Deadpan SAC #1: Nine Inch Smurfs

Um… the SAC stands for “Stand Alone Content”.

The Deadpan SAC (stop snickering!) is a new Deadpan channel, devoted to bringing some of the best skits and segments of the best, and making them available as Stand-Alone Content. Our First SAC release: the Deadpan Community’s collaborative parody song: “Nine Inch Smurfs”. The PG mix will [...]

Deadpan Earbuds Exchange

Not as disgusting as it sounds. We’ve put together some random pairings to trade and compare songs. The EBE matchups are listed below:

Vanamonde – Cj Amy Bowen – Jack Mangan New Dan from OR – JustaJ0e Essbee – Jeremy from Seattle ditto – Lo Pan Dan Shaurette – The Energizer Bunny UsedHair – Rhettro [...]