668 thoughts on “Antiprocrastination Unshow 53

  1. You know NS I’m actually glad I don’t know what you actually do.

    I can safely envision you working in a massive steampunk mechanical monstrosity, steam everywhere, frantically banging misbehaving equipment with a large spanner.

    I’m sure flanges feature at some point.


  2. Never could really get into Caprica. We watched the pilot when it was put out on DVD. While that was decent, I thought it laid out enough in those couple of hours that it made a series rather superfluous.

    It will be interesting to see if the new series with Adama in the middle of the first Cylon war can go anywhere.

  3. Hmm, wonder if Evo really is quitting again for real this time….

    Guess we’ll see if anything ever shows up in the feed again.

  4. My daughter came home from school yesterday and showed me the book she got from the library.

    It was “The Greatest Records in Hockey”.

    I cried just a lil.

  5. demoncat sounds off…

    demoncat said:
    canceling shows that sci fi is becoming like other networks and figure if its not a big hit after a time pull the plug. plus think they also canceled it for they found out they are running their so called cash cow into the ground by all the spin offs and such

  6. Havent had much time to watch scary movies this Halloween, but heres the ones I have and their corresponding Lo Pan grades on the

    1. Stir of Echos – 3.25 six demon bags out of 4

    2. House of the Devil – 2 green eyed girls out of 4

    3. Severence – 3.5 black bloods of the earth out of 4

    4. Let the Right One In – 3.3 burning blades out of 4

  7. So far this morning I have written and not sent 2 snarky posts regarding Caprica’s slow pace and what that would indicate about how long it will take for it to actually stop airing …
    … wait, does this count as a third one?

  8. I’m not much of a horror movie person, but I do have Shutter Island sitting there waiting to be watched. I really love Dennis Lehane, so have hopes for this. I also started watching The Fallen, the older Denzel Washington flick, this a.m.. The latter might be more thriller than horror.

    Anybody planning to watch the new zombie series on AMC? I know there’s also one running this week on IFC, but I didn’t catch it.

  9. I am excited about the AMC zombie thing. I pretty much figured that after “Shaun of the Dead” … there wasn’t really anything new to be squeezed out of the zombie story line. Given AMC’s track record for quality entertainment … I figure if anyone can make something that’s not the same old thing … it’d be them.

    I’ll have the Tivo at the ready … so no spoilers the next day!

  10. The positive on this:

    Those repulsive, hate-filled people are the shrinking minority. They’re just much louder and a thousand times more actively destructive.

    The negative: Their insanity will probably get more intense and more dangerous, as future generations of increasingly tolerant kids grow up, making the prejudiced haters more and more obsolete. They’re already beginning to feel like rats backed into a corner.

  11. I vote for Thailand and Bulgaria, Rhettro. And fries with gravy from the land of ditto and Bunny, of course.

    If I ate fries as much as I wanted to, I’d weigh 8,000 pounds.

  12. Me: Bosslady, do you have XYZ?

    Bosslady: No, but check with Peon #1

    Me: Peon #1, do you have XYZ?

    Peon #1: No, that’s Bosslady’s area

  13. So I’m going to Farnham (UK) on Wednesday and leaving on Thursday morning. I would ask where Van and NS are in relation, but in all likelihood I will be far to busy to see more than Gatwick airport, the hotel and my work site (fucking business travel) :cwy:

  14. Don’t know why I though NS was from the UK. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

    Anyway, glad to know that I wouldn’t be missing an opportunity to meet up if you’re 400 miles away.

    The bulk of my trip will be spent in Riyadh (about 1 week). So I will be quite absent for a while starting around November 2.

  15. BTW – on the topic of horror films
    I saw bits of “13 Ghosts” again today.
    As that sort of film goes, I find I like it. For all of it’s standard cliches … It noticeably avoids the biggest one. Can’t say more without being spoilerific.

  16. Its a good thing I have a large penis cause if not Id be all wondering why noone is talking to me tonite.

    Make sense? To you, no. To me, yarp.

    Goodnite again, “Jawbreaker”

  17. Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry Nomad Scry

  18. From the second to last paragraph of EssBee’s link:

    We need to continue to strive toward a culture of tolerance, and to speak out when people say idiotic things, because kids are dying over remarks like McCance’s (and that should absolutely never involve becoming bullies ourselves, like the Facebook members who’ve posted McCance’s home address and phone number).

    Emphasis mine.

  19. I know I must have seen the Smurf’s trailer at least three times this year while waiting for a good kids movie to start. I dread that I am doomed to see the trailer many more times before next spring.

    Now, if they make a movie about the Snorks instead…..then I may just have to go postal.

  20. demoncat weighs in:

    demoncat said:
    nice to see marvel keeping the cap costume as true from the comics as it can get with out sucking. and chris already had that so called beef cake role before cap. also can now wait to see what Hugo face looks like as the Red Skull. when he goes red

  21. J0e, that wouldn’t work for several reasons.

    1) his time is pretty well scheduled out on this trip (yes that even includes silly wine tours)
    2) He’s with a group of people from work and they tend to party together; and
    3) Deadpan is really more my thing than his. He knows some of the people by my references (and Jack because I’m an idiot) but he doesn’t listen (unless I’m listening when he’s in the room) or follow the forums so I don’t think he’d be comfortable meeting with someone he doesn’t really know.

  22. CP: FCC Song — Eric Idle
    Fuck you very much the FCC
    Fuck you very much for fining me
    Five thousand bucks a fuck so I’m really out of luck
    Thats more than Heidi Fliess was charging me.
    So fuck you very much the FCC
    For proving that free speech just isn’t free

  23. Another podcast that I listen to (actually, it’s one of several dedicated to Disneyworld – been rather helpful with planning and preparing for my first trip in a few weeks)….

    What was I saying? Oh, yeah. The hosts answer emails questions and one that came in was interesting. These people who host the show mostly live in Florida and go to Disneyworld several times a year. The question was

    “When was the last time you did something for the first time, and what was it?”

    While I’m sure the questioner was asking about finding something at Disney that this experienced group hadn’t done before, they diverged to life in general.

    I thought that would be an interesting topic for our merry band. I’ll leave it to the wisdom of the crowd to determine if we should share things here, or use them as a call in idea for the show.

  24. The smurf news also means I need to get moving further on that “9” Smurfs” project.

    Welcome to the pool, everyone. I’m the one clinging to the wall in a shower cap and floaties with a big smear of sunscreen on my nose.

    Not ignoring your terrifying newslink, EssBee. Our states appear to be in an out-crazying competition.

  25. Ed: That’s a hard question because I always strive to do or try new things, so what kind of scope do you want to this question?

    There’s new stuff I’ve been learning at work, but that’s required by the project.

    I tried a new restaurant the other week. That was fun.

    A couple of months ago, I read “Feed” by Mira Grant. I normally avoid the Zombie genre, but this book sounded interesting and I was really surprised and pleased by how good it was.

    That’s what currently comes to mind.

  26. LOL, Van!

    I have a somber one. I formally wrote up one of my employees about 4 months ago, and gave some really negative – but fair – feedback on performance. It felt yukky, and anxiety-ridden, but the results have been outstanding. S/he totally turned her/his shit around.

  27. Ban the dictionary, especially. Why would we want our kids to know what words MEAN.

    I’d prefer the kids in my life to understand what oral sex means . . .

  28. I can testify to the high quality of WNDRWolf’s howling. :happy:

    I did something for the first time just today: I went to a corn maze. By
    myself. It took me 45 minutes, 55 seconds to solve it. It was a lot of fun.

  29. A new thing I’ve tried lately is reading a Clive Cussler book (Pacific Vortex). Definitely not my style of reading and it’s slowing me down from getting to Dark Star, but a neighbor recommended it so I thought I would try it out. It’s quite “meh” so far.

  30. I live in (or more technically -near-) Orlando, but I’ve only been to Disney once, so I can’t provide any additional tips on things to do there. :ermm:

  31. Just a quick FYI for other Netflix users, Netflix is now supporting instant streaming to the PS3, and Wii, without a disc.

    Assuming you haven’t already gotten the email and downloaded the new client yourself…

  32. Jack: šŸ˜† No, just other maze participants. I probably spent 10-20 minutes of that totally lost; according to the attendants, I was only about the second person to do it solo, and most groups of people finish in 20-30 minutes. They didn’t say how long the other solo maze-solver took.

  33. Wow Lo, now I feel cheated I only got the email for the Wii today, and the PS3 was on monday.

    And yeah the best thing is the ability to search for movies on the Wii.

  34. OK, srsly.. tried to catch up. Just not gonna happen.

    How did my life get so busy?

    I need a hug. A REAL one… (although I’ll accept the virtuals) from all you guys.. I miss you much.

    Haven’t even had time to listen to the episode.

    Someone local get your ass to me and hug me.

  35. When did I become so odd that I refuse to buy a blouse unless it actually displays my cleavage? When did I become this person?

    And – seriously, my new shirt is hawt.


    I do love my cleavage.

  36. month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end month end

  37. Don’t be sorry – it’s totally welcome! Appreciated! Loved even!

    I didn’t mean that I don’t want them… I just ..

    sorry I was distracted by this … what beating what?

    Jack’s talking about Halloween and his memory..

    I’m gonna need my 12 minutes ..

    dammit, I’m at work!

  38. FYI – Rally to restore sanity (and or fear) is currently on live from The National Mall.
    Some people showed up. A whole lot of some people by the looks of it.
    Could the nation really perhaps be reasonable?

  39. woman sez: hawt??

    What other H words are there?

    Hugh the Hughness
    Hugh the Hot
    Hugh the Holy
    Hugh the High
    Hugh the Hysterical
    Hugh the Humorous
    Hugh the Honest
    Hugh the Highroller
    Hugh the Herbalist
    Hugh the Herbivore
    Hugh the Hammy
    Hugh the Hunky

  40. the unshow isn’t even 3 minutes long

    kurt is first
    Vanamonde hard to chew
    ditto wants a proton pack
    bunny is connected with Matt
    JB on fox’s bday


    Good job peeps

    Happy Halloween!

    Woman sez: Happy Halloweenie!!

    whats with you and weenie??

    Woman sez: I like weenies

    I love you for that

    Jack can’t speak

    Jack-a-mo-lantern pictures


    next week things to look forward too

    his beaten off story to come

    updated 9″ smurfs


    that’s it

    happy and safe halloweenie

    goodnight goon

  41. he got a crack in “it”


    Paddy o’ Bear

    Paddy O’ Bear could drink

    Paddy O’ Bear was Jimmy

    Paddy O’ Bear was on alcohol, xanex, marijuana, ecstasy and PCP

    Paddy O’ Bear pissed himself

    Paddy O’ Bear was commando in the bear suit

    Paddy O’ Bear could articulate

    Paddy O’ Bear jumped

    woman sez: I’m so glad that was fiction. Yikes.

    Sounded like that story about the guy when we were in highschool who impaled himself on a fence back in the late 80’s. Remember that?

    Woman sez: Oh shit. Yeah. Kid was high on something. Do you remember what, Hugh?

    No. But he was really messed up and jumped out a window and impaled himself on the fence.

  42. woman sez: Is that Tee Morris?

    Woman sez: I’ve forgotten his voice

    I don’t know Tee

    Woman sez: Yeah I think that is Tee. They are discussing Alan Moore’s books.

    We think Watchmen is better, but can understand your V appreciation

  43. he left out a lot of content to make room for the longer bits

    oh! I have a joke

    You better not put any content in next weeks Deadpan to make room for my longer bit

    woman sez: you think you are so funny

    I am funny. You are laughing

  44. Jack didn’t come back!

    Andrea wins. Yay me!!

    It’s been fun pan.
    We’ll be out the next few weeks so to cover everything over the next few weeks:

    Happy Halloween
    Happy voting
    Happy 17 year anniversary to my beautiful wife
    Happy Birthday to me
    Happy daylight savings
    Happy Thanksgiving

  45. You could attach a still image (or series of still images) and put in on Youtube. I’ve seen that done with a few things where people have made ad hoc music videos.

  46. Vanamonde said:

    Is that the next version of Windows?

    I wish I knew how to make a Windows desktop theme. If I did, I would so make a Deadpan one.

    Talked things over with my mom today. We both agreed that 30 songs in 30 days is way too much. I decided to rebel by finishing one or more old pieces of fiction, and maybe writing a song or two in there somewhere.

    TSH: They caught the undead microbe infection from the zombie fish they fought back in Questors episode #1 (which was in Deadpan episode #100).

    One of these days I will get off my lazy butt, remaster that sucker and get it posted on Podiobooks.

    Happy birthday and anniversary to you, TSH! šŸ™‚

  47. Lo may have the flowing hair, but I’ve got the library.

    AFI, Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights, lostprophets, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco (actually, I’m sick of them), Paramore, Saves the Day, Simple Plan, Story of the Year, Taking Back Sunday, and

    CL: 30 Seconds to Mars – Search and Destroy

  48. Alright, if any American panites (can’t promise it works for the international contigent, I’m afraid). –

    If you check in before midnight, Amazon’s MP3 store has a 99 song collection of “Darkest” pieces of classical music for $1.99 for today. I know I’ve already got many of these, but I’m sure there are more that two that I don’t.


    Also, if you put in at the “Redeem a gift card….” link in the upper right STUDENT3 for a code, you’ll get a $3 Amazon MP3 credit to use as well.

    Happy Halloween, pan.

  49. Good morning beautiful Bunny.

    Enjoy yourself Van.

    We had a blast last night. I could definitely sleep more this morning.
    Alas, it is my “Friday” today – then the rest of the week shall be putting the finishing touches on the little dude’s birthday party…

    Cannot believe my little man is turning 5…

  50. I am, however, going to eat a Twizzler.. at 5:41am.

    because I have ZERO control over myself when it comes to red licorice thingies.

    Red Vines are supreme… but still..

  51. ditto – maybe it was done for the photo ops of people trying to use those “randomly” placed usb ports… Think of the hilarious pictures of people trying to get their laptops up to a port just out of reach…


    I’ll get Van’s coat.

  52. Van – That was made earlier this year (maybe last year) for a contest…
    I didn’t win some guy with a bunch of monkeys won…

    TEB – Don’t worry it will wait for you… but only you. šŸ˜‰

    Anybody seen Jack today?

  53. Exhausted.
    Finally got all of the outside decorations (and support gear like audio stuff and fog ducting) dismantled and put away. Or at least moved into the garage where I can put it away tomorrow.

    It’s a lot of work for a one night engagement but it was quite a show!

  54. Aww Van… I haven’t *swooooned* in a while.. thanks for that.

    and as far as writing boys’ names goes.. I always wrote my crushes’ names on my shoes.

    Not my jeans.

    Shoes… why? I don’t know.

  55. BTW, I’m really digging Van’s John Carpenter mix. Thanks for posting, Van! Appreciation for this whole crappy primitive synthesizer instrumental genre will probably die out with us. The label “New Age” definitely did them a disservice.

    Goodnight :Jean-Michel Jarre:

  56. *slaps Lo Pan on the butt*

    What’s hockey?

    I watched the end of the World Series game last night. I was rootin’ for the Rangers, but enjoyed the series in spite of their loss.

  57. I sometimes don’t like working from home. Sometimes, being alone without anyone to rant at during the day is… disheartening.

    I’m obviously in one of those stupid moods. Quick Lo, Say something silly to make me smile šŸ™‚

  58. RE: “(JOe, am I right?)”

    Well Essbee, I’d have to say that your starting position on “Team GLBT” would make some automatically believe that you would have to be far left.
    However, I have found that your reasonable views on life in general (and the fact that you tow the line for your corporate overlords) puts you much closer to “moderate”.

  59. Speaking of awkward …
    I just checked the guy’s website and yep … it WAS a candidate for state senate that I publically called out this morning for douchebaggery.
    Didn’t know who he was, just thought he was another regular douchebag.

  60. I should explain –

    I was walking into my community center to vote and I see this big SUV with magnetic campaign signs on it, pull into one of like 6 spaces near the building that are reserved for people who are going to the library.

    I immediately had my doubts as the sharply dressed man with the fancy haircut and the teen(?) girl climb out. Still, I walked on past.

    As I got to the front doors though, I could see their reflections behind me as they walked past the doors to the library and stopped to talk with someone. Something inside my head said “If you don’t say something, who will?”

    I turned around and started back towards the couple who had now positioned themselves on either side of the flag pole at the entrance and seemed to be wanting to wave at folks. The clean cut guy (with a big campagn button on his jacket) makes eye contact with me and seems to know I want something so I called out from about 10 yards away, “Excuse me but there are other available parking spaces. Could you PLEASE not use the one specifically reserved for those trying to go to the library? Thanks.”

    His smile never faded but now looked completely plastic.

    “Oh. Okay.” he said.

    When I got inside I peered out and he and the girl were climbing back into the SUV.

  61. BTW – After I had voted and was heading back to my car I noticed no sign of the guy or his SUV but I did see a poor girl with her arms full of books. All the Library spaces were full (all Library patrons I am SURE) and she had to park some distance away and was trying not to drop the books which were stacked up under her chin.

    I offered to help her of course but she declined. I guess she was more afraid of me then damaging the books.

    Still, it made me feel better about calling someone out for taking those spaces.

  62. Well pan, I told Jack a lie. I told him I wouldn’t be back on the boards for a couple of days. I won’t get into the huge ass rant, but I just got told that some tests I wasn’t expecting to take for another week has been bumped up to Thursday. And I’m afraid, all my friends work during the day so it’s hard to talk to people when you need them. I told Jack I wasn’t going to bring this to the board because I don’t like to bring DP down. As isaid, I lied. After waiting for six months things are being pushed along rather quickly. I’d almost say too quickly, but I’m glad

    While I’ve hinted at being sick for a while, Thursday I get tested for MS. I got called about 5 minutes ago giving me the date. I think, now that it’s test time, I’m a little nervous. Even if it comes out negative, it’s still scary

  63. Funny thing Lo, I almost want the test to be positive. The process op to this point has not been fun and if it comes out positive the process will stop and we can start moving forward

  64. In all fairness, as I said, this has been ongoing and I haven’t said much (and as much as told Jack I wasn’t going to say much) but I admit I got the phone call this afternoon and I went Oh My God. Now I’ll go back to shutting up

  65. Blade Runner Blade Runner Blade Runner Blade Runner Blade Runner Blade Runner Blade Runner Blade Runner Blade Runner Blade Runner šŸ˜‰

  66. So I had a chance of to play around with one of the new Macbook Airs, the 11 inch model.

    No denying it’s a nice bit of kit, but not worth a thousand pounds.

    Trivial I know, but I’m tempted to subscribed to Interzone magazine, but have an irrational fear that if I do, it will fold soon after my CC is punched.

  67. You’re in my thoughts Ryah, I can’t imagine how stressful this must be for you. I am happy that your husband is looking out for you and know that the Deadpan has your back.

  68. # Vanamonde Says:
    November 2nd, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    ā€¦and personally speaking, you can never bring the deadpan down, talk about whatever you want.
    # Lo Pan Says:
    November 2nd, 2010 at 12:43 pm


    I’ll also add a public “^This”

    And you’re allowed to miss your husband even during the afternoon, while you’re home and he’s at work.

  69. Amazon also delivered my big honkin copy of “Towers of Midnight”.

    Downloading my audible copy that I’ll actually listen to as we speak.

  70. Listen carefully. The new Electric Six album “Zodiac” is their second best album. Its outstanding. And before you rue this statement, understand theyve had 7 albums in 8 years. Its outstanding and gets 3.5 Egg Shens out of 4 on the Lo Pan scale of approval. God its god.

  71. Well, while I know I’m being naively optimistic, here’s looking forward to at least one day without campaign commercials and news.

  72. I’d totally dig a Nevermore polka! šŸ˜€

    I’ll give ditto’s link a listen when I get home. So now that the election is over I guess it’s time to talk about the Tea Party! No not that one, the Canadian band, the Tea Party. Supposedly, everyone from Canada knows about them and all of us Mericans don’t. So how do I know about them? From Nevermore, duh. I’ve discovered that Warrel Dane’s and my musical taste are very simular, except that I can’t listen to Melt Banana. The latest Nevermore CD has a cover of the Tea Party’s song “Temptation” on it, which is superior to the original in my opinion. LOL But evidently, Warrel totally digs the Tea Party song, “Transmission.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwPVIY8M-h0

    See I knew I could get us back to Nevermore.

  73. Bunny, I’m glad we could come fast and furious to make you feel good.

    Or, more tactfully: I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re glad to help. We’ll do our best to mix some cheer into the anxiety.

  74. This week is slaughtering me.

    No one knew who my kid was supposed to be and he didn’t say, he just waved his copy of Neverwhere at them. Heh.

    And Rhettro’s vampire pics are totally rad.

  75. CP: Time In A Bottle — Jim Croce

    Every time I hear this song, I remember the great version that The Muppet Show did.