Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #55: Getting Caught Up

Drunks on a plane
Greasy Jellybean setup
Into the Dark podcast promo
Big Chowder’s Deadpan bumper up in here (http://www.chowderradio.com)
Unrelated Kitchen bumper – Justa J0e feels all tingly
The contents of Jessica’s freezer
Kris from Tempe’s Deadpan bumper
Deadpan haiku
What the F is a cinquain?
After 300 – Paul Maki and friends
Deadpan bumper – Scott from Kalamazoo
Deadpan Horrorscope – Cheyenne Wright (artist, rapper, astrologer? check his site: http://www.arcanetimes.com)
Zardozapalooza spillover
::::Rhett’s Voicemail
::::Zardoz cinquain
Stolen from the 80s block
:::Justa J0e – Peter Gabriel
:::Dee – Depeche Mode
:::Cheyenne Wright – Phil Collins
Chris the Fixed Kitty’s Hypnotic Deadpan bumper
Chewbacca Cinquain
This week’s Greasy Jelly Bean point award
Sci-Fi Smackdown podcast skit/promo
Peace out, Alvie
Deadpan Cinquain
Scott from Kalamazoo voicemail
Original music by me: (working title) “Too Good”. Props to DJ Esteban for the great drums.

lackadaisical show notes (and a boring, unoriginal show title this week. meh.)

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