Deadpan SAC #1: Nine Inch Smurfs

Um… the SAC stands for “Stand Alone Content”.

The Deadpan SAC (stop snickering!) is a new Deadpan channel, devoted to bringing some of the best skits and segments of the best, and making them available as Stand-Alone Content. Our First SAC release: the Deadpan Community’s collaborative parody song: “Nine Inch Smurfs”. The PG mix will be released shortly, in Deadpan SAC #2.

Deadpan #203 will have a Thursday release for this week.

Deadpan Earbuds Exchange

Not as disgusting as it sounds. We’ve put together some random pairings to trade and compare songs. The EBE matchups are listed below:

Vanamonde – Cj
Amy Bowen – Jack Mangan
New Dan from OR – JustaJ0e
Essbee – Jeremy from Seattle
ditto – Lo Pan
Dan Shaurette – The Energizer Bunny
UsedHair – Rhettro
Ed from Texas – J.R. Murdock

There’s still room if you want to play! Contact me for further details.