Mark Forman Strikes again!

ATT: artists. For most of the artmashes, I’ve linked to their original sites — just as I did with this one. Please let me know if you’re going to take them down, and I’ll see if I have room here. Thanks!

And big thanks to MF for another great Dead Pan Chest Pirate Mash. Shiver me Sphericals. Why am I craving a bowl of Cap’n Crunch?


MySpace, The Final Frontier

Well not quite.

So I’ve finally plugged the MySpace cable into the back of my neck. Some of you have already welcomed me into the Matrix (Jeremy was the first Deadpanite!), but for those of you who have MySpace and would totally like to totally add me, then totally go to my page there there and like let’s totally network.

This is my true web home right here; I’ll probably be an eternal MySpace n00b. . . But hey, it’s there. Totally add me as a friend.