1. Okay, just checked in Opera, the unshow sounds speeded up whilst streaming from the website. The downloaded MP3 works fine.

  2. Hmmm… DotF 3????
    Are you teasing me again Jack???
    You won’t like me at the next full moon Jack if you are just teasing me…

  3. Sorry, I don’t want podtant your legacy at all Mr. Mangan. I don’t you to be self-conscious about your work either. You been doing a fine show for a long time. I want make sure that other people know about your work and the work of others.

    That said, at least you’re talking about real issues. Not making stupid cross reference jokes about old video games and obscure sci-fi movies.

    I wish I had half the talent of most podcaster’s.

    Central air had a lot of important things to say. I’m glad you had it on. It’s cool. But But he is a bit of mic hog talking over you. 😉

  4. Ditto… well… Ditto to your idea. I like that one alot. It could have very large bracket. Would we separate out the UK from the US. Would New Zealand get a buy in because there’s only one podcaster from their.

    I think Mike Bennett could give Scott Sigler for his run for those money.

    There could also be weight classes. After all it’s really unfair to have Tee Morris up against Matt Wallace. Matt Wallace weighs about 200 pounds more than him. He more she go up against Michael A Stackpoole. There are both about the same size.

    Or maybe go by hair length. Mike Menninga vs Gorge Hrab.

  5. Maybe Jack should do a real duel of the fates:

    We could have the Greek fates; Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos

    Then do the Roman fates; Nona , Decima, and Morta

    There’s the Norse fates: Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld

    And finally, the three witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth

  6. Duel of the Unpopular side kicks.

    Scrappy Doo verses Short Round?

    Oliver from the Brady Bunch verses Jar Jar?

    Richard Pryor from Superman 3 verses Worf’s son Alexander?

  7. Deadpan Double Toil and Trouble. Aren’t the Roman Fates just re-named twins of the Greeks? Feel better, TEB.

    Rhett, that was also a twisted and clever idea. And you actually came up with 8. Lordy.

    Trucker – the interview was fun – – and all of the subjects were perfectly fine. I brought up the podtaint, so I can discuss it, if necessary.

    AND – you had more WI Joust/Frogger contributions than anyone else, right? Most of those were hilarious.

    WNDR: Didn’t Warren Zevon write a song about werewolves in Oklahoma? I’d hate to test your patience any further.

    That White Rabbits song is excellent.

  8. I had forgotten how crazy the tube is during rush hour.

    Any closer and the person behind could have performed an accidental colonoscopy with an umbrella…

  9. …and today I leanred that oriental is limited to the chinese, it covers the middle east as well. Well it did in the 1800s.

  10. For those who’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, the 2nd iteration of the iPhone is launching world wide today. I think I may actually get one this time around after my current phone contract finishes next February. A bunch of the applications coming out look promising.

    It’s unfortunate that Neither Palm nor Microsoft ever got their acts together (or rather, ended up letting their once cutting edge platforms languish) to bring to market the feature set that Apple is. Actually, I don’t really care much for Apple, but at least in arena of music and mobile, they make products that I find more useful than anyone else.

  11. CP: Mobility Today No.116

    I was planning on getting the 3G iPhone next week, but the stock shortages are probably going to frustrate that plan.

  12. Morning Pan!

    Discovered that having my hubby around for the summer is really nice. He did my vacuuming for me yesterday. I loves my hubby. On another note; my hubby being home for the summer is why I have been spending less time on the board. I find spending time with him takes precedence… go figure

  13. On a different note… Since I won’t be on the board tomorrow… time for a blatant plugh..

    Two score and one year ago
    My forefather (and forefather), brought forth upon this continent a new life form,
    Conceived in … spite (knowing my mother) and dedicated to the purpose of cuteness… 🙂

  14. Ummm, thanks, I think I need to rewrite that. I thought a score was 20 years (a decade is 10), ergo it’s MY foreparents who got together…

  15. I’ve been in my cave, trying to get these drawings out. =P And the skesis are staying at my house ’til Monday sapping my creative energy.

  16. Oh, my comment full of tinyurl links is awaiting moderation. Apparently WP still doesn’t trust me, even after two years of posting.

  17. Yeah, five. I thought being from TinyURL WP wouldn’t object. But is seems that Jack has shown WP the light. …or the darkness as it were. 😉

  18. WP objects to more than 2 URLs. We must comply with WP’s demands.

    I hadn’t heard of Ziltoid. . . . Devin Townsend is capable of some beautiful chaos, but I always cringe at his blends of music and comedy.

  19. So just got back from seeing Forbidden Kingdom, a nice popcorn kungfu movie, which is only let down a bit by the young lead who can’t act.

  20. Happy Saturday for everyone?

    I took the kids to a classic video games exhibit. Trucker would be thrilled – – they loved Joust.
    I also got to play some Atari 2600 with the 2 of them. Good times.

  21. Morning Pan,


    Memories of the whole family taking turns to play Space Invaders on the new fangled 2600. Only video game my Dad ever played.

    They have been games released for the 2600 post Atari demise, Thrust for example:


  22. Jack: If you look at your subscriber numbers for the podcast, you should see at least 3 new subscribers as of today (Sunday, July 13). That’s because I participated in Matt Selznick’s webathon and the chat afterward, and the Deadpan came up. Several people in the chat said they were going to subscribe. 🙂

  23. You know, Sigler and Hutchins seems to have built up the biggest names in podcasting (and I take nothing away from them) but I have to say that “Brave Men Run” has got to be one of the best things I’ve come across in podcast fiction. I bought my copy last year at DragonCon from Matthew himself.

  24. Can I vent in an inappropriate forum for a sec?
    I’m getting so I can’t listen to Cover to Cover anymore.
    I have the last episode on and I’ve noticed over the last three weeks I’m getting more annoyed at the commentary.

    {vent off}

    In other news, my hands are red and green from Saturday’s painting adventure.

  25. I baked yesterday – cookies and squares. The good thing when my in-laws come over, though is mom-in-law likes to cook so I don’t have to make supper for the next week 🙂

  26. That’s kind of the way it is with my wife. She gets along with my parents better than her own. But no big issues with her folks in town and my kids had a lot of fun.

  27. My husband laughs at me when my mom comes into town. For the week leading up to it, I’m usually just a nervous wreck. Whereas, when his parents visit, its no big thing.

  28. That’s funny TEB. Sounds like our house.

    Enjoy Ninja Gaiden ditto. I haven’t tried any of them, but I’m not really into the Mortal Combat style fighting games.

  29. I wouldn’t place NG in the same category as Mortal Combat. Yes, it is a fighting game, but it has more of an adventure/quest aspect than anything else. I typically don’t like fighting games. But that’s just me.

  30. Here’s a tribute video to the first game:

    It was extremely hard. You *can’t* button mash in this game; if you do, you die. More than once I wanted to throw the controller through the TV. The game doesn’t cheat, but it certainly isn’t fair. Fighting tanks and armored helicopters with a bow? Despite all that, it was one of the most satisfying games I’ve ever played because getting through all those ridiculous challenges is very rewarding.

    So far, I’m only on chapter 3 of the new game. It’s definitely easier on the initial stages. In the fist game, you get your ass handed to you by the very first boss. Repeatedly.

  31. Hi Pan! I’m back from Albuquerque. Still on vacation until Wednesday, but home now.

    You all were busy!

    Happy bday TEB and TEB Jr.!

    Missed you guys . . .

  32. “That’s when I swore that someday
    Someday I would get outta that basement and travel to a magical, far away place
    Where the sun is always shining and the air smells like warm root beer
    And the towels are oh so fluffy
    Where the Shriners and the lepers play their ukuleles all day long
    And anyone on the street will gladly shave your back for a nickel

    Wacka wacka doodoo yeah

    Well, let me tell you, people, it wasn’t long at all before my dream came true
    Because the very next day, a local radio station had this contest
    To see who could correctly guess the number of molecules in Leonard Nimoy’s butt
    I was off by three, but I still won the grand prize
    That’s right, a first class one-way ticket to


    Albuquerque — Weird Al

  33. My reflexes aren’t fast enough for the Ninja Gaiden games, I never get very far in them.

    Not enough legroom on the train, couldn’t stretch out, so ache all over.

    A grumpy /Jack…should we all back away slowly?

  34. Cynful has me curious. What in particular are you having problems with at C2C? I’m not a regular listener to C2C as I don’t have a lot of time for reading. I tend to look over their interview list to see if they’ve talked with anyone I’m familiar with such as R.A. Salvator.

  35. Oh the Tate was great. Went to see the following exhibition:


    Ok I’ll have to admit to a doh! moment. I hadn’t read up on the exhibition before I went, and was under the impression it was about western artists visiting China, As I mentioned earlier, turns out, oriental was also used to described the Middle East, so the exhibition covers Western painters impressions of the Arab world.

    Was interesting to see how male painters portrayed the harem (a place they weren’t allowed to go in) and the few female painters who could actually enter the harem.

  36. It’s been a while since we’ve posted about our favorite painters. I’ll post mine in a WP friendly two links at a time way. 😉

    Thomas Hart Benton

    Probably my favorite painter. I’m a big fan of his work, although I understand as a person he was a bit of a hole.

    Roy Lichtenstein
    Every comic geek should like Lichtenstein. When I was an architect intern in Dallas, one of the law offices we did had an original Lichtenstein in it. Of course he was alive at the time.

  37. I suppose because lately it seems they are getting away from the love of books, authors and writing and more onto the political aspects of the world. Yep, I know where we are and what we are facing. I know how writers are influenced by the environment around them. I also know its their podcast and they can do wtf they want with it. It just isn’t the reason I tune in and personally its turning me off.

  38. On a more positive note: Good song


    Your taste is something Godiva couldn’t re-create

    Needing every atom of your anatomy
    Necessity is placed upon me knowing you are the source of my serendipity
    Dipping in and out of me stroking more than my consciesness
    Subconsciously I find myself rewinding our love scenes
    In my daydreams
    Seeing that face you make when you’re making me cum
    And it makes me want you right there and then

    Thinking of you in inappropriate places I get
    Tingling sensations in private locations where I wish to be caught between a rock and your hard place

    As wetness develops my legs begin to open and my spot turns to a backdraft and all I want you to do is extinguish it
    You know my body like the back of your hands
    And touch me and send me into ecstacy

    My thighs quiver in anticipation of deep penetration which gets me high
    Body rising
    Make-up melting
    Pulling my hair and
    Scratching my back
    I get a temporary case of tourettes because all I can say are four letter words in a four octave-range screaming your name


    You fucking me makes me bilingual (x5)

    I see your tongue pink between your lips and I want it between mine
    And I struggle
    As you lick torturing me
    I try to get away but
    Not really

    Running out of room begging for more up against the wall that has been scuffed by my stilletos
    You pry apart my thighs and tell me to be still
    And I willingly submit to you because I love the way you dominate me
    Demanding that I cum for you so I do as I’m told

    You’ve molded me so I’m good to no-one else but you
    You’ve conquered this once orgasmicless world and multiplied it
    Again and

    My face radiates with after-glow
    My pillow scented by you
    A fragrance which haunts me
    My room smells of the best sex
    Covered in body prints and finger prints and you above me
    Your name written indelibly upon my body in your genetic history

    You fucking me makes me bilingual

  39. Wow, it’s hot in Colorado today, Pan. I just hung laundry on the clothesline and am now sweaty and bleh.

    Did I tell y’all what we went to Albuquerque for? We went to the Mariachi Spectacular, and it was really worth the trip.

    I’m with Jack today — grump, grump. I think it’s the knowledge that I have to go back to Evil, Inc. in a day and a half. What a buzzkill.

    Hi, Cynful!

  40. Cool stuff EssBee.

    When I was younger, I liked hyper real, airbrushed images. My dad would say to me that the invention of the camera made realism in painting obsolete. He would then go on how good painters would bring something to a painting that a camera couldn’t. I never really understood that until I finished college. These days my thinking resembles my father’s. When I look at art I look for emotion, message and composition, not just skill at recreating the real world imagery.

    I’m not saying that is the correct way to view art, it is just my way. 🙂

  41. Rhettro: I agree. There are many ways to look at and to define art. And different isn’t necessarily bad. I’ve learned a lot about modern art, especially abstract expressionism lately. But, I’m still not a big fan of surreal art. Like anything, it totally depends on the piece.

  42. How on earth did Lulu.com ever get a good reputation?

    If you select the cheapest postage for a book, Lulu claim that they will not refund if the book gets lost in the post.

    It’s the only mail order company that I’ve ordered from that makes that claim.

  43. Netflix sells a standalone player for $99 that will let you watch the downloadable movies on your television. So that may be a cheaper option if you don’t want to fork out the $299 for the 360. 🙂

  44. Did you happen to notice the next Failblog post down? Maybe you can wash down your sperm-crust pizza with some Pet Sweat water.

    And oh – btw – from yesterday — thanks for spreading the word, Amy Bowen! And I’m happy for MWS. He’s a good guy, and Brave Men Run is definitely a worthy book.

  45. Well one of the waiters at a local curry restaurant was supposed to have jerked off into a curry bound for a group of drunks giving him a hard time.

    Whether it’s actually happened or just another urban myth I really don’t know.

  46. On the fail pizza: Ew, ew, ew . . .

    Just got home from seeing Hellboy II. I’ll be giving it 5 out of 5 nipples in a review on my blog later on (got a lot of catching up to do there).

    Tonight: ungross pizza and iced tea. No beer for me cuz I’m still doing the antibiotics for my sinus/ear infections. Boo hoo.

  47. I can’t believe it, am I really the first to be wishing Andrea Smarty Hottie a happy day of her birth here near the very end of said day!?

  48. Nice pic choice from the Tate ex. on the PRB, Van. Alas I know that work, and other favorites of mine, only from plates in books…

  49. Just back from seeing “WALL-E”

    IMHO – PIXAR hits the cover off the ball again!
    Everybody is doing animation but very few do it THIS well.
    In fact, I should say “Everybody is making [i]movies[/i] but very few do it this well.”

    I give it 3 thumbs up (I keep a severed one in a jar for just such emergencies)!

  50. Morning Pan,

    Happy Birthday TSH.

    Ungross pizza?

    Hopefully I’ll get to see an early showing of Wall-E on Friday, so they won’t be wall to wall families in the cinema.

  51. thanks for the belated wishes

    well, ditto, I thought it was really fucking special 🙂

    there was some good news for Dre swooonage in my email inbox this morning. The 33 1/3 book series is doing the Afghan Whigs album Gentlemen and Amazon has it on pre-order for Sept 2008 release!!!

  52. Read this swooon-worthy intro:

    “In the absence of love, there is loneliness, sorrow and desperation. And that’s where I come in.” –Greg Dulli, introducing “When We Two Parted” onstage in San Francisco

    Like no record before or since, Gentlemen is fraught with the psychological warfare, bedroom drama, Catholic guilt, reprehensible deception and uncleansable shame that coincide with relationships gone seriously wrong. This story explores what happens when intellectual sophistication is star-crossed with outspoken braggadocio, a charismatic mixture that managed to alienate the mainstream horde and arms-folded indie scenesters while, for good measure, incited outsider jealousy and condescending rumors advanced by the Fat Greg Dulli ‘zine. In addition to dissecting the record’s organization, arrangements and lyrics, as well as examining old articles, reviews and interviews, this book delves into the memories, experiences and influences of the Afghan Whigs, most notably those that drive Dulli, a polarizing frontman whose fierce pretentiousness, GQ appearance and gloves-off boisterousness concealed deep-rooted mental depression and chemical dependency.


  53. Shout out to jeremy, I’m going to get an iPhone soon, and I’m wondering if anybody released a addon for Safari that makes reading webpages with long comment sections (like Deadpan) easier to read on the iPhone?

    You appeared to have solved the problem, but that could just be me remembering things wrong.

  54. yay ditto 🙂

    Van – I don’t think they have. Hugh has an iPhone and he doesn’t remember seeing anything like that.

    Hugh sez: Is there anyway I can justify getting the new fancier iPhone?

    Yes! Get a new one and give me your old one!!! 😉

    Hugh sez: hmmmm.. I’ll think about it birthday girl

    heh. Now I gotta be nice to him all day so he will do it!

    Alright kids, we’ve got shit to do.
    Smarty hotties out

  55. Dr. Horrible AAAAYOOOOOOGA!

    This is your Dr. Horrible alert!
    1st ep out today but the site has been overrun and doesn’t work.
    the Ep is available on itunes … for $1.99
    However, I looked at the 15 second sample you get and it is like Joss heard “Skull Crusher Mountain” and decided to make a show based on THAT characture.

    I am soooo hot to see the rest of this that I may upgrade my iTunes software so I can actually use the pay function to get it!

  56. I’m not sure what format it will be available in from the Dr. Horrible.com web site. They say to just keep trying. If anyone manages to get through maybe we can set up a mirror share of some kind for the Deadpan community.

  57. PSP – Playstation Station Penis, erm.. Portable.

    Hopefully it’ll get releast in some kind of MPEG format, although I’ve heard rumours they may distribute a DVD at the end of it’s run.

  58. I had alread listened to 29 and 30, so I went and listened to the other 28 episodes of Wander Radio.

    Looking forward to 31…

  59. WNDRWolf, I managed to download and listen to all the episodes without a hitch.

    I was just being whistful about catching up on all the episodes (all good things must come to an end..)

  60. I did not realize I actually had listeners that were going to miss Wander Radio…

    who knew…

  61. Hey Wolf,

    I’ve always liked WR, but I was running out of time to adapt more podcasts. Of course with the recent rash of podfade my schedule has opened up and WR is a permanate fixture now. I enjoyed your Trucker interview last EP. 🙂

  62. Well. Then I guess I need to anounce here that Wander Radio website is down and will be for a while. Sorry to disappoint.

  63. Thanks for the Dr. Horrible info, Van. I’m kinda like the dad in Holy Grail when it comes to musicals “Stop that singing!!”

    TSH – what the hell are you listening to?

    And why is a link prefaced by “Video of a shirtless man losing his mind…” so irresistible?

  64. Well that’s an anticlimax:

    CP: Приключения Индианы Джим № 13

  65. Who knew?

    You guys have done some really nice stuff with the Deadpan portion of the Farpoint Forums. Gosh, thanks. I’ll have to poke around a bit more, when I get time.

    Fantastic Podtaint topic starter by Ed from Texas. What it took me 2 podcasts to say, he wrapped up eloquently in one brief post. Also, great stuff about the female roles topic from Chris the Fixed Kitty.

  66. ACK!

    Maybe some of you lucky so-and-so people who have been able to view Dr. Horrible could post the link that worked for you.
    I STILL can’t get through to the site. 🙁

  67. It’s a timing issue, JOe. I managed to get to the page late this afternoon. Now you have all the evening surfers to contend with. It may get better later tonight.

  68. Yea!
    Finally got to see it. Fun!
    Jack – I am amused that you are a musician that doesn’t like musicals. Is there irony there somewhere? I’m too tired to divine it.

    Night mush.

  69. Morning Pan, the sun i shining and the wind is blowing hard.

    Keep those fingers crossed that I can actually get tickets for a Martha Wainwright gig.

  70. So, I see on the news this morning, that some self appointed group has voted Lord Voldemort as the greatest movie villain of all time.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Harry Potter at least as much as the next guy. But, best? Better than Darth? Better than the Agent from the Matrix? Better than Khan from Star Trek 2?

    One thing that I find about these “Top” whatever lists is that they tend to favor things that have been most recently in the media and thus are closer to peoples memories, rather than those that are more objectively thought about.

    Ah, well.

  71. Seconded. 😉

    Oh my God, Jack! “Watershed.” Talk about the light and the darkness. I was unprepared for the female vocals, flute playing, hammond organ and the detuning guitar. Opeth have out done themselves this time. I’m happy to see that the jazz influences are more tame and the classic ones are more promenent. Could be their best work yet. 🙂

  72. I don’t know Bo ll

    Christopher Walken as “Max Zorin” in “View to a kill”. Bad film by even Bond standards (with “Moonraker”(gag) at the bottom) but Walken was just creepy insane. Was it acting?

    “Watershed”???? (psst … hey buddy, you holden’ a link?)

  73. Calling all Sci-Fi book buffs.
    Trying to re-locate a Sci-Fi book from my youth.

    The plot revolved around a group of youth (maybe brother and sister?) on post-alien invaded earth. The kids are eventually captured and instead of being killed, are taken into the Aliens domed city. Seems the aliens can’t breath our air. In the dome the two are used as servants. They have breathing equipment to use while doing their chores but in their quarters it is “earth atmosphere”. In the end they somehow end up with a bomb and are faced with the choice of setting it off and striking a large blow against the aliens but in the process they would kill the alien that has taken them in and basically protected them.

    Does this ring a bell with anyone?
    It may have been a part of a series or trilogy. I just know that I found it in the “youth” section of the local “Bookmobile” when it came around one summer.

    Do they even have “Book Mobiles” anymore?

  74. Wow, I haven’t seen a Bookmobile in ages. LOL

    The story doesn’t sound familar JOe. In a simular vain, there was this book that I read in my youth about an inventor and his family. The dad invents a time machine and goes back to the time of the dinosaurs. I don’t remember if the dad gets lost in time with his kids traveling in a second time machine or not. But that’s the basic premise. Anyway, back in time the kids meet a creature that resembles a small elephant. It would call out “EP EP BUNGIE!” And I think it learned to talk, but he ends up helping them. I know that the book was later turned into an animation. But I can’t find an author or a title.

  75. Sounds similar to one of the books in the Tripod series.

    CP: Ed’s Mixed Bag No.144

    Managed to get some tickets for the Martha Wainwright gig.

  76. Nice links.
    I likey the Deighan.

    Good find there on the book from your youth rhett. If I get a chance I will have to go on itunes and see if I can sample the “Watershed”.

    … AND NOW … I have to go pack again. Back just a few days from a 1600+ mile car trip and I am leaving again tomorrow. I have invested in energy stocks to pay for all the petrol I am using.

    Oh, and “fess up” Deadpan … there are some of you out there who have no idea what a “Bookmobile” is. 😉

  77. Tried another O2 stored today, 3G iPhones still out of stock.

    Was fun getting judged by one of the store workers though, she obviously wasn’t impressed with my clothes as she was telling me she didn’t know when they would get some more in stock as her fellow worker was telling the guy next to me that they would get some in at the weekend.

  78. OMG!!!
    Would anyone mind if I just go ahead and declare Van a “Super Genius” ?

    A quick check of wikipedia shows that the book I remember IS from that series!

    Wow. wayback machine.

    Okay … really gotta go pack now.

  79. My guess JOe, is that the last time most Dead Panites saw a bookmobile, it was from the “Chickenlover” episode of South Park.

  80. There was a program back a million years ago where public Libraries outfitted Busses and large van type vehicles with airconditioners and shelves and shelves of books.

    Then, once a week in the summer time they would drive it into your neighborhood and park it and all the kids could come and check out books. Once you had your Library card, no parents were needed. If you could walk a few blocks or ride a bike (do kids today know what THAT means?) you could get books!!!!!
    It really was a brilliant idea.

    ok NOW I am going to go pack.

  81. Ah yes, they still do that over here for villages. Also if a big library is closed for rennovation, they have one parked outisde the building.

  82. Van: “I assume it isn’t where you hang books by strings on plastic frames and hang them over cribs.”

    Totally takes on a new meaning when you misread books as boobs…

    I’m going back to bed.

  83. Smooth like Butta.

    J0e, be warned, Opeth can switch from intricate to jazzy to pretty to brutal to heavy and then back again, all within the space of one of their typically 6-11 minute songs. An acquired taste, fer sher. Rhett, how is the bonus edition’s cover of “Bridge of Sighs”?

    I remember the bookmobile.

  84. Actually- if you look at Cynful’s boobmobile idea in a non-dirty way, that could have a practical application for feeding babies in the night.

    And if you look at it in the dirty way. . . . . yeah, back to bed.

  85. Jack, I only cracked open the CD this morning and listened on the way to work. I haven’t fired up the DVD yet. Opeth isn’t for everyone. It’ll be too brutal for some and the soft parts may turn off hardcore metalheads. Very niche and not commercial at all.

    Perhaps I’ll get to sample the bonus tracks tonight and the rest of the album in a 5.1 mix! 🙂

  86. “Opeth, buckle-up and put on your helmet.”

    Boobmobile – sadly, that brings to mind the car on the highway that comes roaring up from miles behind you, passes you, changes lanes to get in front of you … then slows down, forcing you to disengage your cruise control. The really special ones do this right before you climb the next hill so not only do you have to loose cruise control but you loose all of your momentum and have to burn extra gas to get up the hill.
    I encountered many of these Boobmobiles on my last trek.

    Now really … (see my last comment for activity details)

  87. JOe – I know that wasn’t a comment on female drivers, and more a colorful old-timey euphemism, as in “you are SUCH a boob!”

    Not that, ahem, you are old. Quoting Van, “cough.”

    ^joke gone bad . . .

  88. I think Sony is going to have a continuing hard time in the console market. On one hand they have a nifty machine in the PS3 that mixes the role of a game machine and media player very well. And on the other they have completely failed to support it. I think Micro$oft’s Netflix deal is a big set back to the Playstation as a media center. And the Nintendo Wii has garnered all the acclaim in the game innovation department.

  89. Rhettro: On the other hand, the PS3 is the best and cheapest Blu-ray player on the market. They’ve done very well saleswise because of this. And the Japanese are very devoted to that platform.

    The console market has always been Sony’s to lose. Their only major competitor was and still is Nintendo.

  90. The PS3 is a nice Blu-Ray player, but it has still been beaten in sales buy the 360 and the Wii. And if the rumours are true, the XBOX is going to get a Blu-Ray player at some point. It is nice that the PS3 doesn’t burst into flames every so often like the 360 does though.

  91. True, but the attachment rate (i.e. the number of games a console owner buys) is highest for the 360. I don’t expect that to stay that way, I assume the Wii will attain that position just by shear numbers alone. Personally, I could care less, I just want good games. 🙂

  92. I totally agree, Rhettro.

    BTW, I can’t wait for Rock Band 2!!!!! Though, as much as I want it, I can’t afford to shell out $300 for the premium drum kit. 🙁

  93. So I’m packing for this trip just now … and I happen to flip on the Cobert Report and low and behold – there is the guys from RUSH and he is interviewing them!

    Then they played “Tom Sawyer”!


    Check you later Deadpan!

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