Jack Mangan's Deadpan #98: All Beautiful Things


Sorry Mike and Summer, I’ll upload the new way next week. I promise.

The Pod in the Stone
Double Trouble promo, featuring Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris
Excellent rejoiner
The contents of the Disgruntled Scientist’s Radioactive Materials Fridge – part 1
Jessica Reverse bumper
The Geekify Gilligan thing results
Alvie and Ed from Texas think I’ve got my shit together
Stolen from the 80s
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::::::That other guy who occasionally contributes content
Amy Bowen bumper
Original music. Live raw sketch 1: “Candlelight”
Ed from Texas Deadpan bumper + bonus Paul Fischer and Justa J0e
Stolen paragraphs
Alvie monks Deadpan bumper
The contents of the Disgruntled Scientist’s Radioactive Materials Fridge – part 2
GJB results
Original music. Live raw sketch 2: “All Beautiful Things”

526 thoughts on “Jack Mangan's Deadpan #98: All Beautiful Things

  1. Uh-oh Van’s wii is broked. We know how much he loves his Wii.

    Look! A new pan lives in our iTunes now! Waiting patiently for us!

    Jack is such a rebel

    He’ll post the show the way HE wants to. Not some fancy schmancy farpoint media approved way


    Hugh sez: Don’t let the man hold you down Jack

    We’ve listened to Sex Is Fun
    we’ve made mad crazy sexy art
    we’ve laughed
    we’ve cried
    we can do no more this evening
    time to get naked and go to bed now

    night pan
    night hughie
    night babe
    night mush

  2. Okay, here is a question I’ve nicked from another conf I read.

    What did you want to be when you grew up? and are you happy the way things turned out?

  3. Sure glad we got power back after those storms last night so I could download the latest Deadpan. Can’t live without my ‘pan.

  4. In answer to Van’s question, when I was younger I wanted to be an astrophysicist. I knew they were the ones who, sometimes made it into space. Astronaut was too general, I knew you had to “be” something first to become an astronaut, so I chose astrophysicist.

  5. Am I happy with how life turned out…

    Short answer, yes. I had a very…bumpy youth so couldn’t finish high school until after my daughter was born. But I have a WONDERFUL husband, two beautiful daughters, a good job, and am quite content with how life did turn out.

  6. Morning, Pan!

    “Rhettro had the biggest one” – Deadpan 98. There is most definitely something to this rumor.

    When I was a kid, I wanted to be in the FBI. Now that I’m grown, I realize it’s because I thought I’d meet girls like Charlie’s Angels there . . .

    I’m happy with my life now. I don’t like Evil, Inc. much, but my work is very rewarding. I’m able to impact the lives of at-risk kids with what I do, hopefully opening up options beyond prison. I also have a great lover and home life and circle of friends and Deadpan!

  7. You know, Jack, I caught this eariler but said nothing.


    Tom Bombadil’s gal is GOLDBERRY.

    You may be thinking of Old Man Willow, who entrapped Merry and Pippin.


  8. meh
    stupid wordpress

    I posted a link to a story from pitchfork media about someone stealing Ian Curtis’s gravestone last night in Macclesfield.

    What the hell is wrong with people? That gravestone is for his family not your memorabilia collection.

    wordpress didn’t like the story very much either

  9. Tom Bombadil pulls off his yellow hat and throws it spinning toward Goldberry. It misses, striking a statue in the neck, severing its head.

    “Damn,” Bombadil says. “I forgot to take my feather out.”

  10. Today’s stock tip.

    The energy sector is down … some of the good stocks are off as much as 4 to 6%.
    This won’t last. Think of it as a pre-4th of July sale and get you some before they head back up.
    … okay, back to your regularly scheduled Deadpan.

  11. Not to start anything or anything but I think Podango has had issues they’ve been working on for over a week now. I did a vidcast for the Farpoint Recap on Sunday and no matter what format I converted it to it wouldn’t upload until like Tuesday… And as far as I know its still been unavailable for download. And in preperation for the next FPR, I couldn’t help but notice a number of shows were having issues getting there episodes up.

  12. http://tinyurl.com/6meba3

    For the story TSH mentioned earlier.

    Yes there are some sickos around.

    Oh and only fair to answer the question myself.

    Wanted to be an Astronomer, lasted until my late teens when I discovered my mathematical abilities were nowhere near good enough to do that job professionally.

    Can’t say I’m exactly happy the way things turned out, since it was my dream and all that jazz, but I accept my fate gracefully these days. More contented than happy if that makes any sense.

  13. Morning Pan. Last day of work prior to the three day weekend. 🙂

    Looks like I fell in the same camp as everyone else. The first thing I ever wanted to be was an astronant, race car drive second, third a stuntman. LOL The high health/life insurance rates disuaded me though. When I went to college I thought I would enter the medical field, but it turns out I had a stronger interest in design and became an architect.

    So am I satisfied? I find myself wishing I had better job security and slightly higher pay, but that seems to be pretty universal. I have a wonderful family, great friends and my standard of living is pretty good. I can’t be dissappointed about that. 🙂

  14. ok catching up.. my last post was a drive by while waiting for some retouching work to upload for a client. 🙂

    My aspiration for when I “grow up” changed drastically-

    When I was really little I thought I wanted to get married and make babies, but that was my parents goal for me.
    I accomplished 3/4 of that by getting married, and I love the making babies part, but there will be no babies for the Smarty Hotties 🙂 Believe me, Hugh is more than enough child to take care of 😉 heh. Don’t tell him I said that. I am glad I found Hugh, I think considering where I was when I met Hugh, I think I could of ended up with a real asshole, so i think i did well in that part of my life.

    Then in highschool I wanted to be an artist – how I would be an artist changed many many times. From wanting to open a coffee shop gallery thing to being an art teacher, to moving to LA and doing animation for movies, to million other ideas..

    I guess I am happy with where I went… I still love making art. I did the corporate advertising thing for a while and that was ok. I prefer just doing what I want artistically, not being a slave to the corporate monkeys.
    I have many goals for my art. I love the freelance retouching and photography I do, and I am really really excited about my artistic work Ive done recently and the work Ive done with Hugh. I think we have a good thing going and I am excited to get back into the gallery circuit with it.
    I wouldn’t say Ive been hugely successful financially with my art, the freelance work has done well for me, but Ive not made a great profit yet on my art. Of course we all know I have to wait like 500 years after my death for that to happen 😉

  15. EssBee, going through my records I have a contact email address for everyone on DeadPan but you. Can I trouble you for it that is if you don’t mind LOL. Just send a note to me at r h e t t r o 1 at g m a i l dot com . Thanks. 🙂

  16. Yeh, life goals.
    I actually was living the life I had dreamed of when I was 13.
    Then it all went away and now I am living someone else’s beautiful life.

    … but hey, a beautiful life is a beautiful life right?

  17. You can do what you want just seize the day
    What you’re doing tomorrow’s gonna come your way
    Don’t you ever consider givin’ up, you will find, oooh

    It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo
    It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo
    It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo
    I just wanna be here beside you
    stay until the break of dawn

    Take a walk in the park when you feel down
    There’s so many things there
    that’s gonna lift you up
    See the nature in bloom a laughing child
    Such a dream, oooh

    It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo
    It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo
    It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo
    I just wanna be here beside you
    I just wanna be here beside you
    stay until the break of dawn

    You’re looking for somewhere to belong
    You’re standing all alone
    for someone to guide you on your way
    Now and Forever

    It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo
    It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo
    It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo
    I just wanna be anybody

    Living in different ways
    It’s a beautiful life
    I’m gonna take you to a place I’ve never been
    before oh yeah
    It’s a beautiful life
    I’m gonna take you in my arms and fly away
    with you tonight

    It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo
    It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo

    It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo
    It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo
    It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo
    It’s a beautiful life

    -Ace of Base

  18. When I was a teenager, and a MESS (so high five, TEB), I thought a chef was just about the most awesome job I could do. I cooked professionally for a long time, and was accepted to a few culinary schools. I’m glad (and my feet are glad) that I didn’t go down that route.

    The cooking took me through college and grad school, so it worked out well for me.

  19. [notimeforarealanswer] The future was always a blur for me. [/notimeforarealanswer]

    TEB: thanks! 🙂 One of these days, under the proper circumstances, I will release a CD. Or something.
    Hang in there. Only 2 more hubbyless days. . .

    IJ – You are correct, sir. Not sure why I renamed Goldberry to Willow.

  20. CP: The Lemon Song – Led Zeppelin

    For a moment, I thought that I was the one who wrote in Jack as geekiest Gilligan, but then remembered I chose Jon Stewart. Whew! Glad it wasn’t me!

  21. Any safe methods to enhance memory?

    Thought I had a strange payment on my recent credit card transactions, was in call waiting hell for 20 minutes when suddenly clicked what the payment was for (a train journey a few weeks back).


  22. Well, it was a good day until I got screwed over by another team in my company.


  23. Bye JOe!

    I”m leaving Evil, Inc. for the weekend because one of my employees has so much perfume on that my eyes are swollen nearly shut! I can’t see the Pan this way!

    Be back laters, darth vaders.

  24. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂
    While the Pixies songs may not be terribly hard, they are short and sweet and very satisfying

    *walks away humming Gouge Away*

  25. The thing I’ve wanted to be the longest (since I was 8 or 9) is a published fiction author. I still want to be one, and I’m actually working toward that now. I also wanted to be a teacher back then, but now I know I don’t have the right personality (too much of a nitpicker and not tactful enough about it – believe it or not). In high school, I decided I wanted to be a translator or an interpreter. Since I just got out of college, things haven’t turned out any way just yet, but they will, eventually.

  26. Okay, Pan, have a good long weekend!

    We’re off to Madison, WI in the AM for a few days to visit my sister and the girl she owns a house with. Our first time to the new house. Should be a nice time, weather is supposed to be good, and Madison has a couple good lakes to fire fireworks over, so I’m sure we will have our full complement of traditional Independence Day…

  27. The 80’s must have been the last time I saw that twilight zone episode. surprised it was based on a Joe Haldeman story, reminded me of the way Fredric Brown ended some of his stories.

  28. Morning, Pan!

    I woke up sick this morning, but have every intention of still enjoying the long U.S. weekend. We have the following on our to-do list:

    -dig up and replant flower garden in back yard. My girl brought me a orange mini-rose bush yesterday that will fit right in.

    -grill beef ribs, which I’ve never done before.

    -finish off Season 1 of Eureka on DVD.

    -watch Domino. Thanks to Dub, I’m now a Richard Kelly fan.

    -get ready for vacation! I work on Monday, then we head to Albuquerque for the week for the Mariachi Spectacular.

    CP: Lord of Chaos audiobook – Robert Jordan

    344 comments left to go!

  29. Morning Pan!

    Hot here. – Hope all the Stampeders get sunburns.

    Happy July 4th for all you ‘mer’cans 🙂

    Hope you’re better for your holiday EssBee.

  30. Okay, another A-Z, beginnings of 80’s text adventure games.

    So lets start with Ashkeron released in 1985 by Mirrorsoft:

    ‘You at the south side of a moat in front of a Wizard’s castle. All around is forest.

    Visible exits are south west east north

    Day Dawns

    You hear the sound of hooves and iron shod wheels. Into view comes a horse-drawn cart. It stops outside the castle.’

  31. Bubble Bobble – The Adventure released in 1993 by AP’s Adventures (unlicensed game from Russia):

    ‘Bubble and Bobble in their house at the sea-side. The sleep…The clock is ringing’. Dragons standup and get out from the house. what they must be doin’ ?

    Thy can go to the right or left’

  32. Colossal Adventure released in 1983 by Level 9 computing based on a classic mainframe adventure:

    ‘You are standing beside a small brick building at the end of a road from the north. A river flows south. To the north is open country and all around is dense forest.

    What now?’

  33. Deadline released by Infocom in 1983 and written by Marc Blank:

    ‘South Lawn
    You are on a wide lawn just north of the entrance Robner estate. Directly at the end of a pebbled path is the Robner house, flanked to the notheast and northwest by a vast expanse of well-kept lawn. Beyond the house can be seen the lakefront.


  34. Enchanter released in 1983 by Infocom, written by Marc Blank and Dave Lebling:

    You stand at a point of decision on a road which makes a wide fork to the northeast and southeast, circling the base of the Lonely Mountain, which looms high overhead to the east. A very long and winding road starts here and stretches out of sight to the west through low, smoky hills.
    The sun is rising over the lands to the east.


  35. Fish! released in 1989 by Magnectic Scrolls (released by Rainbow Software):

    ‘Goldfish Bowl
    Swimming upside down is good fun, but difficult, even for someone as highly trained as yourself. It looks like the pondweed is dangling from the gravel above your head. And the ant eggs, wow! Upide down they look, so, so much like, like exactly the same as if you were the right way up actually. Anyway, there’s no need to get carried away. Sir Playfair has a message for you in the castle if you’re not mistaken and he hates agents who are late.


  36. Galaxias released by Delta 4 software in 1986 and written by Fergus McNeill:

    ‘You are in the engineering centre. The floor in here is littered with old rubbish. The walls are greasy and here and there patches of oil lie soaking into the work-mats.




  37. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,The -released by Infocom in 1984, written by Douglas Adams and Steve Meretzky:

    ‘You wake up. The room is spinning very gently round your head. Or at least it would be if you could see it which you can’t.

    It is pitch black.


  38. Ice Station Zero released in 1985 by 8th Day Software, written by Mike E Turner:

    ‘You are north of the tent camp on the edge of the ice field.

    Also visible –
    A team of huskies and a sledge.
    The dogs are straining at their leash violently, but they are tied to a large pole nearby.
    The dogs howl pleadingly as you approach.
    Wolves howl across the frozen plains.
    What next?’

  39. Jinxter by Magnetic Scrolls and released by Rainbird Software in 1988:

    A real stroke of bad luck, that business with Mrs What’s-her-name and your car. Who would have thought that a trolley-load of budget dog-food could cause so much damage? And what was the old bag doing with budget dog-food anyway, when all she has is a budgie? Maybe she thought it said “budgie dog-food”, but who would feed a budgie food made from dogs? Barmy, twisted old Mrs What’s-her-name, probably. Never mind. At least you caught the bus

    A stroke of good luck, the bus; the walk home can seem endless, and of course it’s bound to rain. Funny how good luck is getting rarer and bad luck more frequent, these days. Perhaps these weird “Green Magicians” have got something to do with it. On the whole, though, you reckon it’s all idle gossip. You decide to be philosophical and not think about it. Best to try and stay upright (no seats available, as usual) and look forward to getting back home to your garden, your books and a spot of peace and quiet…

    On The Bus
    Two row of seats separated by a narrow central aisle run the length of this traditional malodorous bus. It’s no Rolls-Royce, but then neither are you. There’s a sign behind the driver’s booth and a set of automatic doors allows you on and off the bys. Mounted above the doors is a button.

  40. Kentilla released by Micromega in 1984, written by Derek Brewster:

    ‘I’m at Ogeron’s house, on the edge of a large forest.


    I see
    What now?’

  41. Leather Goddesses of Phobos released by Infocom in 1986 and written by Steve Meretzky:

    ‘Joe’s Bar
    An undistinguished bar, yet the social center of Upper Sandusky. The front door is almost lost amidst the hazy maze of neon that shrouds the grimy glass of the south wall. Doors marked “Ladies” and “Gents” lead, respectively, northeast and northwest.
    You feel an urge.


  42. Marie Celeste released by Atlantis Software LTD in 1984:

    ‘I am in the utility room.
    There are racks of spacesuits and other equipments around the walls.
    I see exits to the south and west.
    I can also see:-
    a torch
    a little slot next to the south door.
    an open exit hatch

    tell me what to do.

  43. Not a Penny More, Not A Penny Less released by Domark in 1987:

    ‘You are in your room in Magdalen college, Oxford. Books line the walls, above cupboards.
    There is a television.
    Next to the phone on your desk is a folder, which you are reading.

  44. On Reflection released by Cheese Freak Software in 2007 for an early 80’s computer (ZX Spectrum):

    ‘You are inside your car, which is slowly sinking into the depths of a large lake. Water is pouring into the footwells via a number of small cracks and gaps in the bodywork. Time is running out – you need to act quickly!

    You need to get your seatbelt off!

    What now?’

  45. Planetfall released by Infocom in 1983, written by Steve Meretzky:

    ‘Another routine day of drudgery aboard the Stellar Patrol Ship Feinstein. This morning’s assignment for a certain lowly ensign Sebenth Class: scrubbing the filthy metal deck at the port end of Level Nine. With your patrol-issue self-contained multi-purpose all-weather scrub-brush you shine the floor with a diligence born of the knowledge that at any moment dreaded Ensign First Class Blather, the bane of shipboard existence, could appear.

    Deck Nine
    This is a featureless corridor similar to every other corridor on the ship. It curves away to starboard, and a gangway leads up. To port is the entrance to one of the ship’s primary escape pods.
    The pod bulkhead is closed.’

  46. Quest for the Holy Joystick released in 1984 by Delta 4 software:

    ‘A dingy dive at number 5
    Safe from Eugene’s moo,
    Where you may sue for copyright,
    Or play this game right through.

    Through a window you see:-
    Downing Street.
    A visible exit leads out…
    Your wish is my command.

  47. Robyn Hode released by Runesoft in 1986:

    ‘You are outside the inn. To the Southeast, the North road runs almost straight to Newerc. Bernesdale forest stretches to the South, towards Scherwode and Notyingham.

    What are your instructions?

  48. Seastalker released by Infocom in 1985, written by Stu Galley & Jim Lawrence:

    “Murphy, snap out of it!” cries Tip Randall, bursting into your laboratory.
    “The alert signal is on!”
    You look up from your plans for the SCIMITAR, a top-secret submarine that’s still being tested. It’s designed for capturing marine life on the ocean floor. You notice the alarm’s bell on the videophone ringing. Someone’s trying to reach you over the private videophone network of Inventions Unlimited!

    (lab center)
    You’re at the workbench in the center of your laboratory, a small part of the Jones Research Laab in the town of Frobton. The videophone screen looms overhead, with it’s alarm bell ringing.
    Tip is here.
    A microphone is sitting on your workbench.

    Okay, Murphy, what do you want to do now?

  49. Temple of Terror released by US Gold in 1987:

    ‘On the banks of the Catfish river which is spanned by a rope bridge. Moored nearby is an ancient sailing boat, the crew of which are shout and yelling in a dunken and very threatening manner.

    Restore a saved game?’

  50. Upper Gumtree released in 1985 by Richard Shepherd Software and written by Pete Cooke:

    ‘You are in a peaceful country lane, birds are twittering in the distance and bees are buzzing in the fields. A Ford Anglia is by the roadside, quietly rusting away with it’s bonnet wrapped around a broken post. The other of what was obviously a sign lies several yards further down on the kerb as the road winds off into the distance.
    Exits lead:
    north, east, west
    You see:
    Emma, Wally


  51. Valkyrie 17 released by The RamJam Corporation in 1984 and written by Tony Barber:

    ‘You are in the bar of the Glitz Hotel.
    It’s dimly lit and smoky.
    There is an attractive girl at the end by the bar.

    What now?’

  52. Wishbringer released by Infocom in 1985 and written by Brian Moriaty:


    “Behind you!” cries the Princess. “It’s a trap!”

    Too late. The drawbridge crashes shut against the tower wall. You turn to face your enemy and find yourself staying into the open maw of Thermofax.

    Only your Magick sword can save you now. You swing it high, speak the Word and stand unhurt as the blade absorbs the searing dragon-breath.

    The reptile bellows with rage and flaps its wings to fan the fire in its belly. You are advancing, sword poised to strike, when a familiar voice shatters the daydream and stays your mighty hand…

    You’re on a hilltop overlooking the seaside village of Festeron.

    To the south stands the Festeron Post Office. It’s a little brick building with a neatly trimmed lawn. The Post Office door stands invitingly open.

    Roads run down the hill to the east and west. there’s a signpost nearby.

    Somebody inside the Post Office is calling you.

    Okay, what do you want to do now?

  53. Xtroth – the Adventure released by Automata UK ltd in 1985 and written by John Hughes:

    Space Hopper

    It’s shut tight!

    What now? …’

  54. Yuppie released by Mental Images in 1988:

    ‘You are standing on the first floor staircase. There is a strong sell of bleach here.

    Also, possible exits lead……..
    What will you do now?

  55. Zork I -The Great Underground Empire released in 1984 by Infocom and written by Marc Blank and Dave Lebling:

    ‘West of House
    You are standing in an open field west of a white house with a boarded front door.
    There is a small mailbox here.


  56. Have to confess I was never a great fan of text adventures at the time, only one I played through to completion in the early 80s was The Hobbit.

  57. I used to play Hitchhiker’s Guide (never got past the steam room). A Mind Forever Voyaging” (never quite worked out the point), Planetfall (which I identified scrolling up the board before even knowing the topic).

    I also played “Dream Zone” on my IIGS extensively. It was still-graphic panels with text at the bottom of the screen, so doesn’t strictly count as text adventure. Never really got into Zork.

  58. Today we are going to the Farmer’s Market here in Madison. This afternoon, maybe a tour at the Capitol Brewery.

    Last night went on beer run, good thing I don’t live here, extensive selection of Stone, Dogfish Head. Went Stone last night: a six of OAB and a single bottle of Smoked Porter. May go back for Dogfish Head, maybe Midas Touch and either 60 or 90 Minute IPA…

  59. Morning, Pan!

    Wow, Van’s been busy! Hi Ed! Hi Trucker! Have one for me, JB! Yay, TEB!

    We’re doing some chores today – hauling off the cedar tree we cut down, getting mulch for the newly-planted flower bed, going to Best Buy to spend my bday gift $$ (Hellboy (the movie) DVD for sure – not sure what else), and tightening up the droopy clothesline so we can do laundry.

    We finished off Eureka Season 1 yesterday — what a fun show! We also watched Domino, which was okay, but one I won’t watch again. I got the first two seasons of Lost on DVD for my bday, so we’ll probably dive into some of that today, along with watching Hellboy.

    Have a great day, everyone!

  60. “You are standing outside. A newly fallen tree lays nearby as does a droopy clothesline and bags of mulch. In your pocket though, is a magical pass for fun and entertainment to be acquired at a place called “Best Buy”

    What do you do?

  61. The wife and I went to see “Wanted” last night. Taken for what it was intended to be, it was a fun flick. It was supposedly a “John Woo Style” action flick – but I have to say I enjoyed it more than anything Woo himself has put out.

  62. Do you know how old we’ve become, Deadpan?

    Molly Ringwald – Molly FUCKING Ringwald – you know, one of John Hughes “Brat Pack” from “The Breakfast Club”, “Pretty in Pink”, etc.

    Well, during the preshow at the theater yesterday, they show an upcoming series for the fall. She’s playing a mom of a teenage daugther.

    It took me a while to get used to the geek from “Weird Science” growing up and playing an adult role in “The Dead Zone”, but I accepted it.

    This….this is just wrong. She’s 40 now, btw.


    Of course, the funny part is I was never strongly attached to the John Hughes movies since I was a few years younger than the group.

  63. “Your sitting in a room with a computer and a carpet steamer. The carpet smells a bit rank. What would you like to do?”


  64. I enjoyed Wanted the movie more than Wanted the graphic novel.

    I may have left my sense of good taste on a bus somewhere.

  65. Morning Pan!

    Finally had a good night sleep. It was nice to have a warm hubby to cuddle into during the night 🙂

  66. I’m trying to convince my hubby to go to a movie today, but since he hasn’t dragged his butt out of bed yet, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  67. In other news, I finished reading “The Watchmen” last night. I’m sure that’s worth a couple of stamps on my Geek card. Eight more I can get a free bag of D20’s.

  68. Did you love it, Rhettro?

    I finished the Southland Tales graphic novel this morning. It’s a messy collection! I’m not sure if it helped me understand the film more, or made it more blurry.

  69. LOL. I thought Watchmen was really good. I’m not sure how it will translate to film, but I’m excited to see it regardless. 🙂

  70. Well Hancock was fun, don’t think it deserved the drubbing it received by many of the movie critics.

    Looking forward to the DVD release.

  71. Mucho catching up to do.

    Yeah, Rhett and I went to the local guitar place this past weekend. I had some fun checking out a sweet Fender Telecaster. Rare to find those in the Lefty flavor.

    I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends.

  72. Further on Hancock, no spoilers to the plot, but the villain was a bit underdeveloped and since SOSF mentioned they had made major cuts, can’t help but wonder if a lot of villain’s scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.

  73. I can’t say I’m familiar with Thomas Disch. That’s too bad.

    I doubt I’ll see Hancock in the theatre. But I will get the DVD.

    Hellboy 2 has got me all sorts of excited, I may go out and see that one. 🙂

    That was a good time at Sam Ash, maybe next time I’ll attempt to play something. I wonder what odd job I could do on the side to earn $430 for the Telecaster? Might have to put some feelers out for some 3D illustration work.

  74. And yes, Trucker Overdrive interviewed me for his 12vTheater podcast – I have yet to listen, because I felt like the Ramblin’ Man on some of my replies. But I was honored at the invite, and I encourage you all to check it out.

    I’ll mainpage post that too – with a link.

  75. I think Jack did great my show.

    Van thanks for let us on about Paul Jenkins. I love his work. I talked about meeting him in at the very end of meeting him in ep 4 of my show. He is nice guy and cool writer.

    Does any one know if he is the same Paul Jenkins as on this Wiki link.


    His podcast work is good enough but if this is the same guy… wow!

    He look like the guy remember but it was year ago I meet him.

  76. Don’t think so, since from the wiki it says he lives in the US now. Podcast Paul still lives in the UK (as far as I know), and in the few interviews I’ve heard him do has never mentioned doing comics.

  77. I just got back to work from Urgent Care — felt kind of funky and didn’t want to hit my road trip and end up in the ER in Albuquerque. I have a double ear infection and a sinus infection! I’m now loaded w/ drugs — should be right as rain in a few days.

    Van, awesome Paul Jenkins link!

  78. Ok, a-z of quotations based on surname:

    “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,”

    -Neil Armstrong (1930- )

  79. I keep almost jumping in, but you’re too fast, Van!

    Here’s another “E”:

    There is “a geometrically rational schema of what beauty ought to be, and on the other [hand] the unmediated life of art with its dialectic of forms and intentions”
    – Umberto Eco (1932-)

  80. “There is no such thing… as bad whiskey. Some whiskeys just happen to be better than others. But a man shouldn’t fool with booze until he’s fifty, then he’s a damn fool if he doesn’t”

    -William Faulkner (1897-1962)

  81. “In its function, the power to punish is not essentially different from that of curing or educating.”

    -Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

  82. “Animals have these advantages over man: they never hear the clock strike, they die without any idea of death, they have no theologians to instruct them, their last moments are not disturbed by unwelcome and unpleasant ceremonies, their funerals cost them nothing, and no one starts lawsuits over their wills. ”

    -Voltaire (1694 – 1778)

  83. “In a consumer society there are inevitably two kinds of slaves: the prisoners of addiction and the prisoners of envy.”

    -Ivan Illich (1926-2002)

  84. “Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all-the apathy of human beings.”

    -Helen Keller (1880-1968)

  85. “It’s one for the money,
    Two for the show,
    Three to get ready,
    Now go, cat go!
    But don’t you step on my Blue Suede Shoes.
    You can do anything but lay off my Blue Suede Shoes.”

    -Carl Perkins (1932-1998)

  86. “He [Andre Gide] was very bald…with…the general look of an elderly fallen angel travelling incognito”

    Peter Quennell (1905-1993)

  87. “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”
    -Mark Twain (1835-1910)

  88. “Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes made of ticky-tacky,
    Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes all the same;
    There’s a green one and a pink one,
    And a blue one and a yellow one.
    And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky
    And they all look just the same.”

    -Malvina Reynolds (1900-1978)

    You should recognise that one EssBee!

  89. “‘Do you know what a pessimist is?’ ‘A man who thinks everybody is as nasty as himself, and hates them for it.'”

    -Tom Sharpe (1928-)

  90. “Oh, I’m bein’ followed by a moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow
    Leapin and hoppin’ on a moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow”

    -Cat Stevens

  91. A quick jump back to R…

    “Beam us up, Mr Scott”

    -Gene Rodenberry (1921-1991)

    Closest that Captain Kirk comes to saying “Beam Me Up, Scotty” in TOS.

  92. “In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias they had
    warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed-they produced
    Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and the Rennaissance.
    In Switzerland they had brotherly love, five hundred
    years of democracy and peace and what did that
    produce…? the cuckoo clock.”

    -Orson Welles (1915-1985)

  93. “One out of three hundred and twelve Americans is
    a bore, for instance, and a healthy male adult bore
    consumes each year one and a half times his own
    weight in other’s people patience.”

    -John Updike (1932-)

  94. “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses. ”

    -Malcom X (1925-1965)

  95. “An aged man is but a paltry thing,
    A tattered coat upon a stick, unless
    Soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing
    For every tatter in its mortal dress’

    -WB Yeats (1865-1939)

  96. “Rock journalism is people who can’t write
    interviewing people who can’t talk for people who
    can’t read.”

    -Frank Zappa (1940-1993)

  97. I’m going offline for a bit now. Feeling REALLY cruddy, and thinking that maybe stopping to look at this computer is going to help some.

    Have a great evening, Deadpan. I hope you all enjoy yourselves to the max.

  98. Brain fully melted, at this point.

    However, I do have to point out that the newest Opeth CD, “Watershed”, is sheer brilliance. The word word, “Genius” is tossed around a lot these days, but I think it applies to Mikael Akerfeldt. Or whatever the hell his name is.

    that’s all.

  99. where is this place Jackamo?

    Amy Bowens drawers

    girls got some clothes, yo

    Hugh sez: Yeah babe, and if you did the contents of your side of the closet it would take the entire Deadpan

    it would not!

    Hugh sez: Your purses and shoes alone would take the entire episode

    you leave my purses and shoes alone! What would Carrie Bradshaw say to you!

    Hugh sez: She would want me to take her to bed and ravish her

    oh she would, would she?

    Hugh sez: she would

    *thinking* ok yeah you’re right. You are right up Carrie Bradshaw’s alley. But she wouldn’t accept you’re purse and shoe insults!

    Hugh sez: she’ll take what I give her

    oh hush Hugh! Enough about your animal magnetism! Back to Deadpan!!

  100. Vanamonde dumbass memory

    I love the way he sez category and terminals and server and each other and book and corner of me eye and control and nutter and over

    oh van… you so messed it up with that girl.. Im so sorry

    Hugh sez: I feel your pain, man. Women have a way of fucking us up all good

    I also love the way Van uses ‘us’ for me *swoooon*

    Hugh sez: Crap, I’m going to need to use my fake british accent today to get her attention.

    No you won’t Hughie 🙂

    Hugh sez: don’t call me Hughie in front of everyone! I have an image to protect!

    *submit comment*

  101. where has our sweet mistress been?

    Hugh sez: she needs to come back and whip you

    just me?

    Hugh sez: yeah just you, and I’ll cheer from the sidelines

    is that what the kids call it these days? “Cheering from the sidelines?”

    Hugh sez: LOL

    Vanamonde won the greasy jelly beans (of course) w00t Van!

  102. Greasy Spoon Nipples Udder Bangles Susanna Hoffs Dickens Comments Cockles Spooges Comment-a-palooza shitzus donkus nose hairs nipples Comments solo nipples privates nipples sphincters comments comments teets areolas nipple comments through episode 94

    Smarty Hotties® – 22
    The Energizer Bunny – 18
    justa j0e – 17
    Vanamonde – 14
    Mr ditto swooon – 13
    Rhettro – 11
    Dubshack – 10
    Ed From Texas – 7
    Rhettro – 7
    Leann 2.0 – 5
    Jeremy- 5
    Alvie – 4
    Thomas – 3
    Jackamo – 3 (even though it doesn’t count according to him)
    Amy Bowen – 3
    Trucker Overdrive – 3
    WNDR wolfie – 2
    Addie in boulder – 2
    Lost Ralph – 2
    disgruntled scientist – 2
    psion andy – 1
    EesBee – 1
    LostRalph – 1
    Leather Clad Mistress of Deadpan – 1

  103. Greasy Spoon Nipples Udder Bangles Susanna Hoffs Dickens Comments Cockles Spooges Comment-a-palooza shitzus donkus nose hairs nipples Comments solo nipples privates nipples sphincters comments comments teets areolas nipple comments through episode 94

    Smarty Hotties® – 22
    The Energizer Bunny – 18
    justa j0e – 17
    Vanamonde – 14
    Mr ditto swooon – 13
    Rhettro – 11
    Dubshack – 10
    Ed From Texas – 7
    Rhettro – 7
    Leann 2.0 – 5
    Jeremy- 5
    Alvie – 4
    Thomas – 3
    Jackamo – 3 (even though it doesn’t count according to him)
    Amy Bowen – 3
    Trucker Overdrive – 3
    Lost Ralph – 3
    WNDR wolfie – 2
    Addie in boulder – 2
    disgruntled scientist – 2
    psion andy – 1
    EesBee – 1
    Leather Clad Mistress of Deadpan – 1

  104. Jack is tired, its late

    Hugh sez: goodnight jackamo

    more dumbass memories please


    Jacks a big slacker!!!!

    Deadpanpalooza coming soon. Do your homework

    Hugh sez: our homework is sooooooo over due

    we totally failed baby

    Hugh sez: 🙁 we suck


  105. Stop kissing Jacks ass!

    ok Hughie is Jack coming back after the music?

    Hughie sez: methinks yes

    alright, whats the wager?

    Hugh sez: the usual.. I mean we are in bed, there is only 1 thing to do in bed when you are not sleeping

    listen to Deadpan?

    Hugh sez: Yeah “listen to Deadpan”

    awwww Jack singing!!! *swoooooooooooooooooon*

  106. Greasy Spoon Nipples Udder Bangles Susanna Hoffs Dickens Comments Cockles Spooges Comment-a-palooza shitzus donkus nose hairs nipples Comments solo nipples privates nipples sphincters comments comments teets areolas nipple comments comments through Unshow 14

    Smarty Hotties® – 23
    The Energizer Bunny – 19
    justa j0e – 17
    Vanamonde – 16
    Mr ditto swooon – 13
    Rhettro – 11
    Dubshack – 10
    Ed From Texas – 8
    Rhettro – 7
    Jeremy- 6
    Leann 2.0 – 5
    Alvie – 4
    Thomas – 3
    Jackamo – 3 (even though it doesn’t count according to him)
    Amy Bowen – 3
    Trucker Overdrive – 3
    Lost Ralph – 3
    disgruntled scientist – 3
    WNDR wolfie – 2
    Addie in boulder – 2
    psion andy – 1
    EesBee – 1
    Leather Clad Mistress of Deadpan – 1

  107. Their all gaining on us Hugh!

    Hugh sez: Damn you cheaters!!!


    busy unshow this week

    EesBee AKA name

    EasyBee – wrong impression.. she ain’t easy people

    A. Sleazy Bee – heh
    B. UnEasy Bee
    C EsBQR
    D. Sacre Blue
    E. Smooth like Buttah

    Jack wanted 500 nipples

    what would you do with 500 nipples?

    Hugh sez: Have a damn good night


  108. close out 14 by sending love to a local friend

    Hugh sez: Im a local friend, send me some love babe

    🙂 I will

    awwwww.. CA Sizemore 🙁 Im sorry

    Hugh sez: I don’t know what I would do if I lost my wife. I can’t even imagine it. What happened to his wife?

    🙁 I don’t know. I would die if I lost my husband

    Hugh sez: well you ain’t losing me and Im not losing you so we are good 🙂

    *private conversation not for your eyes*

    send in your mush
    bye pan 🙂
    Hugh sez: bye pan

  109. Is there even such a thing as a G1 chord? I can’t find it if there is. Looks like an Em7 to me. Unless if they’re talking about with a capo on the 4th frett. In wich case I still don’t get it.

  110. Morning Pan!

    Was given Assassin’s Creed for the PC yesterday. Played a couple of hours. It’s an interesting game. Looking forward to finishing it – though I’m told it has an unsatisfying ending.

  111. I understand. It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Stampede land. Who wants to be inside?

    The only good thing is I only have about an hours worth of work today, then I get to go outside. Will probably return a bunch of bottles later this morning.

  112. That sucks ditto. I’ve got a pile of work to finish myself. 🙁

    Dub, I’m no expert, but I think a G1 chord is the same thing as a regular G. Open chords are always played in first position and barre chords can be played anywhere. You could play an open G chord or a barre chord G at the 15th fret, they are are both considered G’s the barre G is just an octive higher. Clear as mud? My work is done.

  113. Well journey went smoothly, which always seems like a miracle to me.

    TEB if haven’t watched the ZP episode covering Assassin’s Creed yu will find it at:


    One of ZP’s better ones, my nephew found AC to be rather boring even if the graphics were nice.

  114. Is Assassin’s Creed like Thief? I’ve tried the Theif 3 demo and it was a beautiful game, but I found all the stealth sneaking a little tedious. Conversely, I picked up Dungeons & Dragons Tactics for my PSP, a turned based RPG and I really like it though some would consider it tedious.

  115. Turn based games can rock, just think of Xcom and Advanced War games on the NDS.

    Listening to British Invaders covering the UFO TV series, you can’t help notice how the guys behind Xcom ripped off the games plot from that TV series.

  116. Thanks for the link, Van. I got a couple of games yesterday. I’m still trying to work out all the buttons. I was trying to pick someone’s pocket and accidentally assassinated them instead. The local populace didn’t like that.

  117. I’m not into shows about cars. I don’t even watch… um forgot what its called. done by the guy who married Sandra Bullock..

    anyway, not a car kind of gal.

  118. “Coil” was a good find, Van. I’m a little surprised you didn’t like that song – it’s very pretty and folky (I think). They certainly utilize far heavier elements in other songs, though.

    I refuse to believe that TEB never watched Knight Rider.

  119. I found Top Gear a few weeks ago, myself. I don’t get a lot of the specifically British cultural references, but the challenges that those guys are put through make for some damn funny television.

    I’d say it’s probably too limiting to simply call it a “Car Show”.

  120. I haven’t seen Top Gear yet, so I can’t comment. Sounds interesting. Last night I stumbled upon “The Big Bang Theory,” having never watched it before. I laughed at many of the jokes, although I wonder how long a show that’s sole purpose is to make fun of geeks can move forward. It definately has writters that are in to geek culture, but the plot only exists as a means for the jokes. I may watch another episode to see how things unfold.

  121. Back from the depot: Made $45. Must go more than twice a year.

    Yes Jack, I’ve watched Knight Rider, both the original and the new version. so I guess I have watched “car” shows 🙂

  122. CP: Sinfonia concertante for violin, viola, and orchestra in E flat major, K. 364: Andante maestoso – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  123. It’s not the first time news agencies or magazines have altered photos.

    Now, off to play the Settlers: The Rise of an Empire

  124. My sister Sue and me were doing stunts with electric trains
    She said she’d do my dishes, so I handed her the reins
    And she engineered a collision steered by a hand-eye protege
    Before my train set started burning I heard my sister say
    Look straight at the coming disaster
    Realize what you’ve lost
    You keep handing out horseshoes
    Horseshoes have gotta be tossed.

    Horseshoes — Moxy Fruvous

  125. Good day today. Lunch at Panera, and lots of writing got done. I’m also still on a caffeine high from coffee this morning, and Pepsi with lunch. Off to work on cleaning this room as soon as I finish reading Twitter posts.

  126. Hey pan

    so Hugh just made a good point. Jack sed that he would pick a comment goal for every ep from now on.. so whats the comment goal for this???

    Are we close? I know the holiday weekend threw us off

    LOL.. guess what iTunes just shuffled to????? EMF!! Remember EMF????
    I was EMF and Jesus Jones play together at this horrible club called the Aragon Ballroon. Us locals call it the Scare-agon. t is the worst concert venue in Chicago (besides the big nasty outdoor places)

  127. Well I hate to turn EMF off here, but….

    Hugh sez: Please dear God turn the EMF off!!! PLEASE!!!!!

    Needless to say, Hugh did NOT attend the EMF/Jesus Jones concert with me 😉

    Hugh sez: I would rather tweeze my balls

    LOL! wow. I’ll go get the tweezers baby

    Hugh sez: Only if you turn EMF off.. ahhhh it shuffled again

    CP: Nirvana – Very Ape

  128. CP: The Frames – Ship Caught In The Bay

    Hugh just went to make me a martini 🙂 He is so good to me
    We’ve had a stressful afternoon here, but its all good now.

    So you’re stuck with me until Hugh gets back 🙂
    Sucks to be you!!!

  129. Total girl moment

    I found this super cool chic over at You Tube. She does these awesome really fucking cool make up tutorials on You Tube, and I guess she is famous.
    She started doing these make up tutorials and selling make up thru Ebay and now she is the 2nd wealthiest person from You Tube.. wait that came out funny.. like she is the 2nd person to make an actual liveable profit from You Tube I guess. Kinda cool.. all that from make up. I love make up.. sorry guys.

    I know. how totally ungeeky of me. I’m a geek but I love my make up and shoes and purses and clothes.. doesn’t make me less of a geek

    CP: Sugarcubes – Mama

    TANGENT!! I would totally switch teams for Bjork. Yep.. I would become a lesbo for Bjork. i lover her.

  130. Hughies back!

    you guys are saved from further make up talk

    Hugh sez: oh God, she went off on make-up? I’m sorry I left her alone with you guys. Try going to whatever the fuck that make up place you drag me too against my will sometimes

    Sephora?? I love Sephora!!

    Hugh sez: I would rather tweeze my balls than go to Sephora

    LOL.. Hugh methinks you want to tweeze your balls

    Hugh sez: No thank you. My balls are well groomed thank you very much


    CP: Mazzy Star – Bells Ring

    This is such heroin music

    Hugh sez: LOL. Mazzy Star IS heroin music

    Ok.. enough heroin music…

  131. spoiler alert!!

    Smartie Hotties play by play, powered by S&M

    Jack is staring at the spot I missed shaving!!

    Hugh sez: Jack, watch where you look man. Don’t make me punch your lights out man

    Don’t threaten Jack!!

    Hugh sez: sorry 🙁

    Hughie, this martini rulez

    Hugh sez: 🙂 I try babe

  132. climb into my spoon

    rich you tube comments LOL

    Sebastian Bach *swoooooooooooooooooooooooon*

    Hugh sez: Jesus christ you did NOT just swoon Sebastian fucking Bach, did you?

    I did! He is hot. Im sorry

    Hugh sez: ewwwwww

  133. I’ll climb into Evo’s spoon *swoooon*

    Hugh sez: Lets keep count for those playing at home. My wife would fuck Bjork, Sebastian Bach AND Evo

    you forgot someone

    Hugh sez; I did? There are others?

    you forgot yourself. I would fuck you as well

    Hugh sez: you better, wench! Didn’t you say something like I will honor, obey, submit to and be available whenever my lord and master wants me for sexual intercourse. Didn’t your vows sound like that?

    ummm.. something like that.

    Hugh sez: Thats what I remember you saying


  134. Greasy Spoon Nipples Udder Bangles Susanna Hoffs Dickens Comments Cockles Spooges Comment-a-palooza shitzus donkus nose hairs nipples Comments solo nipples privates nipples sphincters comments comments teets areolas nipple comments comments nipples through Episode 95

    Smarty Hotties® – 24
    The Energizer Bunny – 19
    justa j0e – 17
    Vanamonde – 17
    Mr ditto swooon – 13
    Rhettro – 12
    Dubshack – 10
    Ed From Texas – 8
    Rhettro – 7
    Jeremy- 6
    Leann 2.0 – 5
    Alvie – 4
    disgruntled scientist – 4
    Thomas – 3
    Jackamo – 3 (even though it doesn’t count according to him)
    Amy Bowen – 3
    Trucker Overdrive – 3
    Lost Ralph – 3
    WNDR wolfie – 2
    Addie in boulder – 2
    psion andy – 1
    EesBee – 1
    Leather Clad Mistress of Deadpan – 1
    John Boze: 1

  135. I found out a few minutes ago. I’m not the first person to let the audience choose the path of my story and a podcast format. Someone beat me by five months. At that time I was playing the game of seeing how many voice mails like a get on slice of sci-fi in each voicemail show.

    Podcasting is not an aquarium. It is a pet store. With a shelf full of individual podcast shows. Each show thinking they’re the only thing with a plastic Castle. I knew eventually somebody would tell me if there was someone first. WndrWolf found this guy for me. He was convinced that this guy was lying. Honestly I am think anyone was stupid enough to try writing a podcast as you go and letting the audience choose.

    I can’t tell you how many podcaster’s I talked to think they can just start up a show never advertise and everyone’s just going to flock to them. Most podcaster’s I know don’t live anywhere near me. The reason why the big names are so big is because they promote the living crap out of themselves. People, please send your podcast promos out. And play some different promos on your podcast. I never even heard of this guy.

  136. Speed Racer make up kit?? How fucking lame

    Isn’t it funny I was just gooing about makeup and then this story?

    LOL, its not fancy, is it?

    Hugh sez: Ive never thought about that

    but anywho… I love my girly things and thats ok, but its wrong when yu tella girl that is all she is

    Hugh sez: Like your fucking parents?

    Yes Hughie, like my parents. That does totally suck that its ok to tell a girl she doesn’t have to be anything but pretty. How many parents honestly hope that their daughter ends up as eye candy on a Girls Gone Wild video one day?
    Girls can be girls if they want to be, its OK to be a girl and like girly things and wear pink and like clothes and make up and dolls and not want to run around, but its another to tell a girl that is all she can be. I am more than makeup and clothes, but I am not ashamed to say I like my makeup and clothes.

    Hugh sez: Right like you shouldn’t tell a girl all she is destined to be some assholes trophy wife, but if your daughter wants to use the money she won from the science fair to buy make up, thats ok. She can use make up and girly things all that matters is that she is comfortable with who she is inside. You can be a car mechanic and when you leave work get all dolled up in your gucci and prada and do your hair up and all that other shit. Why can’t you be both? Why do girls only get 2 options?

    2 options?

    Hugh sez: They can either be smart and ugly, or stupid and beautiful

    Yeah! why is that?!?!?!?!?!?!??

    Hugh sez: cuz society sucks. My wife is the best example I know of of a real woman. A woman who is both really talented, intelligent and so fucking sexy at the same time. Thats what women are, not some fucking thing you stick in a box with a label on it that it can’t ever be anything but that label.

    awwwww *blush* *swooooon* Thank you Hughie :

    Hugh sez: its true babe. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel less about yourself. no girl or woman should.

    Oh you are SO getting lucky tonight after all that

    Hugh sez: That was the plan! *swooon*

    🙂 LOL

  137. Deadpan continues…

    over sexualized kick ass heroine

    God that so sucks cuz its true

    Hugh sez: word

    I will work on my reactions to this Jack even though I know I am weeks behind.. but I will try to work on sending something in about that soonish. This is an important subject for me cuz of my parents.

    I can’t wait to hear others thoughts on this

  138. You couldn’t pay me to go to Balticon

    Hugh sez: I would rather tweeze my balls

    you and your balls Hugh *shakes head*

    Hugh sez: Oh you love my balls. You sure are enthusiastic about them when your pending time down there

    I do love your balls *swooooon*

    Oh “someone” Jack met at Balticon.. meh!!!

    Jack IS coming back after the music

    Hugh sez: he took the joy of our game away from us 🙁

    damn you Jack Mangan

  139. speaking of rockstars.. a certain rockstar who shall remain nameless inquired about our attendance to this years lollapalooza in hopes of seeing us!

    Hugh sez: *eye roll* she hasn’t stopped talking about it since it happened

    Oh you love it too Hughie!! *swooon*

    Hugh sez: your right, its pretty fucking saweet! *swooon2*

    and no it wasn’t Greg Dulli, we have our plans set with him for lollapalooza weekend already *swoooon3*

    Jacks back!! “you have a lot more than boobs”

  140. speaking of lollapalooza I put in my band requests for photographing.. mehopes I get some of them. This was my request list:

    Manchester Orchestra
    Enemy UK
    The Kills
    Gogol Bordello
    Bloc Party

    Margot and the Nuclear so so’s
    Dr Dog
    Gutter Twins
    Explosions in the sky or Brand New
    Lupe Fiasco

    Brazillian Girls
    G. Love and special Sauce
    Saul Wiliams
    Gnarls Barkley
    Nine Inch Nails

  141. Greasy Spoon Nipples Udder Bangles Susanna Hoffs Dickens Comments Cockles Spooges Comment-a-palooza shitzus donkus nose hairs nipples Comments solo nipples privates nipples sphincters comments comments teets areolas nipple comments comments nipples through Unshow 15

    Smarty Hotties® – 25
    The Energizer Bunny – 21
    justa j0e – 18
    Vanamonde – 17
    Mr ditto swooon – 13
    Rhettro – 12
    Dubshack – 11
    Ed From Texas – 8
    Rhettro – 8
    Jeremy- 6
    Leann 2.0 – 6
    Alvie – 4
    disgruntled scientist – 4
    Thomas – 3
    Jackamo – 3 (even though it doesn’t count according to him)
    Amy Bowen – 3
    Trucker Overdrive – 3
    Lost Ralph – 3
    WNDR wolfie – 2
    Addie in boulder – 2
    psion andy – 1
    EesBee – 1
    Leather Clad Mistress of Deadpan – 1
    John Boze: 1

  142. netter?

    God I really need to spell check before hitting submit, but in reality I really dont give a fuck so I wont 🙂

    Hugh sez: tell em mama

    Are you my mummy???

    Hugh sez: No your MY mummy

    ok its time to tweeze Hughs balls, so we are going to leave you now

    night pan
    night mush

  143. “Top Gear” kicks major butt!!!!
    Hard to describe that show but if you like British Humour and sexy cars you should give it a chance.

    This is justaJ0e, coming to you from somewhere out on the road … still.

    My new quote – “I’d rather have Hugh’s balls tweezed than to do THAT!”


  144. Morning Pan, todays theme is damp and grey.

    The British weather is thumbing it’s ‘nose’ at any human expectation of having a decent summer, it’s raining again.

    Good for the plants though…

  145. You know, I guess I’ve just gotten too used to Web 2.0. I read Van’s post about a game called “Ant Atac” and it doesn’t strike me as strange at all that there’s a “k” missing from the end.

    ….or a “t” in the middle, for that matter 🙂

  146. delayed reply

    I guess what she meant by a G1 chord is just a Em7, and referred on this particular tab as Em7 (G1). Except she started with it instead of the G the tab was calling for. And then after that she either modified an E7, an Eb, or just started making shit up all together. I guess I am going to have to map it out for myself and just try to identify what I can.

    This is what I’m talking about btw:

    And it wouldn’t make sense to be a bar chord because there’s a capo on 4… But I do get what you’re saying, maybe thats what its SUPPOSED to be. It kind of looks like they call these things what they want to call them.

  147. So interesting article in this weeks New Scientist. About people taking genetic tests to see what they are prone to getting.

    The tests examine SNPs:


    After giving samples you get a report back informing you what your SNPs say about your personal risk of getting things like Alzheimers and heart disease. This will cost you about $1000.

    Not sure I would want to know.

  148. Great comments from the Hotties last night. LOL

    Dub: Yeah, that stuff is pretty much over my head. You’re right though, you wouldn’t do a barre chord with a capo. LOL Somewhere online, there is an interactive fretboard, where you can input what frets are depressed and it will tell you the name of the chord.

  149. They look like those toys you can still get, where you press them down and they sucker holds the spring in check for a short while..they than pop up.

  150. Van – RE: Genetic Testing – I remember a bit on the Buzz Out Loud podcast a few weeks ago about concerns here in the US regarding those tests. I was hoping to find a link, but no sucess so far. The gist, as I recall, was concern about some guy going to one of these places in a mall, and getting back results without proper guidance on what the markers really mean.

    There’s a difference between a marker saying you are certain to get a condition/disease vs. you having just a higher chance of something.


    Here’s a contortionist, Filleted Pete
    Tried only too well to make both his ends meet

    Charlie the taximan lies over there
    Wherever he’s gone to, he’ll say it’s “No Fare”

    Here lies a heavyweight under the ground
    With a circular saw only lasted one round

    Here lies a butcher named Timothy Wights
    A nice piece of skirt quickly put out his lights

    R – I – P, that’s another good feller gone west
    R – I – P, with a blinkin’ great slab on his chest


    Why build a wall ’round a graveyard
    When nobody wants to get in?
    Why build a wall round a graveyard
    When nobody wants to get out?
    They say its a beautiful haven of rest
    But you know that you’ll be a permanent guest
    So, why build a wall round a graveyard
    When nobody wants to get in?

    Why build a wall round a graveyard
    When no body wants to get in?
    Why build a wall round a graveyard
    When no body wants to get out?
    “You’re not dead but sleeping”, they put it with care
    But no body calls you at nini o’clock there
    So, why build a wall round a graveyard
    When no body wants to get out?

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