879 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #223: HFUS

  1. Sucking down some lemon ginger tea. One of the yucky things about being married to someone in the education field is he’s constantly being exposed to nasty little germs, then he comes home and pawns them off on me. Currently nursing a sore throat. With any luck, that’s all it will be.

  2. Jack, I’m biased on this episode, but thought it was fun. Kit Kat . . . well, I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t listened . . . LOL!

  3. From the latest Ansible:

    Question to Esquire sex columnist Stacey Grenrock Woods: ‘I’ve been watching a lot of Game of Thrones lately. Does it give a historically accurate depiction of sex acts?’ Answer: ‘The Game of Thrones franchise has its hooves firmly dug into the genre known as “fantasy”, which, according to my Norton Anthology, relies on supernatural phenomena as a primary element of plot, theme, or setting, and permits the creator to put in as many tits as he wants.’

  4. In the news today: a woman was alone at a bus stop after dark. A stranger approached her and asked if she wanted to go for a drink. She said yes and left with the COMPLETE STRANGER who then took her behind a dumpster and raped her. While I am in no way condoning what the man did, and fully agree he should be prosecuted, I still question the smarts of the woman who went off with someone she never met before, while alone, after dark, at a bus stop

  5. First I have to acknowledge this story as a tragedy, men like that are scum.

    Second I have to make an inappropriate joke: “They serve drinks behind dumpsters?”

  6. Blech.
    I do generally agree that she made a tragically stupid decision. It’s not like he invited her to a bar or public place for drinks, he invited her to go with him to his alcohol stash. Regardless of whether the guy looks like a millionaire or is dressed in a leather gimp suit, you don’t go anyplace alone with some stranger you just met.

    Lock him up for life – – or let Marcellus Wallace and his hard, pipe-wielding associates at him.

  7. Hey Pan. Busy day for the bunny today

    1) The day job. Still working on month end but, hopefully, won’t take me all day
    2) Clean the bathroom
    3) Bake cookies
    4) Go to store to buy buns and pop (having company over for dinner and gaming tonight. I’m making a beef dip but don’t have buns for it)
    5) Clear off the dining room table so we can eat and play

    I also want to do my regular walk somewhere in there but don’t know if I’ll have time.

  8. I have a feeling my day isn’t going to be as busy as I thought. Stupid work. I may even get to put in some Skyrim time tis afternoon, if things keep going they way they are at work

  9. The cookies are essentially done. I’m going to let them cool a little more then will put them in the cookie jar.

    Thanks to ditto for adding the colour commentary. It was fun :cheerful:

  10. “It ain’t that big. The whole United States ain’t that big. It ain’t that big. It ain’t big enough. There ain’t room enough for you an’ me, for your kind an’ my kind, for rich and poor together all in one country, for thieves and honest men. For hunger and fat.”
    – John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath, Chapter 12

  11. You guys crack me up!

    I have today off, but am currently experiencing the “joy” of steam cleaning our carpets in preparation for our annual Christmas party.

  12. This morning I finished watching the 6th of the animated Space Battleship Yamoto movies. That was a lot of fun. I haven’t seen the live-action version, but I have ordered it. πŸ™‚

  13. Bunny and J0e: Thanks for the smile. That brightened my day.

    I’m currently sitting next to my new desk in our new, bigger, nicer office, using my phone to surf the Web while I wait for my coworkers to get here with the moving truck. I like the excitement of moving and the feeling of getting a new start, but moving with a cold sucks. I want to contribute, though, so I’m not going anywhere.

    • Ummm. Does that apply to fantasy games? I’ve joined the rebels and kill rather indiscriminately… Oh wait, all video games are fantasy.

      Seriously, hubby plays Call of Duty and I’m pretty sure we both know the rules don’t apply to real life

  14. So it’s 2:30(ish) and my work system has just come back on line. The question is, do I work now, knowing I won’t have time to finish and will still have to work on Sunday, or do I just say screw it and not do any of it until Sunday period.

      • Actually, on that topic … I noticed that Alabama’s new law, intended to put the blame for all their economic woes on their undocumented labor work force has really been backfiring. Farmers couldn’t get crops picked this fall but the funniest thing is that in the last week or so … they have arrested and threatened to deport a German executive with the Mercedes Benz plant down there and Japanese executive from (I think) Toyota. Seems the law that forces police to stop and see the paperwork on anyone who doesn’t look like they’re from around there, is putting a real PR dent in their effort to attract international manufacturers.

  15. Ditto: That sucks, man. πŸ™

    The new office is all filled with furniture, computers, and other stuff all over the place. We have our work cut out for us getting it all organized, but I’m looking forward to it.

    Right now, I’m out waiting for a local band’s concert to begin. :happy:

  16. Yard work done at the old house. Now for the yard work at the new house. Amazing how out of hand things can get when I’m out of town for a couple of weekends.

  17. My flip phone that I’ve had about a year now is starting to break at the hinge.
    This is the phone that replaced the last two (different model) that broke at the hinge.

    do all flip phones break or am I just exceptional hard on them?

  18. It was snowing at 6pm when we went to the symphony. It was snowing at 11:30 when I went to bed. It’s still snowing now.

    I don’t know who here in Calgary ordered massive amounts of snow but I would like a word or two with them

  19. Am I wrong, or like.. um.. LostRalph just told me that he’s never seen Heathers…n0oooo wait.. it went like this.

    Me: Heathers is on Netflix?
    Him: “What’s Heathers?”

    I didn’t know if I should just shake my head or look at him incredulously.

    Am I wrong here? Like… should I sorta make him watch this with me?

  20. Okay people, it seems we may need to have an emergency palooza. A Heatherspalooza.
    I have’t seen the film in over a decade and so maybe it doesn’t stand up any more. I couldn’t say.
    I can recall that I was expecting a funny, highschool teen, romp and what I got instead left me a little weirded out.

  21. I’ve seen Heathers oodles of times. I believe I own it but on VHS only. I have a thing where I keep my VHS til I replace them with the DVD version and I have a few movies I’ve yet failed to replace.

    With the 2 jobs, the kids, the house upkeep, and other important stuffs going on, movie-watching is a little backseat, but I’m going to definitely watch this with Ralph somehow.

    He has something for me first though… and last time I checked, it was his turn to choose.
    I did make him “sit through” Beavis and Butthead after all. :tongue:

      • I’m willing to give it a chance. My main concern is that they are going to pull some of the punches despite trying to be “closer” to the book. I’ve heard the title of the original book translates to “Men Who Hate Women”.

        • Yeah, that’s the main theme of the trilogy for sure. So far we’re unhappy with how “unattractive” they’ve made Lisbeth. Attractiveness is a matter of taste, I know, but . . . in my opinion they’ve gotten her appearance wrong.

          The Swedish films were SO GOOD it’s hard to not fear Hollywood will muck it up.

          • I’ve only seen the first one.

            We’ll see how well Lisbeth cleans up at the end. πŸ™‚ Rooney Mara certainly isn’t ugly. πŸ™‚

  22. Ditto’s music notes…

    I’m really glad that The Joy Formidable is getting more success. I mentioned them in my interview with Jack. Unfortunately, it is time to find another band that isn’t getting overplayed on the radio.

    Anyone else disappointed with the latest Death Cab for Cutie album?

  23. Good luck, Reaper!

    On another note, mine was supposed to be final on the 1st, but due to paperwork issues, we have to start over.

    I’m looking at a minimum of 60-90 more days.


  24. Hey Deadpan

    got to sleep in this morning, which was nice.
    Worked on month end and found my boss didn’t enter some numbers she should have. It’s really weird when you’re giving your own boss heck. It just does’t feel right.

  25. We were snowed in on the weekend so we couldn’t go grocery shopping. I’m debating on whether or not to make hubby grumpy and going on my own today. I have to go out anyway in half an hour so I figured, since I’m out…

  26. Woke up this morning to snow, listened to Christmas music in the car on the way to work, in a really great mood. Then I get a phone call from doctor who says the pain I’ve been having in my hands is osteoarthritis. Glad it’s not something worse, but still a bummer on my otherwise cheerful mood.

  27. Morning, Pan.

    I now feel closer to all of you who live in snowy climates. I had to scrape frost off my car windows this morning for the first time ever. (Due to living circumstances, I park on the driveway, which is on the west side of the house, so it’s in the shade in the mornings.)

  28. um.

    and it’s snowing in the Phoenix/Scottsale area.

    Time to start looking for a home actually ON the equator. I will not stand for this. I will not will not will not!

  29. and more good news. the place i was breaking the lease on got rented so i get the rest of this month back and wont have to pay for the rest of the lease

  30. I’m like the Deadpan music outcast.

    I like Katy Perry and the Black Eyed Peas… and while I’m not a personal fan of Bieber, it’s no lie when I say I love the way my daughter’s eyes light up when she hears his music.


  31. Ichi is based on a popular series of movies about a blind samurai called Zatoichi. If you’ve ever seen Rutger Hauer’s movie Blind Fury, then you are familiar with an American remake of one of the series.

  32. And in Oklahoma today it was a bracing 43F or 6 degrees in a more rational temperature scale. Of course the wind sweeping across the plains made it feel like it was much colder…

    Fucking wind.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled play by play already in progress.

  33. ditto, if you’ve never seen the original Zatoichi movies, then you should definitely check them out. There are literally dozens of them, and most are pretty damn good. Suspension of disbelief is impossible, of course (Blind swordsman slaughters everyone in a 20 vs. 1 fight), but that adds to the charm.

  34. Overall, it is a pretty enjoyable film. I think it pays tribute to the genre pretty well, while trying to do something a bit different. There wasn’t as much sword fighting as I would like. I’d recommend it.

      • I have only 3 of their songs. The other two are: Joe Strummer, which is hilarious:

        She had all the tattoos and the piercings
        Hates everything, says everybody’s wrong
        She dressed like she slept with Guns ‘N Roses
        But I busted her singin’ all the boyband songs

        She had to go
        Simply because
        And I let her go
        Like she never was
        ‘Cuz I didn’t know
        And I don’t care what she does
        She had to go ‘cuz she didn’t know who
        Joe Strummer was

        and Home, which they wrote after Hurricane Katrina. I have a soft spot for em because I saw them at Jazz Fest right after Katrina and they were so emotionally attached to NOLA. I’m not sure if I like their music or not . . .

      • My favorite is “Everybody Loves Jill” which I first heard in a concert somewhere back in the late 90’s. Frankly, their recording of it wasn’t as fun as the live one.

  35. Once again mom has done her best to baffle me. She sent a fairly large sum of money and said “give the kids a good Christmas.”. I had to email her and ask what the heck that means. Is shw worried the girls wont get a good christmas from us? Usually she sends a tiny amount of money to be divided among the four of us. I just don’t understand.

    Btw, I did say thank you. Yes mom is strang but at least she taught me manners

  36. Today’s movie is Walking The Dead

    The DVR writeup: a reporter travels to a small village in southern china and he soon realizes that its residents are corpses being controlled by a mysterious force

    “mysterious force”

  37. Commercial break – The angry customers are out in force today… Angry customers are angry.

    maybe I should try tossing them at some green pigs and see if I win?


    and now, back to Bunny…