Watchmania discussion thread 2

Movie Reactions ——- with Spoilers.

30 thoughts on “Watchmania discussion thread 2

  1. You must not have heard that Admiral Akbar sent a letter to Zack Snyder on behalf of all the Mon Calamari requesting that the movie version be changed from the offensive graphic novel version.

  2. Talking heresy now, but the plot change in the movie makes more sense than the squid.

    More countries were directly effected, and Dr Manhattan made a more credible threat than the squid.

    I’ll get my coat.

  3. *reverse gear noize…skreeech*

    Don’t see with lesbians *huurm* very misogynistic and violent towards women.

    *skrreeeee vrooom*

  4. [clarification]
    I saw it with Kerry and one of our bestest friends (who’s a lesbian) and it made me watch it in a new light. It was pretty rough and both ladies didn’t like the violence, esp. (and understandably) the rape scene and the pregnant scene.

  5. Yeah, the violence against women is one of the main reasons my wife never finished reading the GN and why I ended up not bringing her to the theater with me.

    I don’t think she would have handled the shoe still hanging from the bone very well at all. That was an unexpected adder, but probably a necessary one to make it clear to the viewers who hadn’t read the GN.

  6. Yeah, and the crime scene with “Lesbian Whore” didn’t help any.

    But they did both coo over Silhouette walking up to the girl and kissing in the post WWII scene….Teh_Hotness.

  7. It was horrible to watch all of those horrific scenes both in the book and on screen (little girl/dog, pregnant woman shot, Rape scene which was MUCH more brutal in the movie than I’d pictured it from the book) – I have to say, however, that I feel those plot points (I guess that’s what I call them) were as strong as they were to make clear the type of dehumanization the characters were undergoing.

    The Kennedy assassination in the movie was pretty intense as well. I remember Dan having some issue with that when he saw it.

  8. Well, I’d say that blog post that Jack found pretty well sums up all my criticisms of the Watchmen movie…..which is impressive considering the guy was trying to make those points to defend the movie.

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