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  1. Someone asked after Doctor Who Christmas on the previous board. Chris Hardwick has been promoing his next episode of the Nerdist TV show on BBC America “following the Doctor Who Christmas episode.”

  2. My head is all confused and stuff. Casting about in the archives, I noticed first that Ep 69 was prior to end of RBT, then I also noticed end of RBT was after beginning of Buffy Between the Lines.

    Not how I had it framed up in noggin…

  3. Then I think the last major writing was released over 2 years ago. I am starting a podcast venture, and will let everyone know when we start releasing.

    The nice part is that I will have designated podcast production time set aside each week, so I will hopefully put voice to bits for other podcasts as well.

    Debating between the mafia runner tale or more work in the RBT universe…

  4. Should be an odd weekend, working every day (12 day week, technically). Got lots of serialized barcoded media to print, but completing it all will mean my audacious 7 day break straddling Chrismas can occur…

  5. Well Pan, I’m on the railway platform, waiting for a train that is 15 minutes late – not bad going considering the chaos caused by the weather.

    • I know how you feel. That’s why, with few exceptions, if I haven’t listened to a podcast within a week of it coming out, I delete it.

  6. Well, I think I vaguely remember watchin the Star Wars Holiday Special on-air, but I didn’t remember it. Now that I’ve seen it again, there’s a decent chance I had tuned out while it was on. I don’t know the precise airdate but I would have been no older than 7 at the time…

  7. So the superintendent of hubby’s school has the little bluegrass band he’s started. He has asked hubby to be part of it. They will be playing for some of the schools sometime in January. It was really surreal listening to hubby practice You Are My Sunshine on the mandolin last night. It’s not part of his usual repertoire.

  8. Another thing. Hubby also took my music stand with him for today’s practice with the superintendent band (aka The Foundations). I can see him taking his stand but mine. How am I going to practice today? I think the superintendent of seven schools should be able to get his own damn music stand and not borrow one from us :dizzy:

  9. On an up note, seem to be done work for the day. Yahoo! :biggrin: Now, even though it’s still dark outside, I’m going to open all the curtains in the house then watch last nights John Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

    When next you hear from me, I’ll be in my alter ego DJ Bunny.

  10. Know what I don’t like? When a movie or show will have an opening scene showing a character in peril or some action seven then they cut and go. (insert number) days earlier. Why not just start at that earlier point? Your going to go back there anyway.

    And don’t go explaining about “the hook”. I know why shows do it. I just find it annoying

  11. There, addedEssBee’s book recommendation to my iPad. If I ever finish this Neil Stephenson book, I now have three more books to get to after the half dozen or so I’ve already got cued up

  12. I love Airmiles. Most of my kitchen is furnished with Airmiles. Earlier my Boo asked for a GPS, I just ordered her one through Airmiles. It’s nice not actually spending the money. (note, I know I pay for it in the cost of items purchased to get Airmiles and it is an invisible cost/saving. I am an accountant by trade. I just like feeling like something was free)

  13. Why do I watch the noon news? It’s always frustrating… Except the weather forecast for the weekend. Above freezing for the next couple of days or so

  14. Yes, definitely a strong recommendation on the Acacia books. I still need to get to the third one here. I’ve had too many credits build up in my Audible account lately, so I’ve been hitting some shorter titles before I take on another doorstop size fantasy tome.

    • I understand what you’re saying Ed. While I’m quite enjoying the Neil Stephenson book, Reamde, it’s taking *forever* to get through his huge ass book

    • What’ve you been reading lately, Ed? Anything good to pass along?

      I just started Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow – I’ve seen the Julia Armand flick, but never read the book. It’s one of Sly B’s all time favorites, and I can already see why. I think it’d fit into the Nordic Noir genre along with The Millennium trilogy.

  15. “in January 1989, a mentally ill man named Kenneth Noid held up a Domino’s in Georgia, claiming that the chain was personally attacking him. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and Domino’s abandoned the creepy pizza-hating Noid shortly thereafter.”

    In case you were wondering.

    • Damn, talk about being anNOID by something.

      Talk about having no respect for your fellow humaNOIDs

      Talk about being paraNOID

      Uh..talk about… uh… no way of using eicosaNOID here…

  16. I am amazed at how completely Tiki Bar TV has disappeared.

    Not only did the episodes come to an inexplicable stop … but a year later the interwebs are still devoid of any new as to why. Usually someone talks to someone and something gets posted SOMEWHERE.

    Not in this case though. The web site and old episodes are still there and functional, there just aren’t any updates.


  17. Books

    Just finished “Solaris” a few days ago. Supposed to have been the authors approved and definitive translation into English.

    Interesting concept and very well read by Alessandro Juliani (Gaeta from Battlestar Galactica).

    Still, the story part wasn’t terribly engaging, the ending was mostly a non-ending, and large stretches of it were more of a textbook with the lead character giving us lots of history lessons about the planet and it’s effect on humanity for the previous several hundred years.

  18. Took advantage of a 3 books for 2 credits special on Audible. From the selection available, I went with

    On Basilisk Station – first Honor Harrington novel. I’m about five hours into this one so far.
    The Forever War
    Snow Crash – which I know Jack and others have spoken highly of.

    • All books I would like to read. I’ve started Snow Crash, but haven’t finished it. I started reading a friend’s copy at a retreat once, and stayed up until 2 AM because I couldn’t put it down. πŸ™‚

  19. CD – a 1 year 10 month old Barley Wine.

    It was supposed to be ready after one year of fermentation but it was just rather meh.
    Give it 10 more months and it is starting to come to it’s senses!

  20. I REALLY want to clean out my office but I’m just no good at parting with “stuff”. Especially stuff that still works but is of no use … like that Mac Performa or that Mac Power PC.
    *shakes his tiny fist* “Damn you Apple, for building computers that run far beyond their obsolescence!”

    Anybody want one? How about a SCSI flat top scanner?

    • From the, “It’s a Small World” dept.

      I lived pretty much on the line between “Lake Houses owned by New Yorkers” and “Friendly White Families”.
      Seems Jack and I were “up the road” neighbors.

      Goodmorning :Boonton:

  21. Ed, Snow Crash is also EssBee approved! I saw that sale on Audible, but my credits are really piling up, so I don’t need more for less at this moment. I think the next audiobooks I’ll get will be:

    – Stephanie Plum new one for my mom-in-law
    -I am Number Four and the Six one — we liked the story in the movie and thought the books might be fun

  22. Showing your age No.174:

    When buying my ticket at the cinema for ‘Another Earth’, I asked for ‘Another World’.

    You earn bonus points if understand the above.

    • I don’t watch older made Christmas shows on tv anymore. They were all made at a time when there were less than ten minutes of commercials per half hour. I find it very frustrating to see a show with scenes cut from them to make room for commercials.

      Actually, this even happens with relatively newer shows. Hubby and I were surfing the channels and Buffy’s Once More With Feeling was on. They cut an entire musical number to make room for the extra commercials

    • LOL. I can’t believe I clicked on that to watch but I did.

      I do believe men and women can be friends. I have male friends who are just friends. And no I don’t just mean the gay guys. I don’t think they want to sleep with me. I am friends with lesbians who don’t want to sleep with me either. And just because a guy friend WOULD sleep with me if he could doesn’t mean he can’t just be my friend. I have had guy friends whom I was the one who wanted to sleep with them not the other way around and I remained their friend.

      I think its not the best idea to only ask college students. At that age, the hormones are a little insane. I think a mature adult can have a friendship with someone of the opposite sex. College is a overly sexual environment.

      • Dre sez: Hugh do you think men and women can be just friends?

        Hugh sez: 2 people of the opposite sex (or same sex and same sex orientation) who are both single and available will eventually have sex. But if 1 of the people is married or attached it is possible to keep it non-sexual. Wanting to be friends with someone implies that you like them, the physical attraction if not there in the begin can grow from a good friendship.

        Dre Sez: you just proved the stupid video right

        Hugh sez: sorry πŸ™


  23. My mom came over for lunch … and brought me a batch of home made, peanut butter cookies … made from my grandmother’s recipe!

    Mmmmm. Sometimes life hands you those small wins. πŸ™‚

  24. I’d also like to comment that Jack is one of the few people to say my handle correctly. I don’t think it’s that difficult, but you wouldn’t believe the permutations I’ve heard…

  25. CP: Magnificat – John Rutter

    I’m at a Christmas concert this afternoon. My homework is done. I see that there is lots of holiday cheer all around Deadpanland, and that warms my heart even more. :happy:

  26. Been having fun in Az again, Cj let me into the Go Daddy holiday party last night and we had alot of fun.

    Got to meet Jack at EVFN on Friday, and him and his kids earlier today. Lotta fun was had, butterbeer was drunk, and got to meet his cute kids.

  27. It’s Monday … and I am still threatening to uograde my opperating system.

    Trying to decide between “Archive and Install”, “Erase and Install” and the “Upgrade Mac OS X” option.

  28. So my boss accidentally deleted an entire folder off the main hard drive. She’s very lucky I keep a back up copy on my harddrive. While I’m sure there’s a backup somewhere in the system finding out where would be more trouble than it’s worth.

  29. Thank you to Nomad Scry for my DPSS gift! It’s been sitting here on my desk all day begging me to play with it and I haven’t had time! So now I’m going to go home and indulge my inner geek child.

  30. Alright, DPSS gift is away in the mail today. So, if you hadn’t gotten yours yet and were starting to wonder, well, you’ll just have to wonder for a few more days πŸ™‚

  31. Greetings from the depths of the 12-day work stretch. Going to be skipping the Sigler appearance put on by Hennepin County library tonight, as it has been a crazy stretch of days…

  32. I think I might need another shower. We’re pulling out the tree this week so I thought I would give the upstairs a once over with the vacuum. I don’t usually do the vacuuming in the house and it’s a newer vacuum. I was figuring out how to empty the canister. It turns out, the bottom pops off when you push a certain button, dumping the contents all over… well, me. I think I’ll leave the vacuuming to hubby from now on.

  33. I don’t know what a “Tebow” is … I keep seeing people on Twitter talk about it…

    But I think the Energizer Bunny is really freakin’ awesome :wub:

  34. So my big brother was laid off today… Anyone in the area that knows of any places who may be looking for a manufacturing engineer/manager type, let me know. He’s got all the creds and experience… he just needs a job in which to use them…

  35. I thought I was all done my Christmas shopping. I really did. Then my grandmother calls me last night, she wants me to get some Old Spice so she can give it to her boyfriend. I really was hoping to avoid the mall for the next few weeks. Oh well *shrug*. That’s what makes me the good grandchild…wait, I’m the only grandchild.

  36. Old Spice reminds me of my beloved gramps.

    Today is the Evil, Inc. holiday party/luncheon. I’ve opted for the “strongly suggested” festive dress by wearing a nice red top with some Christmas cleavage showing.

  37. I went to three stores and none of them had Old Spice. One had Old Spice classic but not the Old Spice my grandmother wanted. I told her she’s now on her own for that one. I guess it’s coal in my stocking this year.

  38. If any of you remember this post:

    July 12, 2011 at 8:55 am Β· Reply
    I’m back at work. I like it here.

    So, in the realm of personal stuff…

    Luna moved into a nice new home yesterday. I think the owner I chose is a perfect match for her and I’ll get to keep up to date with pics and stuff.

    So I get this message yesterday around 4pm… It went something like this –

    “Hello, Cj. I found this black lab running around in the rain so I brought her inside to play with my chocolate lab. They are having a great time. When I called about her, your name is assigned to her chip with your phone number so give me a call if you’d like to come pick her up.”

    — yay for microchips.

    Apparently, even though she’s over a year old now, she’s still jumping, now 7-foot tall fences. She chewed through a leather collar to find her freedom and romp in the rain. I called the lady who adopted her from me and she was unsurprisingly worried and out looking for Luna when I called. She’s home safe again.

    Damn dog.

  39. I have received my gift from my Deadpan Secret Santa. Thank you! :happy:

    I’m sorry that I haven’t sent mine out yet. I will send it out as soon as I can. I’ve been stuck at home with a stomach bug all day today, though. πŸ™

    Good night, Pan.

  40. aaaaaaand I’m back.
    That is … $95 later and I am back.

    Rhetro’s re: to my earlier post made me laugh.
    It’s like Apple was trying to avoid some sort of Congressional “anti-competitive” action by having you intentionally break the OS by yourself.

    “Dear happy Mac user,
    Due to complaints from the PC industry regarding the stability of your OS … we need you to put this “upgrade” disk in your computer and click on the “upgrade” button. This should successfully KILL your computer, bringing us more in line with the PC world, and providing some income for the lonely MAC repair guys who are still lurking out there. Thanks!”

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