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  1. Oh, also, sick cat update: she’s still very sick, but improving. She will walk on her own to get water, but isn’t eating yet. She purred some last night and this morning, which was a relief. Mostly she just curls up and snoozes. Poor Gertrude! I am giving her pills – not fun, but if it works, it’s worth it!

  2. I will buy a backup HD (note: I was gonna say “when the money-bleeding stops”, but that would be a ridiculous statement) sometime next year.

    I would really hate to be wrong about this, but I fully expect that this latest computer death was only the motherfuckerboard.

  3. Ok peeps, Jack asked for the comments to be padded. To that end, I give you the ABC’s of accounting. Boring I know but what are you going to do.

    Two things to keep in mind. Obviously I’m going to use Canadian accounting rule so if it differs that’s your issue not mine

    Two: this is only terms I remember, not necessarily all terms

    And three (yah I know) I may have to quit part way as my Boo is coming over to watch a movie. If I do stop, I’ll contine tomorrow

  4. Video games = a luxury for which I do not have the time..


    I just volunteered to help out at Phx Comicon 2012…

    And… accepted a part-time job in addition to my day job (#SoMyKidsCanHaveChristmas)

    As if I was already not here enough.

  5. It’s odd to have people in my life who are SO self-focused. I have a friend who I talk to every day who might ask me how I’m doing 1 out of every 10-12 days. So odd . . .

  6. I’m not an accountant either, but I am a biller. I make sure that all my company’s customers receive bills for everything we do for them. Sometimes it’s stressful. It’s nice to have the Deadpan, where I can relax and laugh at the jokes. 🙂

  7. From a Slate review of the new Twilight flick:

    ““How badly are you hurt?” murmurs studly but ethereal vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) to his human bride, née Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), on the morning after their wedding night. No no no no — it’s not what you’re thinking. Edward’s superhuman and indeed inhuman strength has left Bella’s arms and torso covered with bruises (and, infamously, has shattered the headboard above their bed). Devotee of the union of Eros and Thanatos that she is, Bella digs it, and wants more. ”


  8. In other news… my lower lip is swollen on my right side. There’s nothing there… just swelling.

    Kinda wondering if Lejon’s cat sneaked into my room and whapped me in the mouth last night.

  9. I have probably said this in some way before.

    When we make the television series of the Deadpan, we need to get Adam Scott in the role of Jack.

  10. Financial considerations are such that I am killing my cellphone.

    Correspondingly, I may find myself in a surge of creativity being stuck on overnights without ready internet access…

  11. Killing the DirecTV very soon. Will do fine with AppleTV and Netflix discs/stream. I honestly have very little time to watch anything I want anyhow.

  12. My viewing has been “nothing but ‘net” for years now, JB, and I’ve almost never missed it.
    The young viewers have also never been lacking for stuff when they want to watch.
    So, you should – – OMFG, a meat shark??

  13. Minus effing twenty right now.

    I was going to take my grandmother shopping today but I think I’ll postpone it for a week. It’s too bloody cold to do anything except curl under a blanket

  14. Ugh. Hubby said he “needs” a new amp so is heading out once the stores open. So the question is, do I be the good wife and go with him, or do I stay warm cuddled up in my snuggie?

    • This is where I chime in and add how absolutely INSANE it is that we have been so focused on “Deficit Cutting” while our economy is in a shambles. We took a disaster and figured out how to turn it into a catastrophe.
      Think about it … do you really worry about cost cutting when your on a sinking ship? Really?

      In the midst of an historic recession that produces a major spike in unemployment, how do you really justify laying off ANOTHER 1.3 million state and federal employees as some way to fix the economy?

      There is no justification. Choosing this time to address the completely separate issue of national debt is 100% pure politics.

      All this “Super committee” crap is just that. Not ONE thing they are fighting about doing creates ANY jobs. In fact, some of the things they are considering (including doing nothing) will actually create MORE unemployment. Which reduces revenue … which increases the deficit!

      It’s all smoke and mirrors to distract from the real problem of creating jobs/fixing the economy and it is working like a charm.

  15. Looks like it was fairly quiet around the Pan this weekend.

    Just got back from a State Parks sponsored “Family Camping Weekend”. The kids (and the wife and I) had a great time. Definitely think we’ll be doing more.

    I made the kids and I “unplug” while we were at camp, which included no Nintendo DS for the kids while we were at camp. After I managed going through the shakes and crying in the corner in a fetal position for a while, I cleaned up and did OK 🙂

  16. Slaughterhouse 5 would make great Palooza fare.

    Van, I think the poetry world is pretty deadset against rhyming verse. Those are generally considered song lyrics nowadays.

    Ed, that sounds like a great weekend!

  17. Jack: I haven’t read Slaughterhouse 5 yet, but I would like to, and I agree with you.

    Van: I know nothing about the poetry world nowadays, but I can appreciate a good poem whether it rhymes or not.

    Ed: I saw the pictures. Looks like you had a great weekend!

  18. So today’s spam mail said “rock her hard on your fist date” Two things wrong with this.

    first – Being a hetrosexual female, I don’t want to “rock HER hard”
    Second – from the female point of veiw, I won’t “rock” at all on the first date. What kind of people is this aimed at?


  19. He’s been missed,

    demoncat_4 3 days ago:
    if nothing else given the penn state scandal the film makers may wind up having to save the infamous shower scene as an extra for the dvd. and thankfuly even hollywood has enough taste to not even hire Jerry. espicially with No doubt Orson being involved with the film.

  20. I’ve played ditto and Bunny in the past 2 matchups with absolutely no trash talk. I’m pretty sure I have no chance against the Mighty Jack Burtons, in this go-round. Here’s hoping Lo Pan’s lineup all get sent back to the minors.

  21. Some people, specifically non-deadpan people, are quite insistent that the world revolves around them and by gosh, are they wrong! And they are stupid and crabby and should probably eat a big cup of shut the :ftb: up before I bitch slap them into an episode of Bosom Buddies.

  22. Bring back
    Bring back
    Oh bring back Chris Neil to me to me

    Bring back
    Bring back
    Oh bring back Chris Neil to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. When I was a kid, Thanksgiving used to be about hanging out with all of my psycho relatives on my mom’s side of the family. After I got married it was about hanging out with all the psychos on my wife’s side of the family. Nowadays, Turkey Day is celebrated with just my wife and kids. 🙂

    Teresa is going to try out a new turkey receipe that involves brining the turkey in a salt/honey/water mixture. I’m going to bake pies.

  24. A long drive through rain and holiday traffic has sees me visiting with relatives. Thursday I will drive another 6 hours (?) to the St. Louis area for more of the visiting.

    I’m tired but well fed.

  25. I made a green bean casserole and a butternut squash casserole tonight. I’m going to take those, a package of King’s Hawaiian Roles, and a package of croissants to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. It looks like it’s going to be just my parents, me, my sister, and her boyfriend.

    I worked hard tonight, and I am tired. Good night, squash.

  26. Safe turkey travels fellow Americans and Canadians living in the USA. 😉

    I made some chocolate chip pumpkin bread last weekend as a precurser to Thanksgiving.

  27. Grandma is in town. Alert – – Grandma is in town.

    Safe travels and happy gluttony, Americans. I’m always here, so don’t be shy on the DP conversation, even during the holidays.

    I’ll be back with a fun link, before the morning is out.

  28. Van, I discovered the Defender game for my phone. Have you mentioned that one before? Holy crap, is it addictive.

    I do wish they hadn’t stolen the name from a classic game/classic Manowar song, though.

  29. Speaking of Manowar…. could someone (maybe Jack of Rhett) tell me if The Agonist is worth listening to? Every time I try and watch one of their videos my pant get tight and I just pass out.

  30. I’m currently reading the tome Read Me by Neal Stephenson who needs a 1,000 + page book? Wouldn’t it be better to make two 500 page books like Connie Willis did with Blackout/all Clear? Or better yet, a trilogy of three to four hundred pages. I hear trilogies are all the rage with the kids right now.

  31. Currently visiting some “pensioner” relatives.
    Even with a turtle neck sweater, sweatshirt and jacket … I had to finally go to my room and hide under all the blankets to try and stay warm. They apparently have only so much in their budget for “heat”.
    A bit of a perspective adjuster.

    Also, I am wondering if all couples reach an age where they begin fighting over completely unimportant details to unimportant stories they attempt to tell in each other’s presence.

    Him – “Oh, we know some people who have a car like that, Bob and Sue Johnson”
    Her – “No it was Jim and Sally White who had that car. Bob and Sue have that truck.”
    Him – “No, Jim’s wife is actually Anne and they had the car because their aunt was in that wreck”.
    and on and on and on … and no one else in the room knows ANY of these people so it doesn’t matter WHAT the characters names are or really even what they drive!

    I’ve actually seen this from my parents and I was thinking it was just them but now I am wondering if it is the fate awaiting ALL couples who reach “a certain age” together.

    I now think I know exactly what Roger Daltrey was singing about.

  32. Once more with details…

    Saw the new Muppet Movie tonight and it was great. 😀 Has alot of the feel of the early muppet movies. And loads of cameos, because it’s a muppet movie. Plus pop culture references and call backs to the earlier movies.

  33. Jack MAAAAngan…. youve really got your team tooogetha….

    BTW: finished EP 218. Wow! I love me some good music talk. Tho I realize there’s about 100000 bands you didnt have time to speak of, your omission of Motörhead confounded me. Pioneers, a famous front man (ala Black Sabbath), seminal albums leading to shit before a reawakening. 1916 by itself deserves a show (for terrific and for terrible). But that’s another conversation for another time.

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