Temporary Scroll Relief

Per EssBee’s request.

Mellow Scrolled

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Wangapalooza: Big Trouble in Little China

Undeadpan Palooza about Big Trouble in Little China, featuring:

Jack Burton Mangan and Desert Pixie, with an appearance from Lo Pan himself.

Big Palooza Un Little Deadpan

You know what The Energizer Bunny, ditto, and Vanamonde always say in times like these. . . Thanks very much to the three of them for taking the time to record their thoughts and insights about Big Trouble in Little China!!

More episodes to come, with lots of room left for your recorded thoughts/skits/jokes/ideas/reviews/etc. of the film. Don’t end up in the Hell of Those Who Didn’t Contribute to the Palooza! Chime in with your audio!

Un Un Oh 2

An Ununshow?
Not the Palooza audio you were hoping for, but audio nonetheless.

The Man Who Scrolled the World

It was time.

Scrull: about the dude with the flying bladed mouse wheel


This post has nothing to do with the hokey magic shuriken I think there was a cyclops and an old guy with a spider ex-girlfriend film, “Krull,” it’s just a snappy word-blending of “scroll” and “Krull.”

Who knows, maybe Krull will come up in the comments.


It was time.

(Watch Big Trouble in Little China! Record your thoughts!)


Not quite alive, in other words.

One Oh Unshow

The scrolling on Hundred was getting to be a bit much. I do have audio for release, including a bunch of Ambassador Travel Updates; I will share that audio with the world soon.

This one is silence. For all… you… sinners!!