Unshow 66: Mario

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Lemieux Show Notes.

Thought 1: Wow, I sound like 3 of the Dwarfs in this episode, and not Doc, Bashful, Sneezy, or the other one.
Thought 2: “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” is technically a novelette, but I won’t argue if you call it a short story. I was close enough with the Buckaroo Banzai title.
Thought 3: Mario Lemieux, who at the height of his skills was a better player even than Wayne Gretzky, wore the number 66 during his playing days with the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Thought 4: …

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  1. …and can we stop the DADOES novelette Tag, the year it was released it was a novel. Just because we like to destroy whole forests for the latest fantasy epic doesn’t distract from that simple fact.

  2. A quote of the day, from the guy who edited DADOES:

    . Cutting Wilbur Mercer out of the movie was like cutting the whale out of Moby Dick.

  3. Also, because my hubby is not watching his shows, my DVR is already 90% full and I only have 2 movies of mine on it. I told hubby he has to do a marathon this long weekend. Meanwhile I’m watching one of my two movies.

    About to watch: Sisters.

    No play by play, though. I think two in a week is plenty

  4. You know what cleches I’m tired of in these kinds of movies? The one where the main character has had a psychological issues in the past so no one believes them when they say they saw/heard/know something

    This idea is really getting old

  5. Hello, Deadpan! It’s time for an important Deadpan announcement!

    The Annual Deadpan Secret Santa Gift Exchange is almost here! Signups are now officially OPEN!

    Once again, I will be coordinating the annual Secret Santa exchange. Whether you’re new to the Deadpan, you’ve been here since the beginning, or somewhere in between, YOU are invited to join the fun!

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    5) You will receive a gift from another participant.
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    I’ll have an audio announcement recorded in time for the next regular episode.

    • Hey, it’s a movie where x is a highly trained assassin/agent/soldier who is betrayed by their organization and now has to fight back for survival/revenge/clearing their name/all of the above. Can’t say as I’ve ever heard of that plot before. What an original concept. It reminds me of the time I went through the movie descriptions for everything that would be on basic cable one week in the 90’s and found who knows how many movies that had the description “cop x has wife/daughter/partner killed and now seeks revenge”.

      I’m sure Haywire will be a fun popcorn ass-kicking flick, and I know that there is really nothing new under the sun. But hasn’t this plot been done to death lately?

      • So? Does it honestly matter?

        Every trope has been beaten to death. If they aren’t going to do something original, then at least they better make it entertaining.

        • Some tropes are more tired than others. (This sports team is comically terrible! Will they have a bunch of funny mishaps before they win the big game before the end?)
          The more cliched your premise, the more fun/visually arresting the experience had better be. I’m looking at you, Avatar.

        • It matters because it is and always seems to have been the underlying aspect of making movies. The people who decide what movies get made are interested in how much money they will make from the venture. Thus, what was successful before is what will make money again. This is why we have been entirely flooded with remakes, re-imaginings, etc. Yes, every plot can potentially be linked backed to something else. Family Guy is just a ripoff of The Simpsons, which is just a ripoff of The Flintstones, which is just a ripoff of The Honeymooners, which is just a ripoff of The Bickersons. But in each case, something new and interesting was done with it. At it’s heart, what I consider really original movies like Memento are still just the same old plot (husband tries to track down wife’s killer). But it is done in such a novel way that I have a reason to want to watch it. What interesting novel new aspect have they put on Haywire? What incentive have they provided me? None that I can see from the trailer. They have gone out of their way to make it look exactly like every other movie of that trope so that the maximum amount of people that have already proven they like this kind of movie will also want to go see this movie. It’s important because I’m sick to death of having one out of a hundred movies be something that isn’t a remake, fourth movie in a series, your favorite show from the 70s or 80s put to the big screen, comic book character x, or a cookie cutter action flick with the same damn plot I just saw three times last year. And I say this knowing full well that I like movies with comic book character x and I just went to see (and enjoyed) Puss in Boots (theoretically Shrek 5). I am just saddened that there are really fantastic movie ideas out there that we could be having but will never be made because it’s more of a financial risk than something that’s already proven.

  6. Thanks for the welcome Jack. It’s great to be back in Az.

    If you want you can send an email to me with what’s wrong on your laptop. I’m no geek squad, but I might be able to help.

  7. Alright, this is a repeat from Facebook, but I think it bears repeating:

    It’s still a week and a half until Thanksgiving. I really don’t need Christmas music and cashiers in Santa hats to assault me at the grocery store.


  8. Speaking of which, we watched the Green Lantern movie last night. After all the bad press and dissing on Slice, I had low expectations. However, while not a great movie, it was still pretty good.

  9. We watched two not great flicks this weekend. The first was the one Bunny play-by-played recently about the boarding school for donors – boo. The other was The American with G. Clooney.

    I grabbed the IOS update and now my iPhone battery is hosed. Isn’t that backwards?

  10. Good morning :163:

    Two years in a row now of missing PodcampAZ. I was thinking about how much has changed, recently, and over the past 5 yrs or so. . . . Was thinking it might make for interesting audio – – after the Palooza. I’d love to get short to long segments from people talking about all of the ways they and their lives have changed in the last 5 years. A then and now comparison.
    What do you think, sirs?

  11. Dear Tornado,

    Please have mercy.

    -Lo Pan

    Dear Calgary Puck Bunny,

    Please tell your real life hockey team to lay off my real life hockey team.

    -Lo Pan

  12. Snow is bad. The roads are warm enough that it’s melting just a bit. By sundown there will be a nice layer of ice under the snow on the roads. That means, when hubby does finally come home, it will be treacherous going. Translation, this Bunny will be worried and won’t go to sleep until she’s sure hubby is home safely.

    • I have a first-gen iPod nano! It was a hand-me-down from my sister when she went to a newer model. I loved that thing; listened to lots and lots of podcasts on it, including Deadpan, from 2007 up until just a few months ago.

      Nonetheless, I would absolutely LOVE to have a newer iPod!!! As much as I love my new Android, there are a couple of iOS-exclusive apps that I’ve been really sad to be missing out on. I’d check that website to see if my iPod is eligible if I had it with me, but I don’t; it’s at home on my dresser. I’ll do it when I get home tonight. Thank you so much for posting this, Reaper! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • “Thank you.

        Your request has been submitted.

        Apple will send you a box with shipping instructions to mail your iPod nano to us. Apple will then send you a replacement iPod.”

        WAHOO!!! Thank you again, Reaper! I am SOOOO excited!!!! :biggrin:

  13. Thanks, guys. Gertrude lives to fight another day, thankfully. She has a bad infection/fever, but I have the meds to make her better. Whew.

  14. LostRalph left his iPod at my house. I don’t think it was intentional…

    I think he left a few other things on purpose… a shirt, some wine thing-a-mabobbers, a toothbrush…

    no, I’m not having another garage sale, don’t get excited.

  15. In a strange turn of events… I mean REALLY strange.. the only website that will currently open on my computer is this one.

    All of the web is down except for Deadpan?

  16. Cough up with Terra Nova last night and the last two episodes I think brought it back a bit because it added some on going story. There is finely a hook. I want to see what is going to happen in the next few shows.

  17. Bunny: Good luck with the appraisal. :-/ I’d raise some hell, if someone else’s screw-up causes you to lose money.

    reaper: I rarely give a show more than a few episodes to win me over. I can be the same way with books. If it doesn’t feel right within the first few chapters, I’m out.

    Ess: What is it with guys named Miller?

    Van: We’ve been through this desert with these tumbleweeds before.

    • (The rest will complain about how thereโ€™s not enough metalโ€”though for these people, thereโ€™s no such thing as โ€œenough metal.โ€) Amen to that!

  18. Today’s movie ts The Beacon

    The DVR writeup: grieving parents Paul and Bryn Shaw are haunted by the ghost of a young boy after moving into an old apartment building in order to recover from the disappearance of their son

  19. The movie is over.

    My thought: this was a very mediocre movie. However it all became worth it to see the rise of the suicides. Really, that silliness at the end, made a meh movie fun. I don’t think it was intentional but still…

  20. Two “interesting” items:

    1) I re-upped my Evil, Inc. benefits today. I can now cover my same-sex domestic partner on my medical and dental.

    2) I just started Season 4 of BSG on the elliptical this morning. Razor was great, and not just for the lesbian storyline. It’s weird to be watching that and the current season of Dexter, where EJO is much older and heavier and freakier, at the same time.

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