Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #54: Zardozapalooza

Apathetic show notes.

Greasy Jelly Bean setup
Cup Car Update promo
Chris Fisher’s Deadpan Android bumper
The contents of Jeremy’s bellybutton
“Really Big Things” by Paul Maki. Episode 10: Ed’s Museum.
Raequel aka Systris Deadpan bumper
Paul Maki’s obscene duck outtakes
Deadpan Haiku bumper
Funny Crazy Parents Story/Dumbass Memory
Ed from Texas Deadpan bumper
::: Jack and David Moldawer discuss the film
::: ditto’s review
::: Ed from Texas, Zardoz-inspired Stolen from the 80s lyricsmash
::: Duel of the Fates (with errors, grrr. Expect the proper version soon)
Greasy Jelly Bean point award
Overtired outrobabble
Jack Mangan original music: “Tears of Liquid Mercury”


I’ve uploaded the updated Deadpan episode. . . . . Going to upload the newest Duel of the Fates as a stand-alone as well, so that those who’ve already heard the entire episode can just listen to that by itself, if they so desire.

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