And the transition is officially begun. Don’t stop checking http://jackmangan.blogspot.com yet, but I’ll eventually migrate all of my crap over here.

22 thoughts on “www.jackmangan.com

  1. I think it is notable that Jack was fortunate enough to nab JackMangan.com – in a world where EvoTerra.com can be owned by [now this’ll sound ridiculous] some other Evo, nothing is safe.

    It’s depresses me that an insurance agent sporting bad hair, a collar that’s too tight, and many chins owns the rights to PhilRossi.com

    ….but I’m shallow like that.

    Really. Really. Shallow.

    …what were talking about?

    That’s right – I have to pee too! Jack Mangan makes me have to pee.

  2. Waitaminnute. How come 2 out of the 3 posters so far have to pee? Is that something that one must obtain in order to enjoy this here cast – the fact that Jack Mangan makes folks pee? If so, kick me in the bladder and call me converted! Course maybe we should talk to Jack and see if this is cool with him…

  3. Yea! I can’t wait for the podcast, especially since it won’t have anything to do with the object that shall not be named.

  4. You guys almost bring me to tears with your enthusiasm – but that’s also mostly because I know how bad the first episode is. . .
    I hope you’ll still around for the follow-up episodes – featuring Mike Nelson, Tee Morris, Scott Sigler, John Buccigross, and more!

  5. no I think those tears are from the sticks that we are poking you with.

    Hurry up I need more stuff to fill my podcatcher with. 😉

  6. Great going, Jack. You already have an object that shall not be named. Hope I get to hear your promo later this week, but I won’t share any details. I’d hate to steal your thunder. (mug in hand, waiting for the asner)

    Break a leg, kid.

  7. This is very interesting. The deadpan podcast doesn’t exist yet, nothing really has been posted about the show save ‘it’s coming’ and there’s already 18 posts. Dang, Jack, you’ve got a lot to live up to. 🙂

    Any idea when the first will be released?

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