Jack Mangans Deadpan #232: Bad Sweaters

HiFiPalooza, Part 2!
More content dedicated to Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity.

Your show notes for the week

Jack Mangans Deadpan #232: Bad Sweaters

Promo – Saturday B Movie Reel (http://tuningintoscifitv.com/tag/sbmr/)

Hi Fi Palooza with:
Kurt in St. George
Justa J0e

Greasy Comments
DJ Bunny
Lo Pan
Justa J0e
Lost Ralph
Vanamonde – First of the week

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365 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #232: Bad Sweaters

  1. Your show notes for the week

    Jack Mangans Deadpan #232: Bad Sweaters

    Promo – Saturday B Movie Reel (http://tuningintoscifitv.com/tag/sbmr/)

    Hi Fi Palooza with:
    Kurt in St. George
    Justa J0e

    Greasy Comments
    DJ Bunny
    Lo Pan
    Justa J0e
    Lost Ralph
    Vanamonde – First of the week

    The mmmmmmeetup is the first weekend of May. Are you coming?

    Earbuddies are happening now!

    HiFi Palooza. Send your recordings in to Jack on either the book, movie, or both.

    Send in content: 480-788-JMDP(5637) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

    Closing Music

  2. Fun episode, everyone who contributed! I like hearing what everyone thought of the book and film. Ed and I agree, the subtitle could be “Diary of an Asshole.”


  3. I just got around to reading the entire “You Can Play” article and watching the video the Lo Pan posted over the weekend and now sit in my office at Evil crying. How smart to talk about “casual homophobia” and to take the bigotry out of it. Also smart to take the political and religious issues out of it. The NHL is about hockey. I really like the idea that a bunch of beefy white guys are stepping up to do this, and I love that Brendan Burke’s (assumedly) straight brother and father are leading the project. In case you missed Lo’s original:


  4. The problem with having a tornado drill when it’s nearly 80 out is that everyone goes outside and doesn’t want to go back in…. silly temp workplace.

  5. So the Stanley Cup playoffs are coming up again soon. After world championships and 2 NHL seasons, I think enthusiasm for singing has deflated.
    My new idea:
    Choose a movie that your defeated opponents need to watch (but go easy on the sex and gore … Keep it to a tame R or nicer…). The movie -watcher must supply audio of less than 5 minutes proving that they watched it — audio play-by-play, a review, fanfic, whatever.


  6. Ok, who broke the Deadpan this morning?

    Here I had a cute post about kitty and I sharing a cheese scone for breakfast but noooo. I couldn’t post it. After all, it’s all about me you know. :happy:

  7. Hubby made me join Google+ yesterday. Unlike him, I was accepted right a way, they didn’t question my existence.

  8. I’m a little depressed today. Our poodle, yes that one, is in declining health and the initial prognosis from the vet isn’t good. We’ll get blood work results back tomorrow and then we’ll have to make some decisions. Ginger is 16 years old and we have had her since she was a puppy, two years longer than we have been parents.

  9. True story:

    New baby girl is born.
    Nurse, “what will you name your new bundle of sweet joy?”

    Mom, (pronunciation of name is: Ab-sid-dee)

    Nurse, “How do you spell that for the birth certificate?

    Mom, “Abcde”


  10. Just watched the latest Alcatraz.

    They are obviously doing a good job (as Rhettro suggested), as the lead actress doesn’t look that large in the boob department.

  11. Avs tie it with 1.1 seconds left in the game then win it in the shootout.

    To say they pulled this two points out of their ass is an understatement. It may be stinky… but its my kind of stinky.

  12. Wee doggie – Amazon Prime is adding a bunch of shows from the Discovery networks. We may just bliss out on “How it’s Made”.

    • I’ve started watching the animated series ‘Avatar – The Last Airbender’ (via Netflix) that some of you have raved about in the past.

      Enjoying it so far.

  13. Phew! After saving multiple mannekins from impending cardiac doom, a girl needs some delicious food to re-energize. SomeBurros is on tap for lunch grub… (A definite must-have for any visitors to Phoenix.)

    *cough cough*

  14. You know, I don’t think scripted telemarketing calls using computerized voices should self-identify as John or any other name. Unless they are an AI. And I can’t believe an AI would be conservative.

  15. I’m pulling for the Yotes this season. I really am. They deserve the playoffs.

    As long as it doesn’t affect the Avs… 😉

  16. … at first this made me laugh. Then I thought about how guy is a contender for the US Presidency and it became less funny.


    “Santorum knows in his heart that elderly Dutch people are routinely euthanized against their will by doctors. He believes this to be true, no matter what the elite media tries to tell him.

    It’s the same way I know that one in four Laotians are born with an extra finger and that the most common name in Chad is Chad. It’s just what I believe. “

  17. I am very, very torn about the Dharum Ravi charges, and now verdict. I think he clearly violated Tyler Clementi’s privacy, and I think that I would consider what he did hateful. I struggle with “hate crime.” Maybe. I’m just not sure. And I think it’s super problematic to link the cyber-bullying to the suicide. I just do. That’s all very difficult to say given the stats of gay teen suicides.


    • Ironically I was just explaining to a young girl today that, while boys were trouble they weren’t generally “evil”.
      “Speaking from experience, boys are trouble because we tend not to think beyond the initial “BIG IDEA” – ‘Hey … I’ll bet I can hit that cat over there with this BB Gun’, ‘Hey, … I’ll bet if I timed it just right, I could drop this rock from the overpass and hit a car’, ‘Hey, instead of hauling this trashcan full of leaf clippings to the street … I could just pour some gas on them and light a match.’

      Young guys just don’t tend to think beyond the initial ‘Hey, I’ll bet I could …!’

      This seems to be one of those cases. ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if some of the guys could access this camera.’
      No real thought to what happens next.

      How any of us survive our youth is really pretty remarkable.

  18. I’m in a dress. We’re going to a wedding in two weeks so I’m trying to decide what I want to wear. The one I want to wear makes me look overly busty. Will wear it till hubby comes home and see what he thinks

  19. My doorbell rang. I’m in this fairly form fitting dress and white swat socks and I had to answer the door. I’m not sure what the delivery man thought of my fashion choices

  20. I gave Woody (my troublesome orange tabby) several timeouts today, hoping they would deter him from ruining my ever-so-precisely placed rabbit ears antenna.

    After the third timeout, I think my deterrant resulted in success.

    That’s 1 for the human race.

  21. Crap joke for the day:

    Just been stopped in the street today by a Lady conducting a survey…

    She asked me what I knew about dwarfs…

    I said ”Very Little”

    • I have a friend who works with Very young deaf kids. She’s currently working with a three year old that just recently got an implant. Apparently it’s an interesting thing watching them learn of a whole new world

  22. We are off to catch “John Carter” at the matinee. It will be interesting to see how it compares to the book, although I can already tell some differences from the previews.

  23. Dog update: We got the blood results back from the vet and Ginger doesn’t have any organ damage. She is doing much better after the last couple days of antibiotics and her appitie has returned. Looks like we are going to be dog owners for a little longer. 🙂

  24. The strange thing about his DAO is, when we went to the store DAO new was $30 or he could get DAO collectors edition with all the DLC new for $20. *shrug*. Who can explain the strangeness that is EB Games?

  25. The family enjoyed John Carter. We caught it in 2D as it sounded like it was a conversion job for the 3D and I’m not wasting my money on those anymore.

    The movie is rather loosely based on “A Princess of Mars”. The book itself is a fairly convoluted tale, but I think in some ways the movie made things more convoluted on top of that than it needed to be. Still, for $5/ticket at the early showing, not a bad deal.

  26. CD: Guinness Draught
    CE: Homemade pizza

    Hello from a St. Patrick’s Day house party on a wet, rainy day in SoCal!

    I’ve been busy most of this past week with a special project for my former boss. Yes, he’s paying me.

    I’m currently a little more than halfway through the book version of High Fidelity. I plan to finish it, then watch the movie, then catch up on Deadpan episodes, then record and send in my own thoughts.

    I know I owe an Earbuddies recording, and I will get it in when I can. I also want to participate in the hockey playoffs again this year. I don’t know which team or movie I want yet, though. I’ll get back to you on that.

    • It’s cool, Amy. Other people are still getting up to speed too. We probably won’t pick our NHL Playoff teams until next week.

      Glad things are going well for you! We missed Pi day without your reminder, though. 😉

  27. So my “green” beer for St. Patty’s was Great Divide’s Fresh Hop. A good IPA but not really any amazing hop aroma or flavor.

  28. Uncharacteristically lousy Sunday weather led to watching Annie with the kids. I was all set to click away to an alternative if they started throwing rotten fruit at the computer, but – – they liked it a lot. I recommend giving it a try, if you find yourself in the presence of little ones.
    You know how am I with musicals. . . but I was pretty damn pleased to find something that they’d connect with so deeply.

    Goodnight :hard-knock life:

    • My daughter is also particularly fond of Annie. It’s not my favorite musical, but I hope to use it as leverage to get my daughter to watch some other musicals at some point or other.

      • It was hard to enjoy mine as much after hearing the story! Although you can’t really buy anything comparable not made in China in those sweatshops.

    • I heard the original story – haven’t heard the retraction from this weekend yet. The thing that stinks about this, beyond Mike Daisey lying, is that the light his story shone on deplorable working conditions at Foxcon is now shining elsewhere.

        • Not in the least.
          To be ABSOLUTELY clear … There is almost NO electronic product that you can buy that doesn’t come with some component that is made at that Foxcon plant. Many PC based devices are manufactured completely by Foxcon.

          One of the “red flags” that should have been noticed when this story first came out was how Daisey kept pounding the Apple name and never mentioned all of the other product that are made at Foxcon. This guy was seeking attention and big headlines so he made this a story about the company that is currently getting the most attention and headlines.

  29. It’s official, hubby’s moving to the high school in September. However, in a convoluted way that actually makes a lot of sense, will will be AP there. It’s a lateral move but still one he wanted.

  30. She has to re-enter half the data because she did it wrong. However, because she overwrote the old data instead of starting a new page, I have to go back, as much as a year, to find the old data and re-enter that myself *sigh*. Luckily I caught her error before she finished entering. I’d hate to have to redo it all

    • Now if my brain wasn’t rotted from years of taking statins I could probably work out your rough latitude from that statement

      No spring till till midnight in the UK.

  31. Let me repeat a phone conversation I just had:

    Phone: *ring*
    Me: Hello?
    Phone: Is Ryah there (they pronounce my name wrong btw)
    Me: Speaking
    Phone: I’m calling on behalf of the Wild Rose Pa-
    Me: *interrupts* I don’t have time for this.
    Phone: Well, why don’t I call back later?
    Me: Or not at all
    Phone: *pause*
    Phone: *pause*
    Phone: … yes… I could do that…
    Me: Good *click*

    Ah yes, showing all that I am indeed the stereotypical polite Canadian :biggrin:

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