Unshow MMMMMM 49

Jack Mangans Deadpan Unshow MMMMMM 49

Unshow confusion

Deadpan mmmmmmeetup was last weekend. Lots of fun was to be had.

Thanks to all
(Dammit dammit dammit. Sorry, Randall.)

Record your favourite Dead Pan memories.

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Lejon from Chandler
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Ed From Texas

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1,044 thoughts on “Unshow MMMMMM 49

  1. Morning Pan!

    My hubby was a bad boy. We were suppose to be able to sleep in this morning but, while I reset my alarm, somebody forgot to set their alarm to the new time. Not only that, when his alarm went off, he hit the wrong button and the alarm then went off five minutes later. That was that, the kitty decided it was time for me to wake up. Which wasn’t fair because hubby managed to roll over and get an extra hours sleep. Someone owes me a nap.

  2. Devils sweep Penguins.

    TEB congrats to Calgary last nite. While I’d never want them to beat the Avs, it does give me solace that Calgary is only a point behind Detroit now.

    Show time.

  3. I watched Lady Vengeance this morning and I agree with Jack. This was the best one. But then, it builds so beautifully on the themes and ideas from the prior two, that it isn’t possible for me to evaluate it on its own.

    And I think calling it a trilogy is wrong. It is more a triptych instead.

    The thing with the scissors and the tofu… yeah, that got me good.

  4. 1. Jack, my thoughts are with today.
    2. Self-indulgent? Yup. It’s a community. I kind of think they go hand in hand.
    3. I’m in for the thing. I’ll drop you an email.

    5. Download speed at 14.9KB/sec is painful. I didn’t like waiting.

  5. I think I brushed against L7 too soon. I’d just met Depeche Mode and Suzanne Vega; L7 was just too much.

    I should look ’em up again now.

    And cool on ya for keeping the flower on.

  6. i think I did the opposite. L7 was early high school, just as I was truly forming opinions about what kind of music I truly loved. Suzanne and Depeche came much later for me.

    Flower Power.

  7. I also love L7. I have an inside source (same one as for the Alice in Chains info from a few weeks back) who says Donita Sparks is truly whack, and somewhat toothless.

    My favorite L7 lyrics go: “enough about me/lets talk about you/what do you think of me me me”

  8. Inside Source = Wikipedia…… ;P

    Wait what song is that?
    My fav lyrics are “bite the wax, bite the wax tadpole. bite it. tadpole.”

    Thats rock.

  9. Oh hell! I dunno if I have that album.

    The song is “Bite the Wax Tadpole”. heh. From their debut. Feel free to…uh.. “borrow” that too.

  10. THATS IT???? Oddly the only one I dont have is the one you do have. I’ll borrow them to you next I see you. Classics.

    Tank Girl fucking rulz.

  11. ditto: I was a little to engrossed and excited to see a new Tron story to pay that much attention. I was mostly watching saying “oooo pretty” because I saw it before watching Alice in Wonderland in 3D IMax. That was the first movie I have seen in the theator since LotR

  12. Jack: Good Luck!

    LoPan: I have my daughter listening to L7 🙂

    Jack: I’m in on the 62 lines thingy!

    TEB: Drippy wet from the shower?

    DeadPan: Sorry I missed all the events. I’m confident with that many random people together in one place, it was a hot. I’ll plan harder next year to show up 🙂

    Ditto: Both trailers for Tron Legacy look AWESOME!!1!!11 I can’t wait to see that one!

  13. Hey Pan!

    Had my excitement for today. Took a girlfriend to lunch. When we got back a condo unit by her office was up in flames (that’s an understatement) so all the main roads were closed. Had to find a back route to Edge to get her to work. I did offer to bring her home with me and we could have coffee all day but she said she had work to do. Spoil sport.

  14. Just listened to the unshow, good luck Jack.

    My spine of glass comment was just me feeling sorry for myself, still in a lot of pain with my back, the painkillers prescribed by the Doc are next to useless and I’m relying on sponging stronger painkillers from a relative to get some relief at night.

  15. I was saddened after listening to Slice a couple weeks ago and hearing how skewered The Crazies is getting via critics. Image my surprise that, after over 130 reviews, its still at 72% fresh on Tomatoes. Thats excellent, and now I wanna see it again.

    Repo Men on the other hand….yeesh. That saddens me how basted its getting.

    I figured one of these two films would be a dumb slasher movie. Never thought itd be Repo.

  16. reaper: How dare you unleash that level of cuteness on this board! Why, it does a Hadoken of cuddles!

    ditto/reaper: Agreed. It wasn’t enough to assuage my fears, but does look like it may actually be bad-ass.

  17. JN, I don’t think i could have put it better myself…
    No really, I would have come up with the “Hadoken of cuddles”.
    That is awesome!

  18. To be honest, I don’t think I can watch Repo Men without thinking of Monty Python: “We’re here for your liver.” I think that will just ruin the movie for me. 🙂

  19. No worries, everyone. I appreciate the thoughts.

    Carry on.

    I do hope your back feels better, Van. Nothing funny about that. I hear the Canadian healthcare system has a method of replacing your entire skeletal structure with Adamantium – might be worth a look.

  20. “Compared to the Japanese, we are incompetent. In Japan, every criminal gets caught. For major crimes, convictions run ninety-nine percent. So any criminal in Japan knows from the outset he is going to get caught. But here, the conviction rate is more like seventeen percent. Not even one in five. So a criminal in the States knows he probably isn’t going to get caught – and if he’s caught, he won’t be convicted, thanks to all his legal safeguards.”

    Michael Crichton, Rising Sun

  21. I was under the impression, that the reason the Japanese capture rate was so high was because there was very little crime compared to the US or UK.

  22. Jack:

    A: I send you good luck through the Ether. I hope there will be reason to have another party soon.

    B: I don’t get the self-indulgent part. As Nomad Scry said, we’re a community. I guess it’s self-indulgent to have connections through an online community? Or perhaps the party is self-indulgent? Aren’t parties by definition self-indulgent? Damn, I had rum last night. I indulged my ass with that spicy nectar! Tonight, I will not make the Vitameatavegemin food-substitute that we normally eat. I’m going to be self-indulgent by seasoning my chicken. My summation is that this most likely comes from some miserable ass that needs to re-learn that one should listen twice as much as they speak.

    3: I’m up for the thing. I believe you have my address. If not, I’ll re-send.

  23. Null – I actually really enjoyed Mystery Men, however I never read the comic. That being said I think youre right on that point.

    I’m Jim Koch, brewer of Sam Adams….

  24. A quote from the comments about the clueless preacher:

    demoncat said:

    the video just proves that some one who did not try and can not figure out Avatar is just a movie about aliens cat creatures trying to save their homes from destruction is just a movie not some plot by satan for after all people have said the same thing about Dungeons and dragons from time to time. as for Battle Angel . it was one of the main reasons James made Avatar for the special effects in Avatar James wants for Battle Angel. why he has not made it yet. he has been busy with Avatar work. promotions and awards

    I can not tell my arse from me elbow when it comes to adverbs and adjectives, but this dude makes me feel like a grammar nazi. What the heck are they even trying to say here? BAH!

    (i.e. Internet comments make Hulk mad.)

  25. “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey… stuff.”

  26. i could understand it why couldnt you understand it nomad scry what person was saying was totally clear it made perfect sense james cameron movies vanilla ice cream whats grammar the internets are the end of grammar the next generations are going to communicate in some vague destructured language

  27. And a find Friday morning to all.

    I don’t know why, but we watched this last night:


    Let me just say, SyFy would have rejected this as too low quality to run as a Saturday night flick.

    Not all ninjas are created equal. Though I find it somewhat eery that you guys are talking about Ninja Koch at the same time I’m watching a movie with ninjas fighting in New York.

  28. TEB: When I went to that Kung Fu class, my feet got some pretty good abrasions, top and bottom. Lady J asked what was on my feet. “Eh, just blood.”. It’s annoying when you first start up again.

  29. TEB: You don’t find your feet toughen up pretty quickly? I can admit ankle injuries are annoying at any time. Actually, my knee still acts up from time to time. Running seems to help.

  30. The snow is HEAVY. I can’t even see the furniture whorehouse from my window today. The roads are just wet, though. Down South?

  31. *snicker* “down south”…

    Eh, depends what burb youre in oddly. Denver doesnt have much but Lakewood’s getting dumped on. Fuck it.

  32. Yeah!!!! Damns it Null!

    Oh Nomad, that terrible English post you…uh…posted, that guy has seriously never been right on the Topless Robot boards. More than once Ive wanted to virtually smack him upside the face. His posts actually hurt.

  33. just got a laugh from this…

    the setup: my old company just lost the other IT guy who is still helping a little. the new guy (1) changed the old guys (2) password to gain access to something 1 would have with his own log in.
    so the email:

    From 1:
    I had to reset your password to gain access to IT information and tools that are hosted on your workstation

    Would you please send me your login password.

    Reply from 2:
    If you reset my password, I don’t have a clue what it’d be.

    Reply from 1:
    Password for login username (If you logged off your workstation and logged back in)

    Reply from 2:
    (copy, paste) If you reset my password, I don’t have a clue what it’d be.

    I’m starting to feel bad for my old users.

  34. For the non-FB peeps –

    We’re heavy into deinventory here in the from Texas. While the kids are away, we’re splitting them up so they’ll each have their own rooms. Much stuff that we’ve niether seen nor used in many years is being put out to pasture. Expecting to make big drop offs to both Half Price Books and Goodwill later today.

    I have just put two, count ’em TWO 3.5″ floppy drives into the trash bag. That was difficult.

    /was an altar boy.

  35. THIS BUNNY IS NOT HAPPY!! Looks like someone was rooting through my recipe cupboard. I can’t find my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe. If I have to settle, there will be hell to pay (or maybe no cookies – that’ll teach him)

  36. Reaper: wow. That’s just… wow. I feel sorry for your users too.

    Jack: that sucks. Do you have backups? I have two external HDs that I use for rotating backups. It isn’t expensive and is pretty easy to deal with.

  37. Make that three 3.5″ floppy drives. Just unearthed another one.

    I’m just waiting to spring the trap where the giant stone ball rolls out of the ceiling and chases me down the stairs.

  38. I’ve got a couple drawers filled with old computer gear I haven’t had the heart to get rid of. I remember throwing out my Pentium 200MMX board that I spent close to $400 on back in the day. That was hard.

  39. Ed, Don’t lose your hat
    Jack, that hurts I have resorted to a similar idea as ditto and than include some free sync software.
    Ditto, nice bunny!
    Bunny, or you could make some kind of cookies he doesn’t like

  40. Oh that makes me happier.

    Thats kafuct about your HD. Just went out just like that? Gotta be a retrieval option that wont cost kajillions

  41. reaper: As I am not involved in your IT FUBAR, I can laugh. Nice.

    Jack: That sucks.

    ditto: That angry bunny picture is awesome!

    Jack: Then I totally misunderstood the whole damn thing. I’m good at that.

  42. The HeavenField, book two. Makes the story a bit more interesting, but I’m still on the fence. And it seems it may take quite a while for book three.

  43. So I can never understand people who, even if you bring in a sample of what you’re looking for (i.e the old fuse) try to sell you the wrong thing.

    After much argument, I got my new fuse, put it in the oven aaaannnnndddd…

    nothing. Damn. That means I’ll have to call a repairman. No cookies for the hubby today :cwy:

    Now what do I do with this cookie dough?

  44. Jack: That’s too bad. I have a fairly large number of past Deadpan episodes on various devices in my house, as well as all of my own podcast stuff.

    TEB: In the U.S., a popular school fundraiser program involves selling frozen cookie dough. Could the dough you made be frozen?

  45. Jack: If you need help retrieving data from the hard drive, I might be able to help. I’ve done it before. It all depends on how bad the drive is. Of course, if you don’t care about what’s on there then problem solved. 🙂

  46. Jack: You need some good luck. You’ve had far too much of the other. I hope this works out.

    TEB: Scrub Scrub Scrub!!! Then put that cookie dough into ice cream and go for it!

  47. NO

    Paramount Pictures is remaking the 1987 film The Monster Squad. Rob Cohen, who produced the original, hopes to direct the remake. Cohen will produce with Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, and they’re meeting with writers.

    *softly weeps*

  48. Sucks about the drive, Jack. Definitely a good idea to invest in some kind of backup solution. I’ve been bitten by the renegade drive problems a few times over the years.

    Just got back from the book store. Got $53 for about eight banker boxes of random books that we were ready to let go of. And we got a lot of bookshelf and closet space back.

  49. Jack: You can try looking into GetDataBack and DIY Data Recovery Tools. I’ve used both, though GetDataBack is much easier to use.

  50. Speaking of data recover, I own a program that is pretty good. I’m not sure how it works with Vista, but if you want to give it a try Jack, you’re welcome to it.

  51. Sleep was necessary for man when his waking and unconscious lives were separated. As Eternals achieved total consciousness. Sleep became obsolete and Second Level meditation took its place.

  52. Caution: You are approaching the periphery shield of Vortex Four. Caution: You are approaching the periphery shield of Vortex Four.

  53. So – hard drive kafuct does not mean the end of the world.

    It means the loss of many pics of my little ones, which is pretty damn horrible, plus the loss of a number of important docs and Deadpan archives and accessory files (bumpers, etc.).

    I have, however, saved a number of docs in online storage locales and on my USB drive.

    The sky has fallen – – but it will be ok.

  54. What’s the cause for the hatred, Rhett?

    Indeed it is/was my laptop HD. If I hadn’t nailed it to the perch, it’d be pushing up the daisies.

    Thanks for the data recovery recommendations, guys. Rhett, I might take you up on that program, Rhett, if available.

  55. The 2012 Zardoz Enforcer.

    You will never drive another vehicle like it.
    V8 engine with 460 horses under the hood.
    Fully adjustable heated power bucket seats.
    a 200 inch wheel base
    independent suspension and power stearing
    oil cushioned shocks
    Enough trunk room to hold a girls teen soccer team,
    and optional front-hood machine gun mounts and rocket launchers.

    Make your apocalypse a ride to remember!

  56. Zardoz! Apply directly to the forehead. Zardoz! Apply directly to the forehead. Zardoz! Apply directly to the forehead. Zardoz! Apply directly to the forehead. Zardoz! Apply directly to the forehead. Zardoz! Apply directly to the forehead. Zardoz! Apply directly to the forehead. Zardoz! Apply directly to the forehead. Zardoz! Apply directly to the forehead. Zardoz! Apply directly to the forehead. Zardoz! Apply directly to the forehead.

  57. Jack: you can always try getting a new HD for the laptop and plugging the old HD into an external HD slot and see if you can reclaim the data. All may not be lost. if you’re still having difficulty, I live nearby many geeks who may be able to recover the data for you. Just let me know.

  58. Jack: If all else fails, you can ship the drive to me. I’ve recovered data before and I’d be happy to do it for you. So long as the head isn’t buried in the platter, all hope is not lost.

  59. Nothing like a cheesecake to say you are sorry.

  60. Saw Repomen tonight. I’ll have to do a mash up audio promo for it. I was laughing quite hard when Jude Law’s character was watching TV and I hear “We’ve come for your liver”. Pure awesomeness. Movie was different then I had expected. It’s one of those movies that’ll have you thinking a few hours after you see it. Worthy of discussion this movie is.

    Goodnight mush.

    Jack: Wish I could do more than just cheer you on with your purchase. Good luck getting back up and running!

  61. Has anyone used Carbonite or something like it for automated online backup services? I’ve been thinking it would be a better idea than my current setup (duplicating to the portable drive sitting next to my tower) and after Jack’s loss… well, I’m superstitious and would consider this my final warning.

  62. Jack: Sorry for your binary and monetary losses. At least you can upgrade your drive.

    Nomad Scry: Nope. I heard something vaguely good about Amazon storage a while back. Perhaps you can post a query at OSTalk.org.

    Vanamonde: That is shit-in-your-drawers amazing!

  63. Re: Ume:

    Grooveshark only has Wake and Hurricane. Wake is one of the worst things I’ve ever submitted my ears to. Hurricane isn’t so bad. Sort of a like if Janis Joplin was lead singer in Ladytron.

  64. To each his own, Null. Dont judge a body of work by two songs tho. Go look up the ne EP “Sunshower”. May be more your style.

  65. We have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned this morning – wow, how do we accumulate so much STUFF? Now we’re headed to the Hard to Recycle joint in Boulder. We have plastic bags from two tons of pellets – it was a COLD winter! From there, we’re off to order lumber for new fascia and soffit and to pick a paint color.

    I checked out Ume on emusic, and dig em. I’m not sure I heard Wake or Hurricane – my short-term memory is exceptionally SHORT.

  66. I told you “The Gathering Storm” was going to be a good one.

    Though, I still haven’t forgiven you for hooking me on Acacia. Now I’ve got two series that I’m having to wait for the next book on. 🙂

  67. My bracket is fucked. I suppose thats what I get for filling out one even tho I didnt watch a single college BB game this year. Ah well.

  68. Sorry, Ed. Now I feel like I want to read all the WOT books again – maybe via audiobook. I’ve read these effing books 3 times already. I really like what is happening with the Aes Sedai and liked Rand’s big finish in the latest book.

    I have three series for which I’m waiting for books: Fire and Ice, WOT, and Acacia! At least we know with Acacia that #3 will be the last . . .

    Man, Boulder sux.

  69. Will any other deadpanites be making it out to the So Cal Meetup tomorrow? I see Amy is a maybe (I hope you’ll make it. Looking forward to meeting you). If you need the address, let me know via email, facebook, DM in twitter, etc.

  70. I made a vow to myself that I wasn’t going to reread the WOT until the last book was done. I’ve got plenty to read/listen to to keep me busy, but now that I can be reasonably sure that the series will be finished (and finished well, if Sanderson’s first book is any indication) that I am looking forward to hitting it from the beginning.

    There are a few other series that I follow, though with some of them (like Janny Wurts), I’m not even sure why anymore. Others, like the Sword of Truth, are, as far as I know, complete. I’m just working my way through them.

  71. Got my stove fixed today. $500 did not make for a very happy bunny :angry:

    On the up side, gonna kill me some trolls in about half an hour. That does make for a happy bunny 🙂

  72. Jack, Rhettro, and any other guitarists here: Tonight, I went to Country at the Merc (a live music show), and the lead guitarist had forgotten his slide bar. He used a cell phone. It worked perfectly well. I thought you would be amused, and perhaps file this fact away for future reference.

    Night, Pan. :happy:

  73. Good Sunday Morning, DP!

    We watched Whiteout with Kate Beckinsale last night. OMG, what a stinker. Writing = awful; acting = embarrassing; plot = sophomoric. But we watched the whole thing. It starts w/ Kate in the shower and goes straight downhill from there for about 1.5 hours.

    No I’m catching up on my comic subscriptions. I’ve set them aside since I started the Jordan book, and they’ve really piled up!

  74. If you are willing to take the time and can spare a tab in your browser, then you can listen to Ume’s 2nd album off of their website.

    I had something else I wanted to say, perhaps in response to Lo Pan, but EssBee’s shower scene completely drove all thoughts from my mind.

  75. Looking through news updates and see that the HCR will be voted on today.

    If it does indeed pass, I find myself wondering if by tomorrow evening the country will have the same ” non-event, let down” that the country felt after Y2K came and went with barely a whimper.

    I suspect that the followers of the radical right will be standing around feeling cheated because the gates of hell did NOT open up and all our major cities are NOT in flames with chaos and rioting in the streets.

    … and those who have been desperately needing some relief from healthcare costs will suffer the letdown of realizing that they won’t see anything change for months (at best).

    There has just been so much build up about this … both fear and hope – without this issue to dominate the news, what will the public use to fill the void?

    Will the College Basketball Tourny be enough … or do you think we will need another major celebrate scandal?

  76. Lo Pan was a late bloomer.. that explains so much about him

    if you need the scandal to be even more amazing I will gladly volunteer to be Kate Beckinsales other woman. Hubba Hubba.

    [unrelated tangent]
    I’m suffering from SXSW envy
    [/unrelated tangent]

  77. Van sez: feet of lead, spine of glass

    CJ sez: things to bring to Dennys

    Jacks equipment

    Lejon sez: spring break

    reaper sez: self adornment

    Lejon sez: we will we will nub you

    Ed: bizarre nub triabge

    Ed: light week. NOT

  78. Wow, was that as good for the rest of you as it was for me? Ye olde play-by-play action of TSH certainly must rank as a favorite deadpan memory.

    Well done, and yes, you guys haven’t lost a thing.

  79. Holy cow, a play-by-play! Welcome back (whether it’s only for a brief visit or not), TSH!!!

    I think almost all the Deadpan episodes ever have been good. 🙂

    I had a lot of fun at the Deadpan Meetup! 🙂 Yes, of course you’re invited! 🙂

  80. Awwww, well thanks peeps 🙂 it was fun to play by play again. Hugh has been having a bit of an off day and needed the laugh.

    Lo Pan, I don’t think its so much as a tournament no one cares about, its more about the schools and the kids than the actual sport. Like March Madness isn’t for the love of basketball. Its for the love of peoples schools. Every NCAA tournament in every sport is exciting, for that school and those kids. Honestly 7 times out of 10 people are more into hockey than basketball it seems.

    Hugh was saying they should start doing highschool tournaments because they just cancelled all sports programs for all Freshman and Sophmores in Chicago Public Schools. They already cancelled art and music, now they are taking away their sports. It sucks. If they are not good enough to play in varsity, they can’t play at all. March Madness for all its annoyance keeps sports programs going in schools.
    Course on the flip side the whole ignoring a kids education if he is a great athlete is pretty lame too 🙂

    nighty night pan
    night mush

  81. @ Amy Bowen — I can totally imagine playing slide with a cell phone, though it wouldn’t work real well with mine. I think I could do it with my wife’s.

    My first slide was a piece of copper pipe that I found in my backyard when I was about 17. It fit my ring finger perfectly, so I polished it up and used it for years. My son still uses it today. I finally upgraded to a glass slide because I got tired of my finger turning green :wassat:

    I’ve also attempted to play slide with a screwdriver, a Sharpie, a Swiss Army knife, and a Colt .45 revolver. Thankfully I managed that last one without killing anyone or scratching the barrel (which probably would have led to my own death at the hands of my father). And I sounded equally bad with all of them :sick:

  82. I caught a few episodes but it quickly became so bad that I found I was just fast forwarding through large portions of it … then I hit one about a tornado that was just soooo bad/silly that I took the show off my TiVo list.

  83. Just got off the phone with the founder of our local SF convention. He spent close to an hour bitching at me over the new guest list (all media, no authors). He hasn’t been involved for several years, but still gets very upset if things do not follow how he thinks they should be. I shrug and say, if we wanted to put in our opinion we should still be involved, otherwise it’s no longer our call. Cliff says he agrees, but I still get the hour long phone call rants. Silly man. :biggrin:

    Here is the current guest list if anybody cares: http://www.con-version.org/Announcements.html

  84. Among other things, I pulled a load of laundry from the dryer. My kitty is finally curled up on the warm, fresh from the dryer, towels. I’m almost jealous.

    It looks like we’re going to get a bit of weather. My kitty’s arthritic and I’m sure she’s feeling it today. :pouty:

  85. CIMM: the seen from the Jerk (I think) where one guy says “Damn IT (guys name)” other guy says “I Damn thee”…
    I most likely have that all wrong but that is how it is in my head.

  86. These include –

    Water , Sodium Lauryl Sulfate , Sodium Pareth-23 , C12-14-16 Dimethyl Amine Oxide , SD Alcohol 40-B , Undeceth-9 , PPG-26 , Sodium Chloride , Cyclohexanediamine , Polyacetate , Fragrance , FD&C Yellow #5 , D&C Red No. 33

  87. justa J0e. i think you might want to start by removing the Yellow #5 but adding a kitten and maybe some movie quotes. that is at least a start.

  88. Jack, yes, very much. I was surprised. The best example is the last glass or two of wine in a bottle is often undrinkable next day. With that thing it is nearly as good as the day before.

  89. In some areas socialism is absolutely necessary to actual get something done or in some cases to save money. I can admit that. I don’t think any tea party goer would deny that. IE the Subway in New York or their city watter. but for me in my little town I have a well and I never use public transit.
    Would people on the other end take a pledge to for go anything that was brought about by capitalism? I’m sure they wouldn’t. I wouldn’t expect them to. But there are lines that I don’t think should be (or should have been) crossed. One example is Unemployment Insurance. I would buy my own if their wasn’t a system in place.

  90. OMG. I’m older than EssBee. I’m not sure why that comes as such a surprise…

    EssBee: I was the manager of my highschool BB Team. I lettered in it. Now, I don’t watch it either.

    VAN: John Barrowman played a Blond Arian Nazi in “The Producers”. The man can sing. It was proof that he could easily pull off Captain America… Of course, he’s a citizen of the UK, so the ‘merican Hollywierd perducers decided not to use him. Bollocks. He’d be awesome.

    George Lazenby is still alive? 2nd Worst Bond evar. How does he fit into the rest of the Trek themed guests?

    Gas Station Customer: “Damn these glasses, son.”
    Navan Johnson: “OK. I Damn Thee!”
    (sigh. I can’t believe I’m correcting people’s quotes.)

  91. reaper: The movie is The Jerk. Steve Martin flick. He plays “a poor black child” named Navan (Navin?) Johnson.

    On his adventure to find a place where he can fit in, he goes through a number of jobs, like working at a circus, and a gas station attendant.

    A man comes into his service station, is constantly leaning forward and having his glasses slide off his face and cursing the glasses. At one point he says “Damn these glasses, son.”

    So Navan picks up the glasses, points at them and says, “I Damn Thee!”.

    Then he repairs the glasses so that they stop falling of the man’s face, and adds a little handle to the bridge so that the man won’t put stress on the hinges which causes them to fall off, but rather put all the stress on the bridge where it belongs.

    The invention later becomes called “the Optigrab” and makes and loses Navan a fortune.

  92. “In more distressing news, it appears that Isla Fisher married Borat”

    She must just enjoy the simple things in life. Like assreams of body hair.

  93. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

    I saw it 6 times in the theater.
    Got the VHS for a birthday.
    Lost the VHS when an apartment got burglarized.
    Searched long and hard for a replacement years later, only to find a copy with Spanish subtitles (¡Exellente!)
    And then it finally was released to DVD, and I now have a copy that I can watch any old time.

  94. All my life
    I’ve wanted to fly
    Like the birds
    that you see
    way up in the sky.

    Making circles
    in the morning sun
    Flying hi in the sky
    ’til the day is done.

    I can’t break away.
    I can’t break away.

    Like a child
    in his fantasy
    Punching holes
    in the walls
    of reality

    All my life
    I’ve wanted to fly
    but I don’t have the wings
    and I wonder why

    I can’t break away.
    I can’t break away.

    Oh, Momma told me
    when I was young
    Stand tall girl you’re number one
    Well you can be
    what you want to be
    but you can’t change the course of your

    I can’t break away.
    I can’t break away.

    —Big Pig

  95. The following comment –

    ‘I wanna rock
    I want to rock
    I wanna rock
    I want to rock’

    Is not :ftb: approved. Hmm.

    Mr. :ftb: make a little money sending people you dont know to Iraq
    Mr. :ftb: I dont like you. You dont know how to rock.

  96. Wow! Next Deadpan MMMMeetup, we need a Bill and Ted film set tour!

    (Although, part of me is wondering: If “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” was made and distributed by Hollywood companies, as I presume it was, why on Earth did they go all the way to Phoenix/Tempe to film when the real San Dimas is right in their backyard? Or maybe it was made independently?)

    I am serious about wanting to go and see those places the next time I’m in Phoenix, though.

    Night, Pan.

  97. Bunny, I would bet it is crap.
    But I look at it this way: like the movies Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity, we know they are movies but if you go in with the mind set it is real and you want to be entertained it can still be fun. And in both cases mission accomplished.

  98. Tuesday can only get better…
    lost starts at 7!!!! well the one I missed last week will start at 7. Maybe it is time to take back my Tivo for Tuesday night.

  99. I’m not in the mood for political stuff today but I’m sure I could find just as much stuff on the other side.
    I think I still have a case of the Mondays.

  100. The onion is great. I try to listen but often nothing downloads or I get the last month of podcasts. maybe it is just iTunes on win7 64bit. rarely had that issue with XP-32bit.

  101. The Flobots one.

    reaper: Yeah, both parties are very hypocritical. I took that article, not as a screed against conservatives in general, but as one conservative that is very disappointed in the GOP. I think he raises some good points about not feeling represented by that party any more.

  102. Dammit EssBee I wish the music transfer would have worked!!!

    Flobots – local boys (and one hottie girl) that made good. I feel I should like them more because of that. Just cant get into em.

  103. Lo Pan: I only heard of Flobots when they had their megahit “Handlebars”. I didn’t like the song at first, at least until I listened to the lyrics. The album “Fight With Tools” won me over. Musically, I don’t think they are anything special, but they have great lyrics. I haven’t had a chance to listen to anything else they’ve done.

  104. Chris Evans has signed on to be Cap America. While I know this isnt most folks first choice it could be alot worse. He’s pretty much the only reason to ever watch the Fantastic Four films.

  105. Ha! Another Flobots song came up in shuffle — Handle Bars

    They’re kinda silly.

    I think Sly B snuck these into our music library . . . Sneaky, sneaky

  106. I dont mind the choice…yet.

    Plus considering what theyre gonna do with the origin story….belch. That alone gives me low expectations

  107. “The Ten Word Wiki does not have any entries with the exact title “deadpan”
    Would you like to create a new page with this title?”

    Anyone here have the skilz to correct this abomination?