Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #76: Princess No One

Free with this episode!
Lazy Show Notes!!!

Captain Scarlet Intro (Thanks Vanamonde)
Leann is happy to hear me
Chris the Fixed Kitty‘s Deadpan Podthroat bumper
More Introbabble
Indiana Jim‘s “Thesis A Fantasy” promo
JMDP bumper
The contents of C.A. Sizemore’s pockets
Unrelated do-over
Captain Amy Bowen’s Deadpan bumper
Paul Maki Dark Crystal Voicemail
Ear Buds
Marlo Dianne‘s Deadpan bumper
Greasy Spoon Pro Bowl
Surprise Deadpan interview
Funny Paul Maki Epidemiology Voicemail
Greasy Jelly Bean Game
A bunch of noises
Paul Maki mailbox Voicemail
Thanks Brian Brown
Thanks Paul Fischer and Martha Holloway
My Dumbass Memory involving Jared Axelrod
Original music. Mango: “Our Love Is Fading Away”

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