of America

  14. Now on to the moon.

    How can a guy who is weightless plan on just dropping down to check on broken equipment on the surface?

  15. Everybody is gone, this can’t be good. And now there are alarms to make sure the audience doesn’t miss the danger.

  16. There are alarms and the first place you check is the airlock and not the cockpit, not a smart mission commander.

    and now random nowhere on earth

  17. What a cheery story for the 3rd graders, the professor needs to learn how to recruit em when their young versus when they’re older

  18. Good looking pest exterminator, likes to lecture on the benefits of insects.

    For an entomologist who admires insects, needs to read some philosophy of government. And maybe realize why people aren’t bugs.

  19. He jumped the fence to put a bra on the figurehead of an excavated ship…

    I didn’t realize he was too dumb to realize he is suuposed to be taking bras off of girls, not putting them back on.

  20. And not only is he more excited with the bra on, now he’s lighting a cigarette.

    Apparently the SF gods were offended by the bra he chose so the earth swallowed him.

    And the proff looks a little too happy about it.

  21. Take a sample, hear a scary noise. Like we didn’t already know he was going to die.

    And now he screams from off camera.

  22. Oooh, our exterminating entomologist from earlier is the aunt of a kid the archeologist scared, says she is mad at him but she doesn’t sound that mad.

    And now we are assured she is the female lead.

  23. Yeah, the old guy in the trench coat is hiding alot. Oh hey, it’s Daryl Hannah again although instead of being an astronaut she is a public servant.

  24. Prof lives on a boat, and the mysterious follower is waiting for him. Apparently mystery guy is a reporter following a conspiracy.

    The prof has 2 numbers now, I’d call the blond personally.

  25. Oh hey, it’s the tunnel the worker died in and the prof knows where it is, and wants to go for a look see.

    I’m betting a shot that he finds the worker half eaten, but doesn’t learn the actual plot yet.

  26. and there’s the underground mounds, apparently the bleed green glowy goo. Bonus it;s flamable.

    Why does he exit from a dran cover and not the way he came in.

    Todays lesson: Don’t light a match near mysterious mounds that have flammable gas.

  27. Oh hey, new girl’s husband is missing. I’m thinking he was the worker earlier.

    And now back to the exterminologist.

  28. Why is an astronaut at a hospital in SanFran instead of Texas, or Florida.

    Do we really need to know it’s a flash drive and not a disk?

    And the prof is a Luddite with computers.

  29. conversation loaded with import between the commissioner and Liz.

    Bird guy is bugging city hall and the commissioner is interested.

    How many people are going to crash at this ombudsman’s office?

  30. Yeah.. she is calling ahead to “help” him.

    apparently they save power by turning off half the lights outside this office.

  31. Random business guy has same note, and now onto bird guy.

    I guess the proff is getting the message.

    At least the bug lady is getting some better lines.

  32. Fighting with the suits, and why are the trigger happy police surprised by the cleaning procedure in the airlock.

    And salesman it;s a heavy door what do the police have that can break through it?

  33. And at the end of part 1 Daryl Hannah’s reflection isn’t as pretty as she is, big surprise considering the cover art.

  34. Ugh, I am so not looking forward to all the internet/podcast references this week to that stupid “1st of May” song. I wonder how many times I’ll have to skip past it.

    • Dystopian has been really popular in YA for a while, so I don’t think that’s an emerging trend: that’s being a teenager. 😉

      Some of those titles look pretty interesting. thanks.

  35. Morning, Pan.

    I was gone all day yesterday because I was volunteering at a community event called Taste of Temecula Valley. Almost four hours of serving pulled pork and spicy chicken sandwiches. I was under a white canvas tent for most of the time and I still have a sunburn. It was totally worth it, though. I had a lot of fun and made a new friend. 🙂

  36. I have survived another birthday party for one of my kids. Having their birthday’s two weeks apart makes for a hectic month, but at least we’re done with birthdays for the year now.

  37. Interesting – news is hitting now that Bin Laden is dead. I find myself surprisingly unmoved. We’ll see if it sinks in tomorrow….or if it actually changes anything, for that matter.

  38. Happy birthday to the little deadpanites.

    I think I’ll go ahead and pbp part 2 of the movie tonight. Thinking about playing a plot prediction drinking game.

  39. You know I think the title music for Torchwood has more of an spooky odd feel than the title music for this movie.

  40. Brilliant salesman called FBI on his cell, and he got city hall. Not much of a surprise there.

    Commish is kinda slow if he is just now getting to the processing room.

  41. Well at least they’re smart enough to use Google. Although I wonder how can a coverup work so well in the city but they really think they’ll find the guy hidden away by using then net.

    And now we have two of the enemy talking and complaining about how their society is changing on earth. Sounds like some bugs are more equal than others.

  42. Lotta pressure to produce for the bugs, kinda interesting.

    Oh yeah I’m betting that google works to find the missing lunar commander, but they also get found.

  43. Finally revealed that Daryl Hannah is the queen bug, I’m shocked I say shocked.

    And now the internet provides exposition back story.

  44. Prof wants to go talk to queeny again, at least our exterminator is getting suspicious.

    Hey they’re smart enough to get guns, will they get caught?

    Dumbass prof still going to try and talk to queeny. Betting a shot he finally realizes she’s a bad guy.

  45. and now we get the reveal for the prof.

    “To fail is human, to win is bug.”

    comeon queeny kill at least a couple of them.

  46. Yay she killed the commish! Too bad he ruined her makeup though…

    and finally the prof gets it. I like his subtle use of expression I can barely tell he is surprised with his eyes only slightly wider.

  47. Haha! dumbass salesman got knives instead if guns. And now they will get caught b/c they went shopping. betting a shot

    When you need to get by a bunch of bugs be sure you use an exterminators van to drive around.

  48. Well group 2 made it out of the grocery store, but they were made by a cop.

    Yay for insects trancing from smoke. Lets you walk wherever you want.

  49. ooh, the commander can’t be taken over. he is buggy cryptonite apparently.

    This is what happens when you get all your shots.

  50. bug hubby got on the bus, and now he’s dead. On the upside apparently the commander’s touch causes the bugs to melt. Betting a shot it’s b/c of where he grew up.

  51. “humans are a source of keratin”

    you couldn’t find a better source?

    and apparently humans are considered an evolutionary oddity.

  52. well San Fran has a bunch of toasted bugs now. I wonder what would be the best beer to drink with them.

    and now they split up.

  53. Oh goody they aren’t completely splitting up…

    And credit time. Finally.

    Since we never learned why the lunar commander was bug cryptonite I guess I need to do a shot to finish tonight.

  54. I hope ya’ll enjoyed my play by play, at least more than silence. If you have suggestions/requests for the future feel free to tell me.

    • Clarification: tonight’s pbp was part 2 of “Final Days of Planet Earth”, so yes Daryl Hannah was in it, as Liz aka queen bug, aka only actor/actress capable of expressing more than one emotion.

      Unfortunately Daryl Hannah was never on Babylon 5, one of the few deficiencies of the series.

  55. From mermaid to bug queen…. that is an actress with quite a bit of range…

    Thank you for filling up the dead air, LR! Your PBP is far preferable to infomercials.

    Goodnight :splash:

    • As opposed to the jingoism to two completely irrelevant “royals” getting married?

      Personally I’m not sure which is more.

  56. Kist gpt jp,e f

    Scratch that.. I was one key off..

    Just got home from Vegas. Haven’t listened to read to any of this. But I will… tonight? <3

  57. Well if a relative is to be believed, in a supermarket a Cadbury Creme egg was found with a USED condom inside.

    All together now:


  58. Since I’ve learned that the SG:U crew didn’t get the word about cancellation until they were finished filming, it seems clear that next week’s finale is probably going to be as much an open wound as the end of Farscape before the Peacekeeper War.

  59. Hey Deadpan

    Got brave, took hubby’s car in this morning to have the snow tires removed. It better not snow now.

  60. Today’s movie is called Cyclops

    The dvr write up: a brave general takes on the menace of a Cyclopes at behest of a corrupt roman emperor

    I already know it contains the trio needed for a perfect B horror – violence, coarse language, and nudity.

  61. Hey wait… Why is Darryl Jans doing the news? Where is the regular Ian Whyte? I hate it when things break with the norm. I’m very much a creature of habit

  62. Beer of the night: North Coast’s Le Merle

    So far the best american saison I’ve found. Saison Dupont would be the only one that beats it.

  63. Hi Deadpan.

    Been helping my sister whose house was hit by a tornado.
    She is fine. Was at work at the time. Rescued her dog and over a period of 3 days, finally found her cats.
    Just got power/internet back yesterday.

    Interesting times – no power for 6 days and for the first few days, very limited phone or texting available. Pretty much cut off from the noise of the world. Just people banding together to help people.

    I’ll check back in later and will try to post photos.

  64. Not looking good for Washington in the playoffs. Their poor performance just reinforces my opinion that they are overhyped, especially Ovechkin.

  65. Thor already has good reviews, but I wait for rental. In fact, I probably wait for rental on all of those flicks. Upon seeing the trailer for GL I’m happy that they just “went for it.” GL is properly set in an outer space environment and is not ashamed of the source material. Unlike FF2 where Galactus became a bad storm. =P

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