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A wonderful and generous listener has agreed to donate a new, tangible third place prize for the upcoming Watchmen give-away (rules described in this Unshow). If you take 3rd, you are eligible for a t-shirt from the Deadpan/Jack Mangan Spreadshirt store, max t-shirt value: $20.00 USD.
So – – –

First prize: A free copy of the Watchmen comic book, courtesy of awesome Cynful, of acynfulmind’s Podcast.
Second prize: A $10 Denny’s GC, courtesy of awesome Brad P. from NJ, of the Whole Lot of Nonsense Podcast.
Third prize: A free Jack Mangan t-shirt (valued at less than $20 USD), courtesy of awesome anonymous.

End of ATTENTIONUPDATE, on to the regular show notes.

This is a long one – but it was a conversation full of laughs. Thanks a million to Tee Morris for being a good friend, a fun guest, and a great onpod personality.

Let it be noted – this Unshow is the birth of the Adrian Zmed Rule.

91 thoughts on “Deadpan UnShowFunShow with Tee Morris

  1. Nippletaint…rolls around the mouth.

    I’m putting 10 imaginary pennies on Amy winning the Watchmen graphic novel…that is if I haven’t frightened her off.

  2. Oh and for any iPod Touch/iPhone deadpan users…do a search on the App store for ‘Vector Tanks’..a cool looking Battlezone clone.

  3. Reviews for the Watchmen movie are looking lukewarm, particularly for critics who appear to be coming into the movie without having read the novel. And, really, for the movie to succeed, it’s going to have to draw in a large newbie audience.

    Probably my biggest fear going into the theater is that they will end up pulling a Harry Potter. The first movie was so “faithful” to the books that it ended up flat and lifeless. It felt like all the actors were walking around on a stage each reading the novel aloud.

    Granted, Watchmen has a better chance of avoiding that, being that it already has a built in visual element. But, I’m still concerned that Zack Snyder will be so devoted to reproducing frames from the novel that it will hamper the movie.

  4. Morning, Deadpan!

    Sympathies, ditto. My job is so hosed. I hurt my back yesterday schlepping eight 60 pound boxes down 20 steps out of the back of our 5-acre warehouse because all the shipping guys left (after promising me at least someone would stay behind). I have a 8 a.m. delivery deadline in CA this morning, so I’ll be on UPS tracking duty this morning while icing my back. Stupid asshats. This is, so sayeth the CEO, “an exposure worth millions” for my company, yet I was the only person available to carry, load, and race boxes to the last drop-off UPS HUB at DIA last night.

    On a positive note, Unshow! Downloading now. Bath time. I do love Thursdays.

  5. Morning Pan.

    Busy day in the boards this morning already. 6:30 am, cold. Snow and wind warnings in effect.

    All things considered, I’d rather still be in bed.

  6. EssBee – sounds like it is time to file for workers comp!

    Side note – I did some work at a company that had a shipping department.
    We were forced to let THEM carry our gear in and out of the building. One of my clients explained that HE couldn’t carry more then like a dozen sheets of blank paper to the copy machine … if they wanted to bring an unopened pack of paper, union rules said that they HAD to request it be transported by the shipping department.

    Working with large corporations is always a bizarre and often surreal experience.

  7. The Watchmen movie is rated 18 in the UK which will limit it’s audience.

    Should be a relatively quiet experience when I see it this weekend.

  8. Well, am going to brave the brrr, and take my Boo for a nutritional breakfast at McDonalds. Then to buy a couple of more sweaters to keep the warmth in.

  9. Back from the cold. I wish the weather would make up its mind. Yesterday it was +10 and nice; today it’s -10 and snowy. No wonder why I’ve always got a cold.

  10. Offf, I was just attacked by 15 pounds of furball. How am I going to get any work done with a grey cutie on my lap?

  11. The first 15 episodes of Deadpan are now downloaded and ready to load up. it looked like episode 14 is when the comments when insane. I’m curious why that is.

    Thoughts on listening to episode the first: Wait wait what? Wife? Oh dear. Stolen rap lyrics are amusing, I wonder what inspired that idea came from?

    CP: Saor Patrol – Stonewall

  12. So if anybody can help what I need to do to wipe the iPhone without losing all the Apps I’ve bought that would be appreciated.

  13. Catching up. Haven’t listened yet. Will soon.

    EssBee – sorry about your back. I love the word “asshat” it’s one of my favorites.

    Van – probably just confused EssBee with TEB because I put it in your head during WatchMania. I’ll take responsibility.

    Going to see Watchmen this weekend and quite looking forward to it. Can’t wait to talk to everyone about it! It’ll be interesting to see if the theater is packed.

    Ed – I loved the Harry Potter movies – I’m easy to please though 🙂

  14. I may have touched the bad luck fairy.

    New cable modem arrives, when I try and get it activated I’m told the internet connection is down in my area for the next 3 hours.

  15. I can speak succinctly for podacst content, and most of the time I’m pretty good with people.

    Still, on occasion I get to the end of leaving a voicemail for a cow orker or vendor and just sigh and think, what a jabbering blabbering idiot I am…

  16. *SIGH*

    Downside – after struggling for two weeks to figure out if the intermittent distortion problem in my “record player to computer” transfer process was (a) the record player, (B) the interface box, (C) my computer, (d) a bad cable, or (e) some combination of the four … my “ION U-Record” usb audio interface finally gave me a break … and just plain died.

    Upside – Abe’s of Main rocks and has agreed (cheerfully I might add) to exchange it for me – even though all of the trouble shooting I tried to do, took me out of the warranty period.

  17. Go Abe’s of Main with the ethical business practices.

    …… so…….. I woke up at 4am really sick, and it’s fucked my entire day today. Ugh. My advice: avoid Red Baron frozen pizzas.

    Gonna try to get my ass in gear.

  18. I have three VHS tapes that I bought on eBay that are the pilot and some of the first season of Bosom Buddies. I loved that show when it was on. Loved it like crazy.

  19. CJ I can’t imagine that will be a problem, from Dan’s perspective…

    Jack: You need to stick with products named after proper American heroes, not enemy Germans…

  20. As for Harry Potter – it’s really only the first movie that I didn’t care for. The 2nd one got better and all the ones after have been quite good. Sorry for the confusion.

  21. I agree, Ed, even though I prefer to pretend like the Harry Potter books and movies are not connected. The books are so good. The movies are fun, and the darker ones are better IMO.

  22. “If anyone ever asks me when I started loving Dollhouse, I’ll tell them “When Eliza Dushku hit a singer with a chair and said “Friends help each other”

    You know, that scene was pure genius. I totally didn’t see that coming.

  23. I’d consider going to the midnight Watchmen Phx tweetup, but the way I feel right now, the last thing I need to see is giant blue junk.

    Also, more importantly, I have plans to go this weekend with Dan & Dan & Cj and whoever else is gonna be there. w00t.

  24. Conspiracy?
    First Van’s iPhone battery dies and now my MacBook battery has gone kaput with NO warning!

    Someone is stalking Deadpan Mac user, power supplies. *cue scary music sting*

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