9 thoughts on “Interviewed, 10-4

  1. Weird how I haven’t done any podcasting in over a month and yet my name seems to be popping up everywhere… *lol*

    Well, at least I didn’t get an ass call this time.

  2. Jack just seemed like an interesting guy that many don’t know wrote a book. As far as me doing stuff for the deadpan, I haven’t done anything.

    Any Bowen



    disgruntled scientist

    The Energizer Bunny


    Rhetto’s nine inches

    And countless others. I’m not so much interested in getting people from the deadpan into my stuff. Most of the people that were interested all ready listen. I just want to help make Jack’s show more accessible the new listeners without changing his show.

  3. Just want to clarify for Jack – That Wander Radio was not a part of Farpoint Media.

    Just saying…

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