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  1. Well, Jack – that truly sucks. While I have no doubt that it is often necessary, there’s just nothing good about divorce. While I can’t personally sympathize, I’ve got friends and family who are divorced and dealing with difficult exes and children issues and I know well enough to see that it’s neither pleasant, nor simple. You’re quite right that the court system just isn’t setup to handle the situation today, especially with divorces happening in such large numbers.

    For better or worse, it’s also clear that the system favors the biological mother and she just about has to be a drug abusing homicidal prostitute who beats her dog for that bias to be overcome.

  2. Alright, so that Friday isn’t a total downer – yesterday I received something quite special and unexpected from our dear EssBee and for it I am most grateful.

    CP: Go Insane (Live 1997 version)


  3. Morning Pan.

    Haven’t heard the episode yet, but I get the gist from the comments. Thoughts and wishes go with.

  4. My food is bought. My bathroom is clean.

    Not baking cookies today as my main cookie eater (my hubby) will be going out of town next week for a week. Also, we’re going over to friends tomorrow evening and I’ll be baking a cake to take there.

  5. Work is what it’s all about for a while yet. Lunchbreak includes dropping by the theatre and grabbing my prepurchased Watchmen ticket.

    7CT is when I will watch the Watchmen. I plan to bring my portable recorder, so as long as folks aren’t shy (not going with the same group as when I watched “300”) I will have a report from some fans.

  6. I’m actually a little jealous of those of you who still have yet to experience the Watchmen movie. You only get one first time, and I really enjoyed mine. 🙂

    JB: Awesome! I can’t wait to hear your report.

  7. Followed Pip’s lead on Twitter. Not much help I know of personally, but tweeted out with a link to this page with hope that Retweets might reach someone who knows more…

  8. Well, I’m back from my Watchmen viewing. There’s been enough hype and I know some of you are seeing it over the weekend, so I’m going to hold off on commenting until Sunday.

    But, I can say that IMAX was teh_awesome. The sound and picture were easily the best I’ve ever experienced. All the previews were also IMAX – Star Trek (though, nothing new), Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Night at the Museum 2, and Transformers 2. I will be returning to this theater quite a few more times, I can tell.

  9. Anyone willing to pony up $15 to get legal advice from these guys for Jack’s situation?


    I know I sound like a prick for not just doing it myself, but seriously, as the guy with only half a job, my wife will castrate me for spending any money. Still, my internet searching continues…

  10. I’m all for a legal fund for Jack — that way he could pay this $15 with some of that cash. Would the best move be to just paypal donate like usual from the homepage?

  11. The scary thing is we don’t really need a PI, with enough info we could probably find out all this info ourselves. If we knew the names of Jack’s kids, his ex-wife’s maiden name and the names of any possible affiliations (she could have changed their names) the location Jack recieved the certified letter or where he might think they are… All we do is call every local school, say we’re from the local police department looking for a particular juivinal delinquent and eventually you’re going to find one of them. Unless of course she’s home schooling, in which case things get a little stickier. In that case its possible to find her with a county parcel search if we knew her last name. Unless she’s renting, in that case you start calling known associates, hospitals, local medical facilities, etc… Hell if you’ve got the right name we could find her just by looking up her credit report.

    My wife is an ex-bondsman. P.I.’s aren’t the only people that know how to find people.

    But somehow I don’t think finding her is Jack’s issue. I think the issue is getting the kids back in his custody, and I almost get the sense (even though he’s all ready got the police involved) that he still wants to keep this civil. Which frankly she’s jerked his chain twice, the time for civility is over. I sent Jack this link all ready:

    If we can’t find him a pro-bono lawyer maybe we can find him a cheap one, and then lets set up a fund for Jack to help pay for it. Whats the name of that website Tee mentioned, Chipped In? I can’t find it on an internet search.

  12. I would say one thing people … she might be a mean, twisted human being but that doesn’t mean she is stupid. If she has any sense what-so-ever, she is monitoring this board and the podcast in an attempt to stay steps ahead of him.

    I would recommend not put anything on here that would assist her in hiding Jack’s kids from him. That she knows he is attempting to get them back is already a given … but any other specific hints/help you have for Jack should probably be kept OFF forum.

    If she is out there though, she needs to know that Jack has more people on his side now then she has ever known in her life.

  13. Thanks so much, everyone – for everything. Really. I’m humbled by the outpouring of support and friendship. Sorry to bring this before you, but – I’m out of resources and options. The courts are going to allow her to do this for as long as she decides that she wants to continue.

    And yes, I could easily find out where they are – but as someone mentioned – if I were to just show up “uninvited” to see the children who are being blocked from me, the same impotent court system would hold such an “inappropriate” action against me. That would do me no good.

    What I need to accomplish: at *LEAST* restoring regular visitation, with some kind of protection against any further actions to cut off contact between us.

  14. And btw – the usual silly/serious/political/racy/highbrow/lowbrow/alphabetical/lyrical/CP/etc. Deadpan conversations are perfectly ok and appropriate in this thread.

    No reason why your hovercrafts can’t still be full of eels.

  15. Jack,
    Just heard about this through Tee.

    My wife is an attorney and while I don’t know if any contacts she has that are directly in AZ, she knows people that might know people.

    I’ll ask her to ask around. It might take a few days for her to check things out, but I’ll touch base with you if she finds anyone who might be able to help.

  16. I guess I’m confused about some of the details. And yeah I agree an open forum is not the best place to discuss this… Even so, my wife’s license may have expired, but that doesn’t mean we’re unable to re-enact an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

    So how do we set up the chipin thing so it goes directly to Jack?

  17. Thanks for the responses everyone. Sorry if I have yet to get back to you…… I’m being pwned right now.

    Dub – if you see this – thanks for the nice mention on the FPR.

  18. I don’t think I’m going to convince my wife to see Watchman after the length of the Dark Knight. Plus I have a hard time staying in the theater during normal length movies. I have a feeling the only way I’m going to see it is if someone leaks a screener or wait for dvd…

  19. I’m sending “get out of work on-time” vibes to Jack’s employer so he can see Watchmen with us today – – – *vibesendingnoises*
    Must see movie with Jack. Must see movie today.

    Dan said something about buttering Jack’s popcorn – I might want to watch that!


  20. Oddly enough, I’m in the office this morning working overtime. I don’t get this company sometimes. Anyway my neice is in town today. She plays soccer for Nebraska, they play ASU this afternoon, so we’ll be there for that.

  21. I wish I were in Phoenix seeing Watchmen with Jack, Dan, Cj, and whoever else is going with them. Instead, I’m here. Going grocery shopping later, then writing a new blog post and doing other fun stuff when I come home.

  22. I’m afraid that I’ve got no useful legal connections to offer as I’ve thankfully managed to make it this far in life without having needed one before. But, count me in on the legal defense fund.

  23. Well I enjoyed the movie, not sure a Watchmen virgin would get it though.

    300 on the Comedian’s apartment front door…hmmmm!

  24. I’m afraid the only lawyer I know is the one who did my will, so my resources are no good here.

    Only thing I can offer is this: Keep notes, Jack. Keep presents. Keep everything. One day your kids will see you again, even if they’re the ones who go to court to fight for it, and they’ll need to know that they were really a part of your life, always in your thoughts, even when you couldn’t reach out and hug them.

  25. Alas. I didn’t get to go with Dan and Dan and Cj, but there seems to be some hope of catching the movie after work tomorrow.

    It looks like we don’t have contest winners yet! Don’t be shy with the Voicemails (or email recordings, if that’s an insane toll call)

  26. Dan, DanS, and I enjoyed Watchmen thoroughly. I think the boys are up for a double viewing. I’m on the fence – but I did send a voicemail about what *I* saw in the first minute of the movie.

    – Kristen killed JR
    – Darth Vader is Luke’s Father
    – Snape kills Dumbledore
    – Nash Dies
    – Pepsi really is better than Coke

  27. I have some audio from before & after Watchmen using my trusty portable recorder. Audio from me, Hellziggy, and Hellbob. I’ll send that along to Jack soon.

  28. Aww, nuts. I left a nice, long voice mail about my Watchmen movie experience, but totally forgot that I was supposed to describe what I saw in the first minute of the movie. Oops.

  29. Well based on the faulty logic of JJ liking Bladerunner (calling it unfaithful to the book it’s based on is an understatement ), I predict JJ will dislike the Watchmen movie.


  30. Morning Pan.

    Went for dinner with friends last night and came home in a blizzard. It was touch and go on whether we would even make it home.

    Also, have some very excited news, but can’t officially annouce it for a week or so :(. But still had to shout out my pleasure. 😀

  31. Alright, I posted at the Farpoint Forums as well. I think the movie was a big swing and a miss. Zack Snyder got too wrapped up in trying to bring animate the comic book that he missed out on making a movie.

    Dialog that works in a written narrative spread out over several squares of comic page sounds stilted and flat when spoken on screen. Flashbacks of character history that work on the printed page really break the flow of the movie and come it at awkward moments. Synder’s efforts to hit us over the head with repeating scene after scene from the comic to show us how faithful he was being end up causing the narrative to stall and the movie to drag out.

    Really, there was no way to win this one, I’m afraid. If he had really taken the effort to do a proper screen play and truly tell the compelling story of Watchmen in a movie form, the fanbois would have trashed him. But, by taking the approach that he did, I’m afraid this movie is going to have very little appeal to the general audience who hasn’t read the GN several times and can fill in all the gaps in their minds along the way. I don’t think this movie is going to hold up well at the box office in the coming weeks.

    Now, I will say that I think all the parts were well cast and the actors did as well as they could with them, given that they were pretty much reading their dialogue strait out of the GN. Visually, it was a feast and the production values were outstanding. There was certainly much to enjoy.

    But, in the end I feel like I just got shown the graphic novel, but didn’t really get told the story. And that’s a shame.

  32. From the sounds of it there were quite a few fan boys in the showing I went to…a lot of laughing at scenes copied direct from the GN.

  33. Dear Jack,
    I’ve heard your show in passing at times. I’m not able to listen to non-Audio Drama podcasts regularly, so I guess I owe a debt to Twitter for this opportunity to listen.
    I wish I could offer you more than good wishes. I don’t know anyone who can help you directly, and goodness knows I don’t have the money myself to aid you, but I would be willing to donate to a “Help Jack get back to his kids” fund if you set one up. Please let me know.

    As a guy who also is surviving divorce, I’m just grateful that my Ex is very good about working out time with my boys. They are simply such a huge part of me, I’d go crazy if I couldn’t see them, and its for that- my friend, you have my attention and sympathy.
    Let me know how else I can help. I’ll be happy to make an announcement on the Society if you get something organized.
    All the Best,

  34. Dan just returned home from his second viewing of Watchmen. He saw it with DanS, TheFutureMrsDanS, and Jack. I’m eagerly awaiting Jack’s review.

    And, Dan brought me a donut. Yum. Yay for late night snacks.

    OK. Back to work for me.

  35. I did indeed work late today, miss my writer’s group – – but – – made it to Watchmen, with Danthol, Dan Shaurette, the future Mrs. Dan Shaurette, and her teenage son. (I say “teenage” so you don’t all imagine a toddler seeing dog carcasses). It was awesome seeing the movie with those guys. Not exactly a date movie, you know.

    I think I’ll start another thread for spoiler-able Watchmen film reactions and reviews.

  36. No, but it is related. I was hoping to make the announcement today, but it looks like I’ll have to wait a couple of days as the powers that be are a little behind schedule.

  37. Actually, it makes more sense to use the PayPal account existing on his webpage since ChipIn sends the money to PayPal anyway. It appears they are just a middle man. Does anyone know of any reason why ChipIn would be more beneficial than funds going directly to Jack?

    Or – does anyone know of a service that doesn’t charge a fee like PayPal does? It isn’t like it’s a huge expense, but seems like it’d be better if service fees weren’t wasted. Just my opinion.

  38. OK, I just freed Jack (from Sonic Society)’s comment from moderation.

    Thanks so much for expressing the kind words and the offer, Jack. Your point about the deep connection rings true. I think about them every day.

  39. Someone down there could set him up a PO Box and we could mail cash?

    No that wouldn’t work, you gotta pay for the PO Box…

    I dunno if someone down there is willing to share their address with the world we could just mail checks and you could just hand them to Jack.

    I dunno. I’m just an idea man.

    (BTW- That graphics thing Jack posted was friggin’ hilarious)

  40. I won’t be on much today (again). . . .

    I appreciate all of this. I appreciate the talk of money – but if you don’t have any to spare (and who does?), then please don’t feel obligated to “chip in”. There may be ways I can ask for a few minutes of your time, if you want to help (and thank you). I’ll let you know.

  41. Oh dear, oh dear, the UK version of a US tv show is playing on the TV (Law and Order:UK) and you thought the US version of Life on Mars was bad.

    The guy who plays Apollo in the new BSG is in it.

  42. You ever have those days where you think things are getting better and then something happens completely out of your control to prove you wrong and then you just want to poke your own eye out with a number 2 pencil?

    Yeah. That’s what it’s like for me right now.

  43. BTW – I somehow managed NOT to record (or maybe it got deleted) last weeks “Dollhouse”. When I discovered this I was not terribly upset. Maybe that should tell me something.

  44. Saw adds for Castle, but I’m really not interested in any more television shows to the short list I already follow.

    Joe – I missed week 2 of Dollhouse and was able to catch it on Hulu.com I can’t say that I ever see something like Hulu becoming my primary watching tool, but it’s a useful backup. But it’s really hard to not be able to FF.

    Episode 4 is probably the most “Joss-like” so far.

  45. I end up watching more television than I normally would because of Teresa. She likes to unwined by watching a couple of hours prior to bed, but she doesn’t like to watch by herself. For me Lost, BSG and House are not to be missed. I also enjoy Dollhouse, 24 and Terminator. Everything else I don’t really care about.

  46. So we finally got some good news from the financial sector, Citibank turned a profit. This “could” be the turnaround point. If we make it the next couple of weeks without a major bank failing, investors should start to reinvest and banks should start to lend money again. I’m hopeful.

  47. Takes a deep breath:

    Lie to Me
    Kyle XY
    Being Human
    Have I got news for you
    Dr Who
    Life on Mars (US)


  48. Van watches Kyle XY *swoooooon*

    I watch that.. and… I’m going to share my embarrassing list of DVRed programs. Hold on to your hats.

    Eureka (which seems to have disappeared again)
    Ugly Betty
    Gossip Girl
    How I Met Your Mother
    Big Bang Theory
    The Office
    Brothers and Sisters
    Desperate Housewives
    The New Adventures of Old Christine

    And, not on the DVR – Star Trek – Do DVD’s count?

    I save up my shows so I can watch several in a row of the same show at night while I work. Which also explains why I watch such mindless drivel (some of it) because I have to be able to work while it’s on.

    Needless to say, Kyle XY demands my full attention.

  49. CP: Ball and Biscuit – The White Stripes

    My TV list looks more like Van’s than Cj’s. Add in most of the HBO and Showtime shows, and The Daily Show and Colbert Report, and you’ve got it!

  50. There are 2 pigeons roosting in my front doorway cooing. I look out the window or open the door and they flee, but they keep coming back with their cooing.

    They are clearly unaware of my mood and don’t realize that they are risking their dirty little birdie necks right there.

  51. My boob tube confession.

    30 Rock
    The Office
    Battlestar Galactica
    The Sarah Conner Chronicles
    Mad Men (when in season)
    Rescue Me (when in season)
    TiVo “NOVA” episodes but rarely have time to watch them and do the same with “Top Gear”

    Keep in mind I TiVo everything and generally it stacks up before I can see it.
    I am currently only up-to-date on Chuck and 30 Rock. Others are waiting on DVR.

  52. I just opened up a podcast channel on PodcastMachine just for the hell of it. I’m calling it “Guys with Boobies.”

    It seemed like a clever name at least. I don’t really have a concept idea for it though. Other than the obvious.

  53. Morning Pan!

    It’s frikken freezing again and what is my hubby going to do? He’s off to sunny Florida for the better part of the week.

    There’s no justice in the world. He gets the warmth of the sun, and I won’t even have the warmth of his body at night 🙁

  54. Looking at last night’s comments, on my TV list

    Castle (recorded not watched yet)
    Dr. Who (they’ve been playing the old ones with Tom Baker so we’ve been watching those)
    Battlestar Galactica
    Legend of the Seeker

    We don’t actually watch a lot of TV. When they come out on DVD we do get the new Dr. Who and Torchwood, too.

  55. ummm, I don’t know about you, but I find a hot water bottle a poor substitute for an actually human being.

    They’re small, harder to cuddle, and constantly have to be refilled to stay warm. (of course I’m talking about the bottle 😉 )

  56. I do however, have a teddy bear I cuddle at night when hubby’s away. And the cats are generally happier as there is more bed space for them to stretch out on.

  57. Well, off to drive my hubby to work. That way his car isn’t at the school for the several days he’s away. Will drive back and take him to the airport around lunch.

    Back in a couple of hours.

  58. There, my hubby is now safely ensconced in his school.

    Van, at -24 C. (current temperature here), it’s cold. No matter what your size.

  59. Morning EssBee!

    It is supposed to warm up to -8 later today. Then +5 tomorrow. Maybe I can hope spring is starting to peek its head in?

  60. I’m supposed to see a 30-40F drop sometime this afternoon as the latest front comes through. The last few days, the highs have been pushing 90F and tomorrow I’m looking at 55F. While still toasty compared to those in Deadpanland’s northern outposts, the heavy swing does take its toll.

  61. Actually, you’re right. We’ve had some pretty major swings this winter as well, going from -30 to +10 in a 24 hour period. Most people here agree that this is probably why it has been the worst winter for colds, flus and such. Your body doesn’t get a chance to adapt to the weather before it changes.

  62. Well Pan.

    Off to get my hubby and take him to the airport. Then I’ll be all alone until Monday 🙁 (not completely true. My Boo is here, but she doesn’t count)

  63. Don’t hate me because I have my front door open to let the nice air in – and so I can shove the pigeons off if they come back to visit.

    It’s beautiful outside.

    My 5-year-old daughter is sick sick sick… her Dr. appt is after lunch. Hoping it’s nothing serious – I fear it may be strep. 🙁

  64. I liked Nathan Fillion as Captain Mal – – but I don’t feel the need to watch a show or movie just because he’s in it. This isn’t Bruce Campbell we’re talking about. . . .

    I am fucking cranky today, sorry 🙂

  65. I watched Castle last night and really liked it. I am sort of a middle-aged woman, I guess, if i live to 74!

    And, yes grumpy Jack, I watched it just because Captain Tightpants was the lead. I enjoy his face.

  66. RE: “Castle – Murder She Wrote for middle aged women.”

    Ok THAT description must have something to it, because that is exactly how my sister described it to me in an email yesterday.

  67. Jack hope things turn better for ya.

    CJ – I know too well – sick kids are no fun.

    ….hair blowing in the breeze….

  68. Thanks all. I can still hang when I’m cranky.

    Nathan Fillion and MC Hammer Bebel Gilberto are all stupid jerks.

    (disclaimer: kidding. they seem like pretty nice guys, actually.)

  69. On the upside of today – I just called about tomorrow’s jury duty and thankfully I don’t have to appear!

    I’m bounding around the house happily.

    Oh and home from the doctor – daughter has a cold. That is all. Again, I’m relieved because I was worried it was worse…

    All good news from me today.

  70. I’m CW this week’s Heroes episode, which is meh, and just watched the sneak peak for the Star Trek movie. I am not even close to being a Trekker, but damn, this looks awesome. I’m subscribing to LLAP tonight!

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