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  1. Interesting article I read: the writer commented on why he felt Jar Jar Binks should not be held accountable for the crapfest that is Star Wars Ep.1.

    This newly revealed fact in which he bases his opinion is: The Matrix opened approximately six weeks prior to Star Wars I & the special effects of the Matrix just blew our minds and, therefore, the child-like simplicity of Phantom Menace was just, … Well, laughable.

    I, personally still blame Jar Jar.

    • The FX had nothing to do with the suckage that was Jar Jar.
      Thinking that it IS all about the special FX IS what makes Jar Jar and that film a suckfest.
      Lucas was a “technical Innovator” first and foremost. He was a filmmaker 2nd or maybe even 3rd.
      He cared far less about script, acting and actual film making then he did about the visual fx.

      The last few Star War products were just vehicles for his visuals.


      • I only partly agree with you. Lucas is also a Joseph Campbell zealot, which is why he tried to cram so many of the heroic myth elements into Ep I. Unfortunately, Lucas did this in a checklist manner instead of properly incorporating these elements into the story.

    • This assumes you think Ep 1 is a “crapfest” to begin with. I dont. In fact I took my son to see it yesterday for his first Star Wars on the big screen experience. He, of course, loved it. I hadnt seen it for a good 6 years so I had all that time to soak in all the fanboy hatred. What I found watching it again was that the bad parts werent as bad as I remember and the good parts (save for the end saber duel) werent as good as I remembered. It ended up being just a mediocre film. Not bad, not great…just there.

      The real tragedy ultimately of the prequels is in seeing how goddamn great The Clone Wars cartoon has become. This is in no small part do to the voice acting and character development they have given Anakin. Hes actually LIKABLE. He’s funny, an asshole, cares too much, gives into the moment too much… all the traits youd expect from a guy who will lose his way one day. He’s actually one on my favorite characters on the show which makes Hayden’s portrayal on the big screen that much more disappointing.

      *falls off soapbox*

  2. There were a lot elements in the prequels I did enjoy, but Lucas dropped the ball on dialog. At some point I will watch “The Phantom Edit.”

    • The funny thing is that when Ep II was released to IMAX, they had to trim the running length. This resulted in a much better movie since a lot of the stilted, unbelievable dialog was edited out.

      I agree that there are good elements in the prequels. Overall, however, they get washed out by the bad.

      Empire is still, by far, my favorite of all the movies.

  3. But! This is the sane guy who brought us great characterization in American Graffiti and the first trilogy. Somehow after making these great movies, he came to think it was the special FX that audiences loved.
    James Cameron seemed to think the same thing when making Avatar, as if we’d cared more about his impressive sinking model boat than we did about Jack and Rose.

  4. While browsing CNN I was made aware that Sport Illustrated had a twist on their swimsuit issue; women athletes with bikinis painted on. Looking through a couple shots I suspect that Photoshop might have been used in a couple cases.

    • You know what would have spiced up Grosse Point Blank? Joan Cusack. Wait scratch that, I meant Cradle Will Rock, er Say Anything. No,
      Broadcast News. That’s not it! Sixteen Candles!

  5. No one cares/

    “Total Devo” was Devo’s first album without the “classic” Devo lineup. Coming out in 1988 it was much maligned and panned by fans and critics alike. A damn shame… because it has a sound unlike any other of their albums. Its almost an Erasure meets Front 242 type sound – without Erasures crappy vocals and Front 242’s crappy, um, vocals. Its a pleasure. And Lo Pan approved.

    /no one cares

  6. Well, this is a rare one – two books for one credit sale today on Audible. Actually found two books I’m interested in from the selection as well. Usually something like this is a lot of book 3 or book 7 of some series kind of thing.

  7. Speaking of comics, I finally got around to reading DK2. While not as awful as I’d heard, it’s still a pretty weak sequel to The Dark Knight Returns — and loaded with cheap cheesecake drawings.
    ditto, do you recall your take? Anyone else read the Dark Knight Strikes Again?

    • It was pretty disappointing. While Miller has always been a bit of an asshat, his slide in recent years–both artistic and otherwise–has made me want to avoid his current work. I’ll remain a fan of his early stuff.

  8. So sad about Davy Jones– we watched the Monkees , while I was growing up. Lots of silly giggles as I recall. Massive heart attack, in his sleep is what I hear.

    Stay healthy, my friends! Stay active in life and in your own health!

    66 is way too young.

    • I saw him a few years ago and he was bouncing around the stage.

      Staying active doesn’t guarantee a long life, just increases your chances.

      • I’ll just tip my cap to what Davy accomplished in life. I never really was a fan of the music or show but I can respect what he created nonetheless.

  9. RE: Don’t tell you’re kids their smart,

    That article, in an expanded form, was essentially one of the chapters in a book I listened two a while back called “Nurtureshock”. That particular message about praising the kids for effort rather than just telling them they are smart is one that definitely stuck with me and one I’ve tried to apply with my kids.

  10. I noticed “River” in the last episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”. Do you think the crew of Firefly is slowly taking over ABC?

  11. I’m listening to a podcast and a man who calls himself Link has two sons: Lando and Shepherd….. I think I’ve heard a bigger nerd than me.

  12. Crap joke for evening:

    God visits a man and tells him he must give up smoking, drinking and sex if he wants to get into heaven… The man says he’ll try.. God visits the man a week later to see how he’s getting on.. “Not bad” says the man, “I’ve given up smoking and drinking but when the wife bent over the freezer I had to fuck her up the arse”..They dont like that in heaven replies God.. The man says “They’re not too fuckin happy about it in Walmarts either!”

  13. Alright, that Nathan Fillion bit posted above was too damn funny. I think seen most of those cartoon movies with my kids. And the hammer!

  14. I got notice today that my copy of Mass Effect 3 Special Edition has shipped. Even though it will show up on Tuesday, I probably won’t touch it until Wednesday. I find it’s easier to access the on-line stuff if I wait a day.

  15. I’m super excited about Mass Effect 3, but I won’t have the necessary free time to devote to it until around May. So I’ll wait for Ed to let me know when Amazon has it on sale.

  16. Hubby tried to play ME1 recently but it wouldn’t work properly on his newer computer, even with trying to run it in XP mode. I think he’s going to pull out an old laptop this weekend to see if it’ll work there. Otherwise he’ll either skip to ME2 or get the Xbox version

  17. I shall be picking up my copy of ME3 from Best Buy on Tuesday. They gave me a $15 credit back a Christmas for not being able to deliver something I order, so I used it there as I just don’t go to Best Buy for enough else to want to save it for something later.

    I’ll probably get deep into it the following week while the kids are out of town for Spring Break….after I get done with the projects my wife is lining up for me. Hmmm, I guess we’ll see just how much game time I manage.

  18. There are worse things she could have called you, I suppose.

    EssBee, there are a bunch of Deadpan friends in the DC area: Tee/Pip, Pail Fischer /Martha Holloway, Heather Welliver/Marc Bailey, to name a few.

    Plus- a bunch more on the east coast.

  19. Hey, Deadpan.

    Are any Deadpanites or non-commenting friends of the Deadpan planning on attending South by Southwest this year? I ask because I know a new attendee who’s never been there before, and she’s looking for friends there.

  20. Your crap joke for Saturday:

    I was watching an 18 film with my little boy earlier. He said, “dad I’m getting scared, is that lady going to die?” I said, “probably son judging by the size of that horse’s cock!”

  21. …and your bonus crap joke:

    Tried those new mystery flavour crisps, I swear they taste like my girlfriends crotch, I thought it was just my imagination but everybody in the pub agreed.

  22. It has been a most productive day. I must take advantage of this weekend to get things done before Mass Effect 3 consumes my soul.

  23. Today’s movie is called The Horde

    The DVR write up: Parisian policeman and his fello officers encounter an army of the living dead in a decaying housing project while seeking vengeance against a gang of cop-killing gangsters.

    If this movie is subtitled, it will make doing the PBP harder but still, I’ll give it a try

  24. Apparently the snow is really coming down in the north end of the city. So far, here in the south end, we barely got enough to stick to the ground

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