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Jack curses a little girl’s bike

Greasy Nipples
Lost Ralph
DJ Bunny
DJ Bunny
Amy Bowen
Hugh & Dre
Ed From Texas
Nomad Scry
Brad P from NJ
DJ Bunny
Vanamonde (first of the week)

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382 thoughts on “Unshow.61

  1. Morning Pan, Finley a not so busy day! just in time for 2 more weeks of Lean 6sigma stuff and a class.
    I didn’t have time to tell ya’ll my son left for Basic Training in the Air Force last week.

  2. The commercial before the news said they mayo was made with 100% Canadian free run eggs. How do eggs run? I didn’t realize the eggs had a problem with their sedentary lives. Laying around in their carton

  3. Any iPhone owners here? I think I want one, but I’d love to hear your thoughts and your arguments for or against my getting one. What network are you on? If I were to get an iPhone, would I have better call clarity and reliability if I stuck with Verizon (where I currently am) or if I went to AT&T?

    • Amy, i cant help with network questions but I lve my iPhone. That being said, hubby loves his droid. The big have their positive and negatives. Apple keeps a very tight reign on it’s os which is good in that there is less chance of an app not working because of standards, and you know if there’s an update you’ll get it no matter what network you’re on. However, a lot of people prefer the openness of android. It’s all a matter of preference. One of the biggest reasons I went with the iPhone is, I had an itouch and a phone. When my phone contract came up I decided to combine both thereby eliminating one electronic device I had to carry

    • My wife loves her iPhone. she is on AT&T and has only and one issue last month when the phone showed it was transferring 150mb of data a day but we when to the local store and they payed for the 2gb plan that month till we figured out the issue. it seamed to be that she wasn’t closing apps like the map app so when ever she went anywhere it would download the map but we didn’t get and confirmation of that. she has the 200mb plan and other than that little issue she never used more than 50mb a month. i don’t think her usage is normal though. also calls sound great and she has only dropped 1 call since November. My daughter has an iPod touch and helps my wife with the iPhone all the time they seam very similar. but this is all second hand i have never used either one.
      I have a blackberry on Verizon.

    • Big iPhone fan here, obviously can’t help on the network and think TEB hit the nail on the head with her comments. I would add that you can jailbreak the iPhone and give Apple the finger by opening it up to Apps that Apple won’t play ball on (you may lose your guarantee though). Had very few failed calls, but do wish the battery life was better.

      Also the battery is not replaceable, so if away from a power point for a long time, you are looking at an external battery pack either in case form or as luggable item.

      I do like the way Apple handles replacements (as long as you don’t get the phone wet), and if you have an Apple store near so much the better.

  4. David carradine took a page from the William shatner school of acting

    It is our duty to… Form these fine minds… For future… Generations

    • Jeff is busy working on his solo album and it is sure to be great. There is a rumor that a former Deadpan interviewee may make a guest appearance on it. Warrel will have his album as well so there will still be music for the fans.

  5. It’s Thursday again already? How are the weeks slipping past me so quickly? I need to invent a time machine, or a time bubble to slow time. Or maybe a time bubble that speeds up time for me and slows time down for everyone else. Or… maybe I just need to pay attention and stop getting so caught up in the nothings of life that I miss the somethings.

    It’s Thursday? Really?

  6. Bbbbbut I put the shame in shameless. Also I put the less… Also Im not so good at it.

    “Hello young lady…er..come in here sometimes often?”
    *trips over stool*

  7. What a crazy day! Some good, some bad, some in between. Now on to Scottsdale Gymnastic for some Parkour action. See you on the flip side.

  8. So, I’ve been doing Zumba to help get me back into tip top shape and if you all recall just over a year ago I was on crutches because I have (stupidassbadwordsandothermeanterriblethings) a birth defect in my legs and my knee was all jacked from falling out of my car while it was raining blah blah..

    Well, Zumba is amazing and fun and apparently VERY VERY VERY bad for my knee.


    So… moving on to something else. *sigh*

  9. Sadness today- I decided to treat Hugh to a concert tomorrow night. We haven’t been to a show in a long long time.
    TV on the Radio are playing here Friday night. Thought it would be a nice chill show for us to see.
    Bought the tickets Tuesday, just checked my email and found out they canceled cuz their bassist died of lung cancer πŸ™

    very very sad

  10. sonuvabitch, it looks like some of my homebrew bottles got infected, luckily it looks like it was individual bottles and not the batch, but it is a blow to my sanitizing pride.

  11. Ok so it seems that my Total Recall rant was misinformed. While its true that Collin Farrell is still starring, it is NOT with Jessica Biel. Seems they offered the part to Kate Beckinsale.

    Please say yes, Kate.
    Please say yes.
    Please say yes.

  12. Wait, is Fast & Furious with Michelle Rodriguez? If so, I should watch it and there should be six. If not, ridiculous!

    We’re out for the weekend – might check in once or twice – we’ll see!

    Take care, peeps. MWAH!

    • No spoilers, but Michelle will not be in 5, so I highly doubt she’ll be in 6.

      (1 was good, 2 was maybe okay, 3 I skipped, 4 was fun, I bet 5 keeps the series alive.)


  13. Think I’m finally caught up.

    I think the “Grrrr! Martin” that Jack gave reading my comment was rather appropriate. Considering his history of getting books out on time, that can’t be the firs time someone has made that play on his name. Still, well played it was.

  14. RE: Portal. I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong, but I believe once you buy a game through steam, you can redownload it on your new computer once you get steam installed and log in.

  15. Oh, and it looks like I’m celebrating Good Friday with a microwave replacement project. I suppose after fifteen years, I can’t get terribly upset that it decided to croak on me today. I’m not expecting any resurrections on Sunday out of this one.

  16. A good way to finish a Friday.

    Drinking: Boulevard’s limited editionn imperial stout, a beer not to be missed.

    Watching: Babylon 5 a show that should not be missed.

  17. CD: Odell Double Pilsner. Another wonderful brew not on Pintley.

    CP: Heart’s “Dreamboat Annie” album

    CW: Rockies at Marlins

  18. Standings this morning (per nhl.com):
    VAN/CHI 3-2 Vanamonde/Cj
    SJS/LAK 3-2 EssBee/Ed
    WSH/NYR WIN 4-1 Lo Pan/NA
    BUF/PHI 3-2 ditto/NA
    DET/PHX WIN 4-0 Rhettro/Jack M
    NSH/ANA 3-2 Nomad Scry/JR Murdock
    BOS/MTL 3-2 Amy/Bunny
    PIT/TBL 3-2 LostRalph/UsedHair

    3 games tonight, so maybe more penalty singing will be in order shortly. Moo ha ha.

  19. Evening, DP! I’m CW: Game of Thrones E1 with my mom-out-law. Yes, I’d seen it, but she hasn’t!

    Also, my bag is packed for an early flight to Dallas in the morning. Boo. I’ll be out and unposty all week. I hope you all have a wonderful week. I’ll miss yous guys.

  20. Let me help the grouchies with todays awful joke…

    A hippie sits next to a nun in the bus & asks her if he could have sex with her, she says “NO! i am married to GOD!!” & gets off the bus in disgust.

    The bus driver says,”she prays every tuesday night at midnight at the grave yard, why dont you dress up in a hooded robe go to the grave yard tell her you are GOD & demand sex?”

    The hippie tries this & to his suprise the nun said “yes but only if we have anal sex as i want to keep my virginity”. They have passionate anal sex & when they are done the hippie throws off his robe & says “Ha ha! I’m the hippie!

    “The nun then throws off her robe & shouts out “Ha Ha! i’m the bus driver!!!”

  21. Since the last i-tunes update it sure has been flighty. It will often lock up and it’s hit and miss on whether or not it will recognize my phone. I am not a happy bunny right now.

    • Haven’t had a problem so far with the new update (fingers crossed).

      Even cured a problem with needing to sync twice to make sure all new files were copied over.

  22. Alright, while I appreciate that SyFy went ahead an aired the full season of Stargate:Universe, I’m even more pissed that it’s been cancelled as it has become some incredibly solid and moving television.

    Damn you!

  23. My top 25 from iTunes (represents only the last 18 months):

    1 Pumpin’ [Blurfish Remix] – Novy vs Eniac off of Ministry of Sound’s Trance Nation America
    2 Impossible Dream – Adrina Thorpe
    3 Flavor – Adrina Thorpe
    4 Invisible Love – Enigma
    5 Heal – Adrina Thorpe
    6 I Wish You A Merry Christmas (1999 Digital Remaster) – Bing Crosby
    7 Slide – Dido
    8 People and Tables – SinΓ©ad Lohan
    9 Too Shy to Scream – AFI
    10 Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave) – Roxette
    11 Ask – The Smiths
    12 Dreaming – Son-Dha
    13 Moment to End – Adrina Thorpe
    14 Had Enough – Breaking Benjamin
    15 Listen To Your Heart – Roxette
    16 Duality – Slipknot
    17 Did You Think – Adrina Thorpe
    18 Dear Agony – Breaking Benjamin
    19 Down With the Sickness – Disturbed
    20 Sumiregusa – Enya
    21 Round The Bend – Adrina Thorpe
    22 Qalanderi – Cheb I Sabbah
    23 Why Don’t You Get a Job? – The Offspring
    24 Moskau – Rammstein
    25 A Thing About You – Roxette

  24. Hmmm I don’t use iTunes anymore. I can’t really list my most played songs now… I wonder if Grooveshark has such a feature. I am gonna look.

  25. I’m eating a cold waffle I found in my refrigerator because I couldn’t be bothered with dinner. Is it wrong that I’m turning into a bachelor?

    What’s next? Cold pizza and beer for breakfast? Maybe I should start scratching myself in front of people so it makes them uncomfortable.

  26. I’m talking to myself here?

    Yea, that’s ok.

    Bizarre Love Triangles are nothing..

    I’m heading for a Bizarre Love Hexagon! Hell, let’s make it a dodecahedron! What have I got to lose?

  27. Cj, there’s nothing wrong with talkin to yourself. Sometimes that’s the only way you can get an intelligent answer… Or at least one you understand

  28. On another note, I’ve been given a date by my doctor. May 11th. That’s when I go in and get assessed. Figured I’ll be cleared for travel then. Then Arizona, watch out. You’re going to be Bunnyized. πŸ˜‰

  29. Wait. What? The weather lady just said we might get more snow by the end of the week. She also said we’ve had 50 cm (approx 25″) so far in April

  30. Hey, Bunny… I’ll be your weather girl. I forecast um..

    well, damn. I’m at a loss for something naughty to forecast. I’ll come up with something soon and let you know.

    Apparently my flirt is borked.

  31. Well back from seeing ‘The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec’

    Umm, most of the best bits were in the trailer.

    I fell alseep for 10 minutes during the performance.

    Adele didn’t really kick ass enough..I may have been missing the point.

  32. You know, I know it’s bad for you, but there is still something cool about a beautiful woman lighting up a ciggie and releasing the smoke.


  33. CW: The Killing Episode 5

    Crap joke:

    The queen and dolly parton die on the same day. An angel meets them and tells them theres only room for 1 of them in heaven and asks them why they think they should get in. Dolly takes off her top and says these are the most perfect tits god ever created and im sure it will please him to see them everyday. The queen drinks a bottle of water, pisses into a toilet and pulls the lever and is admitted to heaven. Dolly is outraged and asks what that was all about. Sorry Dolly says the angel but even in heaven a Royal Flush beats a Pair no matter how fuckin big they are!

    • Hubby and I were at a titanic exhibit on the weekend. At the end was a list of all passengers and who survived and who didn’t. One person asked one of the guides why they couldn’t locate the names of jack.. Whatever his name was and the other female lead character (don’t remember her name) from that movie. I still can’t decide whether she was serious or not

  34. Bunny: w00t! I can’t wait for Arizona to get Bunnyized again! :happy:

    Everyone: Today was my first day as an Executive Assistant at an IT consulting company. This is in addition to being a mad scientist who teaches kids to build machines and robots during their after-school programs. The real assisting work starts tomorrow.

  35. Well cancelled my credit card after the Sony debacle, now I have to wait 10 days for a new one and cancel some on going orders..grrrrr!

  36. RE: Stargate – I also gave up after a couple of episodes. But, my wife stuck with it, so I caught pieces of it when ever she had it on. Towards the end of the first season I started paying attention again. It has become some remarkably novel Sci-Fi.

  37. I see I get to subject you to more of my warbling. I don’t think I’ll get to record tonight, but I shall endeavor to have it for next week’s thrilling episode. So, there’s your teaser to stay tuned to Jack Mangan’s Deadpan. Like you need any more teasing πŸ™‚

  38. T Cat got me watching The Voice last night. Surprisingly good for a reality show. It might be the first of this type I want to watch.

  39. Glad to see Vancouver got out of the first round. Maybe they’ve developed some gumption and won’t struggle in the second round.

  40. To sum up hockey so far:

    JR Murdock sings Shania Twain – Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under
    Jack Sings Kiss – Detroit Rock City
    Ed from Texas sings Grateful Dead – Estimated Prophet
    Cj sings Mel C and Bryan Adams – When You’re Gone
    Ditto sings Rocky Theme – Gonna Fly Now

    I think that’s right

  41. Well, I ordered Flowers for mine and my hubby’s mom for Mother’s Day. I’m the good child… wait, I’m the only child.

  42. And this is why I support Crunchyroll: they get it.
    Pirates can’t compete with this kind of availability, since even the most dedicated fansub groups need time to do their own translations. Crunchyroll gets its content a week before first air date, giving it time to do a proper subtitling job. Piracy may never go away, but Crunchyroll is out to prove that “competing with free” is possible by treating piracy like a business problem.

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