461 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #222: Bodies in the Water

  1. Morning Pan

    Busy morning. Breakfast with my Boo and taking her car in to get snow tires put on. Actual work (believe it or not, I do have a day job.) All this means the show notes may be a little late today.

          • We did try to watch the first Twilight movie. We thought the actress who plays Belle was too good for the flick, but she’s kind of embraced it now! Awful.

          • I rarely do this, but I’ve refused to see the sparkly vampire movies or read the books. I could tell they weren’t for me.

          • I’ve seen all the Twilight movies, not because I wanted to but because I’m married to and educator who works with middle school grades, the perfect age for those movies. Hubby watched them so he could be up with what his kids were doing. I watch because I’m a good wife and wouldn’t make him go through it alone.

  2. Hey Jack, I’m not going to do show notes. After listening, it wasn’t the kind of thing requiring show notes.

    Great story. I enjoyed it.

  3. However, since he didn’t do them in the cast, I’m adding random comments from last week. The first of the half dozen I’ll do is:

    DJ Bunny
    That’s beautiful, van.
    Sorry about your foot though *hugs*

  4. justa J0e
    That would be the “1988 Boingo Alive” version.
    … we’re from the Halloween sir, we’re here to help.

  5. And a few of my own:

    November 3, 2011 at 6:29 am · Reply
    There is also a Vestal Ave. in Vestal, NY… which is where I went to graduate school. You would think I might have gone to Vestal College, but then you would be wrong. For some odd reason, Binghamton University (the college formerly knows as the State University of New York, center at Binghamton) is not located (and never was located) in Binghamton.

    Sorry. In a rambling mood this morning.

    The Energizer Bunny
    October 31, 2011 at 8:21 am · Reply
    Halloween Grinch 😀

    October 29, 2011 at 6:18 am · Reply
    The infobox on Gold Motel’s wiki page lists for genres: “It was a note-perfect version of how I would want the hosts to respond if I were the mysterious “Hector.” (Note: I’m not)”

    October 27, 2011 at 2:41 pm · Reply


    • They were talking about this in TNT podcast. While it’s one of the few things Anonymous has gone after that I agree with, I also think it’s very dangerous water they are treading in. It’s one thing going after an authority that has certain rules they have to play by (ie. government agencies, whether cops. FBI or whatever) but going after something that has no rule could be more than dangerous.

      • The other danger here is that they will “out” someone without truly understanding that person’s level of involvement with the cartel.
        Apparently, those that get outed will become immediate targets of rival cartels.
        So by “outing” these people some random hacker becomes (in effect) the judge, jury and executioner.

        So let’s just hope everyone who gets outed is really a “baddy” and not just some drug lord’s pizza delivery guy who happened to make his Christmas card list.

        • Overall, it’s a brave move, and (like OWS) more effective than doing nothing, but yes, it still puts plenty of good and/or innocent people at risk.
          I’m sure any deep cover Law Enforcement officers are quaking in the cocaine-lined soles of their shoes right now.

    • There is only something new about Gmail if you pay attention to the “switch to the new look” icon on the bottom right of your screen (at least in my case). I wasn’t forced into the new look. Of course, like a child at a car wreck, I have just now clicked the button to see just how bad the new look is. I’ll let everyone know what my impressions are.

  6. I’m not sure if I lost weight from all the parts shot off my body, or if all the lead that I absorbed left me with a positive weight gain.

    Well, I at least can’t blame my “skillz” on an inadequate rig.

  7. Morning Pan!

    Another day, another car goes in to get ready for winter. How did I get stuck taking care of all the vehicles in this family?

  8. So this week is the first week hubby was actually home every evening. Given the chilly weather, it was nice having someone to cuddle every night 😉

  9. It’s getting colder as the day goes on (currently -8C or 17.6F). I thought it was suppose to be warmer in the day and cooler in the night. Who do I talk to to tell them their day/night cycle is broken?

  10. There, like a good little girl I did my regular monthly computer checkup. I backed up the hard drive, did a “system clean up”, did a deep scan for viruses (I usually do a quick scan once a week and a deep scan monthly). I checked but the drive didn’t need defragmenting this month. Now I’m ready to add more stuff. Bring on Skyrim!

  11. Crap, I forgot to check bodies.com last night.

    Completely unrelated: I agree with most of what Scott Thompson says. The anti-bullying campaigns should all continue, but kids also need to learn to stick up for themselves.

    • I agree, and sticking up for yourself will take care of some bullies; others, well, it can further complicate things.

      Like he said, it doesn’t always get better. Sticking up for yourself helps, but doesn’t solve everything either.

    • I agree, that they should stick up for themselves, but the onus is on society at large to be more civil. Really the concept of being civil isn’t nearly championed enough.

  12. On another Eco/Political note:

    Employment numbers came out this morning and one of the figures of note is that State and Federal government employees were the leading group to be layed-off.

    It should be recognized that the current US unemployment rate would be under 8% if not for the ill-timed, anti-recovery efforts of the far right to push for Government cutbacks during a recession that produced historic, “private sector” job loss.

    Layoff of State and Federal government employees accounts for nearly 1.2% of unemployment over the past 3 years.

    Because nothing starts economic recovery, like adding over a million unemployed public sector workers to lines of people already scrambling for a decreasing number of private sector jobs.

  13. I’ve been thinking about this “stick up for yourself” concept. I may just be projecting, and freely admit that I didn’t have the easiest tween/teen life nor the hardest. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell had an entire generation of gay people forced BY LAW to lie about who they are. And at least when I was a kid/teen/young adult, I devoured anything having to do with GLB (no T back then) politics and life. That HAS to have an impact not only on our military personnel, but on kids who see the policy in action.

    It’s gross, and it’s almost more than I can conquer some days. I think instilling our kids – any kids we have a stake in – with the ability to stick up for themselves is critical. I wasn’t instilled with that concept of being “okay” when I was a kid and like Scott Thompson, think that the shit I survived scarred me. It just shouldn’t be that way.

  14. Calgarians are stupid. Every year, without fail, it snows. You’d think, from year to year, people would remember the previouse year and drive accordingly but no, come the first real snowfall of the year, people drive like they’ve never seen snow before. The news just covered a nine car pile up. This type of stuff will happen for a week or so before people will wake up and realize the road is slippery… Just like it was this time last year. Sheesh!

    • Can’t say I’m a fan of femine underarm hair either. But there are those dudes with back hair sticking out their shirt collars, they could meet with some trimmers as well. LOL It was kind of stranged for the Topless Robot dude to devote half his article on how distracting female underarm hair is.

  15. It’s a cool pre-winter day. Perfect for curling up on the couch with a good book.

    CR – Amuse Bouche – Anthony Bidulka

  16. Dear Mr. Lo Pan,

    Pleas flex you god wannabe muscles and have the Flames win more games and the Avalanche lose more games so we can reverse places in the standings

    Your sincerely,


    • Why does that sound like song lyrics?

      “Sitting in a coffee shop.
      Wanting the unknown.
      Posting to the Deadpan
      ’cause I got bars on my phone

      Lets go all the way
      Lets go all the way
      yeh yeh yeh yeh
      Lets go all the way”

  17. It’s Saturday night, and even though I’m posting away on facebook this silence on Deadpan is bothering me.

    This bodes ill for the evening, I think I’m going to have to resort to some of my patented random posting. What’s worse, tonight I’ll be sober as I do post.

  18. I feel kinda bad, there’s a guy playing and singing at the coffee shop now, and I’m still listening to music of my own.

    Not bad enough to stop though.

  19. Stealing from facebook(and embellishing):

    When A through E just won’t fubar your enemies enough, you need Option F.

    Guaranteed to leave a smoking crater and no other evidence your targets ever existed. But that’s not all! Before annihilating the poor saps who’ve angered you, Option F will inflict untold amounts of mental and physical torture to make sure they suffer. So remember, when you need to retaliate, you need Option F.

  20. I was at the MN Gophers/ND Sioux hockey game last night. Lots of fun. Gophers did not play terribly well, but scored the winning goal with 45 seconds left to play.

    Fun to see them complete the sweep, especially with so many Sioux fans in attendance.

    • The first episode of American Horror Story was going a bit overboard with demonstrating that they were not restricted by the censors involved in the larger network stations. It made watching the episode with my 15 year old daughter a bit uncomfortable. After that it settled down and just became a good show. I’ve been programmed to be used to movies about a haunted house which go… people move in, house goes BLAH, people a) crap their pants b) die c) move out or d) all of the above. So, I was concerned about how long a show could be made out of a haunted house. I must say they have done a great job of revealing just enough each week. I’m still interested and still enjoying it.

      • “watching the episode with my 15 year old daughter”
        :blink: Good grief man!!
        There is no way I would watch this show with a minor! Some shows are made just for adults (yea!) and IMHO this is one of them.

        That being said … I thought they were really trying too hard to be creepy/weird in the first episode. Like when someone tries to hard to be funny and ends up just making everyone in the room feel awkward.
        I have to admit that if it weren’t for the hyper-sexualized housekeeper character or the strong adult overtones I wouldn’t have given the show a second chance (Ep#2)
        Not sure why I went on to watch Ep#3 but by then they were actually starting to weave a complex story with a lot of interesting facets and since then it has become a show I could recommend.

  21. Anyway. Fun weekend. Watched the Coyotes beat the red-hot Oilers. Watched Tower Heist (not terrible).

    Here’s to an active, fun Monday. Especially for our birthday boy out there! Have a great one, Lost Ralph!

  22. Ah you’ve got to admire the reviewer in Interzone for the DVD reviews, my fav line from a review of Stargate Universe:

    ‘SGU has only the value for money /nutritional content of an everlasting gobstopper.’

    Still he like the original Twliggt Zone..

  23. The DVR write up: boarding school student, Kathy, and her unsuspecting friends make a horrifying discovery about themselves following an escape from the academy where they’ve all grown up in this captivating psychological sci-fi drama

  24. So the move is done. We are living in my parents house in Tennessee until we can buy a house or until my siblings drive my wife insane and we have to move out. I started a new job last week and it makes me want to take back every bad thing I ever said about the last place. I miss being able to see the floor through the dirt… !

    I’m hoping to get something a little more appropriate to my skill set but this will do for now. Can’t really complain to much when some of the idiots hired with me have been looking for a long time and I got a call back the day after I applied.

  25. So my Boo’s boyfriend wants a few things from Think Geek for Christmas. Since I have to place an order, I guess I better get a few things for us too. *puts hand to head in dramatic form*

    Side note: what do you call the boyfriend when they live common-law? Is he still called a son-in-law, or is there a different term. Just wondering.

  26. Thanks for stepping up, Bunny. I might even join the fun this year.
    I’ve also started to wonder about the Xmas episode. I’ve failed miserably at even putting together the kids ep in a timely fashion (it will happen!), do I try for an Xmas 2011 show? We’ve done the mandatory “Scrooge” bit in the past, plus “Santa Thing”. Do we go for something altogether new for 2011?

  27. “If the X.M.A.S. unit is destroyed, the X unit sleigh and remaining S. Reindeer will return to the factory at maximum speed.

    Although the X.M.A.S. unit is programmed to be jolly, it will not allow itself to get into situations where it can be easily destroyed.”

    Ho ho ho…

  28. I’m so annoyed by my text messages! That actually went to my old phone, Cj. I’m straddling (snicker) 2 lines for the next few days, but I’ll get you the new number, if I decide not to keep my old one.

  29. Oh, and another +1 for the Game Music album on Amazon. I listened to it today at work and it is definitely more hits than misses.

  30. *shuffles in sheepishly*

    Morning, Pan. Sorry for not being around more. I’ve been busy working and procrastinating on my NaNoWriMo novel. :blush:

    Yes, I will gladly host Secret Santa again. It’s now one of my Christmas traditions. I’ll make a formal announcement on Thursday.

  31. So I’m driving to work and all I can think about is this… “I spelled ‘duel’ wrong… I know I did.” I’m stressed like crazy and I immediately log on and check…

    November 8, 2011 at 11:22 am · Reply
    Dual of the Fates – Buddy the Elf versus Burgermeister Meisterburger


  32. And my statues should have motorized necks so they can seem to follow your movements. And I need to put in a fountain and die the water red. That would really freak out the neighbours

  33. I should have done a play-by-play of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle … watched it last night and watching a pot-smoking-go-on-unrealistic-romp movie alone is less than stellar fun.

  34. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18706581/MasDay.pdf

    So this Gamma World character preceeded Futurama’s version by twenty years or so. Reading through these old scenarios, the authors back then were happy to give out lots of information in terms of character stats and location, not so much about character modivation, player suggestions or many NPC’s. I think a DM could do better starting from scratch. Funny bits though, I think the robot reindeer’s butts are flame throwers.

  35. The darnedest thing just happened. I heard a knocking on house. Almost like someone was hammering a nail into it. I go outside and this bird (I think it might have been a woodpecker) flies out from under the eaves. It scared the heck out of me.

    Silly bird.

  36. Wow, the city has announced its going to increase our taxes by a little over five percent every year for the next three years. I’ll be sure to tell my boss I need a raise by the same amount. I’m sure she’ll understand… Not.

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