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Jack Mangans Deadpan #159: Deadpan Force

With special guest – J.R. Murdock

Jack meets Charlie the Unicorn

The death of Jack’s hard drive. Where’s the moment of silence?

Promo – On the Edge of Darkness (http://www.ontheedgeofdarkness.com/Site/Welcome.html)

Talking to J.R. Murdock (http://www.ofgnomesanddwarves.com/)

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The Pixie Pilot calls in.

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Greasy Nipples
Lejon from Chandler (first of the week)
Nomad Scry
The Energizer Bunny
Johnny Null
The Smarty Hotties
Justa J0e
Lo Pan
Nomad Scry

Many discussions went on the Deadpan Board. Regardless of your opinion of the just passed Health Care reform remember, it comes down to one thing really, Deadpan is the Mother Fucking Way.

Thanks to Amy Bowen for some Deadpan mmmmeetup files. Will edit and, hopefully, will be able to post soon.

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Outro music, Keeper, recorded at the Deadpan mmmmmmetup.

1,418 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #159: Deadpan Force

  1. Make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please
    I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees
    Come jump in, be my friend, let us do it again
    Hit the town, fool around, let’s go party

    Errr… wrong lyrics?

  2. There, hopefully that bit of sugar will make for a sweeter week of deadpan.

    Though, perhaps I’m showing my age, but I’m rather disappointed that googling for the lyrics required me to go to the second page of results before Sammy Davis Jr. came up.

  3. So listening to Ruby Fruit Radio and my fav line from a song today is:

    Oh I, I hate People, but I, I like you.

    CD: getting freaked out by bustops in the middle of nowhere.

  4. DP soon…… for now must prepare to run training session for people who could give a rats ass that Im running a training session. McJoy.

    SOOOOO glad the bar awaits me after work

  5. Loved the opening, and a sage closer. Good work, Jack. JRMurdock, well done as well. Well. Wellington. Oh, also really liked the song. Very touching.

  6. Sometimes, finding the source of Jack’s openings require a bit of hoop jumping but, I admit, that was one of the easier ones to identify.

  7. *opens vent* WHY THE HELL can PLC making company’s realize Windows XP won’t be supported forever Server 2008 and windows 7 are getting more popular and 32bit or single core processors are the way off the past!
    *closes vent*
    Hallelujah, Holy Shit! Where’s the Tylenol?

  8. That sounds like a good idea bunny. And why would they support vista and not server 2008 or maybe 7? A 12+ year old software package will work on 7 but not the one that came out 2 years ago WTF!

  9. Take your Ritalin, OK?
    OK, you’re in a forest.
    With Heather Locklear.
    With Heather?
    And you’re very warm. Very…

  10. I’m using XP at work. Next machine we’ll upgrade to 7 or whatever is out at that point.

    I think 32-bit is going to be around longer than we all think it is.

    Do you think single-core machines are truly going away, even with the pushing of “cloud” apps on to the general populous?

    It’s an interesting time to project the future.

  11. Figure out the link yourself (copy/paste is good)

    I hate to admit it, but I don’t listen to audio books. I don’t have enough time to listen to the podcasts I download, let alone adding books to that list. Besides, there’s still something about the feel and smell of old fashioned paper in your hands.

  12. JN, Now that even atom processors are duel core I think they might. I do think 32bit isn’t going away but 64bit is coming on strong. I understand many programs won’t be able to take advantage of both cores but being able to have one core to max out and not effect the rest of the system is very nice.

  13. good point bunny, if more programs could take advantage of more than one core more apps might really fly. We upgraded some engineering laptops from 32bit xp with 4gb of ram to 64bit 7 with 4gb of ram and the engineers are very very happy with the change. we might get 2 more years out of those laptops

  14. reaper: As for multi-core support, we are getting there. The problem is that, as a whole, programmers in the industry don’t know how to write thread-safe code. Work is being done to make that easier, but we’ve still got a long way to go.

  15. Ditto: I don’t know the first thing about coding and don’t ever plan to learn. but I think in many cases you don’t have to use more than one core. I’m not talking about bigger programs like an engineering package that surely would take big advantage of that. The big thing I wonder about is the difference between 32 and 64 bit. is the coding significantly different? the only thing i know about the practical difference is the ability to address more memory.

  16. I’ve heard that there may be a slight increase in security between a 32-bit and a 64-bit OS, but I don’t recall why.

    As far as multi-threading goes, how many apps do you have running right now? I’ve got a bunch. Even without a big honkin’ process running, you can see improved performance given the total workload. Also decreased heat production.

    To my knowledge, part of the issue is also the OS itself. They’re generally not that efficient in using the multiple cores yet.

  17. I can see the call now:
    Phone Tech: Have you tried truing off and on again.
    EssBee: I’m going to try jumping into this phone to strangle you.
    Phone Tech: Maybe I should let you talk to a supervisor…

  18. reaper: There can be a difference for even non-memory work. It entirely depends on what you are doing; e.g. number crunching vs reading a document.

    JN: For security, I think it has more to do with key generation support, but I’m not really sure. I have a ton of apps running. I tend to stress the systems I use even though I don’t game on my PC. And yes, my system is 64-bit Vista.

    I agree about OSes. But, I think both Vista and Window 7 have pretty good multicore support. And OSes are always getting better. Efficiently using multicore requires a lot of compiler support which is where many of the problems lie for the general application developer. A lot of work is still being done on dealing with memory caching issues.

  19. I look at the process list and the count is 95 (10 are chrome). I did notice a huge increase in speed with 64bit win7 over either XP or 32bit win7.

    JN, I also notice a single processor being full and the others not being used at all happens a bit less with the jump to 7 so i guess they are doing a little better than before but there is always room for improvement.

  20. crap it’s only 11 and I’m getting hungry. I don’t like taking lunch this early because the “afternoon” seams very long.

  21. Lejon: It’s my understanding that an OS forcing an application to multi-thread would be well-neigh impossible, at least without sacrificing any gain that multi-threading would produce.

  22. Van, I think you might if you upgrade to 4gb or more. My work PC is always using 55-65% of the physical memory and I have 4gb now.
    I haven’t ever tried more than 4GB on a desktop but my current home PC is the first that would support more than 4gb.

  23. πŸ™ Was going to watch another B movie today. Unfortunately it looks like there was a two week period where the DVR wasn’t recording properly. Had to dump a half dozen movies. No movies that appeal to be are on today to record. Hopefully there will be something again soon.

  24. JN: She was interesting, but I hate the fact that her minions have taken to calling her philosophy Objectivism. Plus, while enlightened self-interest looks good on paper, it only works when people *are* enlightened.

  25. ditto: Yeah, that’s pretty much my take re: enlightened folk. As far as “Objectivism”, that’s the term she used.

    But getting back to the enlightened, doesn’t her philosophy encourage people to better themselves? I’m sure 99% or more of the population isn’t exactly living up to their potential, myself included.

  26. I should’ve started that by saying I only know what I’ve just heard from two T.V. interviews posted on YouTube, so I know very little.

  27. JN: My confusion. I didn’t realize she came up with the term herself since I haven’t studied her philosophy in depth. I know it based on some reading I’ve done and through discussions with friends that are non-radical Objectivists. As for self-betterment, I think that was implied by the ethics she espoused.

  28. Why is there nothing to watch on TV during the day? I have 400 channels and, unless I like soap operas or talk shows, which I don’t, there’s nothing on.


    It’s a good thing I like to read too

    CR: Dracula The Undead – Dacre Syoker & Ian Holt

  29. That and getting caught out by Columbo with a potato stuck in a exhaust pipe.

    Playing Rommel in some TV series with David Soul.

    Starring in one of the first ‘interactive movie’ games (Voyeur).

    …and voicing the bad guy in Half Life 2.

  30. weird thing I really like about win7: I have the option to change the background at a set interval and since I have it set the change every hour so it changes on the hour.

  31. I didn’t realize that the new Luc Besson movie, “Les Aventures extraordinaires d’AdΓ¨le Blanc-Sec”, was based on a fairly old Belgian comic series.

  32. reaper: Nice! I’ve used that on just about every Linux distro I’ve run. I also run apps that do the same thing on this XP box, but I opt for 15 minutes, since I get easily . . . SQUIRREL!

  33. RE: Multi-Threading – I wasn’t thinking about single processor programs being forced to multi-thread, I was figuring that the OS should recognize single processor programs to be directed to a single core while other traffic (multi-threaded and otherwise) is directed through the remaining processing power.

  34. I must be one of the few people in the world that doesn’t like cake (other than carrot) I’ll take a rhubarb pie over cake any day.

  35. Jack and JR, you have succeeded in putting together an entertaining show in spite of having a shortage of material to work with. Thank you so much for stepping in to help out, JR. And yes, I’ve already voted in the poll. :happy:

  36. Pie beats cake easily for the only reason cake exists is to get frosting into your mouth. Now Pie with frosting… oh man… I’ll be in my bunk!

    Amy: Thank you, you are too kind πŸ™‚ I was just stepping in to help out. Hopefully all that was on Jack’s HD isn’t lost.

    Lo: Rum cake… hmmm I may be changing my mind.

  37. # Lo Pan Says:
    March 25th, 2010 at 2:21 pm e

    Black Forest Rum Cake… its like an orgasm in your mouth. Mess included

    ————– Lo Pan, it sounds like you’ve got a little Captain in you.

  38. Well, today was total shit work-wise. I think I’ll go talk Sly B into sushi tonight.

    And that in no way references back to my next-to-last comment.

  39. “You guys may as well be speaking Klingon. Actually, I’d understand Klingon more.”

    I love you, EssBee πŸ™‚

    Yes, I am working to get caught up….

  40. Enjoyed the rather spontaneous bit of Pan, Jack. I’ve also got a plan for the team of heros:

    Zed, Killers of Brutals (duh!)
    Zed, Wizard of the First Order (Sword of Truth series)
    Zed (Zed’s dead, Baby) (Pulp Fiction)

    And, for a little variety….

    Adrian Zmed
    General Zod

    This stuff practically writes itself.

  41. Really, it’s the same joke as “What did the Pink Panther say when he stepped on an anthill?” That one was popular around second grade…

  42. In fact, when I finally got the Durham, I realized my brain had been so clouded by “Dead ant dead ant, dead ant dead ant dead ant,” that I could not corrrectly process Durham into the similar punchline…

    Deadpan: Pulling apart childhood jokes since 2006…

  43. Well, MY lights are on, but the rest of the building is dark. And it’s dark outside.

    CP: LOST cacklecast

    CD: answering metric ass ton of email

  44. Evil is what “e”mail means! Us sys admin’s just told everyone it meant electronic so they would be so afraid.

    *giggle in corner*
    *now elaughing in corner*

  45. There’s a Durham in Connecticut. I don’t know how it’s pronounced elsewhere, but around here, it’s pronounced “DER-em”.

  46. I’d love to switch to metric, but I have such a hard time visualizing a meter versus a yard, and so on. I’ll work on it.

  47. Yknow I enjoy that cacklecast up until they start playing listener feedback. Kinda meh after that point. Fridays cast is always better anyway.

  48. Dunno about the Captian… but any girl I date, no matter her lineage, gets a little German in her.

    *rim shot*

    (The rim shot in no way references any of the previous aforementioned posts)

  49. I’m listening to Wednesday’s cast, and did have to stop at listener feedback. My tolerance for junk I don’t want to hear on pod is extremely low right now!

  50. Root for the ‘Yotes unless they play the Avs ;).

    Dunno, Colorado is 6 points away from being out of the playoff and 5 points out of 3rd place overall. Oh the wacky wacky west

  51. My boss messed up yesterday and sent me Wednesday’s reports again instead of today’s in advance. Then she took today off. As a result, I was done my work an hour ago (hence the cookie baking now). I love early release work days. :biggrin:

  52. TEB: I don’t know. There’s a lot of variety this year. Chicago and Montreal are both in the playoffs. It would be nice to see an Original Six team other than Detroit win for a change.

  53. Nice test, Nomad. Mine cuts off after 20. But thats like I have to close my eyes and think of nothing else while I listen for it.

  54. Yeah “Shoegaze” is suddenly the hip thing to be labeled. Dunno how that happened. Used to be uber specific label.. now its kinda just not. This is not what The Catherine Wheel intended!!!!!

  55. Lo, thanks for test-taking. I wasn’t sure if it was just a silly joke… you know, where they pretended to put sounds in after 17k.

    I wear 30db ear muffs at work (which is to say, I actually wear my hearing protection, unlike all of my co-workers) and I’ve noticed my focused hearing has improved since I began wearing them.

    If I’m not paying total attention I don’t hear a damn thing. Heh.

  56. reaper: I don’t like cake either, except for my sister’s Tres Leches cake… otherwise, I’m a pie guy all the way

    EssBee & Lo Pan: RE: Black and Tans – I’ve enjoyed my share, but at one point I discovered something at a bar called a Black satin (this name apparently varies on the pub) which is essentially a black and tan without the Bass Ale and using a split of Champagne instead… Very Tasty. There’s also the Black Velvet (again, name varies with pub) which is the Black and Tan with Cider instead of Bass ale. Or, you could go stricktly Irish on it, and have a Half and Half, which is Guinness and Harp.

    Oh, God, I miss drinking…

    TEB: I am impressed with your Royal Conversion powers. Now, how are you at making cheeseburgers?


  57. /realizes I’m a dumbass

    Crap, I never did give you feedback on Droid apps!


    Alright, some of my faves

    Aloqa – pretty good location based directory. Specially for finding places to eat when you don’t know where you are.

    Where – another location based directory. Overall, I like Aloqa better, but Where gives prices for gas stations in the area and I was able to get from the maps to Google Navigation. This one came in very handy when it came time to find the cheapest gas near the car rental center at the Phoenix airport.

    Handcent SMS – replacement to the built in messaging app. Will give an on screen popup when you get a message along with a reply box. Major cool – you can use the Android voice recognition to dictate a message to send instead of fumbling with the keyboard.

    Daily Strip – (stop it you pervs!) Quick access to a couple dozen comic strips that are accessible on the web. Much easier than trying to bookmark websites.

    Shazam – originally for Iphone. Google specifically got with the makers of this one to get it on Android. You can use the phone mike to listen to a song playing from just about any source. The program samples the music and will then report back on the song name and artist. It’s a bit hit and miss, but impressive when it works.

    Dock Simulator – you can use this to put your phone into either the “multimedia dock” mode or the “car dock” mode. The pricey docks that Motorola sells use magnets to trigger the Droid to switch. This program does the same thing with software instead.

    XE – Currency converter

    Speedtest – allows you to run a test of your bandwidth.

    That’s a good start for now. All of those apps are free. I’ve not yet found a paid app that I’ve been willing to shell out for yet. The one I really want and would pay for is Ewallet, which I used going back to my PocketPC days. They make an Iphone/Touch version that I have, but haven’t made an android one yet.

    Time for lunch…..

  58. Random responses:
    I knew a guy who’d made a homemade potato gun, back in the day. I get it.
    Catherine Wheel’s singer is Bruce Dickinson’s cousin, I think?
    The version I’d heard as a kid repeated “dead ant”, not “Durham”.
    A new Nevermore track! Iron Maiden is also coming to town in June! Maybe I’ll send my lawyer, since I probably won’t be able to afford tickets for myself (here’s hoping, Rhett).
    Mayor McCheese is probably the creepiest.
    Ed, you are truly an awesome human.
    Bunny, I’m biased toward the Coyotes, of course.
    Speaking of hockey, I’m formulating a new singing wager idea for the upcoming NHL playoffs. Are people game? It starts next month, will run into June.
    Are there any remaining Olympic anthems coming? (aside from mine)

  59. I’ll try the test a little later. I can easily hear that high-pitched ringtone that kids were using (still using?). Very annoying. So, I’m doing well for my age. But I have tinnitus as well. I’d trade.

  60. As I was saying, I will take the test later. I can easily hear the high-pitched ringtone that kids were using (still use?). It’s annoying. But, I also have tinnitus. I’d trade.

    Let’s see if this one makes it.

  61. Back from the grocery store. My cupboards are now full for another week.

    Scry: I have a bent canal in one of my ears. I consider myself lucky at 14

    Scry: My name has a front stressed vowel but I still think I’m damn sexy, which is opposite of that study πŸ˜‰

    Lejon: Make your own damn cheeseburger

    Jack: You should know I’m always up for wagering silliness

  62. I up for the NHL challenge, but if I go for the Coyotes, I’d probably be subjecting the Pan to a lot of singing and no one wants that. I was born in Detroit though, so I guess I can get behind the Wings.

  63. Lo Pan: Nice reference!

    Huh, I guess I’ve aged a lot, ear-ily speaking. I can hear 15 if I get near the speakers. Anything less I can easily hear a room away. Crap.

  64. Ok, most of the apps on my iPhone are games, but other than that:

    Shazam – Ed explained what it was..cool to show off.

    Skype – works well on the ohne apart from incoming texts disrupting conversations.

    Echofon – Twitter client

    Facebook – too obvious to explain.

    Firstclass – an app for accessing Open University’s student conferences.

    eReader – ebook reader from Fictionwise.

    Fstream – for listening to internet ‘radio’ stations.

    Metro UK – app for downloading and reading the electronic edition of a free paper.

    Layar – Augmented Reality browser uses the GPS and compass to show nearest pubs, cafes, etc on top of a live feed from the inbuilt camera.

    Pocketgamer – app for reading the pocketgamer web content.

    Ocarina – play a virtual Ocarina using the phones inbuilt mic.

    Stanza – another ereader.

    TrueHDR – combines two photo to increase dynamic range of a scene.

  65. So, while I did have an awesome night, my morning has been a bit less awesome.

    My parent/teacher conference (at 7:45am ugh!) went well..

    Then my 8:30 doctor appointment to have my knee re-checked ended with me getting an expected Synvisc shot in my knee. The doctor had trouble getting the needle into an area of my knee that didn’t have bone spurs and as such, I had a major panic attack after about the 7th stab.

    Once she was finally done with the injection I broke out in a major sweat and nauseated dizziness. It wasn’t a pretty sight at all (I’d assume since I couldn’t see a damn thing through it all)

    A nice visit with some smelling salts, a cup of water, and nurses rushing around me taking vitals (all while my son continued to play with his Leapster) eventually got me back to normal.

    I think I need a nap after all that.

  66. So I’m about to send out a group email to everyone who’d agreed to record something for the 60 Lines thing – basically confirming your interest in participating. I guess that makes this afternoon the deadline to sign up and be a part of it. . . .

    If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll assume you’ve changed your mind, which is also ok.

  67. Jack: Nope. You’ll love the dry wit in it.

    Sure, it has some of the basic formulas in it–son vs father, misfit outcast, etc–but it rises above them, imo. The animation, score, and characters were all great.

  68. Job interview today.

    Negatives: call center tech support, starting pay much lower than from last job, long commute

    Positives: Really awesome product, relaxed environment, speedy advancement with good performance, flexible hours

    I won’t talk specifics as to not jinx it.

  69. < RANT >

    I’m at work on freaking Saturday, and the least you’d think could happen is that there’d be no calls.

    Well, that noise is all in someone else’s house, ’cause ’round here, the band’s playin’ a different beat.


    < /RANT >

  70. Break a leg, Maki.

    Speaking of hockey, here’s the kernel of the idea:

    For the playoffs, we use Survey Monkey polls to associate a song (or a band? let’s say 1 song for now. . . ) with each of the 16 playoff teams. (Egs: Straight Outta Compton for the L.A. Kings or Lump for the Washington Capitals) Everyone gets to pick 1 or 2 teams. If/when your team is eliminated, you need to record yourself singing 30 to 60 seconds of the victorious team’s “anthem”.

    What do you think, sirs?

  71. jack: Late one, but wanted to mention I really like Rising Sun. I’ve got it on *gulp* VHS.

    WNDRWolf: Cool. I think I heard your bumper on their show once, or something like that. Anything in particular that we can look forward to?

    Lejon: Lady J is a reformed goth, as well.

    jack: I’m still “go” for the 60 line thing. Just haven’t checked my mail yet.

    EssBee / Lo Pan: I’m planning on revisiting Big Trouble in Little China over the weekend as well. Also on VHS. At least it’s not Betamax.

    JohnBoze: Good luck!

  72. Went to a meeting last night of a new Hackerspace opening up in western Mass. May be pretty shiny.

    On a less fun note, I seem to have done a lovely number on my back. Laying flat down on the floor is the only thing that isn’t painful, to varying degrees. Funny thing is, this is the first time I can recall of screwing up one side, not the whole lower back at once. It’s rough lifting my right leg. Ah, well. At least it’s a good time for this to happen. I should be fine-ish come Monday.

  73. Awesome! (not about Null’s back. That sucks). We have about 2 weeks to think about songs for playoff teams.

    With Null’s confirmation and Andrea’s last-minute Facebook note, we’re a go on the 60 (now 68) Lines thing! Emails with lines will go out this weekend.

  74. And on an odd front, there’s this couple we’ve been hanging out with roughly once a month. Nice couple, she’s a stay-at-home mom to a <1 yr old boy, he works with Lady J. He's owned a sidearm for quite some time, goes shooting pretty regularly, and so on. He's actually been working on going in to the National Guard, and doing rather well. Anyhow, I got a phone call today. He's been fired. For carrying at work. That's right. He's the sole provider in his household, with a child, and he knew he would get into hot water if someone found out. He knowingly took the risk and still carried his piece into a retail store, and carried it on his person, concealed, for his shift. Actually, every shift, except when it was being repaired. Words fail me.

  75. On a white-trash note (nearly as many notes as hells today), I still did some grocery shopping today. Returning to my car, there was a pretty old, white minivan parked one space away from my car. A family of four was disembarking (or “were disembarking” for Vanamonde πŸ™‚ ). The wife (assuming they’re married) carried the baby. The husband, clad in a Tapout shirt and jeans worn in the fashion of a teenager in a ghetto, walked alongside his other son, I’m guessing roughly eight years old.

    This son was saying something to the father that I couldn’t make out, but it had the cadence and tone of teasing.

    The father replied with affection, begun with a chuckle as though finishing a favorite family limerick, “How about I smash your fucking head into the side of that door?”.

    I was shocked, to say the least.

    In New England, we have a habit of droppin’ our gs.

  76. Vanamonde: Thanks for the suggestion. I’m stubborn, I really don’t take anything. I won’t even take Aspirin unless things get out of hand.

  77. JN: sorry about your back. Hope you can find relief soon!

    Bunny: Don’t get sick! *snuggles*

    Update on me: My knee issues should be ending soon. It seems the gel injected is working. I’m still sore from the actual injection, but the scary crackling noises have stopped. Woot!

    Took the kids to see How to Train Your Dragon and it was a huge success all around. I love love loved it! It’s captivating and the characters are immensely lovable!

    I will own… er, I mean the kids will.


  78. Oh, and lastly, since my back has now chosen that I have some time off from working around the house, working out, and so on, I can hopefully submit some new content. One idea I have requires multiple people saying “Deadpan”. Does anyone have an easily-accessible collection of various Deadpanians saying “Deadpan”? And perhaps Jack himself? Or Jack, can you send me you?

  79. I’m glad everyone is on the mend, sort of?

    Johnny, I’ll try to get you some “Deadpans”. Do I have your right email address? The hotmail account linked to your old moniker? If not, then email me with an updated one.


  80. I haven’t been to the beach in about 2 years (even though I’m less than 30 minutes from it) It was an AWESOME day. I got a nice burn one (missed a spot). Had a good time. Water was FREEZING!

    JN: Hope you’re feeling better.

    JN: I have a mic and I’ve been known to speak into it. πŸ™‚ Let me know what else you might need.

  81. JRMurdock: Nice. I’ve had some of my best beach-days when there was snow on the ground, or it was near-freezing.


    Will do!

    My e-mail is either johnny_null over the Yahoo way, or Jack has my old address.

  82. JN: I’ll gladly record myself saying “Deadpan” when I get my microphone back. It’s on loan to the World Languages department at the local high school for speaking-test purposes.

    TEB and ditto, this next one is for you. @earthhour posted the following to Twitter earlier tonight: “Canadians, we think you’ve sent us the greatest #earthhour photo so far: http://bit.ly/aXR1Ob take a bow!”

  83. TEB – One of the points the author, ah, points out is that the sample group on HotOrNot is primarily a bunch of dimwits (I’m more than paraphrasing), so the results may not be typical. And I think your name is really nifty, which is kind of fitting since you are. πŸ˜‰

  84. SPeaking of “Nevermore” type…uh…stuff. It seems tat Nightwish did a cover of W.A.S.P’s “Wild Child”. My god I must hear this

  85. Soooooo the Avalanche are second only to the Oilers in man games lost to injury this year aaaaaand its showin. I suppose theres a real shot they may miss the playoffs and therefore I should prolly start thinkin of another team to pick for the Deadpan Hockey Jam. Just in case.

  86. Morning Pan!

    Just a quick hop in.

    JB: I have all my digits crossed for you.

    Van: I hope she does jump. She’s my least liked character in Caprica

    I think the song for Pittsburgh should be The Kid is Hot Tonight by Loverboy

    Amy: Alberta is notorious for actually using more energy on Earthday than usual

    Hubby’s happy. He’s well enough now that he can go on his play date today. Lots of music will be made.

    Now to search for some Tylenol. While the stories talk lots about next week, they don’t often mention the crucifixion of the Bunny the week before because it was thought that the never ending pounding in her head was actually a sign of the devil.

    -Bunny out-

  87. We watched Brothers. Pretty much great acting overall, especially from the older of the children. Not really a movie that I would have chosen, but it also wasn’t as violent as the ads make it seem.

    Still violent, of course, just not a Woo or anything.

  88. A definite improvement in my back. I still may take a day off tomorrow. If I do, it’ll be the third day that I have taken off of work since I began working. Not too bad.

  89. Well, I just finished cleaning the house, and I’m drinking the last of the rum, in tribute to WNDRWolf’s very good recent episode.

  90. Ha! No longer have Audacity on my main computer (new computer coming next week so started to clean up). Realized I don’t have the MP3 converter for Audacity on my netbook. Downloading it now so may go a little slower on the music for the ages.

  91. Oops. That post was supposed to be a suggestion of a song for the Phoenix Coyotes. Although, actually, I would prefer either “Desert Rose” or “Arizona” in that spot.

  92. I did my part to raise the comment count – now do yours. We now only need 500 comments to deadline in order to triple last year.

  93. Silver Surfer

    When this game came out from Virgin for the console (I think NES or Sega I forget which) they had a contest where if you had a high score you sent in a photo of your score and went into a drawing. I received like 1000 photos of the same picture from this one kid.

  94. Good too see that CJ’s gaming experience is well rounded.

    It’s always a good time for a good game list.