Jack Mangans Deadpan #165: PG Holyfield

Holy Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #165: PG Holyfield Will Break Your Legs

Special Guest PG Holyfield

Check out PG’s website and his book Murder at Avedon Hill (http://www.pgholyfield.com/maah/)

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Happy belated birthday to PG!

The contents of PG’s beerless fridge

Greasy Nipples
Lejon from Chandler
the Energizer Bunny
Nomad Scry (first coment of the week)

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510 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #165: PG Holyfield

  1. I keep thinking these shows are going up early because to me it feels like 7pm.

    I forget that the rest of you (besides Van) are probably wearing fuzzy slippers, drinking cognac, and having a pipe by now.

    What does that even mean?

  2. Jack said, and it bears repeating if only because when I read it I pointed at the text and yelled out “Exactly!”:

    RE: iPad. Haven’t tablet PCs been out for years?

  3. I am a little confused. How can Batman (who has been dead for how many months?) just randomly show again in the Detective title with no explanation? Just… tada!


  4. Jack, don’t forget to remind me.
    My brain is mush.
    I will forget and cannot say it here.
    Not that it’s private.
    It’s just not public.


  5. In regards to Tablet PCs.

    Yes they have been out years, but they have been:




    Like the iPod, Apple has made the tablet PC cool and desirable.

  6. Yeah, Batman has been dead for a while now. I think Gaiman’s Batman retrospective is up for a Hugo. [google google google]



    I guess Batman has been dead for over a year now. Detective has continued on with Kate “Batwoman” in the lead with a backup of the Question. I’ve been enjoying Kate’s story and the art is wonderful, so I’m a bit miffed to have her disappeared and Batman returned … with no warning. Bastard should’ve stayed dead.


  7. Seems like he went balls-out to be original, not sure about the prose. I suppose I should give it a focused read, as opposed to an ADD web-skim.
    He certainly seems to have acquired an adoring public.

    Batman dead, Batgirl out of the closet. . . Gotham has had an interesting year. Is Alfred a transvestite?

    Almost goodnight, :mush:

  8. :jack: I just realized it never occurred to me to wonder where Alfred was. Bad Scry.

    No wait, I think he was with one of the three Robins. Don’t ask, I don’t know. I got confused by it all.

  9. Am I the only one who honestly could not care about the new Robin Hood movie? ‘Cuz it feels weird to not care about Robin Hood. I read it, I loved it. I should be interested. Bah.

  10. Because I’m avoiding my work, I’ll tell you the first third of 2010 had a 60% increase in comments over the same period in 2009.

    That’s the way, ah huh, ah huh, I like it *hand rolls and body sways*

  11. Good morning *yawn – stretch*

    My mommy is coming to town today. She told me yesterday that we are meeting for breakfast this morning…

    So I ran out and bought her a Wii – Mother’s Day and all.

    I hope she likes it.

  12. Jack: True, but most of them have said that it isn’t as good as the first. The first movie was excellent. It would have been very difficult to make a better movie, so I’m not all that surprised the sequel falls a bit short of the mark. I’m going to try and see it this weekend, so I’ll let you know what I think soon. 🙂

  13. I was somewhat disappointed with the first Iron Man, mostly because I had insane expectations after The Dark Knight, so I am starting to think that my really low expectations will mean that I actually enjoy Iron Man 2 more than most.

    That would be nice.

    Then again. It is Iron Man. One of the most “I-don’t-care” characters in the Marvel roster. I’d rather watch a movie staring Vision. Or the Punisher. Oh wait, no, nevermind that last one. =D

  14. NS: I was never an Iron Man fan myself. I think if you go back and watch the first movie now, you’ll find that you will enjoy it a lot more. Then again, I could be wrong. Or not. 😉

  15. re:lost I missed about 20 minutes of it due to weather people breaking in that is quite a bit when you have a 43 minute epp.
    EssBee, it is about time. i have been itching to see it
    Jack, what I saw so far it is a kick ass epp.
    so far 12 minutes in and i think I got about 1/2 of what i missed

  16. I’m really into Flash Forward, and am sure it’s gonna get canceled. I forgive the writers for making the lesbian bad after the last episode. She’s so bad she’s good?

  17. EssBee, I like hulu’s interface better because it loads faster.
    I like Flash Forward also and I agree it will probably get canceled I think V might also. I really hope both don’t go.

  18. Why the google wave hate, Jack?

    reaper, I was thinking that we should work out some kind of virtual watching party at least for the finale. Lo Pan and I could do so live, maybe?

  19. It’s a particularly nice spring day here in SoCal, so I’m sitting at the table on the back patio. I’ve discovered the best way to see my computer screen out here is to have the screen facing the wall of the house, and wear my sun visor to keep the glare from the white vinyl fence at the back of the yard out of my eyes. It really does work. 🙂

    TEB: I need a sewing day. In the somewhat-near future, I want to make a quilt, an Easter dress, and an anime costume.

    Jack said:
    I might take the kids this weekend, if it’s kid-appropriate

    :biggrin: <— my face when I read that, although I know you're even happier about it :happy:

  20. After Mel Brooks definitive expression of the Robin Hood theme, why is anyone even trying to take that on again? What could be gained?

  21. I am, Ed. I see the triple-(SPOILER ALERT)agent deal. That’s what I mean – I take back what I said about the writers a few weeks ago. Liking Janice.

  22. How about some Mel Brooks and DC comics mashups?

    Batman: Dead and Loving It
    Green Arrow: Men In Tights
    The Joker: High Anxiety
    Jonah Hex: Blazing Saddles
    Spaceballs 2: Green Lantern vs. Dark Helmet

  23. CL(istening to): Out of Touch – Hall and Oats

    *negative swoooon*

    The person choosing the office tunes just negated the swooniness of the previous song.

  24. Dan Shaurette says:

    “Yiddish Yogurt… (“No no, really, I’m just plain Yogurt” — circular Mel Brooks reference FTW!)”


  25. My daughter wants to go for breakfast today for an early Mother’s day since she’s working on the weekend.

    She’s taking her car in for servicing so I’m picking her up at the shop then we’re off to Humpty’s.

    However… she has no money so I’m paying for both her car repairs and breakfast.

    So basically it’s, “Happy Mother’s day. Can I borrow some money? Oh by the way, you’re also paying for your own Mother’s Day breakfast. I love you.”

  26. Lejon: WordPress uses a proportional font which makes ASCII art impossible. I’m not sure which elements are allowed in a comment, otherwise I’d suggest placing the whole thing in a code element.

  27. EssBee: To be fair, I haven’t heard enough of M.I.A’s work to really know if I like her earlier stuff. I’ve only heard a few songs.

  28. Yeah…

    I was afraid of that. I’ve become jaded. Nothing about the video was more interesting than the moment I realized they were rounding up [spoilers]. Does anyone have a mind tonic?

  29. Jack: That’s some serious nipple-tweaking you done done in dis ‘ere epeesode.

    ditto: Gotta love Mr. Biafra.

  30. Just came back from the latest Kanan Road concert at the It’s a Grind coffee house at the extreme northern tip of the city of Murrieta. It’s a particularly nice venue: spacious, has a big outdoor patio (they set up out there – good choice), and the entrance faces east, so the setting sun doesn’t glare through any of the windows. We’ll be back.

    While I was there, I started doing some writing for Season 2 of “The Questors from Effpiem.” It was very fun. :happy:

    Night, Pan.

  31. Morning Pan, off tosee Four Lions at the flicks today, I’ll doubt you see that pic on general release across the pond, as it’s a comedy about muslim terrorists.

  32. We watched Witless Protection last night.

    We were at least a half hour in before I decided the girl was actually a girl and not a dude in drag. And that was probably the best part of the movie. (It just meandered too much for me.)

  33. Morning Pan

    Off to do the Mom’s day thing with my grandmother. For mother’s day I’m giving her a teddy bear (what did you think I made it for?) and some chocolate then I’m taking her for lunch.

    I’m the good grandchild.

  34. Final test:



  35. Ah the fun. fun of a hung parliament, waiting to see of lib dems will jump into bed with evil incarnate that is the Tory party.

  36. [tangent]

    I hate it when I hear this really fucking awesome song so I go and get the bands last album and the whole thing just totally sucks. I mean obviously that is the 1 thing music execs get right- they pick the best singles to put out there but shit… sometimes its the ONLY good thing the band has. It just makes me feel cheated.


  37. At least in America, I heard a story a few days ago that the woman who pushed for Mother’s Day in America later pushed to have it removed because the greeting card and flower folks had taken it over.

    In any case, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Deadpan Moms.

  38. Van – from the wikipedia

    The UK and Ireland celebrate Mother’s Day on Mothering Sunday, a mediaval holiday, which falls on the 4th Sunday of Lent. It had fallen out of favor until US service men in WWII help revitalize it with their new Mother’s Day holiday.

    The US holiday is on the second Sunday of May and is primarily the result of a one woman crusade. After it became a commercial success, she railed against her own holiday.

    Of course, this is my summation of a wikipedia article, so it may be that the mice ate too much of the moon cheese and just made Mum’s day different for shits and giggles.

  39. I feel like I should play catch-up somewhat.

    Lejon, I hope you and your beautiful wife are feeling much better immediately!

    Jack, I hope you are having an amazingly awesome weekend with your kids!

    Bunny, I will happily send you anything you ask for if it’s within my means!

    Van, I don’t think I ever thanked you for the WoW iPad link. Thank you.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you mommies out there.

    Working on Mother’s Day stinks. Boo hoo. I’d rather be home with my babies!

  40. There are…

    But that didn’t fit the song.

    Our house is a very, very fine house
    With two cats in the yard
    Life used to be so hard
    Now everything is easy
    ‘Cause of you

  41. Sunday nights (aka Monday) are the worst. Blarglefark.

    Hi Cj. I just listened to the Walking Eye podcast with hosts CJ and Dan. I kept getting VERY confused when I looked at the screen on my player.

  42. Whut?

    There’s only one Dan and Cj.


    But, ok if they go by CJ and Dan.. that’s like completely different.


  43. ^Good suggestion, NS.

    It was a good Mother’s Day around here. My present was that I washed two of our cars and took out the trash. My mom was very appreciative. :happy:

    Jack: I just sent you a bunch of Deadpan content. Please let me know if it doesn’t get through.

    Good night, Pan.

  44. I’m not going anywhere.

    :jack: said he’d sneak on this weekend to post.

    I’m hoping that he was having WAY too good of a time for that to happen.


  45. Back. The weekend was indeed great – – the part with the little ones, at least. The part where I traveled back/forth to/from New Mexico sucked – – but all of the time together was just beyond wonderful.

    I will get caught up. :mush:

  46. Yay! :jack:

    If I haven’t said it enough …

    Your kids are so blessed to have you back in their lives! You are way to awesome to go through live without.


  47. Alright, thanks to an less than stellar end to the week, I got stuck in meetings and my podcast listening time was cut into. Don’tcha hate that?

    So, I didn’t even get to enjoy my Pan fix until walking around the neighborhood last night.

  48. Ok, I’m going a long way for this one…

    I had to smile at myself when PG mentioned the Storycasting site. In part due to Deadpan’s recent experience with this cultural phenomenon, and in part because I was wearing my Storycasting convention T-shirt while I was out walking.

  49. Lo Pan: I hope so too. I plan to eventually catch up once the show is over. I’ve still been following what has happened based on postings. Based on what I know, I can see why they might do alternate endings, but I really hope they don’t.

  50. I know its sad but I just want Lost over. For many reasons. Not that Im not loving it but its time to find out how it ends. Boom chonka chonka

  51. I’m ready for LOST to end also. I’m excited to know what the hell is going on, but glad that it’s coming to a close. It’s been really fun.

  52. I’m mixed on lost ending. I really want to know what is going on so I know it has to end. but on the bright side when lost ends I plan to get the whole thing on blu-ray and I can actually with my family.

  53. Well visited Portsmouth today and saw HMS Victory in all it’s glory and due to the low ceilings in old warships, banged my head several times much to my nephews amusement.

    Nice there is a lot of good news all round.

  54. Lo, this should cheer you up. Or, make you cry.

    “Spring snow in forecast: get ready, front range! Snow is a strong possibility for Tuesday night and Wednesday, according to the NWS.”

  55. No con for me this weekend. I have a company picnic.

    To which I say WOOT!

    I do believe I’m going to a sleepover this weekend too… Girlie night out with movies and munchies… superfun.

    I need to put on some “leave the house” type clothes now and go buy my mother-in-law a new sewing machine.

  56. Just got back from Atlanta. Levi won 4 of 7 games and against these kids I think that isn’t to bad. I’m a no-go for LepreCon, but plan on going to Phoenix Comic Con at the end of the month. I’d be curious if any locals are doing that? I’m hoping to do the Rock Band thing with Wesley Crusher.

  57. Ah, ok. There are a couple of cool top secret events and surprises scheduled for LepreCon this weekend. I’ll try to see that they get recorded in some way.

    Congrats to Levi on the 4 for 7 chess victories!

    BTW: I hope Lejon and wife are starting to feel better.

  58. Heard that story on the latest Geologic podcast, heartwarming is not a good enough word..

    Morning Pan, heading home today, could be a rocky trip home today travel disruptions ahoy.

  59. Re: Lost watch along.
    I am in the central time zone I’ll start watching it at about 6 AZ time I think. and Sundays I can’t tivo anything because it is full. 🙁

    Course I could always fill up the wave with spoilers! MMMWAH AHAHAHAH…

  60. Dear Mr. Jack Mangan,

    This is the door man to the ravenous fan base that has been listening to a story called 16 Pieces at a Time. Many are wondering – When (not if) there is ever going to be a sequel. Poor Jonas really needs his comeuppance.
    When can we be expecting this to be completed. Its been 5 years…

    Your adoring Fans

  61. Once again reaper’s links are both winners. People should just never let that guy into the lane.

    Dear WNDRWolf,

    Thank you, man. I’d never intended a sequel to that story, but if there is demand and a workable idea, I can certainly find the next chapter in Jonas’s story. Real life needs to give me a break. Ironically, I’m currently engaged in a real life strategic battle that’s eating away at the core of my being. . . .

    Lo Pan: J.C. looks like me.

  62. Brazil is pure truth – – would make an excellent Palooza film. If only it wasn’t so tedious to sit through.

    JR, I’ve rewatched the Wall film, I’m ready whenever. (and no one should feel excluded from a Wallapalooza).

    Yes, the forces of chaos are hard at work this week.

  63. Go Canadiens!

    And RE: late merger…. One that I hate is the early merger. The stop traffic to merge with 1000 feet of on-ramp left.

    That is one where you want to go to the front, then zipper in. Less traffic. You are now causing 1000ft of needless backup.

  64. I will let people merge in front of me as long a it is pretty clear that they have been trying to get over since the merge was announced and have slowed up to near the speed of my lane. I don’t stop though … I just slow up until there is a car length or so of space in front of me and let them slide in.

    when we reach that point where it is OBVIOUS that the lane is merging and everyone else has gotten over and you can clearly SEE that the lane ends 1/2 mile ahead … I have been know to move over and straddle the center line in so that the “zippers” can go no farther without having to drive around me on the shoulder.
    (I guess this makes me the bad man.)

    Once when I did this I saw at least two Tractor Trailer riggs pull over and do the same thing behind me. Ha. Power to the people.

  65. I haz returned…

    You should consider the Gastrointeritis diet. I lost 10 lbs in 4 days.
    You SHOULD consider it, then reject it for the pile of suck that it is.

    Wife and I are feeling much better… Thanks for the well-wishes.

  66. [sarcasm] It should depend on the obvious sticker value of your car. If you’re driving a rusted ’84 Oldsmobile, then you should be legally obligated to let the shiny new BMW cut in front of you. [/sarcasm]

  67. Oooh, that turn in picture pretty much captures a large chunk of my commute home each day.

    And, while the pricks who cut in line like that piss me off, I think the enablers who leave too large a gap that makes it possible frost me even more.

    I seem to often get stuck behind the guy whose personal mission is to let as many people in front of him before we reach the exit as possible. These are the days I wished I drove a rusted out 82 pickup.

  68. Clairification point re: merging at end of merge point…

    I’m talking in traffic, bumper to bumper. The “zippers” are assholes when they rush, but when its just going with the traffic and no cutting off…I think its proper.

  69. Jack: Perhaps someday, when enough time has passed, the real-life strategic battle can inspire that story, or some other story.

    Hang in there, man. We’ve all got your back.

  70. I like bacon as much as the next guy – but I just don’t get our generation’s bacon obsession.

    Thank you guys for the back-getting. I sure hope you’re right, Amy. I’d love to be free to focus on creative things again.

  71. Yeah. Totally don’t get the bacon thing. Just not a big bacon fan here.

    I mean..

    Ya know..

    Bacon is ok..

    It’s not Red Vines though..


  72. huh… aparently wordpress doesnt like underscores!!

    I had my url as yay (underscore) bitches and it wouldnt post it then when I typed the same into this comment field it did the same thing. At first I thought maybe it didnt like the word bithes, but it didnt like hte underscore I guess.

    anywho.. allI was trying to say was:


    you are all saved from my singing yet again!!

    blackhawks won yo

    take THAT Vancouver!!!. Although I love Vancouver. Skinny Puppy is from Vancouver. Vancouver fucking rules.

    As long as they aren’t playing Chicago is any sport

  73. Is it midnight yet?

    I hear my pillow calling me home.

    I haven’t played WoW in over 48 hours. Ya know… I’m just that frakkin’ busy and tired.

  74. Nomad, that may have to be the front cover blurb, if I ever release another edition of Spherical Tomi.

    Thanks much for reading (or listening)!

    My back thanks everyone again. And I promise, it isn’t hairy.

    Goodnight, :shum:

  75. Might do a movie later this week.

    The next one on my list is something about Nazi zombie’s at a ski lodge. That’s gotta be good for a smile or two.

  76. I didn’t start getting hair on my back until I turned 40. Then I realized how hairy my ears had gotten. Well, that and when my wife started stroking my ears and I thought… how romantic… then she started PULLING THE HAIR ON MY EARS!!! OW!!!!

    the moment was lost 🙂

  77. So I’m thinking of writing my own novella called “Cubical Tony.” It’s about this guy named Tony and his life working in a cubical, with his bosses sucking out his life force and selling it on Ebay.

  78. You know… when I signed up for this gig, this being a dad, I never realized it would include trying to restring a guitar.

    I have no idea what I am doing.

    But I’m pretending real good.

  79. Heres a small one, Nomad.

    demoncat said:
    at least they are building the thing as a new type of ride and not trying to build a real life one with weapons that work to cause the robots taking over the world.

  80. I actually found myself giving up on who a few episodes into the David Tennant era. I actually like cheese and camp, but I started to feel like there wasn’t anything more to Who than that after a while. Sacrilage I know, but what to do.

  81. Lo – Demoncat is slacking. That one almost made sense.

    Rhettro – Thank you. I’ll have to find some of these videos…

    Lejon – Extra cheese? Yup. But they kind of had to reset. Or fundamentally change the character of the show.

    Rhettro – Who is always uneven, but there are some really neat story lines and episodes that are worth waiting for. And if you haven’t seen Blink, you need to. I think that may be the best single episode of the returned series.

  82. Major rant coming on!


    I use to have one that I really liked. She was empathetic, sympathetic and would listen to you. She quit doctoring and now I have a new doctor. I HATE HIM!!!

  83. Great flow chart. I made the decision on my tat prior to getting drunk. 🙂 three of us all tattooed each other. It was great

    ly painful! A homemade tattoo gun made from a bic pen, a large (yarn?) needle, and me holding the leads on a battery of a small RC car motor (when they still took ‘D’ batteries. WOW! Painful doesn’t begin to describe it. Very glad I was drunk prior to getting it LOL

    NS: Hope you’re not hurt too bad! Good night! Let the hi-jinx begin!

  84. Now for some background:

    As has been noted by EssBee I’ve been pretty quiet. Some know I’ve been visiting the doctor for the last few weeks with various symptoms which, among other things, meant I haven’t done martial arts or worked out for at least three weeks.

    Went to my “new” doctor (did I mention how much I hate him?) and was put through a battery of tests. All test results pointed to problems with my kidneys. Not an unreasonable thing since when I was very little I spent months in the hospital due to my kidneys not functioning properly.

    Last week he sent me for an ultrasound. Got the results today and they came back saying the one kidney was ok, they could not get a proper reading on the second one as it seems to be tilted in the body or something like that (I don’t remember the exact wording but you get the idea).

    So this lovely doctor decided to focus on one of the symptoms which was a vitamin D deficiency and said because of this you have Seasonal Affective Disorder and promptly prescribed me an anti-depressant. He also told me I needed to get more exercise.

    Wait a minute!!! I’m one of the most up people you’ll meet, I’m refusing to take the anti-depressant. Also, I worked out 40 minutes a day plus 90 minutes of martial arts 3 times a week (up until I got sick), how do I need more exercise? Lastly, that diagnoses only covers a couple of the symptoms, what about the rest?

  85. As soon as I walked out of the doctors office I called my hubby at work and ranted to him. He told me it was time to find a new doctor. That is not an easy thing to do. Calgary has a seriously shortage of doctors. But I guess I have no choice

  86. TEB: You’re rant has been noted. Cataloged. Copied three times. Filed, forwarded, and buried in saltpeter.

    Sorry to hear your doctor sucks. Did you explain the exercise and upbeat nature to him, or did he simply believe that he is god and didn’t hear you?

  87. I did tell him (he did ask) but I think you’re right about the God complex. I miss my old doctor.

    Have a call into a couple of new doctors that Alberta Health says are accepting new patients. Here’s hoping.

  88. Jack: Totally agree about the article. There’s a lot of entitlement issues going around nowadays. It’s rather frustrating.

  89. Well ok, Vanamonde – I’m your bitch. Just don’t tell anyone.

    (Note: all contents of this comment are satirical in nature, and intended only to be light-hearted, comedic fun).

  90. Hope things improve for you soon TEB. I fell out with my current Doc when he overreacted to my laughing when I get nervous, thinking I was taking the piss when I was in fact ill, thankfully the local centre has other Doctors you can see.

  91. TEB – Good luck with the doctor hunt. A good one is a godsend, a bad one… should be put out of their misery.

    Disclaimer: Do I need a disclaimer after advocating violence?

    Disclaimer: I had to use spell check to spell disclaimer correctly. I am ashamed.

    Disclaimer: My knee still hurts. I’m a bitch when I hurt.

    Disclaimer: The last disclaimer is the absolute truth. Beware of sharp edges.

  92. TEB: Um… yeah. I’m not even a science person, much less a doctor, but I think it stands to reason that if you have a vitamin D deficiency, you should take Vitamin D, rather than antidepressants. And yes, we all know how upbeat you are. Get well, and here’s hoping you do find a doctor who listens better.

    Wow. Long, but full and productive day here. Night, Pan.

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