Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #56: Eponymous

Far Point Media
Pan Sematary Deadpan Bumper
Stolen Movie Lines
Greasy Jelly Belly Setup
Greasy Spoon Comments – exhibition round
:::: Andrea Smarty Hottie
:::: Kris from Tempe
:::: ditto
ZigguratCon promo (Fear the Boot podcast)
Rhettro Deadpan bumper
Amy Bowen Haiku and Cinquain
Justa J0e’s retro (not Rhettro) Unrelated Kitchen news alert bumper
The contents of Amy Bowen’s care package
Kirk-rhythm babble
Dumbass Memories – Amy Bowen
Double Dumbass on you!
Me giving the double-finger
The contents of C.A. Sizemore’s lunch box
Phil Rossi’s “Crescent Station” podcast novel promo
Paul Maki’s Deadpan promo plus outtakes
Unrelated Thought
Stolen from the 80s
:::: Justa J0e’s Peter Gabriel fest
:::: Me
Greasy Jelly Bean point award. (We have a winner!)
Funny Technorama Podcast promo
Alvie’s monks Deadpan bumper
Original music: Matt Mango “The Train”

Better late than never. . . . (sorry)

I hope the in-episode techsnafus aren’t too plentiful.

FYI: There’s apparently been a change in the iTunes podcatcher. Deadpan, as well as a few other podcasts have been affected. I’m trying to find a solution. Apologies to those who usually get this show via iTunes.



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