Deadpan Earbuds Exchange

Not as disgusting as it sounds. We’ve put together some random pairings to trade and compare songs. The EBE matchups are listed below:

Vanamonde – Cj
Amy Bowen – Jack Mangan
New Dan from OR – JustaJ0e
Essbee – Jeremy from Seattle
ditto – Lo Pan
Dan Shaurette – The Energizer Bunny
UsedHair – Rhettro
Ed from Texas – J.R. Murdock

There’s still room if you want to play! Contact me for further details.

9 thoughts on “Deadpan Earbuds Exchange

  1. “New Dan from OR” reminds me of Rescue Me where they have a Sean and a Black Sean.

    What up, New Dan! I don’t think you were supposed to look in Karen’s lunch, you naughty boy.

  2. My earbuds exchange piece has been sent. You can all be grateful that I didn’t torture anyone with Sebastian Cabot’s version of Like a Rolling Stone.

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