515 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #231: What Ed Thinks of Rob Fleming

  1. And here I thought that music video I linked to last week would get my interview spiked πŸ™‚ We’ll see if Jack’s magic was able to pull anything intelligible out of my rambling…

  2. We got a bit of snow last night but not as much as threatened, only about 5cm (2 inches). That being said, here in the south end of the city we almost never get the snow the north end gets. They get hit a lot harder.

  3. Show Notes:

    Jack Mangans Deadpan #231: What Ed Thinks of Rob Fleming

    Hi Fi Palooza with special guest Ed from Texas

    The mmmmmmeetup is the first weekend of May. Are you coming?

    Earbuddies are happening now!

    HiFi Palooza. Send your recordings in to Jack on either the book, movie, or both.

    Send in content: 480-788-JMDP(5637) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

    Closing Music

  4. Lo and behold, Lo Pan’s birthiversary. πŸ™‚

    A little bit of internet digging reveals that US “Smarties” are called “Rockets” in the Great White North. Canadian “Smarties” in the US are referred to as “M&M Minis”.

      • Except for one. The list of douchy things he did to Laura and then holding the mirror up to the audience to examine themselves.

        Did they explain his crimes in the book they way they did in the movie? In the movie, after he admits to having done these things he explains the time and context of them and you see that while some are acts of doucheyness … the aren’t the premeditated villainy they are at first presented to be. Especially the one about “Have you ever thought about being with someone else?” thing.

        As far as the looking in the mirror thing … I envy anyone who can look back on their mid to early 20’s and not find one or two things they carelessly did to people they really cared about, things that in retrospect were pretty douchey. “Self centered” is what a 20-something does best!

        • Apart from the change of venue, the film
          Is pretty faithful to the book (sometimes to the point of silliness) including his explanations of what happened between him and Laura.

          • Yes, Rob’s arsehole actions are explained in further detail in the book too.
            Even with the similarities, I think the movie misses way too much of what made the book brilliant.

  5. It’s hard to recognize him when the networks keep pixelating everytime he makes an appearance. He must be in witness protection.

  6. Is anyone still watching Alcatraz? There was a funny moment last night where Hurley (I have no idea what his name on the new show is – shows you how into it I am) tells his comic book store manager as a threat “or else I’ll tell (girl name) that you have all the Twilight movies on blu ray.”

  7. We watch Alcatraz on InDemand when there isn’t anything else on. Anyone else notice how hard the wardrobe department is working to hide how buxom (girl name) is?

  8. The hackish writing and angsty teen subplot soured me on Terra Nova and I don’t find myself really caring for any of the characters on Alcatraz. *shoulder shrug*

    • I’m tempted, though I wasn’t blown away by the series. I like the special edition stuff, though!

      I’m anxious to get the US The Killing on DVD, which comes out next week. It’s got a hefty pricetag, though.

      • Oooooo I really enjoyed the Killing…. Until the final episode. That was gut-wrenchingly disappointing. But that series was so good at the build up of each episode and the subsequent events. My mom and I would discuss that show every week.

  9. Well, apparently Jack must have worked some magic on this episode, judging from the response. I guess I’m going to have to be brave enough to listen for myself.

  10. Going to pick up my ME3 preorder this evening. I should avoid installing it as I do have to get to work in the morning.

    • 3 assists for your Steeeeeeeeeeeve Doooooownie!

      I just want playoff hockey in my city this year. That’s all. And dont get down on the Yotes… for some reason Columbus has been the greatest team in hockey since the trade deadline. I still foresee some hot Yotes/Avs action come playoff time.


  11. Stupid Coyotes. That 3rd Blue Jackets goal was one of the worst bits of officiating I’ve ever ever seen.

    But still.

    The loss is entirely the Coyotes’ fault.

    At least the Devils kicked some Ranger ass…


  12. Hey Pan!

    Hubby has a meeting at our end of town so he will be leaving an hour later this morning. Did we get to sleep in an extra hour? Oh no, that would mess with our schedule :silly:

  13. *grrr*
    I HATE IT when CNBC fills their morning broadcast with politicos! I tune in to see what the CEO of Kellogs or FedEx has to say about their the state of their industry and what they have planned for improving profitability … not listen to some damn politician or paid lobbyist recite talking points.

  14. Well I’m either a pre-cog or ‘Daily Science Fiction’ has run the same story twice (The Way – about an old couple driving off into the sunset).

    Place your bets, but I think the latter is more likely..

  15. Well new iPad was announced today.

    Not sure I’m all that interested in the upgraded camera specs, the iPad is still far too much if a handful for photography on a regular basis.

  16. Yeah, I wouldn’t use it as a dedicated camera either, though for quick, informal snaps it is nice to have the camera there.

  17. Buying Ipad 1’s on closeout when the Ipad 2 came along was a pretty easy call. This time, I think I see an Ipad 3 in my near future.

  18. Anyone else curious to see what the Solar Flare Storm has in store for Earthlings today? All that comes to mind for me is, “Night of the Comet.”

    …and yes my visual includes 80’s fashion mishaps

  19. A crap joke that is just crap:

    A guy gets pulled over by a cop for speeding. As the cop is writing up the ticket, the guy asks, ” can you arrest me for calling you a filthy name??”

    ” yes” replies the cop.

    He then asks,” can you arrest me for thinking something?”

    ” no” replies the cop.

    ” well then,” says the man ” i think you’re a cunt!!.”

  20. Been playing Limbo again this time on Onlive, man that spider bit is creepy.

    Strange that Onlive works smoother on my laptop connected via Wifi, then on the desktop plugged directly into the router.

  21. I, of course, have been playing mass effect 3. Just told the character I romanced in ME2 that I would consider a second round. It was a close call though, there is this new character that revs my virtual engine. He calls me Lola

  22. Man, that guy that Jack interviewed this week sure likes to say “you know” an awful damn lot. Anybody have a good speech therapist they can recommend?

  23. Crap joke for the day:

    Little boy tells his nursery teacher he found a dead cat.

    “How did you know it was dead” asks teacher.

    “Because I pissed in its ear & it did’nt move” says the boy.

    “You did what?” shrieks teacher.

    “You know” explains the boy, “I leant over & went Pssst & it didn’t move” !

  24. Got my XBOX hard drive link cable yesterday. Plugged it in to the newer XBOX and… nothing. I doesn’t see the old drive. The instructions made a big deal about your consoles operating system being up to date, but I have Xbox Live so I think I am. Could be the drive’s toast. Looks like I’ll be replaying through Mass Effect 1 and 2 all over again.

  25. In another instance where there are too many variables to say for sure, hubby may, or may not, be going to Edmonton for a few days next week. *sigh*. My life is very convoluted sometimes

  26. Another crap joke:

    I think I’ve got an addiction to chat lines, my phone bill came through yesterday at Β£2745 I’m never ringing Stuttering Sluts again

    • Finally picked up my copy today. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to play, but… well, I have to decide whether to finish my current ME2 replay or start with ME3.

    • Ditto, I heard that ME3 doesn’t give you choices at the beginning if you didn’t do ME2. There were too many variables so, if you play fresh, you get what they decided happened in ME2. Not what may have really happened to you

  27. U.S. News rated Registered Nurse as #1 job in the U.S. for 2012.

    A. Yay! Job security
    B. sigh. Healthcare Reform
    C. What the article doesn’t say: New Grad RN’s still struggle with 6-12 months of job-seeking.
    D. Yes! Always encourage someone who is interested, to pursue a career in nursing.

    πŸ™‚ Pixie’s $0.02

  28. Morning Pan.

    Our local brewery cam out with a new kind of beer, which hubby got yesterday. This morning he read the bottle to me. It said, “With the flavours of chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and a few other surprises lurking in the background…”

    Lurking? Do you really want a beer that lurks?

    • Yes, Brian Burke strikes you as the classic, stereotypical old school hard guy, but he’s been awesome about this, ever since his son Brendan came out.

      The comments are surprisingly *mostly* civil too.

  29. Just came back from John Carter of Mars. I enjoyed it. Of course, I never read the books to compair it to. Though its been a while since hubby read them, he said the movie seemed to hit most of the points from what he could remember. There were only one or two things he seemed a bit fizzy on. Just grabbed Princes of Mars. Will have to read it to see for myself

  30. After much delay, Mass Effect 3 is now installing. Actually, I’m now downloading my collectors edition materials and soundtrack.

    Take Earth Back!

  31. We went back to San Antonio yesterday to visit my Mom. I know I posted to Facebook, but I don’t think I did here – my mom was hospitalized early in the week due to mental complications. She’s been experiencing an extreme form of constant Deja Vu. Everything that happens to her, even though for the first time, she thinks has happened to her previously. Doctors have run all kinds of tests, but can’t lock down anything physical. All are pretty sure that it is a symptom of something else going on with her.

    My dad didn’t tell her we were coming, so it was a big surprise when we came in yesterday. It was clear that having us and her grand kids around really cheered her up. Hopefully the docs will figure out what’s going on soon and get her sorted out. She actually did pretty well while we were with her.

  32. Thank you all and Good Morning!

    It’s Spring Break in my corner. Plan to take a few days off this week to take the kids on a few adventures around town. Though, I can already tell from the bit of time we spent last night, the kids will be expecting a fair bit of Mass Effect 3 entertainment. After our meeting on Mars, my daughter wants to be Liara.

  33. Scott Sigler’s review –
    “JOHN CARTER was awesome to look at. The dog was cute. Costume design, FX & props were best parts. Plot? Meh.
    I just had problems with consistency. One second, Carter can’t whoop a single green dude, the next he can slaughter hundreds at a time.
    I will say, though, that the JOHN CARTER monsters were phenomenal.”

  34. Ok, I’m off to rustle some lunch. I see on line Wendy’s has a new Wild Berry Frosty Shake… I know that wouldn’t be approved but… Wildberry! Now, what to have with it…


    Also, might be a PBP after lunch. We’ll see what I have on the DVR.

  35. Totally ignoring the spoiler rules I posted above, today’s movie is called Mask Maker

    The DVR writeup: TreT Williams stars in this terrifying horror film about an axe-wielding maniac who stalks a young couple and their friends on a plantation

    • In a long and sordid explanation you probably don’t care about, Hubby was suppose to go to Edmonton but the Principal’s brother is dying (smoker – cancer) so he had to leave town on Friday. If he came back today or tomorrow, hubby would have gone to Edmonton but the principal won’t be back until next week so hubby cancelled. That’s way we were unsure what John’s plans were until now.

  36. So I’m warm and toasty and smell like lavender bubble bath. I’m in an over-sized tshirt, a kitty on my lap and a book in my hand

    CR: The Knowland Retribution – Richard Greener

  37. …annnd we have ourselves an NHL Western Conference playoff race, folks.

    Tough game in the desert tonight. Had the refs called the game legit then I believe the tides would have turned. I will take that 1 point, tho.

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