Jack Mangan’s Deadpan Episode 14: Ellen Datlow

Updated (but still lazy) Show Notes
Morevi Promo
Dumbass Memory double-shot: (I. Me. II. James from London)
Magical Mystery Trek
TD-0013’s insulting bumper
Ellen Datlow Interview — part 1.
–quick break–
Ear Buds, featuring Andrea Smarty Hottie, stuck in traffic
Computer King bumper
Ear Buds cont’d, featuring Andrea Smarty Hottie, stuck in traffic
Magical Mystery Trek, the soundtrack! (big-up thanks to Mark Forman for a great reading.)
Ex-Wife Files Podiobook promo
Thinking aloud/outrobabble
Soldier Boy Jam
Stolen Movie Line

Spherical Tomi in Print

Next week! You’ll be able to pick up your own copy of Spherical Tomi in print. It will be available at Project Pulp, Shocklines, and Genremall.com. I hear that pre-orders are available now or imminently at some of those sites. I believe this calls for a w00t!
Check out the snazzy new cover:
Spherical Tomi Print cover

I’m in the “More Sonic Fiction” Podiobook

My almost-flash short story, “Desire, Hunger, Thirst”, can be heard in the “More Sonic Fiction” Podiobook, released today at Podiobooks.com. Jeff Kafer delivers a masterful reading, guiding you through the story’s twists and turns. Check it out. I just subscribed.

You may also note that “DHT” is *not* Spec-Fic in any way! Gasp! (shhh. . . don’t tell anyone. They’ll revoke my Spock ears).