Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #75: Greasy Spoons

Greazy Show Notes.


Raging Guffman Intro (thx poetfox)
Mike’s HotDish promo
Amy Bowen’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day message
Greasy Spoon Comments — I
Paul Maki calls from his new cellphone
Vanamonde’s ringtones
Lions and Tigers and The Deadpan
Greasy Spoon Comments — II
Big Chowder’s Spongebob Deadpants bumper
Cinquain about cinquains
Dubshack’s. . . . . . . contribution
Really Big Things by Paul Maki. Episode 17: “Pocahantas”
Tee Morris Deadpan bumper
Unrelated Thought
Greasy Spoon Comments — III
poetfox original poem: “One and Only” (with lots of parenthesis)
Hilarious joke
Amy Bowen’s Harry Potter book 7 Cinquains
Jessica’s spooky Deadpan bumper
More. . . . from Dubshack
Greasy Spoon Comments — IVth and final
Honorary Greasy Spoon Comment — comedy gold
Star Wars in the Family
Greasy Spoon Finale
Greasy Jelly Beans
The contents of Paul from Des Moines’s apartment. . . (his last VM as Paul from Des Moines)
Thank you Chris the Fixed Kitty
Joe Murphy Cinquain
Donate to the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund
Original mash: “Lifeblood”

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