363 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #234: Frantic Bits

  1. In this week’s Entertainment Weekly mag, there is a spot-on article about AMC’s The Killing. This article hit my pulsepoints for sure and it has reengaged me to want to continue on to Season 2.

    If you’re a (frustrated) fan of the show, the article is worth the read.

  2. Crap joke for the day:

    I was in town yesterday and I thought I’d spotted a superhero when I saw a man running down the street wearing a cape.

    Turned out it was some git who hadn’t paid for his haircut.

  3. From FB yesterday:

    Dan Shaurette
    So, deadpanites, excuse moi if this has been suggested already, but I have an idea to pose for for the next Palooza.

    Battle Royale (novel/manga/movie) vs. The Hunger Games (book/movie) followed by a Duel of the Fates to determine the Ultimate Winner!

    Cool? P.S. Wanna see Battle Royale the movie? Here you go: https://play.google.com/store/movies/details/Battle_Royale?id=tgFt63qpD80&feature=featured-movies

    Battle Royale – Movies on Google Play
    In a future where society is on the verge of collapse, the government takes drastic action against the problem of rebellious teenagers in this violent sci-fi opus from…

    • I shall be interested in this. Read some of the reviews for Battle Royale on Amazon (only $2.99 to rent there). Though, I don’t know when I’ll get to see it as it definitely sounds like one that I’ll have to make sure the kids and wife aren’t around for.

    • I’m very lukewarm on the show. For a series that hinges on how the protagonists are linked to the antagonists of Alcatraz, there really isn’t enough character development.

  4. We have been running a skeleton crew for the past week-or-so. Maybe Deadpan isn’t hip anymore, like MC Hammer pants. Or rattail hairstyles. Or human beat-boxing. Or Nana Mouskouri…

  5. Jack, please assign me a team for the hockey thingie. I don’t know enough about the teams to make an informed selection. From there I’ll pick a few flicks.

  6. I’m torn between the Tampa Bay Lightning (because I currently live in Florida) and the Ottawa Senators (because we were big fans of the farm league team The Binghamton Senators when we lived in NY). Anyone already have their hearts set on either one of these? My movie choices would be Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (takes place in Ottawa) for the Senators and to be horribly cruel, Cop and a Half (takes place in Tampa) for the Lightning.

    • And, yes… I am perfectly aware that the Panthers are also a Florida Team. However, Tampa Bay is much closer to me than Miami and I actually go to Tampa once in a while. I have yet to visit Miami.

  7. It’s all good, y’all. RL happens to the best of us.
    To those who requested NHL team assignments: I’ll be in touch.
    To UsedHair: Ottawa will probably make it, Tampa will probably not.

    Gotta post this stuff from my phone, these days. Sigh.

  8. *sigh*. While it’s highly unlikely Jack, if (with a giant as IF) they make it, I guess you can put me down for the Flames too. I know they want get very far bit I feel I should support them. I’ll decide on my movies for them if the time comes

  9. I just read some of a piece on Salon about how much The Killing S1 sucked, how much S2 will suck, and how much the writer hates the show.

    I LOVE that show, and exponentially more now after having finished the Danish Series 2 last weekend. Why does the mystery have to resolved neatly? Nordic Noir, baby. That’s how it works. That’s what “red herring” means.

    I cannot wait for Sunday’s premier.

  10. Crap joke for the day:

    *Girl opens gift on her birthday*

    Girl: “shoes and a vibrator?”

    Boyfriend: “If you don’t like the shoes, you can go fuck yourself!”

  11. Im sorry I cant post the link, due to limited interwebs access…

    You Tube vid: NIN perforning Down In It on Dance Party USA. I hear its a trainwreck. Maybe the search is worth the look

  12. I exist, albeit rarely.
    I have a new phone.
    I work 5am to 2pm now.
    My daughter tested for advanced placement in school (she was one of three in her class chosen)
    I bought a Coach purse.

    I have no other notable news at the moment. I think.
    Miss ya all.

  13. Two more Playoffs things, then I’ll move on. I promise.
    1. The last day of the season I’d April 7, so you do have some time to mull. We’ll set midnight of the 7th as the deadline to pick a team and its movies.

    2. I’m gonna assign movies to the leftover teams, with your hell and suggestions. This way, no one is off the hook, just because they’re up against an unclaimed team.

    OK, I’ll get back to the bad one-liners now.

      • It’s a really simple recipe
        Cut up some chicken (I use breasts and cut them into 1 – 2″ pieces.
        Heat oil, brown chicken.
        Remove chicken and set aside. It does not need to be cooked through as it will simmer later
        Add to same pan chopped onion, chopped carrots, garlic clove, Curry paste (the recipe book calls for 2 tsp, I like curry so I add a third tsp. Also, I use green curry but red will work too), 1/2tsp grated ginger root.
        Cook until onion is tender
        Add 1/2 c. apple sauce and mix with other items in pan.
        Add chicken, cover and simmer until chicken is cooked through
        add 1/3c. plain yogurt.
        Serve over rice

  14. If no one else has grabbed them, I’ll take the Buffalo Sabres. I worked up there when they won a few years back, so I feel connected in a weird way.

  15. I’m not sure how I going to find the time, but put me down for the Redwings. Bad movie choice “Doctor Detroit” with Dan Aykroid. I’ll have to think about a secondary feature.

  16. If no one picks up the Penguins, I think Slap Shot 2 (The Charlestown Chiefs are from Pennsylvania) should be the default movie for that team. Anything with Steven Baldwin MUST be a train wreck.

  17. Can we have a separate post for the hockey pickings? Or can we go back a couple posts ago and list off our teams/films there? I ask because I’m too lazy to scroll up and look at what everyone’s picked.

    And in case of hockey rapture, I’m picking the Avs. But as its more likely that Adam Sandler win a best actor Oscar than the Avs make the playoffs I’d like to pick Ottawa (as my man crush Chris Neil is there) unless UH had his hearts set on them. UH did you decide on the Sens?

    • turΒ·gid/?t?rjid/

      Swollen and distended or congested: “a turgid and fast-moving river”.
      (of language or style) Tediously pompous or bombastic: “some turgid verses on the death of Prince Albert”.

      swollen – puffy – tumid – pompous – bloated – inflated

  18. For the Hockey Pool, this is what I have – Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong
    Energizer Bunny – Chicago Black Hawks – Hudson Hawk or Head
    Energizer Bunny – Calgary Flames (HA!) – Silver Streak or Shanghai Knights
    Cynful – Buffalo Sabres – TBA
    LoPan – Colorado Avalanche – TBA
    LoPan – Ottawa Senators – TBA
    Used Hair – Pittsberg Penguins – Slap Shot 2 or TBA
    Rhettro – Detroit Red Wings – Doctor Detroit or TBA
    Jack Mangan – New Jersey Devils – Legend or Jersey Girl (this was done in jest on the podcast so may not be accurate)
    Vanamonde – TBA
    Desert Pixie – TBA

    Did I miss anybody?

    • Ah EssBee should be added as TBA
      UH said earlier Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter for Ottawa. Decided not to go for Tampa Bay huh?

      • or Ottawa? Oh well, LoPan gets to choose the movie for Ottawa since you decided to do Pittsburgh. Way to confuse me people.

  19. Morning Pan!
    Don’t homemade cinnamon rolls sound good?
    Okay, I’m trying to decide on my movies. I think I have one, but want to make sure that it is available on the nets.

  20. I didn’t pick the Penguins. I said I was torn between the senators or the lightning (if they make it). I suggested a movie for the penguins following up on someone’s concept that unclaimed teams also have movies assigned to them. I am fine with Lo taking the senators as I never really claimed them. I will take the lightning if they make it. If they don’t I can pick a different team. The penguins were the biggest rivals of the farm league Binghamton senators team. So I really really don’t want the penguins.

  21. Stupid spotty Sprint Service/network lockdown…

    UsedHair had requested Ottawa awhile back… and Tampa isn’t making the playoffs without performing a ritual sacrifice to some Pagan god.

    • Van, one of my friends writes romance novels with exclusively African American characters. I read and reviewed one of her books on Amazon, and I get the STRANGEST mix of recommendations now.

  22. FYI Van, Charles Stross has apparently changed his twitter avatar to a grinning puppy, in response to Christopher Priest’s harsh words in that article you linked.
    “Charles Stross writes like an internet puppy.”

  23. Has anyone here seen “The Last Starfighter” recently enough to know why it got a PG rating? Teen sexual antics? Lots of cursing? Were they just afraid that a “G” rating would keep the high school crowd away?

    I was going to recommend it to someone but it has been 2 decades since I’ve seen it and I just don’t remember anything much more then that I enjoyed it. Oh, and the “death blossom”. hehehe

  24. IMDB says:


    s-word 2 times. playboy magazine is mentioned twice. hell said a few times

    Frightening/Intense Scenes:

    Alien beings from other planets. Not human looking.

    • “Girls Around Me isn’t an app you should use to pick up girls, or guys for that matter. This is an app you should download to teach the people you care about that privacy issues are real, that social networks like Facebook and Foursquare expose you and the ones you love, and that if you do not know exactly how much you are sharing, you are as easily preyed upon as if you were naked.”

      Yeah to say the least

  25. I wonder if that App has filters to help stalkers narrow down their choices. Like – Buffalo Bill could use that to find plus-sized girls with smooth skin around him.
    Creepy. Block the 4square, kids.
    (I still don’t get why the article-writer recommends downloading it and using it. His logic escapes me.)

    • I think the app needs to be repackaged and come pre-installed on every smart phone as a security aid … it should be called –
      “Um … Have I said too much?”

      Advertisement – Is your online identity safe? Exactly how much of “you” have you put out there or the world to see? Did you check EVERY privacy box buried deep within those user agreements?

      With “Um … Have I said too much” you can quickly see yourself as the rest of the world does!
      “Um … Have I said too much?” If you have to ask … it’s probably too late!

  26. In hockey news, in what should have been a tilt of major implications, the Avs and Flames face off in 90minutes. Unfortunately both teams decided to be assholes and give up on the chase. Blah.

  27. The beauty of being in the middle of nowhere is you can walk around the house almost naked and only the sheep look unimpressed.

    The friend I staying with leaves the front door unlocked which does freak me out.

  28. And, the son’s birthday party, while small, went over well. Definitely the last time time I having a kids birthday party at my house, though. Next year we definitely go back to someplace where they can hose down the walls after we leave.

    • Reply 1: I don’t suppose any of those homebrews will make it to AZ this year. . . .
      Reply 2: I also recall Spitting Image’s brief run here. Their peak in the U.S. was probably the Genesis video.

  29. Hello, Pan.

    Busy, busy Saturday, but a really good one. Had a great time today.

    Script Frenzy starts tomorrow. Going to be a Script Frenzy Rebel and finish up my big audio drama project, [I]Cubelorg X.[/I] (I started it during Script Frenzy 2008.)

    Good night, mush.

  30. I let my kitty outside for a few minutes. She was very happy.

    The good thing about having a neurotic cat that’s afraid of everything is, you can let her out the back door and she won’t go any further than the back step, and then only if I’m in sight. The moment I leave her sight she goes back indoors.

  31. Playoff Update from the weekend:
    Flames (sorry, Bunny), Lightning (sorry, UsedHair)
    Sabres (sorry, Cynful), Jets, Avalanche (sorry, Lo Pan), Stars
    Coyotes, Kings, Sharks, Crapitals

  32. Hi Pan! Ive been entertaining an out-of-town friend today. We hit the botanical gardens and were graced with sightings of fun wildlife. The cacti & succulants are in full bloom now too.

    • I forgot to look out for the Renfaire, oh well. Hit me up next year, my kids have never been and I think they would enjoy it.

  33. Most of you know I’m not a big chocolate person but there’s something about a peanut buster parfait that makes me all melty. I figure it must be psychological. I can have ice cream, chocolate sauce, and peanuts at home but I won’t eat them because it’s not the same.

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