1,214 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #183: Barbarians at the Pan

  1. Skimmed over yesterday’s comments. Spent all day running around the Houston medical center with my wife. We’ve learned that she tore her ACL in one leg. She is not amused.

  2. RE: Wii and wireless

    I also had problems getting my Wii to connect. It turns out that the Wii does not like one of the wireless security protocols. Even though I’d put the key in that the router generated, the Wii would just puke on it.

    Try disabling the security on your router (as a test only, as an open wifi router is not a good idea) and see if your Wii connections then.

  3. RE: Flu Shots

    We’ve been getting flu shots in my family for many years. I had the “plain” flu several years ago and it is miserable enough.

    Especially if your workplace offers it for free, definitely take advantage. This year, H1N1 vaccine is one of the vaccines in the mix .

    FYI – a flu shot does not, unfortunately provide a absolute guarantee against “the flu”. There are so many flu viruses that the vaccine folks have to look at trends (I dunno, maybe what’s popping up in the southern hemisphere while they are in winter) and decide which flu viruses to plan for in the year’s vaccine batch. If one starts running around that wasn’t expected, then the shot is not as effective.

  4. Morning Pan!

    Decided today was going to be a lazy day so slept in quite late for me. 11 hours of sleep is kind of nice.

  5. Things I’m not going to do today:

    Make the bed
    put in my contacts
    Do show notes (sorry Jack, there’s always casualties in the war on work)
    Make supper
    And anything else that comes up that I don’t feel like doing.

    (I expect work to only be about a half hour today so I’ll do that)

  6. I was under the assumption the disclaimer itself was a joke too. I would feel bad if anybody actually took such openings seriously.

  7. I asked hubby when he came home last night if I was being too silly in redoing the doctor’s form. He said no, it was cute.

    I’m going to go with that.

  8. Bunny, I got the warning about objectionable material also. It is SFW so i’m not sure what is objectionable about a moron using his scooter as a battering-ram to open an elevator door and falling in the hole.

    Falling in a hole is on my list of things i’m not doing today.

  9. “District 9 was mostly crap. Very disappointing.”

    According to you. I found it mostly wonderful. Granted it fell into formulaic action film toward the end, but to call it “mostly crap” is harsh.

  10. Ed – that a perfect fix for the Wii-tardation of the Wii-fi. In this case, it seems Qwest decided to give me a brand new 16 digit security key WITHOUT TELLING ME. So that was fun….

    Thanks to all the peeps who chimed in here.

  11. that’s the one thing US schools do that they don’t do here in Canada. They don’t serve lunches. There are cafeterias in most high schools where kids can buy food if they wish, beyond that… uh uh.

  12. reaper where the hell did you find that? Is that normal? Thats not lunch thats a Friday night high snack. My daughter’s school is pretty damn good with their lunches overall, but we still pack her lunch usually. Cant truss’ it.

  13. For my Nomad….

    demoncat said:
    when i saw the article the first thought was where was both Jar jar and Rhudy Rhod going to rank and Jar jar number one where he belongs. for no one is more annoying then Jar jar. ewdard furlong take as john conor being on the list glad i am not the only one who thought he sounded like a cat in heat in the film.

  14. Just like Trailer Park Boys mars the entire Canadian reputation, because now I’m positive the entire country is trailers and pot and shirtless security guards. At least it better be.

  15. Lo Pan, That was on reddit but I have seen similar lunches here.
    At the high school’s here there is ƀ la carte but one main lunch and the main lunch is what the other schools in the district get plus the choice of pizza or salad.

    here is Mondays lunch choices the top is the main one

    BBQ Pulled Pork on a Hoagie

    Featured Sides:
    Tater Tots
    Green Beans

    Hamburger or Cheeseburger

    Chicken Patty Sandwich
    Quarter Pound Burger
    Quarter Pound Cheeseburger
    Ā¼# Chicago Style Hot Dog
    Breaded Chicken Club

    Deli Sandwich on Bread

    Deli Sandwich on Bagel
    Chicken Salad Wrap
    Turkey and Cheese on Foccaccia
    Parmigiano Breadsticks with Pizza or Cheese Sauce

    Chef Boy R Dee Ravioli

    Pizza Wedge or
    Cheesy French Bread
    Cheese Breadsticks w/sauce Italian Panini
    Plain Nachos or Tacos

    Nachos Grande
    Mexican Pita Pizza

    FDL is actually very good at lunch compared to most other larger communities (40K+ people). My daughter brings lunch most of the time.

  16. reaper Ive always hated what they serve kids. Especially with our government not real hip on edumacation theres no cash for good lunches. I almost wish they’d just yank school lunches and make kids take their own…. but I think I trust most parents to feed their kids well less than I trust the school lunches.

  17. Being in the education system, hubby and I have discussed the differences between US and CDN (specifically Calgary). It can be interesting

  18. Alberta is the only province in Canada that has charter schools. As hubby work in one, with that new US movie, Waiting for Superman, we’ve been hearing about it lately

  19. Lo Pan, I agree. In the case of our high school the kids could have as bad a lunch as they wanted or make good choices. Some kids have nachos or pizza every day.

  20. On the school money issue I think in some cases they make that problem on there own. We have public schools with marketing directors here making $ + bennies of $175year. That is crap, WTF is a marketing director doing at a PUBLIC school.
    Yes, I know extreme example and all that.

  21. I think that problem is everywhere, Reap. The Calgary public system is pretty top heavy too

    (WTF WP this is not a duplicate comment)

  22. Bunny, I’m sure it is everywhere. In Wisconsin the school boards get packed with teachers and administrator who get the us against the tax payer mentality and even with dropping enrollment we have more and more administrators and teachers but they still complain about student per teacher numbers as a problem.

  23. I know this is a complex problem but I think one thing that might help is using farmers markets. brussel sprouts from a farmer’s market are wonderful but out of a the freezer they are not so good. pepper’s and tomatoes are way better that way to.

  24. Reaper: I agree, but lots of people don’t cook anymore. They want fast and convenient. So, they either go out and eat fast food, or they buy a lot of processed pre-packaged food.

    People have to change their habits, which is not an easy thing to do. It takes about 3 weeks for a “task” to become ingrained enough to become a habit.

  25. And I cook “real” meals most days with meats, and veggies and everything. (today doesn’t count – hubby’s not going to be home anyway)

  26. Lo: sprouts are about the only vegetable I don’t like. I’ll eat them, but since I like most vegetables I don’t think I need to force myself to eat them if I have other choices.

    I tend to cook most of the meals at home. We hardly every have packaged foods.

  27. ditto, most of my family doesn’t like sprouts either and I only buy them at farmers markets because they just taste better. they are not bitter when they are fresh. Asparagus is better also local but not bad from a store.
    Asparagus, sprouts and 3 or 4 cloves of chopped garlic cooked with a little olive oil and a little salt and pepper is a side fit for a king or queen.

    I like to tell people how much money they will save. fast food is expensive stores are better but farmers markets are like a gold mine of savings.

  28. cucumbers and watermelon I just don’t like. there is so little flavor.
    I think cross cut green beans are the only vegi i can think of i don’t like. french cut are fine though I don’t know why they taste different but to me they do.

  29. Bunny, I’m glad to see that there’s a good reason for no show notes today. I was a little concerned when I received no email from you this morning.

    And Happy Birthday Danthol, even if you don’t check the comments page!

  30. Unfortunately, even though I don’t want to, I do have to sneak out for about half an hour.

    And, in keeping with the healthy conversation theme, I might bring home some fast food for lunch.

  31. Lo Pan: What part did you like? The plot holes big enough to fly a mothership through, the awful CG, or the character arc that was more of an erractic sine-wave?

  32. Im not sure where youre getting “awful CG” from since that was some of the more impressive CG recently, especially for the money it was made for. AS for plot holes – I’m not watching a fuckin arthouse piece so Im not readily looking for plotholes. Im not out to vilify a movie from the get go. Inception had much bigger plotholes on second viewing but again, its a movie. Its an enjoyable sci-fi movie.

    Im not sure what you have against character arcs. If you wanted Wikus to be a sniveling corporate asshole thru the entire film then I can see how you would have been disappointed in him development. Me on the other hand, who actually enjoys non stagnant characters, liked the way his character did a 180 in so very many ways.

    The fact it was basically an alien invasion film minus the invasion was refreshing too. It was good to see an alien race that, yes while so more advanced from us, could fuck up real good. I get that the message was heavy handed and setting it in Johannesburg made it even more so, but I knew that going into it. Again, Ill grant you the switch from mockumentary to action fil was a bit jarring, but I like mockumentaries and I like action.

    Id never be one to tell you youre wrong for not liking it. Personal preference dictates there is no wrong or right. But it Is a good film and widely acclaimed to be so. Its not like Im defending an bad enjoyable film like Judge Dredd here. The acclaim speaks for itself.

  33. Arthouse piece? Readily looking? You’ve got to be kidding me. You hardly have to delve to find glaring problems.

    I don’t recall saying I dislike character arcs. Perhaps you just like any type of variation, and declare it an interesting arc.

    I can forgive to poor mockumentary deal. I like they tried something a little different.

    Heavy-handed is an understatement. And I think I lost count of the saved-in-the-nick-of-time segments. Beyond trite.

    You have just made the statement that if a lot of people like something, it must be good. Fascinating.

  34. I wonder if future VH1 “I Love the 2010-2020 Years” specials will have Michael Ian Black and Mo Rocca cracking jokes about trendy insane religious fanaticism.

    And the ‘Lost’ series finale and Silly Bandz.

  35. Idea – read my comment all the way thru before attempting a come back. It helps.

    A). I said Im NOT watching an arthouse piece, therefore Im not looking for plotholes.

    B). We’re not talking about ANY “interesting arc”. I thought (and god knows I could be wrong) we were specifically talking about the arc in District 9. If thats the case (and boy, I sure could be wrong) yes, I found his arc interesting and not “erratic” and “sine wave”

    C) In no way did I make the statement “that if a lot of people like something, it must be good.” I said the movie was critically acclaimed to be so. If I was making the statement you claimed I did, that means I would have to call Katy Perry and Kesha “good”. Im a bit smarter than that. But I do thank you for putting words in my mouth thru this. God knows I do need the help.

  36. Warning. More Nevermore talk below…

    So Teresa went running this morning, and the Nevermore song that came up randomly on her MP3 was “Passenger.” So this is the current NM song we are discussing the meaning of. My take, it’s about a sad, lonely old man, reflecting on his life and how it had no direction. He is riding on the train, which is a metaphor for life itself. This is not a unique metaphor as many artists have used simular themes, but it is still effective. He next stop could be a new direction.


    All passengers prepare for the game ritual

    There once was a man on this train, he was born into this world alone

    Hands never laid on the wheel, content, he will never know more

    He was a quiet man in pain, his tears I fear are closing in again

    What you lose in years you gain in perspective

    And the passenger pauses to see his mistakes

    For with nothing to follow he’d lived all his life in vain

    But then, who here among us is without shame?

    His way was divergent and cold, defaced, this mask he must create

    And the circle unfolding still, unscathed, he will turn a blind eye

    He will miss the last train home this day, recycled in the flow reborn again

    The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing

    And the passenger pauses to see his mistakes

    For with nothing to follow he’d let all his will decay

    But then, true wisdom comes in learning pain

    And I have known pain

    And the passenger pauses to see his mistakes

    For with nothing to follow he’d lived all his life in vain

    But then, the lesson unlearned he will begin again

    Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzMzq6i1qns

  37. Silly bands are a bane of my existence. I cant tell you how many I have laying around the house. My daughter must go to school wearing at least 50 on each arm.

  38. A) I was referring to your statement. It’s typical to quote the other person when relating to a particular statement. Perhaps you should interact with humans from time to time. I said you don’t have to look for them. They are glaring. That means they’re big, can’t miss ’em. I can try using more common or smaller words if you prefer.

    B) Yes, I am referring to the protagonist’s arc. I found it incredibly forced. He’s a wimp, then he’s not so much of a wimp, then he’s going to fight, then he’s a wimp, then he fights, then he runs away, then he fights, then he goes to hero level. The worst part was when he was in that exoskeleton thing, friend-bug was going to be killed, and he ran away. After fighting alongside the bug, while being strapped into an incredible weapon, he runs. Why? To force another mini-arc. Lame. Beyond lame.

    C) “But it Is a good film and widely acclaimed to be so. Its not like Im defending an bad enjoyable film like Judge Dredd here. The acclaim speaks for itself.” <= perhaps I made you say this?

  39. jsut watcked $#*! my dad says. entertaining another show i can’t see making it far. I like william shatner in comedies. By skill or by chance he has a good delivery.

  40. A). I was referring to you saying I called it an arthouse piece when I didnt. Before using bigger words for me, please know where we are in the conversation. Also, please try and do this before inserting clever insults in the conversation. And they are so so very clever.

    B). See if you would have just said this before hand there wouldnt have been a problem on this point, however your previous statement declared ” Perhaps you just like any type of variation, and declare it an interesting arc.” inferring that no matter the movie or character Ill find it “interesting”.

    C). Putting words in ones mouth (which is what I said you did) is much different than making one say something (which I did not say you did. Hang on Ill Google it for you.

  41. Bunny, i was going to Tivo it but it was hard to find so i put in other shows first and than didn’t have room for it when i got back to it.

  42. I also heard some people are having trouble Tivo’ing it because their isn’t a standard *!#$ .

    (like the way Reaper and I are trying very hard to change the subject?)

  43. Ooooh, noon news time. I’m hoping for some good news for a changes. This city has been getting several home invasions almost every day.

  44. On a strange note: We’re having an election here in Calgary. I saw a sign for a guy named Bill (something, I don’t remember his last name) but his website was billythebutcher.com. Seriously? Would you vote for someone who calls themselves “Billy the Butcher”?

    Because this person is not in my district, I can’t remember if he’s running for Alderman or School Trustee (I know it’s not for mayor)

  45. I am Lo, go check it.

    I liked District 9, although it was pretty bleak, and as such I don’t feel like watching it a second time. It had its issues, to be sure, but it was interesting for its non-standard characters and WTF moments.

  46. A) I didn’t. You’re putting words into my mouth. Learn how English works.

    B) Sorry, I should be more explicit in my dislikes. I hate to bother you so when I don’t follow your criteria. And you “inferred” that I dislike character arcs.

    C) Again, my use of English seems to be a bit beyond you. I can see why you like terrible movies.

  47. Hubby and I have already decided when we’re both ready to retire, we’re leaving this place. Unfortunately, that’s probably not for another 10 years.

  48. A). “Arthouse piece? Readily looking? Youā€™ve got to be kidding me.” Crap, I must have typed that myself under your name without knowing it. My bad.

    B). I missed when I gave you any criteria whatsoever. But youre right. There should have been a “these”. I meant to say Im not sure what you have against THESE character arcs”. Not that that would have mattered.

    C). I see youre out of snappy comebacks. At least you recycle. Recycling is good. The Earth thanks you as does this giant smile on my face.

  49. (semi-caught-up catchup post)

    In the last comment thread, ditto said:
    Have I mentioned that TCAT is writing cinquains lately?

    Cool. My mom and one of her friends have been writing limericks (clean ones) back and forth to each other over the last couple of days. We’ve been having a lot of good laughs over them.

  50. Well, I like DS9, though I can understand why JN doesn’t like it. And I don’t think he means to imply that there is anything wrong for us liking the movie. Though, in the heat of the argument it is easy to get carried away.

  51. Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes time and annoys the pig. I’ve clearly wasted enough time on you. I’m disappointed. I once thought you were vaguely intelligent.

  52. On a different note…

    Name one band/album that you absolutely hated on first listen but have grown to love.

    That would be Radiohead for me. “OK Computer” was my first introduction to them.

  53. Vulcan tried to petition for the premier of the last Star Trek movie, but they only had teeny tiny movie theater (I heard only around 50 seats but I could be wrong)vso were turned down.

  54. I also got a few chuckles out of $#*! My Dad says, but I also don’t see it going far as the rest of the cast it rather disappointing. It’ll take a while for them to get the chemistry right.


    Good Morning DeadPan! WOO!

  55. It’s all good, Johnny, though I appreciate the apologies, you fucking nitwit. (that’s a joke). Nobody here is a nitwit.

    ditto: I’d have to say Dave Matthews Band. I hate-hate-hated that guy, until I actually heard deeper cuts on UtT&D.

  56. I’d also like to thank whoever brought up the History of Rome podcast. In general, I really dislike history, but this is done very well. I started at the beginning.

  57. I’m also trying to plow through The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Dragging! Not a genre I tend to read, though. So, no surprise there.

  58. I can say I disliked Green Day in the beginning. To me, punk should be hard. To have these near-pop folk claiming to be punk just got under my skin. But I now know I was completely clueless in regards to punk, and I enjoy some of their stuff now.

  59. I don’t mind pop punk, which is how a lot of people classify Green Day and The Offspring. I like both bands.

    Paramore is a little too pop & emo for my tastes, though I like the occassional song.

    Punk is one of my preferred genres, though Hardcore is a bit hit-and-miss for me. I need some semblance of melody. Undecipherable screeching isn’t usually enough for me.

  60. Jack: I agree. You have to admit it takes balls to turn American Idiot into a musical. Not original, but pretty shrewd. Each performance takes in about $700K. Recently, Billy Joe’s been performing in the show. Those shows take in $1.1M. It was an expensive gamble for the band that has really paid off.

    And, unfortunately, they’ve inspired other bands to do similar things. Like U2’s Spider-Man musical. Ugh.

  61. Personally, I much prefer The Offspring over Green Day. I can’t say either band is terribly original, but The Offspring usually sing *about* something.

  62. Dan may read the board later and post a thank you or 7 … he’s busy playing Plants vs. Zombies and NOM NOMMING on yummies I’ve given him this morning.

  63. You got to love China Mieville, no back sliding from him:

    Some of us are not ashamed. Interviewer: ‘A lot of readers who don’t normally go for sci fi ā€“ me included ā€“ read your books. Does that please you?’ China MiĆ©ville: ‘It can’t possibly not! It’s really nice to feel that you’re not talking just to one particular audience but my only caveat to that is, while it’s very flattering and nice to hear people say that, I myself have a lot of love and respect for the tradition that I come out of and I would not want to be seen as someone who’s trying to distance himself from that tradition because I think it’s a tradition that has been many things to be proud of about it and without that tradition I don’t think that I would be a writer at all. What I would hope is that [reading my books] might also be a kind of gateway into that tradition.’

  64. Oh, my . . .

    I do not understand cruelty, or arguments about media getting personal. I am admitedly quite sensitive this week, though. I believe we’re at six gay teen suicides, unless I missed one today. I can’t bring myself to watch the news.

    I loved District 9. Quite a lot. But did notice a lot of dudes walking out shaking their heads when I saw it in the theater, so not everyone loved it. I also LOVED the The Girl novels. We’re checking out the film tonight, I think.


    Sly B is installing a bigger HD in my Macbook. Heh. I haven’t dowloaded the ep yet, but will when she’s, um, done.

  65. Ah, Peter Gunn. Spy Hunter claimed many of my childhood quarters.

    Though, at heart, I was a fighter jock first – Time Pilot, Zaxxon, and 1942 were my nemeses.

  66. But suffered greatly from the Section 31 storyline….

    Oh 1942! What a game! My banes were Double Dragon and Rolling Thunder. Fucking Rolling Thunder. SO impossible.

  67. @LoPan I can beat Double Dragon on one quarter. It gives you a free game if the DIP switch is set to. I spent alot of time in 7-11’s and the bowling alley…and the mall.

  68. Addendum: I do love me some girls with green eyes, but at the moment Im more concerned with why Brandon Yip is relegated to the 4th line.

  69. Chicago had to give up a number of useful players cuz of the cap, so they are quite a different team from last year. I’ve heard Colorado might have some defensive issues.

    Looks entertain so far though. šŸ™‚

  70. I don’t know, NS, that would be useful info. . . altho I doubt if bullies or their parents/mentors/bad role models would be very interested in facts or study results.
    With all of the brilliant, progressive minds and harmonious ideas and concepts we’ve produced over the centuries, how is it even possible in 2010 for there to be such a strong redneck, aggressive, xenophobic, bullying subculture?

  71. Again from Ansible:

    ā€¢ Book of Lists Dept. ‘Inside and among the stars, a montage, a collage, a kaleidoscope, a cacophony, a song, of colors, shapes, sounds, trees, flowers, stones, bricks, houses, horses, unicorns, dragons, lizards, eagles, sparrows, mollusks, whales, wasps, mosquitoes, fairies, changelings, humans, centaurs, the dead, the living, the unborn, the not yet born, the just conceived, until, until there was nothing and there was everything.’ (Warren Rochelle, The Called, 2010) [RF]

  72. Well, not to be an intentional downer, Jack, but it seems that after millions of years of evolution, the most basic line of brain code is

    Different = bad

    That’s why, IMHO, the whole notion of political correctness and “celebrate diversity” will always fail. The only way to hack the code above is to get everyone to see what they have in common with each other, not in making people’s differences the focus.

    That’s about the best I can must this early in the morning.

  73. I loved Combat and River Raid, amongst others. I played Spy Hunter as much as I could afford at the time. When I was able to spend far too much money on arcade games, I became quite good at Samurai Showdown.

    Ed from Texas: I’d say you’re spot-on. Going all the way down to our mirror neurons.

    Igg: What that? I wonder . . . *yawn*
    Ook: Hey, is that a . . . *yawn*
    Igg/Ook: Hey, he yawned! We did same thing. We the same? Maybe I not kill him with big rock.

    Old cave-habits die hard.

  74. You know what my pet peeve is. The word “funner” When I hear that in a podcast I just want to throttle someone. I know it’s a little thing to bother someone, but it does me. *shrug* what are you going to do.

  75. the saying that gets me anywhere but mostly on radio and podcasts (well where ever talking is required) needless to say
    if it was needless you shouldn’t have said it

  76. So i just head that a co-worker who is close to retirement’s husband died last night. he had retired 2 years earlier and picked her up everyday for lunch.
    talk about harshing a mellow

  77. Morning, DP.

    I don’t buy the “we’re all the same” line. To me, it reads a bit too much as assimilation for comfort. Who gets to decide what the “right” common traits are?

    My new tattoo is tender.

  78. AHHH Needless to say is just as bad as

    annoyance of the universe

    My biggest pet peeve is when I send a comment and than notice the mistake.
    I really hate doing that.

  79. Bunny, Thanks, he is a bit over weight but some have said it makes him cuter. he should be 6-7lb but is he close to 10. no matter much i take him for walks it just doesn’t seem to help.

  80. good morning!

    did you post pics of the new tattoo somewhere? I just woke up and haven’t seen it yet.

    Well not woke up.. I’m at work, but you know what I mean.

  81. I’m a most excellent babbler, doesn’t matter if I’m online, on the phone, on the board, in person.

    I just plain like to hear myself talk.

    And I’m not afraid to admit it.

  82. I also have green eyes. Not sure about the loveliness of them.

    I haven’t posted pictures yet, Cj, but will once my macbook is back to health. Almost!!

    Okay, coffee calls. Have a great morning, you wonderful people.

  83. I didn’t say – it’s a sun/moon face taken from Sly B’s sugar skull tattoo and blown up a bit giant on my shoulder. I’ll link up pics in a bit for those who wanna see my ink.


  84. I think this conversation has come up before; the whole being sacrificed to Long Pan thing.

    Do you really think that just EssBee and I are enough to please him? I think he’s pretty demanding, that one.

  85. demoncat said:
    given how long they have tried and are still trying since it will not happen if Bill murray does not give his ok. will not believe ghost busters three has finaly become a reality till the thing starts filming and a trailer pops up proving ghost busters 3 is a reality. and is trying to make some money at the box office.

  86. it is about time wonder woman got a make over for after all batman is always improving his out fit from time to time. and super man did have the blue and red phase what is wrong with wonder woman the last member of the trinity getting a new out fit now and then for the core of her is still there she is still wonder woman no matter what her look is. i like the new look.

  87. demoncat said:
    at least even a preview of the new cartoons is some thing for fans while they wait since. Hasbro proably needs more time to have episodes in the can and fine tune the shows a little before they show up on the hub. and finaly make joe and trans formers fans happy.

  88. Hehe… Long Pan knows his true self.

    Bunny, no matter what Van looks like. He makes me laugh and he is intelligent.

    Funny + Smart = Sexy. Sign me up!

    He doesn’t need his coat. We can keep him warm. We have to hold his coat so he doesn’t leave.

  89. demoncat said:
    seeing Isiah dressed as luke cage almost has me wanting to see him in the role but also have to agree he would be better as black panther for he has more the build for Tchala then Luke. and love Beta ray bill screaming i am not a horse. when he clearly looks like one.

  90. Long Pan is going to eat a scone while he watches?

    What happened to popcorn?

    Dammit! Now I want a scone and all I have are these homemade red velvet cupcakes that I brought to work for baked goods Friday.

  91. demoncat said:

    even though i should pass this contest since i won the last one. reading the others entry can resisit adding mine. My biggest Nerd regret was one time at the comic shop where i buy my comics and figures i found both mint in box the u.s.s flag and the original Death star playset. and had enough money saved up to get both of them for the shop owner had them both marked down to try and get rid of them but instead i wind up buying a bunch of other comics and figures. yes had a rare chance to have the holly grail of both star wars and gijoe toys and passed them up.

  92. demoncat Says:
    November 17th, 2009 at 11:44 pm
    seeing that proves that sadly hawk man is one of the characters who does not work in live action for the out fit looks cheesy and sad to say if they get around to hawkgirl she will look the same was hope doctor fate is better looking. at least the wall is in the episode

  93. Consider it good and wanted and oh god why do these conversations always deteriorate into the smut!?!?!?!?!?

    As a good christian boy I cannot abide this.

  94. ditto hes just a commenter on Topless Robot and a few other sites (i guess). Me and Nomad are secretly crushing on him and his English skills. Because Im one to talk about other peoples typing….

  95. Some of the offices up front are being painted and getting carpet so in the cleaning processes someone found a shrink warped version of Netscape navigator

    Works with Win3.1 and Win95!!!

  96. I also took down a white board scanner today.
    Yes, it is exactly what your thinking a scanner that moves across a white board and it is 4 ft high if you include the gears on top

  97. Hey ditto, I wanted to chime in and say that I was excited to hear that TCAT is writing cinquains. I meant to say that earlier, but my brain has been a bit preoccupied this week. Hopefully we’ll see some of her handiwork here? šŸ™‚

  98. Marina is my future wife. It shall be done. She just doesnt know it yet. But not in a creepy stalker way. Which I guess at this point is impossible to not come across as….

  99. We watched a few movies this vacation (over – boo) week:

    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – great. The book was better, but great flick. There is no need to make a U.S. version

    Runaways – enjoyable enough

    Mystic River – so good, and so sad

  100. headline in my local paper:
    Devices have advantages for special needs students
    ok interesting way to put that.

    first line:
    Special needs students are being touched by Apple’s iPad.

    no not a Catholic school

    (just between you me and the wall they are actually trying to justify buying $25k in iPads {and giving almost all to the teachers})

  101. Look at this! A full contact Friday on the deadpan. Tackling! Grilling! Tattooing! (Impressive, btw, EssBee).

    You know, Jack. I may need to ask for a raise to be able to keep up with all this commenting. That’s it! Jack, you need to double what you pay me for this!

    Hey, look, he agreed to my demands instantly! All is well.

  102. It has been a surreal week here for me. In addition to the whole “wife tore her ACL” business, I’ve got something else brewing, but I’m not ready to let it out just yet.

    To borrow from one Justa Joe, “I’m all tingly”

    Hmm, now there’s a bit we’ve not heard in a while.

  103. Well Pan, off to see that new Wall STreet movie…mainly because I’ve seen almost everything else.

    Desperate times breed desperate measures…

  104. NS: I did see Ink (good movie, not a great movie, but a good movie), but I haven’t seen any show openings this week, so I’m not sure which show it’s supposed to be like.

    And to show my seedy underbelly
    LP: I am not a prude and can be quite happy with a movie that has interesting story, character development… lots of gratuitous violence, plenty of gratuitous camera angles focusing on tits and even loads of girls kissing girls. Talk about a movie having everything. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1212974/ :metal:

  105. Thank you, Ed.

    I haven’t seen Ink, NS, but what show are you talking ’bout?

    We’re up, readin’, planning on going to the farmer’s market for beets this morning. I’m hoping not to be forced to bitch slap some yuppies at said farmer’s market, but time will tell.

    We watched a documentary about dolphin kills in Japan last night called The Cove. Chilling, awful, had us weeping and swearing off sushi for good. For the rest of the weekend, we have Kick Ass and Crazy Heart DVDs. OH! One more we watched, Clash of the Titans – we both thought it was worth the 2 hours.

    Now, coffee.

  106. Bitch Slap does have my seal of approval. Plenty of plot twists and surprises. No actual nudity, but I suppose no movie is perfect.

  107. Van – from the “Dept. of Useless Skills”
    I shall brag that I have now scored 3,313,456 on the iTouch “Tilt to Live” game.

    … I have been visiting family. It was a long trip.

  108. Speaking of….. “Gethsemane” is one of my very favorite Rise Against songs. Back before they decided to become melodic “punk”.

  109. Oh and if your running IOS 4, and hanker after some old skool action, do a search on the app store for Fleetmaster..battleships with internet play via gamecenter..

  110. I have a micro story that I want to record and send in, but my microphone is being a duchebag. I have to call Blue on Monday and chat with them about being arrogant bastards. Yes, your microphones are probably really good (if their reputations are anything near correct) and the plug and play option with little to no setup being required sounds great on paper. But for the rare few of us that can plug the microphone into FOUR computers and have it not register at all… no support whatsoever. Worst of all, I was an idiot when I first got the microphone and tossed the receipt, not bothering to use if for months. Let’s hope they will take my amazon buying history as proof that I purchased the microphone.

  111. Bulls are looking good in the preseason

    Bears. Oh God my Bears. *sobs*
    I don’t know if I can watch the game today

    dre sez: please, nothing can keep you away from a bears game

    I sez: I think the game will be painful

    dre sez: I will be there to console you

  112. Morning all. The origins of Usedhair:

    When I was in high school, I took a shop-like class in which we had to design and print business cards. Not having a business, I drew a picture of Bill the Cat and created a business called “Bill’s Used Hair Balls”. Since that time, I have found it astoundingly convenient to use Usedhair as a screen name because it is one of the few things that I can be sure are unique in nature and that no one else will already be using.

  113. dude you are carrying way too many fucking things

    dre sez: what do you carry with you everyday?

    I sez: 3 things
    1. wallet
    2. iphone
    3. your heart

    dre sez: awwwww! you are so cute

    I sez: I know how to get points with the ladies

    dre sez: what about when you have your big old work briefcase?

    Hugh sez: in that is my laptop and work papers and shit

  114. When I get naked I swing my hammer and axe at Dre

    Dre sez: You have an awesome hammer and axe, baby

    evil otto

    item 3: banners

    pink banners?

    Dre sez: they are just supporting breast cancer month

    prancing ballerina? What kind of barbarians are these?

  115. this dude is back in his purse

    ok, I do carry my sunglasses with me too
    I need to revise my list

    On my person when I am just out I carry:
    1. Wallet
    2. iphone
    3. Dres heart
    4. Sunglasses (daytine only I DO NOT wear my sunglasses at night. So I can, so I can)

    On my person on a regular work day I carry:
    1. wallet
    2. iphone
    3. dres heart
    4. sunglasses
    5. Work pass and CTA pass (CTA: Chicago Transit Authority)

    In my briefcase:
    1. Computer
    2. work files
    3. phone charger
    4. WSJ and FT (Wall Street Journal and Financial Times)
    5. Chicago Tribune Sports Section
    6. book I am reading

  116. Dear Deadpan

    Bears are playing, and all that shit I was talking about above was a lie. I cannot keep away from a Bears game. It is a weakness. I am just a weak ass man. Plus, it seems we have a touchdown!

    dre sez: yay!!

    I am going to watch the game stats for a bit and we will finish this later this afternoon. I hope you can understand. Or at least pity me.

    hughie smarty hottie

  117. Are you asking for permission?

    Are you asking ME for permission?

    Your thoughts are your own – I have no control over them….

    really… :devil: no not REALLY… muahahaha

  118. swallowing…… whole….can’t concentrate

    dre sez: hugh, breathe, breathe. You will be fine.

    I sez: Thanks babe. I almost didn’t make it

    Well, the Bears still suck. We are sucking less this week than we sucked last week. Last week we sucked hard. This week we are sucking normal.

    Dre sez: this whole post so far is about sucking and swallowing

    *submit comment!*

  119. The murse

    We really REALLY need to put a limit on the internal challanges to the death for command for the tribe.

    I want the command scepter

    Dre sez: You already have my command scepter baby

    I sez: swoon!


    Dre sez: this is so funny, Jack. We love it.

    wait what was that Starbucks order?

    venti double soy whip lite 2 splenda quad shot caramel macciato frap

    LOL. what is that??

    Dre sez: I want to go to starbucks and order than and see what happens. It makes no sense. It defies all starbucks logic.

  120. biblical archeogical review

    ooooo.. hard to soft pencilssssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

    dre sez: uh-oh you’ve turned hugh on

    I loooooove pencil sets. I have a weakness. I own more pencil and charcoal sets than is necessary.

    dre sez: He can’t walk out of an art store without touching all the charcoal and pencils

    its true.

  121. bunny sez: you have us van even though she is an anti-social bunny

    reaper sez: no hotsauce

    nomad scry: house

    justa j0e sez: 1am stuff, back at work at 6am. bad faucet

    essbee sez: no garter

    kurt sez: orange sun

    Van: bagpuss

    is the way

  122. Thank you for that episode Jack and all who contributed and of course the barbarians who allowed us into their meeting

    dre sez: deadpan is the motherfucking way, bitches!

    Somehow the Bears made it to 23 to 6
    in the contest of who can suck worse this week, the Bears did not suck worse. For this I am grateful.

  123. Status update from one of my wife’s cousins. Any MAC gurus have any suggestions I can pass on to her?

    ..for anyone who knows anything about macs I need your help..I uploaded around 200 pictures and when I was going through them, iphoto self quit and when I reopened it, the last 2 years of my pictures were gone, including al the new ones :'( please help

  124. actually I think that cinquain should be written

    Me and the wind
    Watching tumbleweeds fly
    With a glass of beer called
    the Beast

  125. BTW:
    If anyone out there has short stories just laying around, stories that you felt weren’t really your best work and could only be properly presented if read by a couple of really drunk people on their podcast … the “Air Out My Shorts” podcast is apparently run out of submissions.

    Just say’n.

  126. Raloh, the Boulder/Denver area is a damned Mecca for microbrews. Avery is indeed a fav. The Beast is damn fine, tho you havent lived until youve drunk (and passed out from) “Salvation”. At 10.03% its a doozy. Its glowy warm warming glow will do you well. You have your pilgrimage and you can paass out at my place šŸ™‚

  127. Lo Pan – PB & TWW are one of my guilty pleasures. I don’t know what it is about that show … I guess it’s like one of those grinding car crashes you come across on the interstate. You just can’t not look.

  128. No I love them, J0e. You know that feeling you get when watching/listening to someone totally embarrass themselves? Yeah I often get that feeling listening to Whore. So I feel you.

  129. Lo Pan: Yes it is the Beast Grand Cru :D. and worth the $10 a bottle I spent. Full of lovely, yummy aromas and flavors. oh yeah and this is 15% šŸ˜€

    JJ: Nice! always good to hear homebrew moving along, I’ve recently found a pasteurized cider and I’m thinking about picking up a gallon and pitching some yeast to see how it turns out.

  130. I would love to try that cider, justa.

    I think we should have a beer-a-palooza in Denver/Boulder/Longmont. We could record lots of fun stuff.

    We’re CP: Beatles Rock Band – well, were. Now we’re gonna do some Grateful Dead playlists on Lego Rock Band!

  131. Oh Ralph…… I think I love you.

    May I highly recommend Ellie’s Brown Ale? Its the one with the brown dog on the brown dog on the label… and its heavenly.

  132. Drunkpanalooza? sounds like it could be fun, have to balance some stuff but we could see.

    oh an LP I have another bottle to save for later, I am so glad right now I went ahead and bought 2!

  133. if you send through post office or a mial carrier be sure to say it is a “yeast sample” Justa Joe, and wrap the entire thing in plastic in case a bottle breaks. The package carries don’t like to carry beer or wine :P.

  134. That would work?

    I was under the impression that if you sent any liquid through the mail (or UPS or the like) homeland security would automatically assume it was a vial of evil and seriously harsh my buzz.


  135. Looking at the websites for Homebrew comps and lurking the forums the general consensus is to wrap the bottles in bubble wrap, fill remaining space with peanuts, and a plastic bag around it all. Then use a private carrier like UPS or FedEx. And then just tell them you’re sending yeast samples, if they ask what you are shipping.

  136. I sent the Wingin It! guys a bunch of brews under the guise of “soda”. Tho anymore I think Ralph is right. I think anything marked “fragile” is more apt to be opened.

  137. I have to say I have yet to ship any beer or other beverages myself, I’m just geek enough to be listening to homebrew podcasts and reading the AHA forums constantly looking for tips. Eventually I will have competition level beer!

  138. Just finished Day 4 of Children of Earth. Wow. I’ll finish it up tomorrow.

    The woman agent in the show would be a perfect Maria Hill from SHIELD.